Monday, April 30, 2018

ZZ Color Retracement

ZZ Color Retracement

Automation of many constructions, including even such simple, as the construction of channels, determining the trend (higher highs / lower lows) or, finally, the use of nets Fibonacci, requires the allocation of "pure motion", that is, pass rates from the local minimum to the local maximum and from a local maximum to a local minimum. The task of finding such movements, as well as the local maxima and minima perfectly solves the ZigZag indicator.

Earlier me a simple search algorithm was proposed by the local maxima and minima, implemented in the indicator Simple ZigZag. The main difference from the display Simple ZigZag regular analog is much more simple and fast algorithm, as well as setting a single parameter - the depth of a typical correction.

Indicator ZZ Color Retracement is a development of the idea of ​​automating analytical constructs on the basis of a zigzag. In particular, the indicator is shown allocates significant impulse movement, which turns blue. Short corrective movement are highlighted in red, to the flat portions of medium size are painted in neutral gray.

The following parameters are used to configure the display:

  • Typical retracement size - the size of a typical correction. Parameter got indicator inherited from "parent" - Simple ZigZag.

  • Moves averaging period - the number of the zigzag movements used to calculate the sliding "movement average".

  • Percentage difference - the ratio of the threshold of the last movement of the zigzag passage to the moving average. If the ratio is greater than 1 + parameter, the movement is considered to be impulsive; if it is less than 1 - the parameter is considered corrective movement; If the middle ([1 - parameter setting + 1]), the motion is considered to the flat.

After we learned ZigZag indicator to allocate the pulse passes, the next step will be to use the Fibonacci grid.

ZZ Color Retracement

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Friday, April 27, 2018

IzaTrade EURUSD current situation

IzaTrade: EUR / USD. The current situation on the market outlook for the pair EUR / USD based on the Fibonacci tool line

At presented below EUR / USD chart we see price consolidation. Currently, the price to be around 1.1404, the prices for a potential entry for the purchase was the area in the vicinity of 1.13 with targets above 1.16 and 1.18, as well as for sale in the region of zone 1.146 a 1.09 goals and 1.06. When testing the mentioned levels is recommended to consider entry into the market, with the necessary additional evidence from other instruments or indicators.

The graph EUR / USD H4. 18.02.2015g.

It should be noted that
price fixing above 1.1557 to confirm bullish sentiment, below 1.1263
confirm the bearish mood on the long-term market participants.

The forecast used Fibonacci levels.

Successful trading.

Yours faithfully,


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EA Rush Premium

EA Rush Premium

EA Rush Premium - fully automatic, bezindikatornaya trading system. Adviser The logic is built on one of the trading systems of the world authority exchange trading and technical analysis Aleksandra Eldera.

It works with any currency pair, on any time period.

Recommended minimum deposit:

  • for accounts Standard Forex - 2000 USD with a minimum item 0.01.

  • for accounts Mini Forex - 200 USD with a minimum item 0.01.

  • for accounts Micro Forex - 20 USD with a minimum item 0.01.


  • StopTrade = false - stop trading if true, trade on this currency pair will be stopped after the close of the current series.

  • Step = 10 - a step of setting orders.

  • Lot = 0.1 - fixed lot of orders.

  • AutoLot = false - switch automatically calculate lots.

  • Risk = 1.0 - automatic calculation of the risk of the lot.

  • Magic = 400000 - a unique order number.

  • DrawInfo = true - output information to the trading terminal screen.

  • Font_Size - font size of trade information.

  • text_Color - font color trade information.

Monitoring real account:

EA Rush Premium

EA Rush Premium

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Chart Control

Chart Control

The purpose of the indicator Chart Control is the ability to easily control the properties of MT4 chart. Additional indicator function allows applying or relieving properties of the graph of release.

When working with indicators that we develop and / or use, we realized that we change the same settings for many of our indicators.

Rather than add these custom settings to all of our indicators, it is wiser to use a single indicator, available free of charge.

At the moment, the indicator includes 23 custom settings, divided into 4 groups. Settings are described below in the corresponding group.

GENERAL SETTINGS - general settings

  • Reset Properties On Exit - if true, the LED will save the current chart settings before using custom settings, and then will apply the settings saved when you exit the display. If false, the custom settings are applied and are not deleted when you exit the display.

