Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SFX Risk Reward Indicator FREE

SFX Risk Reward Indicator FREE Version

Important! This free version only works on schedule EURUSD M1 with warrants EURUSD. Get the full version here,

The advantages of LED

  • It shows the risk, reward and take profits on all active open orders in monetary terms.

  • There is a fixed income positions with trailing triggered.

  • For ECN-brokers indicator takes into account the Commission orders to show the actual cash value of the transaction.

  • If any warrants will not be stop-loss at-risk field will show the size of available funds account.

Input parameters of the indicator

  • X axis position - the position of the X axis

  • Y axis position - the position of Y axis

  • Enter Prefix & Suffix - Prefix and Suffix (Only for this free version)

  • Text Color - the color of text

  • Font Size - font size

  • Font Style or Name - the name of the style or font

  • Chart Corner - location indicator on a graph (left lower / upper left / lower right / upper right)

  • Gap between lines - the distance between the lines (for multiple orders)

  • Enter Account Currency Symbol - the symbol of the account currency (default $)

SFX Risk Reward Indicator FREE Version


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Close Button MT5

Close Button MT5

You can download version Close Button MT4 for free here.

Utility Close Button It offers an intuitive, efficient and convenient way of closing orders and / or positions of the type and condition of the profits. Available seven options of closing:

  • Close All - close all pending orders and positions.

  • Close Profit - close all positions in profit.

  • Close Loss - close all unprofitable positions.

  • Close Stop - close all the stops.

  • Close Limit - close all limit orders.

  • Close Buy - close all positions on the purchase.

  • Close Sell - close all short positions.

In the settings you can adjust the location of the utilities in the graphics window.

Input parameters

  • x_axis - the location of the X-axis

  • y_axis - location on axis Y

Close Button MT5

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018



Professional , which is implemented by the classical MACD trading strategy. The signal from the intersection with the main signal line MACD. When the signal line crosses the main line from the top down - it will be a signal to buy, if the signal line crosses the main bottom up - it will be a signal to sell. In other cases, the absence will be recorded signal. Also, the signal can be inverted.

Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably with a capital of 100 USD. It is important to choose a line of work, or in both directions, or just to buy or sell.

Expert utilizes basic concepts: breakeven, trailing stop, stop loss and take profit, and the closure at the opposite signal.


  • Magic - Magic number, an arbitrary integer.

  • Work Period - The period for which the expert works.

  • Risk - Risks that enter the market, is set in percentage of the total loss of the deposit. Lot determined relative stop loss and allowable losses when the stop loss.

  • LotRounding - Rounding lot (before decimal point).

  • Deviation - Requotes.

  • Sleeps - Waiting for the opening, closing or modifying the position.

  • StopLoss - Stop losc.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.

  • Trailing Period - Period for running the trailing stop.

  • Trailing Breakeven - Bezubytka level. 0 - Off.

  • Trailing Start - The level of the beginning of the trailing stop. 0 - Off.

  • Trailing Stop - The level of the trailing stop. 0 - Off.

  • TrailingStep Period - The period of the trailing stop.

  • Prohibit new series - If you want to close the current position and no longer open new, you need to include this switch.

  • WorkOpenLong - Permission to open a long position.

  • WorkOpenShort - Permission to open a short position.

  • WorkCloseLong - Resolution on the closure of long positions.

  • WorkCloseShort - Resolution on the closing of short positions.

  • Inversion - Inverting input signal.

  • SignalBar - Bar, from which begin to look at the (1 - the first fully formed bars).

  • Signal Period - The period for which indicators work.

  • Fast - Fast option.

  • Slow - Parameter Slow.

  • Signal - Signal parameter.

  • AppliedPrice - Used price.


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Sell ​​slowly but with passion

Sell ​​slowly but with passion

Started trading on its strategy, arms trading 6 months, open a mini account with roboforeksa, the company is so-so, but if there will be a good test, it would be better to have the right escho brokers.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

IMF warns about risks of raising

IMF warns about the risks of raising the Fed rate.

IMF warns about the risks of raising the Fed rate -

Hints from the IMF about their vision of long-term trends, in my experience, are a very good hint of the most probable scenario for the development of trends.

We look at the current situation index:

After the completion of QE in the US has increased volatility and overall annual growth of S P is less than 100 points. On the NASDAQ situation is similar. It looks like those who play on credit money, it's time to leave. But in the rubble of the index back into the market will enter the big money. The output cache can be parked where QE continues.

For example, in DAX:

While the index rolls back together with the US indices, but when the effect of a weak euro and the ECB's QE will manifest itself, the situation can change dramatically and parked to the time of the capital will be used to disperse DAX.

Just QE continues in Japan:

How long will the fuse Nikkei is not known, but it is for long-term turning down no technical factors. But from a fundamental point of view of the IMF's advice to throw BOJ more bucks on the market indicates a possible continuation of the growth of the index and exchange rate USD / JPY up on schedule.

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Friday, January 26, 2018

USDRUB Ruble falls without support

USD / RUB: Ruble falls without the support of exporters

On Wednesday morning at
the opening of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange
exchange rate briefly rose against
The dollar and the euro (to 53.68 per dollar and 60.11 per
euro), but quickly returned to decrease.
So, by 12:00 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
54.206 and EUR / RUB -
at the level of 60.845. Russian national currency
It continues to show negative
trend that began last

On the fall of the ruble
greatly affected by the absence of large
exporters who have sold
currency earnings. analysts Savings Bank
believe that this month the tax
payment not strongly affect the dynamics
Currency pair USD / RUB. By the way, June peak
payments on June 25. experts
said that in the current tax period
foreign currency sales will be significantly
less than last month - is projected to be sold about $ 5 billion.

