Friday, September 29, 2017

Binary Option Copy Trading

Binary Option Copy Trading

MT4 Binary Option

1. This EA for the MT4 trading binary options, it is a local copier transactions.

Accounts and platforms for delivery of signals and the copy should have access to binary options trading. Accounts can be in a variety of platforms as well as on a single platform.

The account can be a demo and a real (if there are no restrictions in the platform itself).

The accounts and platforms must be enabled auto trade binary options.

Copies only the transaction of binary options, forex transaction are skipped.

Copying transactions performed automatically. While Advisor is running, it will continue to monitor and copy the transaction.

Manually feeding can pause or copying of the signal (if you want to skip any order).

2. Download and install Advisor.

Run it on the chart. Advisor can be run on any schedule, but you can not run the Advisor on multiple charts. Do not use this chart to analyze or conduct any other operations, so as not to interfere with the automatic copying of transactions.

Select advisors:

  • Set one adviser in one of the terminals MetaTrader 4 feed signals.

  • Second adviser terminal in another set the copied signals.

Start the terminal with the counselor, which supplies signals, and specify the account to which you want to copy the transaction.

Start with MT4 advisor, copies of the transaction, and specify the account you want to track, that is, by the signal provider.

3. The transactions Copy settings

A. Turn on automated trading. Tick ​​"Allow live trading".

B. Parameter settings:

The copier is maintained its own lot size (the default), copy and reversal of the transaction.

  • "Self_Amount" - enter the lot size for opening transactions.

  • "Copy_Amount" - if true, the volume will be copied if false - the specified size will be used.

  • "Copy_Ratio" - the percentage of the volume of transactions.

  • "Reverse_Copy" - true to turn deals with the specified lot size.

Note: regardless of whether you are copying the volume or use specified, it must not exceed 1/10 of the available funds, and the amount must correspond to the terms of the platform.

It must be an integer multiple of an integer value; in the automatic trading mode at another value, the system automatically rounded to the nearest integer.

Account and the platform must support the expiry of the binary option. Advisor supports the expiration of 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M, 30M, 60M, etc.

Advisor only supports binary options on the main characters (six-character name forex characters + BO suffix), for example, or EURUSDbo EURUSD_OP).

4. On time delay

Advisor effectively copies the transaction locally, do not miss orders.

As a general rule, copying the transaction is for the signal delivery when the order is opened opened on master account, immediately open warrant for the copier.

Latency is less than 3 seconds. If the transaction is not copied in 10 seconds, the adviser will not copy. Specific conditions depend on the state of the network platform and market activity.

5. Tips on the screen

Copying status in real time on the screen. Tips on the screen can be hidden.

The screen dynamically displays advisor settings and account status. When you open the order will be given a voice prompt, and a pop-up message with information and a countdown.

After closing the transaction result is displayed.

Binary Option Copy Trading

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Market Hacking All chetenko Continued

Market Hacking. All chetenko. Continued. EUR / USD.

Hello. Continue after the appearance of the shift to the euro buck the market.

Last post -

It has been said that the signs of a reversal of the current momentum and there was
ustanvlen priority sales and market task - to achieve the level of B.

dnevki picture with the previous post below.

As has been said sales could make or above the level of C, or below level D.

The movement of market today gave furious, power-up is not enough to go, and
began to fall without preludes the scenario to the level D. In the end, all clear,
really I do not know could anyone react: D

According to the current situation:

The market continues to move to Level B from the image dnevki. Pulse
movement in power and talk about stopping or reversal only
poyavlyaniya after coating. When it will happen and I'll be on the network, I accomplish your goal. A
while the nearest resistance at 1.0953.

Sales priority remains evident in the force, but of course now
too late to sell, it has long been necessary to sit in sales)) and those who do not
sitting, it is necessary to find a place more interesting. Once completed and Motion
Maltz spokonot market, it will be possible to assess the situation and then accomplish your goal by
how to proceed.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

TradeLevel21 Gold

TradeLevel21 Gold


  • Robotic trading system with adaptive logic.

    It uses the support / resistance levels, calculated on the basis of prices and mathematical algorithms. Trend and counter trend trade, short-term and medium-term position.

  • Fully automated trading pair EUR / USD, the optimum timeframe M5 can work on the M1, M5, M15, M30, H1. Other instruments and periods TradeLevel21 not turn on.

  • Trading part includes five different, are independent of each other the positions 2 and 3 positions buy sell, which are based on the current situation are opened and closed on the market, and can be opened individually or all at once.

  • Adaptive entry and exit control system eliminates the gaps due to lack of dealer prices.

  • Informational messages for the user of the terminal in the tab "Experts"

  • It does not require complicated settings and optimization.

  • The system is resistant to the trading conditions at different dealers.

  • It is available in two versions and TradeLevel21Standard TradeLevel21Gold.


It includes the following options:

  • "money&risk Management "- control the size of the lot position, depending on the deposit, the selected risk level (6 levels), and trading arm.

    Important! To work correctly, "money&risk Management ", torg.scheta currency - USD

  • Select the method of exhibiting Stop Loss / Take Rrofit, traditional or virtual.

    When setting Virtual Stop Loss / Take Rrofit, their position is not visible for the dealer, and is only displayed on the chart of the client terminal in the form of lines that cleans your stop orders from view dealer, but depending on the link quality, the power dealer servers ping rate can lead to slippage and additional risks.