  • Chart Mode - view graphics: bars, candles or line.

  • Volume Mode - show or hide tick volume.

  • Price Chart Foreground - if true, the price will be displayed in the background graphics. When false price will be shown in the foreground.

  • auto Scroll - enable or disable auto-scroll.

  • Chart Shift - enable or disable the function of the shift schedule.

SHOW / HIDE - the display elements

  • Show OHLC - show or hide the opening price, high, low and closing (displayed in the upper left corner of the chart).

  • Show Ask Line - show or hide the Ask line.

  • Show Bid Line - Bid to show or hide the line.

  • Show Trade Levels - trade show or hide layers.

  • Show Grid - show or hide the grid.

  • Show Period Separator - show or hide period separators.

COLOR SETTINGS - Color Settings

  • Background Color - background color.

  • Foreground Color - Foreground color graphics plan (axis labels Y and X).

  • Line Color - color lines (linear graphics and Doji candles).

  • Up Color - the color of the growing of the bar (the color of the growing bar and its shadow, as well as the boundaries of the body of bullish candle).

  • Bull Color - bullish color (body color bullish candle).

  • Down Color - down bar color (the color of the bar downward, and its shadow, and the boundaries of the body bearish candle).

  • Bear Color - Bear color (body color bearish candle).

  • Bid Color - Bid color (used when the option Show Bid is set to true).

  • Grid Color - grid color (used when the Show Grid option is set to true).

  • Volume Color - volume color (used when the display of tick volume).

SCALE SETTINGS - scale adjustment

  • Chart Scale Fix - if true value is set to a fixed schedule rock mode where Y scale price is fixed. When false fixed scale is disabled.

Chart Control

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018



The signal generated using the classic indicator Gator. Gator Oscillator based on the Alligator and shows the degree of convergence / divergence of the balance lines (smoothed moving average). Upper histogram - the absolute difference between the values ​​of the blue line and a red line. Lower histogram - the absolute difference between the values ​​of the red line and green line, but with a minus sign, because the histogram is drawn from top to bottom.

This EA will work with any forex pair. Optimization is performed for one week on the minute chart, the predicted time of up to reoptimization - as one week. The screenshots showing examples of the prediction and optimization of the first (upper in the ordering of the result) for the working parameter selected settings. Optimization - on "Balance max".

The most important characteristics for the expert - is the ability to predict, that is, profits in the future, not on the optimization period. To do this, you can just check out expert cyclically in two phases on the drive history. The first stage - optimization and sampling (one unchanging rule). The second stage - sweep. Therefore, you must cycle a few times drive out and draw conclusions. In this case, in order to optimize the interval taken at 1 week. For the forecast (check after the optimization of date) - also 1 week. Established a rigid rule to optimize the sampling results. We will choose the best result of optimization "Balance max".

Warning: slow when optimizing!


  • PeriodWork - the period for which the expert works.

  • Risk - risks that are entering the market. It is given in percentage of the total loss of the deposit. Lot defined relative to the stop-loss and allowable losses when the stop-loss.

  • LotRounding - rounding off a lot (before decimal point).

  • Deviation - requotes.

  • Sleeps - waiting for opening, closing or modifying the position.


  • StopLoss - 3/1/15

  • TakeProfit - 3/1/15

  • SignalBar - 1/1/4

  • Inversion - from / to

  • PeriodSignal - M1 / ​​M5

  • Period - 3/1/144

  • TypeSygnal - from / to

  • JawsPeriod - 3/1/144

  • JawsShift - 3/1/144

  • TeethPeriod - 3/1/144

  • TeethShift - 3/1/144

  • LipsPeriod - 3/1/144

  • LipshShift - 3/1/144

  • Method - from / to

  • AppliedPrice - from / to


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Euro has fallen dramatically in

The euro has fallen dramatically in the bad reports from Germany

Monday night
euro against the dollar has grown, because
Investors are still waiting for results
negotiation of Greece and the European Commission.
However, the euro began to fall sharply dinner
against the dollar, as soon as
the release of economic data from Germany.
Investors were cautious all morning
on the eve of the business climate report

By 13:22 MSK on the EUR / USD pair
It dropped to 1.1304, lost 0.68% of
previous close. rather
just a couple of support at the level of
1.1277, and the pair of resistance to find
the level of 1.1449.