Yesterday, the ruble fell to
mark of 54.6 rubles. for dollar, but is closer to
He played close of trading losses through
rising oil prices by 2%. In tandem with the euro
Ruble also grew thanks to yesterday
Sales of the single European currency on
Forex market. "Traders closed their long
euro positions because they do not believe in
promises of European officials about
agreement with Greece ", - experts say.

Oil rises slightly
in price, especially after yesterday's report
American Petroleum Institute - on
According to the institute, commercial stocks
oil decreased by 3.2 million barrels, then
analysts expected reduction only
at 2.3 million barrels. official statistics
from the US Department of Energy will be released today at 17:30
for MSK.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Asia Pacific indexes fell today

Asia-Pacific indexes fell today, with only Shanghai Composite is up

Today the shares
Asia-Pacific region affected
decisions of central banks and domestic
news. Losses suffered most
indexes in the region, with only Shanghai
Composite rose.

S P / ASX 200
It lost 1.73% at once. the reference
Australia's index of political influence
RBA's decision to maintain a record low
interest rate. coarsely sank
credit sector: Westpac and
Commonwealth Bank of Australia withdrew
more than 1% each. National Australia Bank and
Australia and New Zealand Banking weakened by 1% and 0.6%

pressure was put on the resource
sector. Energy and Santos
Oil Search fallen by 1.9%
2.7% respectively, due to lower
oil prices in early Asian trading.
Mining companies BHP Billiton and
Rio Tinto in Sydney
lost 2.4% and 1.6%.

shanghai Composite,
only major
indices region grew by 1.72%. Trade
here I was nervous and very volatile.
Yesterday, the data released that showed
the growth of industrial activity in the past
month, and news agency
"Xinhua" to comment on the
the position of the words of the markets that
Bullish trend in mainland
China is still very strong.

there is
and analysts, who believe that
Chinese stocks remain within
uptrend. "It is significant that
People's Bank of China did not say in his
report the growing stock market,
stressing, however, that it will continue
promote a stable
and healthy stock system of the country.
Could reasonably be interpreted
restraint control the rhetoric,
he is confident: Chinese stocks is not
bubble "- Oh Bernard says, the market
strategist at IG in their
morning note to investors.

Hong Kong
Hang Seng decreased
0.23 on the day. loss suffered
almost all of the heavyweights of the index:
PetroChina completed
day decline of 0.22%; distributor
Center Li Fung, one of the largest
Holdings of the world, has fallen by 5.88%.

waiting for fresh policy-making with
continent, which will send the money to
Hong Kong market, and make assumptions
about when the US Federal Reserve will raise interest

Nikkei 225 I lost
0.13%. Today served ending
12-day winning streak Japanese
index. Traders refer to fixation
profits of hedge funds after a strong
market jump. In hopes of better
returns to shareholders has been a serious
rally, which brought the main
Japanese growth index by 5.1% in the
these 12 days.

exchange rates had a negative impact
the share prices of major exporters:
Honda Motor lost 1.4%. other
blue-chip losers - Canon and
Sony, which closed at
decreasing, respectively 1.4% and 0.4%.

Kospi he graduated
session with a loss of 1.13%. South Korean
Index continued to lose ground in the
Monday, he went away to the fourth week
minimum. Seoul Stock Exchange is
under pressure from slowing exports,
In addition, it is also affected by fears
about the future of the European Union (as one
major Korean consumers

Htynday Motor and
Hyundai Mobis fell upon
10.4% and 85.5% respectively. kia Motors
lost 4.1% capitalization: Statistics
Korea showed that the sale of spare parts
decreased by 4.2% in the country.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

StalkerFx eurusd Lite

StalkerFx eurusd Lite

StalkerFX eurusd Lite - fully automated Expert Advisor for long-term trading on Forex, is specifically designed to work with the EURUSD.

timeframe H1.

Intelligent Advisor is fully optimized for a timeframe H1.

It detects candle configuration exposes the pending orders, and enters the breakdown of these levels.

It has an efficient and safe money management system (all transactions are provided with stop-loss).

important features

  • Do not customize the results by historical data

  • not martingale

  • not mesh

  • not arbitration

  • Always use a stop loss

  • It uses pending orders

  • Ability to disable Trailing Stop to reduce subsidence and increase profits

  • Good risk reward ratio

  • low drawdown

  • It can work for a fixed lot security strategy

  • It can work with money management system MM

  • It works on all brokers with five-digit quotes

  • It does not need optimization


  1. All brokers with any spread

  2. VPS mode 24 5

  3. any spread

  4. Minimum deposit 1000

  5. Shoulder from 1 to 50


  • IntervalforSL - interval pips to the stop-loss level;

  • lot - fixed lot (if you are working without MM);

  • Magic - a unique number adviser;

  • Slippage - Slippage in points;

  • ExpDate - expiry of pending orders (in hours);

  • Bar2Size - external size candles on which patterning occurs shadows;

  • KoefTP - ratio take profit and stop-loss;

  • Bu - with a value of the warrant becomes to breakeven;

  • BuLevel - what value (pip) assume bezubytka;

  • TralStart - the amount of profit in points, after which begins the trailing;

  • TralStop - the step size, which should lower profit to warrant closed;

  • MaxSpread - the maximum value of the spread;

  • MaxRisk - risk on the transaction of the deposit;

  • MA Period - the value of the moving average;

  • MM - enable / disable the management of capital;

  • Risk -% value of the deposit, which run the risk in each transaction.