  • Displaying the chart of possible entry points. (See how it works, can be in the tester, visualization)

Historical tests TradeLevel21Gold

With the following parameters:

  • initial deposit of $ 10,000

  • Leverage 1: 200

  • min. lot 0.01

  • Lot 0.01 step

  • fixed spread 2


  • the period 2010-2013,

  • net profit at risk "easy"I was 383 $ 623.90

  • net profit at risk "normal"I was 3275 $ 629.20

  • net profit at risk "parkour"I was 3745093 $ 621.60


  • parameter "Risk" - select from the dropdown list the degree of risk you want to work

    To change this setting is recommended in the absence of open positions, changes will be accepted once an advisor, it is also possible to change the setting in the presence of open positions, but then, the new value will be taken only after an adviser close all open positions.

    • easy - possible drawdown of about 20%

    • light - possible drawdown of about 25%

    • normal - possible drawdown of about 30%

    • hight - possible drawdown of about 45%

    • extrem - possible drawdown of about 60%

    • parkour - possible drawdown of about 70%

  • parameter "RealySLTP"

    This option may change as in the beginning, and in the course of trade, the adviser immediately changes the open orders, and changes the appearance of stop orders from virtual to real and back again.

    • on - if you want to use in the real (exhibited at the dealer) Stop Loss / Take Profit

    • off - if you want to use in the virtual (not visible to the dealer) Stop Loss / Take Profit

  • parameter "Show enter points"
    The parameter may change both at startup and during operation of the adviser, but the color scheme is set to meet the inclusion of a counselor in the work settings for the "bar up" / "bar down".

    • on - included visual display of possible entry points

    • off - visual display is disabled possible entry points

Click OK.

In the presence of the previously opened TradeLevel21Gold orders is their identification, and, if necessary, change the values ​​of Stop Loss and Take Profit.


TradeLevel21Gold must be enabled to work continuously 24 hours a day and all the 5 trading days of the week, be sure to consider this when planning the location of the terminal.

Strongly recommended that interfere with TradeLevel21Gold.


All operations with the deposit may only be carried out in the absence of open positions.

TradeLevel21 Gold

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New signal conservative stop loss

New signal conservative stop loss and take profit

My signal:

This strategy: Do not is not a scalper net not martingale

For the best copy Nefteprombank!

Work goes with a stop loss and take profit

Moderately conservative trade

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Multicurrency Analyzer

Multicurrency Analyzer

LED allows for cross-analysis of currency pairs and groups
determine the strength of each currency in a given period of time. results
It brings to the table. Displays the schedule for the chosen currency growth
relative to the other.

in external
parameter indicator can specify up to 11 converter for analysis. The indicator itself
determine the currency pairs that are supported by the broker. If you want less
the number of currencies, it is enough to leave empty znacheniya.Indikator
allows you to cross-analyze a group of currency pairs and determine the strength of
each currency in a given period of time. The results are displayed in the table.
It displays the schedule for the chosen currency growth relative to the other.

the chart display, press the "Reset" button. will be two
vertical line in the center of the graph. By moving the line, we set
period of time for analysis.


It shows how much has changed price Close the currency pair for the
the time limit in percentage terms. The value taken with respect to currencies
specified in the left column (ie, if the price of the EURUSD for a specified
time period fell by 5%, the USD takes a value of 5% and EUR -
-5%). The two right-hand columns show the amount and the average value for each
currency. If the value is below zero - the cell is highlighted in red, if the above -


a separate window draws a graph of the time the prices for the selected currency
relative to the other. Currency can be selected by clicking the mouse on its name in the
the left column of the table.


keep open the graph corresponds to the currency pairs to load the history and
calculating correct data. If the indicator can not get the data
currency pair at that date, "R" will be displayed in the table, and
This value will not be taken into account for the calculation of the sum and average. must
open the chart the currency pair and update the story on the right

If such a
currency pair is not terminal, it will display an empty cell, and its
the value will not be counted in the statistics.

install multiple copies of the indicator on a chart must be configured
define other coordinates (X, Y).

It works only with currency pairs. Currency name length must be greater than 0.
Therefore, a tool such as GOLD GOLD, is not yet supported. If your
gold broker is called XAUUSD, it will work without problems.

Multicurrency Analyzer


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Monday, September 25, 2017

Optimization and testing of advisers

Optimization and testing of advisers in the strategy tester MT4

Optimization and testing of advisers in the strategy tester MT4

In the video I will tell and show you how to test and how to optimize advisers experts on MT4 terminal. What you need to know about how to test and how to optimize

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Media reported on hacking servers

Media reported on the hacking servers Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal

At the end of last week
Bloomberg News, citing
unnamed sources, reported that
hackers penetrated the company's servers
Dow Jones, to kidnap
information and use it for
insider trading. But in the Dow Jones, which
owns the publication of The Wall Street Journal, said,
had not received any information or
the authorities or anyone else about
hacker attack. The company also
They added that so far have not been able to find
confirm the claims that
Bloomberg has published their competitor.