Markets today have fallen
after the publication of economic reports
from Germany. So, all the three reports - Business
expectations for February, assessment of the current
situation in the country and the index of business
Germany's climate were worse than
forecasts. For example, the index of business
the climate was at the level of 106.8 instead
projected 107.7. By the way, in the past,
month, the index level of 106.7 scored.

All market participants
day will wait for news from Athens and
Europe: Greece must now submit
the final list of reforms to its
evrokreditory considered. This is one of
subject to extension for another bailout
four months, which makes it possible
the new government to gain time and
to prepare a new agreement with

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A method for constructing support

A method for constructing support and resistance levels

Often seen as the price to reach a particular area, all of a sudden turns in the opposite direction. For amateurs Forex market uninformed in some intricacies of technical analysis, this turn of events can be quite unexpected.

Only having basic knowledge, such a turn would not only predictable and informative, but also allow to profit from it. Therefore, today we look at one of the most important (some would say even the most important) element of technical analysis - support / resistance levels.

Support / resistance level - it is a strategically important area for the price range, which disturbed the balance of supply and demand, with the result that the market there is a predominance of either buyers or sellers, and there is a price reversal. Of course, this definition is quite relative. In order to learn in more detail what is a support / resistance levels let us look at the principle of the formation of these levels.

It can be characterized by the dynamics of the whole education support / resistance levels as follows. The foreign exchange market is subject to constant fluctuations, with the result that there is a constant movement of the price. But at some point the Bulls Power, or bears running out, and any of them takes the initiative in their hands. The result is a reversal of the current trend. Over time, the price can come back to that level, so if this happens, then that level becomes increasingly important for traders. They give it a special meaning. Here's the deal even more in psychology. This is due to the fact that many merchants were the same school and technical analysis in accordance with this act equally, hence, the S / R levels are also constructed identically. And if so, when approaching the prices to a certain level which is marked by most traders as a support or resistance level, everyone is starting to buy anything (if the price approaches the level of support) or sell (if the price is appropriate to the level of resistance), therefore the price is set and It goes in the opposite direction.

Quite often it happens that due to the release of any fundamental news, the latter is given more importance than the support / resistance levels, causing the price breaks the level. After breaking through the level of support / resistance price often comes back, but if it does not, then, for example, a former resistance level may be the level of support and vice versa.

Figure 1 shows an example of how the levels of support / resistance work. The first and third levels from the top are the levels of resistance. You can see that he was twice confirmed by the first bullish candle, then a bear. By the way, once it is necessary to say that, as seen in the graph can not determine a specific point, where will hang on the level. Classically support / resistance levels should be carried out not at the highest or lowest point, and in places where extremes. Therefore, it turns on the graph, that in some places there are punctures levels. The second and fourth from the top levels are levels of support / resistance.

Fig. 1

Among other things, the knowledge of a technique of construction of support / resistance levels is key, because if you make a mistake in their construction, it is likely that lose a significant portion of your capital, and perhaps the whole. Therefore, the study of the subject is emphasized.

In addition, the importance of identifying support and resistance levels plays a critical role in many (but not all) trading systems. And the reliability and efficiency of , first of all, depends on well-chosen setpoint. And these values ​​in the context of the topic before us is a key support / resistance levels. So, the capitalists, the method of constructing these elements, pay close attention.

Go further. Figure 1 graphically presented to you, how to construct the support and resistance levels, but in fact, all of this - the tip of the iceberg. Let's dig a little deeper. The above-described method of constructing lines of support and resistance characteristic of a sideways trend, so the construction of this kind is preferably used with respect to a lateral trend.

As for the upward and downward trend, the situation is somewhat different. Figure 2 graphically shows how the support and are constructed for the uplink line resistance (in the first case) and downward (second case) trend. In the first case presented an upward trend. It can be seen from the rising support line. The breaking of this line will indicate a possible change of direction of the trend. Mirror opposite of the situation in the second case. Here there is a downward trend. Is confirmed by a descending resistance line.

These lines are constructed using a specialized function called a channel. What is a channel? The channel is a certain period within which the price makes its fluctuations. The channel is constructed in the following manner: first line of support is determined. In the first case we did, joining a number of upward price lows, and then held it parallel the resistance line at the highest point of the price peak. Thus, we have turned shopping corridor, within which the price makes its fluctuations. Thus, it is possible to play the rebound by the price support or resistance lines. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to be very cautious and not be limited to the use of a release to confirm the level of only a support and resistance lines.