Attention! Positive history of transactions in the past does not guarantee positive transactions in the future!

StalkerFx eurusd Lite

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IceFX ProfitInfo

IceFX ProfitInfo

This indicator will show you your current profits quickly and in a convenient way. IceFX's ProfitInfo - a utility that displays the profits calculated based on the actual transactions on the chart (chart). The indicator is shown on the daily, weekly and monthly periods. It shows profit in pips / currency and interest rates.

Main characteristics:

  • You can easily customize IceFX's ProfitInfo, to show a profit on the currency pair of the current schedule of a particular transaction or for all accounts.

  • Fully adjustable position on the chart.

  • Customizable font size.

  • Showing the average profit per day and per month.

  • Filter by magic-number.

  • Filter by comment

An indicator:

  • MagicNumber - Magic number of filter

  • CommentFilter - Filter by comment

  • OnlyAttachedSymbol - show profit / loss only on the current symbol

  • StartDateFilter - the start date for calculating profit

  • Corner - corner panel

  • XOffset - horizontal displacement of the angle

  • YOffset - vertical displacement of the angle

  • BGColor - background color

  • FontSize - font size

  • FontColor - font color

  • FontColorPlus - profit color

  • FontColorMinus - loss of color

IceFX ProfitInfo

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Custom Chart Demo

Custom Chart Demo

ICustomChartDemo indicator is the demo version iCustomChart. iCustomChart indicator is designed to create custom graphs based on their history files. Used open format of history files.

Default Demo version creates a copy of the schedule on which it is running, and allows you to get acquainted with the possibilities iCustomChart. The demo version records the history of the symbol file that is used for demonstration, but you can not use one's own history files. On the chart, which was created iCustomChartDemo, you can see the indicators and expert work, written with LibCustomChart free libraries as well as experimenting with graphic objects.


  1. Advantages and features
  2. Input parameters

  3. indicator buffers

  4. data window

  5. history files

  6. Graphical objects for technical analysis

  7. Indicators and experts

1. Advantages and features

  • starts and runs on any open chart window (the schedule-substrate);

  • after downloading looks like a normal chart (see screenshot);

  • used open format of history files;
  • You can use the data format of MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5;

  • It allows you to create graphics synthetic or non-standard tools.

  • has built-in data window (DataWindow) (see Screenshot 4);

  • can use most of the objects from the standard set MetaTrader 5 (see screenshot 2) for technical analysis;

  • the possibility of creating online- or offline-charts;

  • time monitoring is carried out the opening bars to the millisecond;
  • can write their own indicators and advisers on the basis of synthetic character graphics (see Screenshot 3, 6).

2. Input Parameters

  • Historical file - the name of the history file may contain subfolders. All history files are in the folder "katalog_dannyh_terminala \ MQL5 \ Files \ iCustomChart \ History" and sought relative to this folder.
  • Max bars in chart - It allows you to display a fixed number of bars in the chart window. A zero value can display the maximum possible number of bars, up to a specified client terminal settings. When this parameter acts as a parameter similar client terminal described in the certificate. The default is 1000.
  • Update - way to update iCustomChart indicator:
                   Disable - update is disabled, the default setting;
                   Ticks - Update on every tick chart of the substrate;
                   Bars - update when a new bar on the chart-podlozhke.Primechanie: when the update is addressed to the history file. If the update history of the file does not happen, enable this option does not make sense.
  • Shadows - Control rendering shadow candle. Option is useful when creating some custom graphics, for example, Renko:
                   Enable - display of shadows is enabled, the default setting; 
                   Disable - the display is turned off shadows. 

  • Data scale - Displays on the timeline scale. 

                   Enable - time display of the scale is turned on, the default setting; 
                   Disable - the display is off the timeline. 

  • Value of zero buffer - Value zero buffer is calculated in accordance with the selected price constant.

3. Indicator buffers

0 It contains selected price constant. Buffer, mainly for obtaining data other indicators that use the first form of the call. 
1 bar opening time 
2 The opening price of the bar 
3 The maximum price of the bar 
4 The minimum price of the bar 
5 The closing price of the bar 
6 color bar 
7 exchange volume 
8 tick volume 
9 spread 

4. Data Window 

Built-in data window looks similar to regular window in the MetaTrader 5 data, but has a few additions (Screenshot 4). The data fields are displayed in the window: 

  • the top field - symbol and a parameter name. Parameter - is the value of "parameter" title history file (see the description of the history of the file format). Typical values ​​of the parameter mean period chosen tool. When you click on this field to load a window with information about the history file
    (Screenshot 5).
  • Date - bar opening date.
  • Time            - the opening of the bar.

  • Open           - the opening price of the bar.

  • High - the maximum price of the bar.
  • Low             - the minimum price of the bar.

  • Close - the closing price of the bar.

  • Volume        - exchange volume.

  • Tick ​​Volume - tick volume.
  • Spread        - Spread bars.
  • Bar              - bar number, zero bar - the last unfinished bar. 