"Since the publication
article in Bloomberg, we have taken all
possible to ascertain
whether the claimed assumption is true.
Until now, we were unable to find evidence
such an incident. We are considering
Asked whether anything significant in
These news provided
competing news organizations".
- said vice-president of Dow Jones
Schwartz Communications Colin. Besides,
The FBI in New York reported that the already engaged
investigation. It is not clear who will bear the
responsible for the invasion - even though
message in the media about what information
It has been stolen and is used
for insider trading, the investigators
We found no evidence of this.

The media reported that hackers
stolen materials have not yet been
published in the pages of The Wall Street
Journal. It is this information could affect
the shares of individual companies of the Dow Jones list. In theory, hackers could gain
profit by buying or selling shares
companies, which are constantly writing
Dow Jones publications the company - for example,
portals of The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Dow Jones
Newswires and MarketWatch. It is possible that the action of some
the company could fall soon after
Pub material.

By the way, most recently,
October 9, Dow Jones index opened data
a perfect cyber attack in which
hackers managed to steal contacts and
information on payment of about 3500
customers. Later, the company stated that
do not have any data that
customer information was stolen, and
also assured its users that
already working with law enforcement
bodies and leading firms

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Colored Bars

Colored Bars

Colored Bars - indicator for the Forex market. Stains bars in two colors depending on the trend. One adjustable parameter that affects the way the trend is interpreted. indicator signals to filter other indicators and to open a position only after 2-3 equally colored bars and confirmation of other indicators. Suitable for use on all timeframes.

Colored Bars

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

ECB is considering to raise inflation

The ECB is considering to raise inflation by a ransom of new assets

Mario Draghi is now very easy: ECB
I was able to knock down a recession in Europe, a little
He reassured the Greek crisis and very well
restoring the financial system
Old World, which is very ruffled
a crisis. But the situation on the world markets
Europe does not fully move, and
European economies again
swings to last year's level. All are now extremely worried
low inflation, which is by no means
He wants to grow.

ECB thinking lately
on how you can still stimulate
economic growth of the region, and seriously
considering the possibility to start a ransom
the largest municipal bond
cities and regions - for example, bonds
Paris, Madrid or Bayern Munich. according to some
rumors, these changes may have to make
this year. Also there is a possibility
another decline in deposit rates
ECB to reach the target level

Today Mario
Draghi speaks at the European Parliament, where
explains the vision of the problems and ways of their
eurodeputies solutions. Now
noticeable that the words Draghi has fallen off the euro,
especially when the head of the ECB once
again hinted at the new incentives. Of course,
the main issue is further
the fate of the QE program.

the bank, by the way, have already begun preparations for the
the next meeting of the Governing
ECB Governing Council, which is scheduled for 3 December.
Economists estimate the need for
expand the program of quantitative
mitigation and the way in which it can be
expand (if it will turn
municipal bonds, for example). according to
independent analysts, buying
municipal and regional bonds
- the real scenario.
According to IFR (part of Thomson Reuters), now!
bonds in circulation
European Cities and Regions for the amount
more than $ 500 billion.

Another one
option to mitigate the bank's policy - rate cuts. This would help to ease
the euro and, consequently, increase inflation.
Traders lay in the price reduction
rate of 0.1%, but the Reuters analysts believe,
the bank may hold a stronger
decrease. But many tend to think,
the ECB decides to decrease rates and
strengthening aid only after
Fed's first change your bet.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How and why central bank strengthened

How and why the central bank strengthened the exchange rate?

Tuesday turned out to be a very
positive for the Russian ruble - to
evening of the dollar and the euro dropped significantly. Mainly to strengthen the ruble
help growing oil quotes and
Central Bank's actions. Yesterday evening a couple
USD / RUB fell
to the level of 62.36, and the pair EUR / RUB
- to 68.3. Traders said,
that the ruble
there is a good chance to strengthen, but not
We can understand what will be the main

The ruble is still strong
It depends on the movement of oil prices, and
Today, the price of Brent continues
It located in the neighborhood of $ 50 per barrel and whilst unlikely
come from an established range. Yesterday
quotes help message from Brazil,
where since the beginning of the month announced
a nationwide strike. plus,
everything fell slightly in October
OPEC oil - from 31.76 million to 31.64
million barrels per day.

But still very much on
Ruble affected yesterday news that
The Bank of Russia will hold the largest in
six months, withdrawal of liquidity from the banking
system. Thus, according to the weekly operations
REPO Tuesday banks had
back regulator 520 billion rbl., that
previously received a loan. according to the statement
Central Bank, the limit of the weekly
refinancing was reduced to 570 billion
rub. (At least since April 2012).

But there is still one
question for those who are watching the Russian
Market - why can not agree in any way
between a Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance? Minister of Finance
Anton Siluanov goes on to say,
that at current oil prices and up to date
Ruble country's reserve fund dry up
next year, reminding of a possible
devaluation. But that's not the central bank itself
not only helps to weaken
ruble, but on the contrary, it is doing everything it
strengthening. Of course, these actions
can be explained by the fact that if the market
understands that the authorities want to weaken the ruble,
then play against the national currency will be all,
sundry, and to stop this process
It will be very difficult.

On Wednesday morning, the ruble to fall back (oil futures again went down), and to the 11:27 MSK pair USD / RUB was trading at 63.05, and the pair EUR / RUB - at the level of 68.9.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017



BalanceTraderLight - This is the lite version of the trading robot BalanceTrader.

