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I am one of those traders who have never lost money on the Forex market has been for many years. In this case, I do not give preference to any one strategy. Here I intend to dispel the myth that the Martingale is just beginning for the health, and ends always for the peace. If you have a chance to seriously and make money on the Forex market, then sell it only if you learn how to manage such a beast as the Martingale, which most traders flee without looking back in horror ...

The robot is easy to optimize, optimize only needs three parameters. it LotExponent, TakeProfit and PipStep. When this parameter LotExponent - Start - 1.1 - Step - 0.1 - Stop - 10; TakeProfit - Start - 30 - Step - 10 - Stop - 500; PipStep - Start - 30 - Step - 10 - Stop - 500 ...

It is also recommended to leave a piece of history to check the results, to exclude fit to history. Suppose today 2015.08.30 - robot optimization we spend with 2014.01.30 by 2015.01.01. Next, check the best results at a time, banishing robot stories with 2015.01.0.1 - this is our final date optimization - at the current time - 2015.08.30...

Testing and optimization should be carried out Open prices, and verify the data on all the ticks.

should not optimize the robot on a large plot of history. Thus, the robot is optimized under the most adverse conditions of previous years and will not be enough to make at this time.

For example, you 1000 USD, robot to optimize 100 USD, as described above. Profit at the same time, as a result of optimization, can reach several thousand percent. But again, no one can guarantee that some adverse circumstance will not prevent us to make. Therefore, the deposit should be divided into 10 parts, to optimize the robot 10 of the most liquid currency pairs (also only one pair can be used - GBPUSD as the most optimal, but with different settings, parameter MagicNumber must be different), And even if only one pair of 10 shots, you will receive benefits according to these calculations.

  • OpenNewCycle = Enable / disable to open a new series of warrants

  • LotExponent = Multiplication of lots in the series

  • TakeProfit = Distance to warrant profitable

  • PipStep = Distance between the orders

  • MaxTrades = Maximum number of simultaneously opened orders

  • MagicNumber = Identifier orders

  • Slippage = slip

  • UseEquityStop = Enable / disable to use the funds limiter (TotalEquityRisk)

  • TotalEquityRisk = Percentage of the deposit, on which the robot can count on. When it is exceeded, all transactions are closed and new ones will not open until you restart advisor. This parameter is required if the terminal running multiple copies of the advisor.

  • UseTrailingStop = Enable / disable the use of trailing orders (not recommended include trailing does not allow to increase profit)

  • ProfitTrailDist = Distance from the point bezubytka paragraphs that activates trailing warrants

  • UseMultiClosing = Enable / disable the closure of all orders in the terminal when a certain percentage of profit

  • ProfitPercAll = Percentage of total profit for all orders opened in the terminal at which all orders are closed if the parameter - UseMultiClosing = true

  • Auto_optimization = enable / disable the automatic search and download the best results in the optimization advisor (you only need to prepare the robot to optimize and run strategy tester in the optimization mode, the robot will automatically choose the best results, and upload parameters to the archive for each character separately, further parameters will selected from the archive in accordance with the character graphics)

  • Update = update archive that stores all the data obtained as a result of optimization (only updated data obtained at the current currency pair in which the robot is started. After the upgrade, this option must always be switched off, otherwise the robot will not start). Advisor keeps on different pairs of memory settings separately ...



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