5. History Files (HST-files)To draw graphs using the open format of history files, described in the User Guide MetaTrader 4. You can get ready for a history file or create it yourself. You can then use iCustomChart display for graphics. The format of the history file is as follows. First comes the title of the history of the file: struct HistoryHeader
  int version // version of the database
  char copyright [64]; // copyright
  char symbol [12]; // tool
  int parameter; // period or setting tool
  int digits; // number of digits after the decimal point in the tool
  time_t timesign; // temporary fingerprint database creation
  time_t last_sync; // the last synchronization
  int unused [13]; // for future use
} Base version history files MetaTrader 4 indicates "400" for MetaTrader 5 - "500". This is important because for each version has its own data structure bara.Standartnoe representation of an array of bars, following the headline for the story version of "400" is as follows: #pragma pack (push, 1)
struct RateInfo
 time_t ctm; // time in seconds
 double open; // open price of the bar
 double low; // the minimum price of the bar
 double high; // maximum bar price
 double close; // closing price bar
 double vol; // volume
#pragma pack (pop) Standard representation of an array of bars for the history file version of "500" is as follows:
#pragma pack (push, 1)
struct MqlRates
datetime time; // bar time in seconds or milliseconds
double open; // open price
double high; // the highest price for the period
double low; // lowest price for the period
double close; // close price
long tick_volume; // tick volume
int spread; // spread
long real_volume; // exchange volume
#pragma pack (pop)

Note that the version of "500" bar time can be specified in seconds, and milliseconds. iCustomChart correctly identifies both of the time format.

Important: The responsibility for the correctness of the history of the file the user.

6. Graphical objects for technical analysisStandard graphics objects terminal attached to the timeline graph substrate when placing in the graph window. Timeline custom graphs created with iCustomChart, does not always coincide with the scale of the graph-time support. Therefore iCustomChart automatically binds imposed graphical objects to their timeline. Synchronization with iCustomChart supported for the following full-time graphical objects in the MetaTrader 5:
  • lines: horizontal, vertical, trend, trend of the corner, cyclic, lines with arrows;
  • Channels: equidistant, Andrews pitchfork;

  • Fibonacci tools: line, time zones, fan, arcs, channel expansion;

  • Instruments Elliott: impulse wave corrective wave;

  • shapes: triangle, rectangle, ellipse;

  • arrow: good, bad, down, up, stop, tick, left and right price tag, the icon "Buy" and "Sell", custom arrow.

Sometimes, such as when closing the terminal, iCustomChart stores data about the objects in a temporary file, which is located in the folder "katalog_dannyh_terminala \ MQL5 \ Files \ iCustomChart \ Objects". all temporary files are also deleted when you delete iCustomChart of the chart window.7. Indicators and expertsConventional indicators, as well as objects, follow the timeline graph substrate. To bind to the timeline indicator iCustomChart be used free LibCustomChart library. library functions allow you to write indicators that automatically connect to iCustomChart (Screenshot 3), if it is loaded in the graphics window. If iCustomChart not loaded, these indicators will be no problem to work in a normal chart window. In addition, the library provides simplified access to Timeseries iCustomChart.Esli library functions used in the expert, the expert as well as the indicator will automatically use iCustomChart data if it is already loaded in the graphics window. If iCustomChart not loaded, the expert without any problems will work in the usual chart window and use it dannye.Primery use library of indicators and experts can be found in Code Base.

Custom Chart Demo

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Fractal Alarm

Fractal Alarm

If you want to be aware of the movement of prices, receiving notice in Metatrader, or by e-mail, this product is exactly what you need.

This tool draws a line 2 by using fractals. One line of the last top-fractal, and the other - for the last lower fractal.

If the price goes beyond these lines, you receive an alert or notification by e-mail.


  • Finds the last maximum and minimum price

  • Alert me when the price goes beyond the last upper and lower fractal

  • 3 notification method: a comment on the screen, alerts, e-mail.

  • You can configure notifications, set the price at a certain distance from the upper and lower fractal.

  • You can also customize the color and line style.


  • Pips above the Up-fractal: The number of pips above the upper fractal.

  • Pips below the Down-fractal: The number of pips below the lower fractal.

  • Show Comment: Show / hide comments on the screen.

  • Show Alarm:. On / off. alerts.

  • Send E-mail:. On / off. e-mail notification.

  • Line Color: Choice of color lines.

  • Line Type: Select a line style.

Fractal Alarm

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EURUSD dollar strengthened slightly

EUR / USD: The dollar strengthened slightly after the release of US labor market report

On Thursday
the day after the US publication
Data dollar was slightly increased, as
show auction details. investors
reacted to the publication of data from the United States to grant the request for
unemployment and estimated market health
labor. So, to 16:07 MSK pair EUR / USD
trading at
$ 1.1286, and
before the pair reached the 1.1380 mark in
At today's session.

The dollar index
gradually recovers its
position, by the time he went up to
mark of 95.28.

However, the euro
still support the news that
the yield on 10-year German bonds
It jumped to the highest level
September, thereby reducing the gap
their American counterparts. Exactly
the yield on German bonds is
a reference point for the European financial
markets, and yield growth rate increases
euro against the dollar.

according to
the data released today, the last
week decreased the number of Americans who first
who applied for unemployment benefits
-. 8 thousand to 276 thousand .. Experts expect
decline to 279 thousand. However,
Records were reviewed last week
-. Then 284 thousand applications were submitted and not
282 thousand., As previously reported.

in the United States released a report on layoffs
in May - this figure fell to 41
thous. to 61.6 thousand in April. The low number
says layoffs that the company
ready to increase the staff, if the economy
country recover after a weak first
quarter. Now the market is waiting for data
Employment growth in May (will be released on Friday)
will also be optimistic.

the number of Americans who
continue to receive the benefit
unemployment for the week ended
May 23 fell by 30 thousand -. to 2.196 million
people (experts expected 2.208 million).