The strategy is based on the balance of buyers and sellers at a certain time. The robot recognizes these levels and is part of the deal with a very high accuracy.

This version differs in that it included only part of the algorithms from the full version. At the same time decreased the total number of transactions, but also all the robot remains stable. This version is designed for those traders who can not afford to purchase the full version, but it also wants to use this robot in your trading. Price lite version is considerably lower (by more than 2-fold).

According to the test results it has 88% profitable trades.

Attention: Trading strategy is not a scalper, is NOT a breakdown, do not use martingale, averaging and hedging!

In developing the robot met and reached a prerequisite that all transactions of the strategy tester coincided with transactions on a real account, so we have a real opportunity to test the robot on historical quotations. The error is on the order of 1-2% of all transactions because of spreads and slippage.

The robot is designed for the EURUSD, and trades on the M5 timeframe.

All basic protection settings in the algorithm itself.


The initial capital of $ 100, provided that the minimum lot your broker 0.01.

The robot recognizes the 4 and 5-digit brokers;

It has a fixed stop-loss and take-profit floating, taking into account the volatility, so if the price went against the open transaction, the robot will try to close the position at masimalno competitive price;

Setting stop-loss and take-profit on the rules of the ECN;

The robot is not fastidious in choosing a broker or account, as it will work well in all cases, however, it is advisable to use a real market accounts ECN or the STP, with good conditions for the execution of orders, commissions and spreads, thus you will save yourself money and nerves .

available settings

  • FixedLot - trade fixed lot (to activate must be put in LotsFor10000 0);

  • LotsFor10000 - position volume, specify the number of lots for every 10,000;

  • StopLoss - Stop Loss in points;

  • Slippage - Slippage in points;

  • comment - a comment;

  • Magic - a unique number to control the position.

Test your own robot and make sure it's ultra reliable.


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Monday, September 18, 2017

Central Bank canceled issuance

Central Bank canceled the issuance of bonds related to the FC Opening

It could cost the bank almost 5 billion rubles. According to "Kommersant", the regulator canceled the issuance of securities of LLC "Mortgage Agent Eclipse 1". It is worth noting that the agency was created for the securitization "Petrocommerce" bank mortgage assets. Placement in the amount of 5.8 billion rubles on July 28th. The amount of the bond class was not to be more than 4.9 billion and placed the open subscription. Securities Class B assumed a closed subscription. It amounted to 875 million rubles. Potential buyer appeared "Petrocommerce", which at that time had already joined FK "Opening", that is, ceased to exist as a legal entity. That this was the reason for the cancellation of the CB state registratsii.Po According to experts, cancellation of securities Class B can spread to the class A. In this case, the "Discovery" will lose almost 5 billion rubles, which is very important for the bank received $ 7 billion last September losses.

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Video Maks Kayzer Banks most incomprehensible

Video: Maks Kayzer. Banks - the most incomprehensible structure

In this edition of the program
"Review of Kaiser Max" still leading
to discuss the latest and scandalous
News of the foreign press. Maks Kayzer
says that the banking sector of the economy
- dark matter: almost no one can
to understand what is going on there. "Financial
crimes have become too complex,
to bring to them to justice "- that
such thoughts arise observers
in the financial sector. It turns out that
Bankers becomes too difficult
caught and punished.

Judge for yourself - why
bankers scammers rarely
behind bars? Yes, simply because the courts
unable to understand all
the intricacies of their criminal
activity, and therefore falls
pronounce a verdict of acquittal. Max
Keizer and Steysi Herbert wants to know,
how to overcome this vicious practice.

In the second part of the program
their guest Rowan Bosworth-Davies, a former
London police detective Affairs
financial crimes, tell
in London attracts dirty money.


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Friday, September 15, 2017

Dual MA Stick

Dual MA Stick

Dual MA Stick - based on the Heiken Ashi indicator. Indicator original method calculates two values. The trend is defined as follows:

  • If the candle is green, presumably bullish trend.

  • If the candle is red, presumably bearish trend.

  • Saturated color indicates a strong trend.

Recommendations for use

Double load Dual MA Stick:

  1. Set to 75, or a long period of MAPeriod parameter. In addition, set Exponential value (exponential MA) in MAMethod and parameter to true in DisableShadow parameter.

  2. Set to 5 or a short period of MAPeriod parameter. In addition, set the value of Simple (Simple MA) parameter MAMethod and false DisableShadow parameter.

  • Make purchases if the length of the candle is green, and the short candle changes color from red to green.

  • Make sales, if the length of the candle is red and short candle changes color from green to red.

  • You then need to confirm the signal with the oscillator.

See also LED Ohnishi Oscillator: Https:// Ohnishi Oscillator indicator assists the Dual MA Stick and vice versa.

Thank you for your attention and success in trade!

Dual MA Stick

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If a certain number of consecutive candle (candles parameter) Each of the candles has a size larger than a distance parameter for the adviser, this means that in the market high volatility and advisor starts.

Used refill. Step in points for refilling is set by the Step. Recommended timeframe H1, the major volatile currency pairs.

Closure orders are for the total amount of profit in points.