Fig. 2

Still, the question of finding the key positions, according to which it will be possible to assert that we are properly built to support and resistance lines remains very vague. Figures 1 and 2 support and resistance lines seem to be displayed, but the ignorant man is still not clear what guided us in the construction of such lines. Meanwhile, there is a separate procedure for constructing support and resistance lines. This definition of the so-called extreme points or points vibration. Consider the simplest technique for determination of these points.
Figure 3 graphically shows the situation determining points vibration. The most important thing to remember - this is what the basis of their construction are not taken prices closing or opening positions, and price extremes, that is, the maximum and minimum prices, which she did for a certain period of time. That these points are the most important. Figure 3 shows the situation of the rising price fluctuations. To determine which swings - upward or downward, it is necessary to consider some points. When the upward oscillation of each minimum price will be above the previous one, with each downward swing minimum price will be lower than the previous minimum. This can be seen in Figure 4.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

And now summarize all the above examples in a single set of rules. Defining points vibration is the most important factor to be considered in the construction of lines of support and resistance. The above examples show how to build the necessary anchor points for a particular cycle. These cycles consist, in turn, the overall picture of the market situation. And once we have identified the point of hesitation, we will easily be able to properly build support and resistance lines.

Notice in Figure 5. Here is depicted a standard scheme for constructing points fluctuations, according to which the support and resistance levels are built. Two points that contact the top of the green line are impedance points. Accordingly, two points of contact with the bottom of the green line, are the points of support. Knowing this data can be more accurate approach to the calculation of protective orders, as well as take a correct decision regarding the opening of a position in any direction.

Fig. 5

If you carefully read the article, you might catch one nuance. We have not mentioned how the construction of the points made regarding fluctuations candles, bars, etc. There is a fairly widespread interpretation of this approach. But the most appropriate, in our view is the method of construction, when the reference point is taken to any extreme. To determine the oscillation is taken up extremum (maximum) of any spark, and then be followed by a candle with a maximum cost reached it, each of which is higher than the previous maximum price. These candles should not be less than two. That is, in its simplest form, there should be three candles, each one higher than the previous high point of which reached the candle. To determine all vibrations down is similar, only the number of candles have to be composed of successive spark (at least two), which follow the point taken as the point of reference.

This article was considered the theme definition GCP oscillations whereby constructed support and resistance. The importance of the skills of this nature can not be underestimated, because even the slightest deviation from the accepted methods of constructing the lines of support / resistance at the output, you can get a big loss. As we see, this technique has a right to exist, and its value lies primarily in the fact that the psychological aspect of trading does not change over time. All this speaks in favor of the long-term prospects for this technique.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Bulls overbought and oversold

Bulls overbought and oversold

Bulls indicator with overbought and oversold zones.

Two display options - in a line and in a histogram.

Series OBS indicators (overbought and oversold) - are indicators that received the overbought and oversold, which they lacked.

Bulls overbought and oversold

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Australian Central Bank did not

Australian Central Bank did not lower rates

Australian interest rate
regulator remained unchanged.
She is now at a record low
for themselves the level of 2.25%, but until then, investors
We expect further downgrades. In his
statement today representatives
Reserve Bank of Australia is not excluded
the possibility of further decline.

Economic Recovery Green
the continent due to the decline in demand
on its natural resources.

also adds fuel to the fire. So,
suddenly decreased number of working
Places in January, bringing to
A 13-year high unemployment soared.
It is very much in the past year
increased housing prices, with the result that
investing in real estate today
maximum, and the RBA thinks that he
to do with the mortgage and how to keep
inflating dangerous "bubble" in the market

positive points - was depressed
Aussie on the news about the same rate
regulator soared.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Greece openly blackmailing European

Greece openly blackmailing the European Union: threatening migrants and referendum

News today from Athens
They come quite interesting. local
press reports that in an effort to
easing the EU's position regarding the Greek
Greece went on a debt finance
outright blackmail. government
promises to issue travel documents
tens of thousands of refugees, including
may be jihadists, says the federal
News Agency. Actually on this
threat at a meeting of the party "Independent
Greeks "said Minister of National Defense
Panos Kammenos.