By 16:07 a couple
GBP / USD grew by 0.32% to 1.5389. The yen and
Swiss franc is also growing - steam
USD / JPY dropped to 0.08% to 124.36, and the pair
USD / CHF fell 0.11% to 0.9330.

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Friday, January 19, 2018



The US dollar on Monday fell against the euro and the Japanese yen,

as the recent developments in the debt crisis of Greece increased uncertainty

financial markets and increased investors' doubts with regard to raising interest

rates by the US Federal Reserve this year.

Fluctuating exchange rates, as rising tensions between the government

Greece and its international lenders at the weekend rocked the markets and put

called into question the country's membership in the euro area and the preservation of the very uniform

European currency. Instability caused investors to prefer the yen,

which is considered an asset that preserves its value against the strengthening

economic or political uncertainty.

The euro rebounded after sales during the Asian session, when he fell to

a three-week low against the dollar. By the end of the New York session, the pair

EUR / USD was trading up 0.7% at 1.1236. This is the highest

level in a week. The dollar / yen was trading down 1.1% at 122.53,

approaching to the lowest closing level in New York on 25 May.

The dynamics of exchange rates on Monday still emphasizes how

difficult understanding by investors of the risks as a loser in the currency market,

especially the growing uncertainty around the timing of increasing the cost of

Fed loans and the likelihood of a Greek exit from the euro zone as a result of

substantial debt of the country.

"Fed may delay (rising interest rates), if Greece's problems

spread much more than expected, or if the US Dollar

strengthened too much"- Vasif said Latif, head of the global division

assets in the USAA .

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Thursday, January 18, 2018



Another version of the universal shopping expert for MT4 - Snitch-FX

Fully automated trading system protect your deposit from the long-term drawdowns, using a special algorithm processing of transactions and trade division intervals in groups, using the indicator algorithm decision-making on the opening of the one or other transaction.

StopLoss It is fixed and is used to invert the drawdown and removal of erroneous trades from the group.

Preferences are set by default to maintain the stable operation of the adviser for a long period of time, it has been tested on 15-minute intervals on currency pairs EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD.

Suitable for use on ECN- accounts.

Adjustable parameters:

  • magic - unique expert number (-1) is determined automatically

  • Logotip - display additional information

  • Exponential mode - mode calculating anticipated profit through exponential power of the group, if the active mode is off, calculation of the expected profit is calculated by multiplying the number of the group with a factor (x10)

  • exitmode - mode of closing deals and exit from the market (false), when this option is enabled (True), the adviser is prohibited to open new orders

  • Messages - sending messages about the current situation on the Android-powered device

  • Orders count - The maximum number of orders in the group (10)

  • max groups - The maximum number of groups in one trade interval (5)

  • Trades count - the number of orders in one bar graph

  • Risk (0.1-1) - multiplying factor for determining the risk of deposit

  • OrderSL - Stop Loss to prevent subsidence deep in a group (200 points)

  • Levels - It shows the most significant levels on the current chart

Reports on the state of the deposit sent daily, at the beginning of the new trading session, with each setting in the terminal.

Also displays information about the state of the deposit and the opening of markets has an LED that indicates the vertical lines on the graph.

The advantage of this advisor during the trade is fast reaction to change the situation on the market.



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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scalping Reversal

scalping Reversal

Scalping Reversal (SR) analyzes the market to find small moments of price correction. It will warn you if it finds an opportunity in the markets in which you trade. You can easily use it, just move it on your schedule. Arrows never redrawn.

Simple parameters and method of use greatly simplify the trade, so that you will always know exactly when to enter the trade when to go or how to use it. It can be used by M1 to MN. It works well regardless of whether the market is trading, or has no trend. For best results, be sure to use it with your trading system.


  • arrow is not redrawn and appear in the current candle (in any case wait until the candle closes) [*]

  • The indicator automatically adjusted and a pair of the current timeframe.

  • Highly easy in use, is always change settings.

  • It is already optimized For best results on all cylinders.

  • built-in warning, the customer's choice.

[*]IMPORTANT: In this display, if the signal is a bear, the candle should close bovine. If a bullish signal, the candle must close bear, if not, then the signal disappear, as it will be invalid. We do not recommend these signals, because they are not valid. Therefore always wait for the candle to close under these conditions while working with this indicator.


  • SR Period: change the period indicator. The higher the value, the smaller the signal, but the stronger they are.

  • Show bars counter ?: Display counter indicator, set true, the indicator automatically analyzed couple and reported the maximum number of candles before the price goes in the direction of the signal.

  • Use alert ?: Set to true, to receive alerts when new chart will appear arrow. If you do not want to display the notification filed, set this value to false.

  • Alert minute: specify minute candles indicator where you want to give signals. We always recommend that you last minute candles. Examples: M5 (4), H1 (59), etc.

Support service

Contact us at any time, if you have any questions, so that we can help you! You can contact us through our profile.

scalping Reversal

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China wants to steal from New

China wants to steal from the New York and London's leading position in the gold market

Without a doubt, China is doing a lot to
get more control on the world
gold market, but that he first
all have
circumvent the markets of New York and London. "Given that China
It is one of the largest owners
physical gold, it makes sense,
Chinese government launches its Shanghai gold market,
to displace the Comex and others. This will allow to become the main global mechanism
pricing"- says Anthem
Blanchard, chief executive
online market director
precious metals Anthem Vault.