  • candles - The number of consecutive candles, each of which must be greater than or equal to the distance parameter;

  • distance - The distance in points, each successive spark candles must be greater than it;

  • MM - Inclusion of money management;

  • MaxRisk - With the MM, lot size is calculated from this value;

  • Lot - It is used for off MM (false);

  • TakeProfit - The size of the profit at the points at which all open orders advisor will be closed;

  • Step - Step between the refill orders;

  • Magic - The value to determine the advisor of "their" orders;

  • Slippage - Maximum price slippage;

  • name - Comment to open advisor orders;

  • MaxOrders - The maximum amount of the refill orders.


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

For Federal Reserve there is only

For the Federal Reserve there is only one question on the upcoming meeting

It is expected that the Fed will again
pause their actions
tighten monetary policy,
because GDP forecasts very
disappointing - economy shows
slowing. Head of the regulator Janet
Yellen, however, supported the rise
Rates this year.

The US economy,
it seems, shows a very precarious
position in recent years, and because
it is expected that GDP data for the third
quarter confirm this. As a result, the Federal
Reserve will once again be forced to
keep interest rates near zero.
Fed decision will be made on Wednesday and
Preliminary reports on GDP will be released
on Thursday.

"Weak reports and
continuing economic
uncertainty in the country and abroad
It means that the Fed is now stuck in their zero rate,
whether it likes it or
no", - says Paul Mortimer-Lee, chief
economist for North America at BNP

Much more important is the answer
the question - will there any hints the Fed
about his actions in December
of the year. "Policy Statement will
carefully analyzed for the presence of
"Evidence" that the probability of movement
rates in mid-December"- sure
Josh Shapiro, chief US economist at
a MFR Inc. But analysts do not expect to see
many clues.

"FOMC tried to dissuade
market expectations of any express
signals about the coming changes
monetary policy, emphasizing
dependence of the solution of the statistical data.
Thus, we do not expect significant
changes in the position and policy
leadership", - said Maykl Henson,
senior economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

This does not mean that the Fed
It will not raise rates in December,
it simply means that the Committee has
still undecided. In September
13 of the 17 members of the Federal Reserve supported the increase
rates before the end of the year.

The Fed will continue to
move, relying to a greater extent
on the statistical data, especially on the analysis of
October and November reports
the labor market, which will be released just before the December meeting. The regulator wants
see a strong labor market, to be
confident that inflation
go up. However, prior to the meeting
Fed released many more in December
economic reports, which can
influence the decision.

analysts MarketWatch
It predicts that GDP slowed to
2.1% in the third quarter from 3.9% in the second
quarter. Other economists call
even lower figures - they think
US GDP in III quarter
It grew by only 1.6%. Many believe that in
Third-quarter GDP would herald
slower growth in the future.

Other key points
- an index of labor costs,
which is a good indicator
wage growth - is expected to
This growth strengthened in the third quarter.
Higher income from wages
the board will give confidence that the growth
inflation is around the corner. On the other hand,
data on durable goods,
It is expected to have fallen for the second month
a row in September, and it is another sign
that global woes and strong
Dollar still prevent American

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ticks Thermometer

Ticks Thermometer

You want to know how often come tics of the instrument? Ticks Thermometer indicator will help you in this! This is useful for finding the most active currency pairs.

Run the script on each of the graphs that you are analyzing. LED color changes from green to red. Green means "cold" (ticks come rarely), red means "hot" (tics come very often).

Ticks Thermometer

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Navigator FX

Navigator FX

Navigator - very easy to use next-generation panel.

Attach the indicator on the chart to quickly navigate through all the symbols and timeframes listed in the parameters.

Arrows control the scaling and timeframes.

You can customize the colors of graphic objects and the list of displayed characters.

Quick and simple tool that will analyze charts.

Input parameters

  • Show_TF_Panel (true / false) - Hide / show panel with a timeframe and arrows
  • 32 characters

  • COLORS AND SIZE SETTINGS - color and size settings

    • BUTTON_WIDTH - Width of the buttons
    • Button_Font_Size - Font size buttons

    • Panel_Label_Text_Color - Text Color

    • BG_Button_Color - Background Color buttons

    • Button_Text_Color - The color of the button text

    • Selected_Symbol_Button_Text_Color - text color of the selected symbol button (the symbol on the current chart)

    • Panel_Color - Panel color

  • NEW_CHART_TO_OPEN - Opening of the new schedule

    • Open_In_A_New_Chart - open a new chart in a new window or in the current window

    • User Template to add on chart opened - Custom pattern to add to the open chart (custom template can be used to open the graph)
    • Apply symbol clicked to ALL
      charts - If true pattern in the input parameters and the selected character will be applied to all graphs, open in MetaTrader)
    • Apply Navigator TF to ALL charts - Apply to ALL Navigator timeframe charts

  • POSITION PANEL - panel layout

    • XPos - position on the X axis

    • YPos - position of Y axis

Navigator FX


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Ruble is growing steadily on Monday

The ruble is growing steadily on Monday afternoon

Russian Ruble demonstrates not weak
good growth dynamics of oil prices.
Furthermore, Ruble maintain high
rates and low demand for foreign currency. To 16:13
MSK pair USD / RUB traded
at 65.99 level (-1,31%), EUR / RUB -
at 70.79 (-1.6%).

ruble growth remained today
the session, because the world is going up after the recent oil quotes
terrorist attacks in France. Brent makes bold
attempts to return to around $ 45
barrel, the ruble should be
for her. Oil is also expensive after-
Friday on the number of reports of working
drilling rigs in the United States - they became even
4 pieces smaller operates only
767 installations. For the year, this figure has
1161 decreased by one - more than

stakes in banks, which are about
0.5% above the key rate of the central bank,
also support the national currency. Weak
the demand for currency is confirmed by the low
the volume of transactions in the foreign exchange auction
Repurchase of 28 days - participants took only
$ 86.1 million of
$ 1.3 billion.
"This may be due to the effect of
"Inertia" of the foreign exchange inflows into the country in
the previous couple of months to buy
BFL and other government securities, based on the fast
reduction in the key rate of the Central Bank"-
said Eugene Koshelev of Rosbank.