"If you (the EU) will cause
Greece hit, then you should know that
workers will receive travel documents
and go to Berlin, "- he said.

In this case, Europe
most will be responsible,
if you will be among those refugees
militants of the terrorist organizations.
Approximately the same threat recently
voiced and Deputy Interior Minister
Greece. In turn, in response to a
blackmail of the German police union
calls on European politicians to
emergency exclude Greece from
Schengen zone.

The publication writes MarketWatch
today that Greek officials
also spoke about the referendum on the
which will be decided the question - whether to accept
the conditions of the European Union's future
helping their country? "We can come back
for the elections. Ministers or referendum ...
my country "not glued" to their seats".
- Greece's finance minister said Janis
Yanis Varoufakis Italian newspaper Corriere della
Sera. Prime Minister Alexis Greece
Tsipras also hinted at the possibility
adoption of any decision to the people.
"If we held a referendum tomorrow
with a question: "Do you want your respect
dignity or the continuation of this
unworthy policy?"Everyone would
independently choose the dignity of
difficulties that will accompany
such a decision"- said Tsipras edition
Der Spiegel Magazine.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A little on perrolah

A little on perrolah

Well, as it is ambiguous everything it was with these perrolami ... Even the plug not bet. It would seem that the euro / dollar is always going to work rules, but the couple had fallen below nowhere. Then I look at the British poured. And Australian tracks. Well and sold arms. 30 seconds was still in place. Hands and closed ...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

S P 500 increased maximally 5

S P 500 increased maximally 5 weeks

yesterday's trading
the US stock market ended
growth of the "Big Three" of Wall Street. S P
500 jumped 1.35%: it is not so fast
grown for 5 weeks. Dow Jones added
1,29%, Nasdaq Composite rose
1.19%. Rose 9 of 10 sectors S P
500, 28 of the 30 companies included in the DJIA. This improvement
mood due to the stock market
interesting merger and
acquisitions. Plus, investors
They are waiting for the next meeting
regulator: the Fed will announce a decision tomorrow
bet, and everyone is waiting for, whether the signals to
year its increase.

Procter Gamble Co.
increased its quotes
shares by 2.1%: there was a rumor that
the company is considering the sale or
exhibiting some of the IPO
its brands.

Salix Pharmaceuticals and Valeant
Farmaceuticals rose on the news
merger. They added 2% and 2.5%

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YD Trend Line

YD Trend Line

The indicator is a measure of the market movement. It is not used as a signal to buy / sell. Designed for visual understanding of the direction and assistance in trade oscillators or other trading methods. The main advantage is the cutting off of false breakouts for long-term trend.

Recommended timeframes: H1 and H4.


  • Period - period Trend Line

  • use alert - use alert

YD Trend Line

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Facebook will launch service of

Facebook will launch a service of fast money transfer

social network in the world, Facebook soon
will launch a translation service between money
users. This will be done
using bank cards. at first
service will operate only in the US,
it will be implemented under
Message: The user must be
to start a dialogue, click on the dollar sign
and point sends the amount.

account on the network will need to be
tie his bank card that
potentially can create problems,
Related users distrust
to protect your account from hacking the system. AT
response, the company makes a compelling
evidence that the protection is not less
reliable than a bank: Facebook and
now spends up to a million transfers
a day - it charges for advertising and

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Monday, April 16, 2018



Alien - a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading, using two types of orders: Buy Stop and Sell Stop. Advisor was designed to work on GBPUSD and EURUSD, but it can also work on other pairs. Recommended timeframe H1. uses:

  • pending orders

  • imbalance

  • custom indicators

  • Indicators MACD and ATR

  • various filters

  • Advanced automatic multiplier

  • File Alien control.csv

  • And other solutions

Recommended shoulder >= 1: 500. It is recommended to test the expert work on a demo account.


  • Compatible with indicator AMD Exclusive (cm. Screenshots)

Input parameters

Input parameters are optimized for pairs GBPUSD and EURUSD 2010-2017 (TF H1)

  • Expert Advisor Name - Alien v 1.00 - Advisor's name

  • MagicNumber - the magic number deals

  • Time Frames Recommended H1- choice timeframe recommended H1

  • Start - only the sale, but the purchase, sale and purchase, the trend off.