China, after all,
- is the largest producer in the world and one
of the biggest buyers of the metal, which is shoulder to shoulder with India
the volume of consumption in the whole earth

Last month, Bank Of China became the first Chinese bank who
I joined a group of creditors,
which set prices at the bar
gold in the London Bullion Market Association, then another
Two Chinese banks have expressed a desire
to become members of this association. "This will allow
Chinese banks to participate in the gold
global market"- says
Dzhulian Fillips, founder

In March this year LBMA
Gold Price has replaced the historic London Gold Fix.
Previously, only New York and London as
Generally, there were centers for the establishment of
the price of gold. But after Comex in kind
expression has been held so little
gold, it distorts the picture of real demand
and suggestions, because the prices reflect
Only trade picture speculators
New York"- Phillips says. is he
pointed out that only 5% of the contracts
come on Comex. "Control over
the price of gold is carried out in New York City
and London, leaving at the mercy of China
these two centers, "- he said. Therefore,
despite the huge presence of China
the physical market, it has not had much
control over the global price of gold.

the price of gold did not find
Support lately due
recent drop in the stock market
China, but Blanchard said that if
Chinese investors are disappointed because
losses on its stock market, the prices
Gold can benefit from it most
favor. Meanwhile, the presence of significant
China in the global gold market also
can help the currency of the country. At the end
all, it can really help
China to operate independently of the United States. "Gold
- it is not just a commodity, it is "money"
and they are recognized by all the world
central banks ", - he added.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Asia Pacific stock markets rose

Asia-Pacific stock markets rose on Thursday on strong makrostatistiki

Shares in stock
exchanges Asia-Pacific region
We demonstrated today optimistic
attitude on the background of strong macroeconomic
and reduce the rate of the Reserve Bank
New Zealand.

  • shanghai Composite
    He completed a volatile trading
    increasing by 0.3%. April statistics on
    Investment in fixed assets was
    corresponding to analysts' expectations.
    Upbeat retail figures were
    sales in May and industrial production in China. the
    however, pressed on the mainland index
    the weakness of the banking sector. Bank of
    Communications and Bank Of China were hit the hardest
    the rest: they lost 3.6% and 2.7%
    respectively. This is caused by disappointment
    due to the decision to postpone MSCI
    with the inclusion of China A-shares in its
    prestigious Index Emerging Markets.
  • Hang Seng bounced
    from two-month low and as a result
    closed in plus 0.8%.
  • Kospi he added
    0.3%. South Korea's index was interrupted
    a four-day series of losses. Bank
    Korea's 25 basis points cut its
    the interest rate on this decision
    regulator Korean won fell to
    0.6%. This fact helped to climb Korean
    exporters who are heavyweights
    National benchmark indexes.
  • Nikkei bounced
    today at 1.7%. The Japanese index shows
    triumphant return to the top of the
    three-week lows. The yen again
    weakening the dollar: in Asian trading
    she lost 0.6%. it is supported
    exporters: Sony closed
    in positive territory at 2,9%, Toyota Motors and
    Mitsubishi Electric gained 1.7%
    and 0.7% respectively. but
    growth leader steel transport
    the company, led by the Central Japan Railway and West
    Japan Railway, which was added by 5% each.
  • S P / ASX he added
    1.4%. Australian index hit a week
    maximum. He was supported by good reports
    from the labor market: in May at the Green Continent
    there were 42,000 new jobs in the
    while expected to total 11 000 Height
    iron ore prices pulled up
    share prices of mining
    companies. BHP Billiton and Rio
    Tinto added to 2%, Fortescue
    Metals increased by 6.4%.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Power advanced

Power advanced


The indicator can give very important information, which can be used to build support / resistance levels, the definition of a trend reversal, impulsive movements, will be a good assistant in candlestick analysis, sees some activity of major players.


Only one parameter (Period), a larger value gives stronger and more unique signals simultaneously. For the analysis it is recommended to use multiple copies of the indicator with different parameters, period M30 and higher.

indicator line are interpreted as follows:

  • Red - indicates the accuracy of the assumptions that have been up to now. It is desirable that it is above or below 0.95 -0.95.

  • Blue - indicates the direction of the movement of money.

  • Green - unrealized potential movement.

The table shows what the indicator value may indicate:

~ 0

1Buy (support level)
2Sell ​​(resistance level)X

3Free bullish move,

"Acceleration" of the trend / uncertainty

4Free bearish movement,

"Acceleration" of the trend / uncertainty

5"Acceleration trend" / approximation to the resistance (intentional movement)
6"Acceleration of the trend" / approximation to the level of support (intentional movement)X

7. If the previous bar was the signal to the execution of the warrant BUY or SELL and the current value of the red line (accuracy) has changed a lot, the green remained unchanged, the signal to buy / sell increases. This may be an attempt to provoke a strong movement and a great desire to break through the level.

The screenshots will be shown numbers of market conditions, the corresponding table.

Power advanced

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Gold fell to lowest pyatnadtsat

Gold fell to the lowest pyatnadtsatinedelnogo

Gold is trading at
the lowest level since March 17, silver has fallen in price
to seven-month low. By 10.16 MSK
August futures for
Gold has lost 0.44% and is worth 1 147,60
dollars per troy ounce. Futures
Silver for September delivery
fell to $ 14.778.

Against the backdrop of the collapse of the exchange in China
Investors fear that the largest
world gold importer loses his
purchasing power. Greek
the crisis is still in a state of
"Last hair", on which hangs
the future of the eurozone. Against this background, to
a five-week high against
10-currency basket, the dollar index rose.
Plus, the Fed may be the first time this year
increase the interest rate in 2006.
All this reduces the attractiveness of
non-interest assets - such as
gold, silver and other metals.

the crisis in Greece could not help gold,
because most of the investors
hurry to buy more dollars -
It is now considered a safe haven
US currency.

bullish bets
On the "gold futures" in the last week
It fell to the lowest level since
October 2006. Global stock
Funds for eight weeks in a row
reducing their long positions in

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Thursday, January 11, 2018



Stips indicator - a bar graph display that defines the direction and strength of the trend and trend change.