According to
analysts, there is still demand
Russian assets by
non-residents, increasing sale of foreign currency
earnings before tax
period, and it also supports
national currency, - says Denis Davydov from
Nordea. Peak payments on taxes
falls on 25 November.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

XLines MT4

xLines MT4

This indicator offers to the user a unique opportunity!

You can get information about the support and resistance levels at any time period of any financial instrument. Also, due to the dynamic adjustment function, you can separate the weak from the technical levels stronger. Positional power of price marks defined by the copyright algorithm.

Note: levels, which shows the indicator - prices, that interest to the market (they are from a technical point of view Support and resistance levels, they are Prices increased demand or supply).

Since the concept of the strong and weak level relative to the user himself will be able to customize the percentage of this indicator. In conjunction with the volumetric analysis and correct interpretation of the financial news this indicator is a powerful tool of technical analysis!

display Setting

Customize the X-Lines is very simple. You are given the ability to change three parameters:

  • Period of analysis - Sets the number of bars of the current period is taken into account in the analysis. For example, a value of 800 means that 800 last bars will be analyzed, including the current one. A value of 0 includes an analysis of all available stories (default 0).

  • Positional Power - the name speaks for itself. The value of this parameter may be from 0.01 to 1 (fold 0.0001). By setting this option, the user determines the positional power of technical levels. The smaller this option, the stronger levels will show the analyzer.

Also, when you set up, you can choose the color levels of interesting prices:

  • Level

Note that each financial instrument requires customizing display settings! Experiment and you will see how flexible and powerful analytic capabilities gives you the light!

Default settings:

  • Level Color - Yellow.

  • Period of analysis - 0.

  • Positional Power - 0.114.

xLines MT4

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Devaluation of yuan continues

The devaluation of the yuan continues: Can China save the world economy?

Chinese central bank
It continues to weaken the yuan, and this
weakening of the official exchange rate is already
7 days in a row - by the way, is the most
lasting devaluation since 2012.
Falling yuan strongly
It supports overloaded debts
stock market. Shenzhen and ChiNext indexes
which will all react to growth
market, has already demonstrated very good
results. In addition, the dollar index
compared to Asian currencies,
It falls, and this puts pressure on the stock market.

But here in the real
Copper prices fell to a record economy
lows, and also reduced prices
nickel, zinc. Even the index container
traffic in China has dropped to minimum
marks. Does this have anything to do
value if the stock markets are rising?

Of course, as it turns out,
that all the predictions about the ongoing
devaluation in China come true. Long
it became clear that the country needs a weaker
Yuan, who in the last ten years
only strengthened. With a strong national currency
companies become much more difficult
to be competitive, and also
They lose their export advantage.

Government failed
make the economy more oriented
to the domestic consumer, so
I had to find ways to increase
export flows. Ten years ago, for
100 yuan you can get $ 12, and now
this would amount to more than $ 16. That is why
China struggled to keep the
peg the yuan to the dollar. the economy must be
was constructed so that its growth
by exports did not depend on the market
exchange rate. However, under US pressure
and other Western governments
in 2005, I had to let go of the yuan,
allowing it to trade freely in the
a narrow range against the dollar. scheme
such was even comfortable: Chinese
manufacturers sell products in the US and
They get paid for it dollars, and then, when
dollars back to China, exporting
convert them into yuan. But what to do
then those dollars? Chinese government
used to buy American government bonds.
And now all the action
People's Bank of China are not going to support
exports, and to eliminate the imbalances.
It seems that the regulator is too long held
the yuan stable, without giving him the opportunity to
free to react
in the global economy, which led to
"dollar deformation".

So, if all the
really what happens, then
financial system in China feels
much worse than it looks from the outside. And
if the central bank will not be able
achieved with the help of its devaluation,
the whole world is waiting for hard times,
because everyone will understand: China is no longer
perform "savior" of the world economy. Today the pair USD / CNY sharply
I grew up in the morning - at the level of 6,359 to 6.368.

Most likely, therefore,
China and the People's Bank continues
devalue the yuan, although in the summer and
He said that it was only "single
stock". China is just trying to save
its economy.

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Smart Renko MT5

Smart Renko MT5


At the heart of Renko charts is monitoring the price movement. If
the price goes beyond a certain range, is displayed in the graph
bar ( "brick") above or below the previous one. As a result, we can clearly see
price movement and the important support / resistance levels. As
classic Renko graph is independent of time, it is quite difficult
used in conjunction with other technical indicators. This is especially
As for testing your strategy on stories. It is to overcome
this inconvenience and was designed by Smart Renko Chart. In addition, Smart
Renko has other advantages.

