Wednesday, January 24, 2018

IceFX ProfitInfo

IceFX ProfitInfo

This indicator will show you your current profits quickly and in a convenient way. IceFX's ProfitInfo - a utility that displays the profits calculated based on the actual transactions on the chart (chart). The indicator is shown on the daily, weekly and monthly periods. It shows profit in pips / currency and interest rates.

Main characteristics:

  • You can easily customize IceFX's ProfitInfo, to show a profit on the currency pair of the current schedule of a particular transaction or for all accounts.

  • Fully adjustable position on the chart.

  • Customizable font size.

  • Showing the average profit per day and per month.

  • Filter by magic-number.

  • Filter by comment

An indicator:

  • MagicNumber - Magic number of filter

  • CommentFilter - Filter by comment

  • OnlyAttachedSymbol - show profit / loss only on the current symbol

  • StartDateFilter - the start date for calculating profit

  • Corner - corner panel

  • XOffset - horizontal displacement of the angle

  • YOffset - vertical displacement of the angle

  • BGColor - background color

  • FontSize - font size

  • FontColor - font color

  • FontColorPlus - profit color

  • FontColorMinus - loss of color

IceFX ProfitInfo

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