Use as a conventional indicator can Oscillator - a trend of change of signals (at the intersection of the neutral line), as well as divergence and output of the specified zones and perekuplennosti pereprodannosti.

The indicator uses extremes of prices for previous periods and calculates the ratio between the current price and extremes.

Therefore, the only parameter is the Period (default = 13), which defines the number of bars to determine the extrema.

The higher Period, the fewer false alarms trend change, but no longer the delay indicator.

Upward trend shown in blue indicator lines and downtrend - red.

Close short positions and go long as possible when the line color changes from red to blue.

Close long positions and go short as possible, when the line color changes from blue to red.

Thus it is necessary to use a small stop loss, because the lines themselves can suddenly change direction.

indicator tab "Inputs" allows you to choose between the indicator.

Tab indicator "Colors" enables you to select the color, thickness and style of the indicator lines.

An indicator Stips

  • period - the number of bars used to calculate the indicator.


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Almost all of Europe was closed

Almost all of Europe was closed on Thursday in the red

Stock trading yesterday
ended mostly in the red zone,
indexes fell on uncertainty
Greek question: investors are waiting
referendum, which is scheduled for
Sunday, July 5. "people prefer
sit and wait for what will happen after
referendum - says founder
management firm Compass Capital AG Benedict
Goethe. - Every day the market goes to another
aside for new rumors and new leaks

According to the poll
GPO organizations, more and more residents of Greece
Creditors are ready to support conditions
(Vote "behind" plan already
47% at the beginning of the week it was willing to 37%). AT
Meanwhile, the head Evrogruppy Yerun
Deysselblum said that even if the country
tell "no"It will not help
Greek government to find an easy way out
out of the crisis.

Following the auction on
Thursday consolidated Stoxx Europe 600 index fell
to 0.42%, though trading activity yesterday
It was low. France's CAC 40 fell
0.98%, the German DAX - by 0.73%, but the British
FTSE 100 Thursday grown on 0.33%.

shares of automakers
this time were among the most
weak - Paper German BMW AG fell
1.4% French Peugeot - 1.6%.

The capitalization of Electrolux
AB has collapsed by 11%, when the US government
filed a lawsuit to block the absorption of
Swedish company divisions
General Electric Co. At the same time, shares of BP Plc
increased 4.4% - British the oil
the company settled last problem
with the US authorities in connection with the accident in 2010
the Deepwater Horizon in Mexico
Gulf; in addition to the already Sought
fines BP will pay up to $ 18.7 billion over the
18 years.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Stochastic 3TF Martingale

Stochastic 3TF Martingale

Expert Stochastic 3TF Martingale a series of "multiple timeframe trading strategies." Here is a brief description. A more detailed description of the test results and their analysis in the form of articles you can read on my blog TRADING WAY.

In this version, the expert added to the possibility of the protective level Stop Loss in bezubytka zone. It is also possible to include a function of controlling the volume of positions such as the Martingale, where in the case of a losing trade should be opened with the volume of unprofitable transactions multiplied by the specified parameters in the external factor.

The expert can be used in semi-automatic trading. The position can be opened manually, and to provide expert support positions. Since trade Martingale method can be dangerous, the position can be closed manually when the current income over past losses.

It uses one standard indicator Stochastic. Signals at the opening position and to its modification produced by said formed bars in parameters timeframes (may include up to three timeframes).

List of expert settings:

  • Timeframe 1 - first timeframe.

  • K% Period - the period K% Stochastic indicator curve for the first timeframe. If you specify zero, the indicator with this timeframe will not be considered.

  • D% Period - period curve D% Stochastic indicator for the first timeframe.

  • Slowing - smoothing period Stochastic indicator for the first timeframe.

  • Timeframe 2 - second timeframe.

  • K% Period - the period K% Stochastic indicator curve for second timeframe. If you specify a value of zero, this parameter will be ignored.

  • D% Period - period curve D% Stochastic indicator for second timeframe.

  • Slowing - smoothing period Stochastic indicator for second timeframe.

  • Timeframe 3 - third timeframe.

  • K% Period - the period K% Stochastic indicator curve for third timeframe. If you specify a value of zero, this parameter will be ignored.

  • D% Period - period curve D% Stochastic indicator for third timeframe.

  • Slowing - smoothing period Stochastic indicator for third timeframe.

  • Take Profit - the distance in points from the entry point to the level of profit-taking. If you set a value of zero, the level of profit will not be installed.

  • Stop Loss - distance in points from the entry point for the protective layer. If you set a value of zero, then the security level will be established.

  • Trailing Stop - step-in points for the modification of the protective layer toward profit. The level is calculated from the highs (High) for Sell positions and lows from (Low) for Buy positions. If you set a value of zero, then modification of the protective layer will not be made.

  • Reverse - in this option, you can specify whether to use the position reverse, if there is a signal in the opposite direction.

  • Break Even Stop Loss - distance, in points, which must pass the price to install Stop Loss to breakeven. A value of zero disables this feature.

  • Break Even Offset - distance, in points, on which will be installed Stop Loss bezubytka in the region with respect to the current price position.

  • Lot - volume position.