Key Features

  • Calculation Renko performed on any timeframe, including the M1 and M5.
  • Displays the trend on all timeframes.
  • Ability to display on the main Renko chart for back-testing with other technical indicators.
  • The ability to find a correspondence between Renko charts on the price
    chart in a separate window. (Just double click on the price chart
    or indicator window. You will see the corresponding lines on both
  • Automatic calculation range using standard
    and deviation value Z (Z value). Therefore, the indicator is suitable
  • Displaying the future levels of the building blocks for the purchase and sale.

some recommendations

  • Smart Renko must be used together with other indicators, for example, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, moving averages.
  • Smart Renko recommended for use on a line graph. By
    Default indicator works on it. However, you can
    switch on the candlestick chart.
  • Renko should be calculated on the data M1 chart. You can
    select M1 timeframe for calculating the indicator Smart Renko. However,
    most brokers is not enough historical data for this
    timeframe. Therefore, the default is used M5.
  • You can display the blocks in the entire length of the historical data. However, this may reduce the speed of the terminal.
  • When Brick Height Mode = 1, Smart Renko uses standard
    deviation for automatic calculation of range. Choose a value of Z
    wisely (1.0, 1.68, 1.96, etc.). On it depends the effectiveness of
  • When For Brick Height Mode = 0, you specify a value for yourself
    range in pips. Smart Renko uses your input to
    constructing Renko chart.
  • Press R, if the Smart Renko does not load automatically when you
    startup. This can happen due to the loading source data
    further timeframe (M1, M5 etc.).
  • Additional timeframe (M1 and M5) is used to calculate
    blocks and display them in the current timeframe. Do not use
    weekly or monthly schedule. Usually on the M1 and M5 are insufficient data to
    Renco display on the weekly and monthly schedules.


Smart Renko can be used for different purposes. At its simplest,
if it can be used as proof of the indicator at
determining the direction of the current and future trend. It also helps
identify important support / resistance lines, making it better quality
compared with candlesticks, range bars, etc. Generally, the way
with standard graphs Renco traders must be parallel
use different indicators in separate windows. Now, this is not
needed. Enough to use the combined display
Renko bricks with the price chart, as well as all the necessary
standard indicators MetaTrader. The basic working principle of schedule
Renko is based on the price action. Accordingly, the light is best
for trading strategies, also based on the price action.
Smart Renko Chart Indicator works well in conjunction with our other

  • Harmonic Pattern Plus MT5
  • Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner MT5
  • Price breakout Pattern Scanner MT5
  • Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer MT5
  • Price Action Candle Detector MT5
  • TM Econometric Trader MT5

Smart Renko MT5

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maya Parallel THREE

Maya Parallel THREE

The work of the adviser based on the six methods, computed using candlestick patterns and indicators such as RSI, ADX, ISAR, IMA, IFRACTALS, MACD and STOCHASTIC. Each method exposes concurrent transactions on the basis of the current basic strategy. The adviser works on the ECN-accounts with only 5-digit quotes, minimally exposed to fluctuations in the spread. All transactions are executed on the basis of long-term plan and are protected by a stop loss. Each trading method searches a TP (pips 100 - 5000 pips) and stop loss of 230 pips.

All the expert inputs are optimized for a timeframe H1 pair EURUSD. Try to check out the other timeframes and the major currency pairs.

Below is a list of indicators and parameters used in each method adviser for issuing concurrent transactions.

Indicators used: Candlestick patterns, RSI indicator, ADX, ISAR, IMA, IFRACTALS, MACD and STOCHASTIC.

  • ADX Period: 14

  • Period ISAR: 0.02, 0.2

  • MACD period: 12,26,9

  • RSI Period: 21

  • Period IMA: 5,12

  • Period STOCHASTIC: Main - 14,3,3 / Signal - 14,3,3

  • Period IFRACTALS: 2

The input parameters of the first and second methods

  • Method1MagicNumber - 109 - Magic number 1 by the method of transaction 1

  • Method2MagicNumber - 110 - Magic number 2 transaction according to the method 2

  • Method1Lots - 0.01, - Lot 1 deals

  • Method2Lots - 0.01, - Lot 2 deals

  • Method1TakeProfit - 5000 - Take-profit trade is 1 pip

  • Method2TakeProfit - 5000 - Take-profit transaction 2 pips

  • Method1Stoploss - 3000 - Stop-loss transactions 1 pip

  • Method2Stoploss - 2300 - Stop loss transaction 2 pips

  • Method1TrailStart - 1000 - Start of the trailing transaction 1 pip

  • Method2TrailStart - 650 - Start trailing transaction 2 pips

  • Method1TrailStop - 1800 - trailing stop transaction 1 pips

  • Method2TrailStop - 1200 - trailing stop transaction 2 pips

  • Method1MaxTrades - 25 - Number of concurrent transactions by method 1

  • Method2MaxTrades - 100 - Number of parallel transactions by Method 2

  • Method1UseTrailingStop - true, - Enable / Disable trailing by Method 1

  • Method2UseTrailingStop - true, - Enable / Disable trailing by Method 2

Input parameters of the third and fourth methods

  • Method3MagicNumber - 111 - Magic number 1 by the method of transaction 3

  • Method4MagicNumber - 112 - The magic number for the transaction 2 method 4

  • Method3Lots - 0.01, - Lot 1 deals

  • Method4Lots - 0.01, - Lot 2 deals

  • Method3TakeProfit - 5000 - Take-profit trade is 1 pip

  • Method4TakeProfit - 5000 - Take-profit transaction 2 pips

  • Method3Stoploss - 2300 - Stop loss transaction 1 pips

  • Method4Stoploss - 2300 - Stop loss transaction 2 pips

  • Method3TrailStart - 650 - Start trailing transaction 1 pip

  • Method4TrailStart - 650 - Start trailing transaction 2 pips

  • Method3TrailStop - 1200 - trailing stop transaction 1 pips

  • Method4TrailStop - 1200 - trailing stop transaction 2 pips

  • Method3MaxTrades - 100 - Number of parallel transactions using method 3

  • Method4MaxTrades - 4 - Number of concurrent transactions on a method 4

  • Method3UseTrailingStop - true, - Enable / Disable trailing using method 3

  • Method4UseTrailingStop - true, - Enable / Disable trailing by Method 4

Input parameters are the fifth and sixth methods

  • Method5MagicNumber - 115 - Magic number 1 by the method of transaction 5

  • Method6MagicNumber - 116 - Magic number 2 by the method of transaction 6

  • Method5Lots - 0.01, - Lot 1 deals

  • Method6Lots - 0.01, - Lot 2 deals

  • Method5TakeProfit - 5000 - Take-profit trade is 1 pip

  • Method6TakeProfit - 5000 - Take-profit transaction 2 pips

  • Method5Stoploss - 3000 - Stop-loss transactions 1 pip

  • Method6Stoploss - 2300 - Stop loss transaction 2 pips

  • Method5TrailStart - 1000 - Start of the trailing transaction 1 pip

  • Method6TrailStart - 600 - Start trailing transaction 2 pips

  • Method5TrailStop - 2000 - Trailing Stop transaction 1 pip

  • Method6TrailStop - 1500 - trailing stop transaction 2 pips

  • Method5MaxTrades - 100 - Number of parallel transactions by Method 5

  • Method6MaxTrades - 100 - Number of parallel transactions by Method 6

  • Method5UseTrailingStop - true, - Enable / Disable trailing by Method 5

  • Method6UseTrailingStop - true, - Enable / Disable trailing by Method 6

Note: This EA is designed exclusively for the long-term strategy, not short-term transactions. It does not work with four-digit quotes.

Maya Parallel THREE

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Asia Pacific stock indexes were

Asia-Pacific stock indexes were mixed and little changed

Today on
Asian influenced the mood of traders,
for example, Chinese data came in
industrial production. she declined
0.1% a year in September.
For comparison: the fall in August was
8.8%, but economists are looking at the situation
pessimistic, despite a sharp
loss reduction.

profit slowdown could intensify in
financial distress
debt manufacturing companies,
that could potentially derail
the banking system due to the explosive
the growth of "bad debts". Prevention
This scenario depends on maintaining
strong growth in production and -
at the same time - increasing liquidity
in the banking system "- say

shanghai Composite
It increased by 0.1%. Chinese
the index was able to get a plus for the last
hour of trading, after falling in
During the session, more than 2%.

Company and Shandong Gold
Zhongjin Gold lost 0.4% and 1%
respectively, as it became cheaper
gold. Oil giants PetroChina and
Sinopek decreased by 1% each.

Hang Seng he added
0.11%. Growth of the index here was very
slowed casino promotions. Wynn Macau and
Galaxy Entertainment
It was
the fall of leaders: they have decreased more
than 2% each. In general, trading on the Chinese
markets were cautious and uneven

down to 0.9%. The Japanese index increased
losses incurred on Monday.
Japanese Apple's suppliers,
Murata and
TDK lost
more than 4% at today's expectations
quarterly reporting "apple"

background of another reduction in price of oil
decreased oil producing quotes
concerns. Inpex
and JX
Holdings lost
to 3% each.

day virtually flat phase line, in purely
symbolic minus 0.03%. Session
here it was very quiet and watchful.
Decreased oil quotes: Woodside
Petroleum -
2.5%; Beach
Energy -
7%. Mining companies otygryvayut
a general decline in commodity prices:
BHP Billiton lost
1% capitalization, Rio
Tinto - 2%.

I lost
0.2%. South Korea's index fell more
down from three-month high,
reached on Friday.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Putin urged to stop using calculations

Putin urged to stop using the calculations in the currency of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin today called for greater use of national currencies in trade with foreign partners in the field of energy. This statement was made head of state at a meeting of the commission on TEK.Nuzhno begin serious work out the issue of strengthening the role of the ruble in the calculations, including - for the products of the Russian fuel and energy, greater use of national currencies in transactions with those countries with whom we are in active trade, - he said prezident.Glava state also noted the positive dynamics in the domestic fuel and energy complex, which scored a good pace over the last year. According to Putin, this is largely the result of recent decisions, including - for benefits in the development of Eastern Siberia and the shelf.

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SevenMohammed5 SevenMohammed5 - a unique indicator , it gathers 7 standard indicators : Bears Power, Bulls Power, Commodity Channel Index,...