  • Martingale Coefficient - with a losing position will be opened next multiplying by this factor. If the value is less than or equal to 1, the volume equal to the specified positions in the parameter Lot.
  • Initial Deposit - This parameter is used to define which
    the value of the deposit size to include dynamic analysis of the lot to open
    position. Thus, the volume of open positions will be proportional
    The deposit amount, which allows the expert to increase faster
    profit. A zero value in this parameter disables the dynamic calculation
  • Maximum Lot Size - here you need to specify
    the maximum amount for the open positions. Perhaps, after reaching
    it is advisable to deposit a certain quantity proportional to stop
    calculation of the lot. Some traders use such tactics to
    aggressive acceleration of the deposit, starting with a small amount, then to
    move into a more conservative mode, not increasing risks for the growth of


to open a position signal is considered to be true if:

For positions BUY:

  • In all of these timeframes curve K% Stochastic indicator above the curve D%.

For the position SELL:

  • In all of these timeframes curve K% Stochastic indicator below the curve D%.

Additional parameters and features:

In the expert, there are two additional options:

  • On / Off Info Panel - turns on / off information and trading on the chart panel.

  • Setting "On The Fly" - setting ( "on the fly") enables / disables control parameters online trading panel.

On the different symbols (graphics) can be placed various experts in this series, and they will not interfere with each other.

Here's one expert testing results Stochastic 3TF Martingale. It is possible to use custom criteria to optimize the parameters (Custom Max). The formula I'm not going to disclose.

To get the same result may be on the hourly (H1) timeframe, the symbol EURUSD, the default settings.

Stochastic 3TF Martingale

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Summary of day

Summary of the day.

Gold struck up a small range:

In the long term could form the model of "head and shoulders" down. So far, the left shoulder is not embossed, and can take into account such a scenario.

Minor consolidation euros broken up:

When playing a "strong hand" and the decision to resolve the Greek tragicomedy owners of money have already taken, they will knock resistance level and will actively buy up without major setbacks down. If no such decision and will "butt" to the last, will see high volatility. These nuances are interesting from the point of view of long-term perspective. Reasons for the development of long-term uptrend euros there, but when it comes, is not clear.

Tomorrow, the BOJ meeting on monetary policy. Previous performance Kuroda sent the yen down 200 points. In the event of further "enchantment" yen pododvinu stop in the area of ​​124.42, as they can easily change to the opposite after a sharp strengthening of the yen rhetoric.

All successful trading.


According to the results ended on Friday June meeting, BOJ leadership kept the same course of monetary policy. No major decisions are made
did not have. QE continues unabated.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Ace Zone Trader

Ace Zone Trader

Semiautomatic Advisor uses the principle of a wave of price movement

currencies: any

timeframe: M30, H1

The essence of the strategy lies in the fact that you share the schedule traded instrument with the help of vertical lines on the zone by any criteria. Area is considered to be the space between the two side by side standing vertical lines. Since the price has a wave structure - growth / decline / growth / drop zone as alternate. The advisor has the ability to set 4 different zones of alternation (Trading mode / shopping mode): From the chosen trade regime depends on which zone will go first.

  1. buy-sell-buy (the first zone - shopping zone)

  2. sell-buy-sell (the first zone - the sales area)

  3. buy-buy-buy (the first zone - shopping zone)

  4. sell-sell-sell (the first zone - the sales area)

The shopping area advisor will only buy in the sales area - only to sell (even if the order will be closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss). The settings can specify whether to close order when passing through the boundary zone (AllowClose parameter).

The trade modes 3 and 4 zones alternate "empty" areas in which the adviser will not open orders, but can close them depending on AllowClose settings.

For testing the expert use the tester in a visual mode, set the vertical line (minimum 2 lines for the reference area). The lines can be placed at once or move them. Depending on the trade regime in the transition rates across the border zones advisor will open and close orders.

Note: Since the trading terminal displays the time on Friday Saturday and Sunday, the lines are installed on vryamya falling these days, during the opening of the market on Monday shifted to the left. I recommend testing since Monday.

For convenient use, advisor download and install the free squeaks (lines capture and lines draw). With the first you can save (capture) to a file share directory Zones.txt date printed on the lines of the graph. Using the second - to draw lines on the graph by date of file Zones.txt

councilor settings

  • TradingMode - AkzoNobel mode 1 of 4 in the range of

  • Magic - the unique number

  • TakeProfit - take profit from the opening price

  • StopLoss - Stoploss ottseny opening

  • AllowClose - (True) - close order when passing through the zone boundaries, (false) - not close orders

  • RetryAttempt - the number of attempts to create order / closure order / installation StopLoss and TakeProfit

  • DynamicLot - (True) - use a lot as a percentage of assets, (false) - use a permanent item

  • RiskPercent - Percentage risk per trade if DynamicLot = true

  • Lot - lot size per trade if DynamicLot = false

  • Source - the data source used by advisor for (lines) - Work on the lines on the graph traded instrument, (files) - the work of Zones.txt file that sets the date of the zones (using scripts lines capture and lines draw) - the file will be located in a common directory folder terminals

  • FileName - File name of the EA from the file (by default Zones.txt)

Use the Cycle Indicators, cyclic line, Elliott wave, interpolation and other indicators in order to achieve the best results. Use Advisor to capture the trend, set the Take Profit level of 600-800 points and 300-350 points stoploss (for the five-digit quotes). Use the higher timeframes to highlight areas / cycles. It is a tool - use it.

Test your advisor in the tester and strategies on a demo account before you install on a real account

Below I will provide screenshots of the EA.

Ace Zone Trader

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