  • Alien control.csv - to use certain types of commands to create teams in csv-file.

  • WindowScreenShot & SendNotification - notification function, true / false (1,280 x 1,024 gif.)

    • To buy or sell

    • About teams

  • Stepper - number of points without the factor 1 + 1 = factor; 2 = 1 + 1 + factor, etc ..

  • PipStep - the minimum distance between the orders

  • PipDivider - divider

  • MinDivider - minimum divisor (for example, 15 for EURGBP)

  • AutoPipDivider - automatic divider, true / false

  • Calibrate - Calibration divider

    • Calibrate = 0 auto (only for FF H1)

    • Calibrate > 0 manual calibration: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc ...

  • Filter - a filter

  • SemiAutoFilter - semi-automatic filter, true / false

  • SemiAutoPips - pip value for the filter logic. Overbalance > value = shift logic

  • PinBar - use a pin-bar (for example, use for USDCAD, EURJPY)

  • Nbars - the minimum number of bars, used advisor

  • Distance - activation of pending orders (see screenshot).

  • TF Trailing Stop - the time frame for the trailing stop

  • Activation Trailing Stop - the beginning of the trailing (see screenshot).

  • Lots - the initial auction

  • Lotmax - maximum lot size

  • MaxTradesBuy - the maximum number of transactions for the purchase

  • MaxTradesBuy - the maximum number of transactions on sale

  • Sleeppage - slip

  • Take Profit - Take Profit in pips

  • Take Profit Average - average take profit in pips

  • Take Profit Average [Reverse] - average take profit against the trend

  • Moderator - Managing Take Profit

  • Stop Loss [Selection] - choice of stop-loss

  • StopLoss [Account Currency / Close by percentage] - stop loss in the account currency, not in pips / closing on the specified percentage

  • BreakTF - pause

  • Break the length of the pause 1 1 = h 2 = 2 hour and etc.

  • Siesta - suspension of trade

  • Start Siesta - the beginning of the suspension. (0-23 hours)

  • End Siesta - ending (0-23 hours)

  • StartDay - the first day of trading

  • StopDay - Trade Deadline Day

  • SpeedTest - quick testing, true / false

file Transfer

Transfer files between your smartphone and an advisor and vice versa. How it works? Send command with your smart phone and get a screenshot of the graph. It requires an application that synchronizes and backs up your files, photos, documents, and e-mail messages from your desktop, laptops, servers, and external drives. Need details? Contact me.

Send command:

  • 1 = Alien control [Only Long] return 0

  • 2 = Alien control [Only Short] return 0

  • 3 = Alien control [Short & Long] return 0

  • 4 = Alien control [Trend] return 0

  • 5 = Alien control [Off] return 0

  • 6 = Alien control [Information] return 0 // Information on the chart. Sending 6 = On, dispatch 6 = Off (alternately)

  • 7 = Alien control [Break] return 7

  • 8 = Alien control [WindowScreenShot] return 0

Files are created in MQL4 \ Files folder.?


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Friday, April 13, 2018

European stocks hit records

European stocks hit records

On Thursday, the stock
Europe closed in the green zone. indices
rose because investors with positive
We looked at the results of the Fed meeting,
reports Bloomberg. In addition to meeting
in the field of view of investors is constantly
Greece are negotiating with creditors.
Greek ASE stock index fell
1.9%, when it became aware of the statement
German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
that a quick solution to financial problems
does not exist.

the record
the day was the composite index of the largest
Stoxx Europe 600 companies in the region - he
rose 0.6% to 400.83 mark that
is the maximum value in 2000
of the year. By the way, just a little more than 1 point
did not have the index to break through your
historical maximum. Since January, the indicator
It has already increased by 17%.

FTSE 100 index rose by 0.25% yesterday, the French
CAC 40 - by 0.07%, while Germany's DAX fell 0.2%.

The best thing
proved to stock quotes
energy companies - shares of Royal
Dutch Shell rose by 1%, Premier Oil plc - 8%.

Market price
Of Siemens AG in Europe fell by 4.2% when
Dzho Kezer head of the company said that
falling oil prices and operating
difficulties adversely affect
finpokazateli company.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

DF Daily PivotPoint Support and

DF Daily PivotPoint Support and Resistance

This indicator calculates Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly pivot points, support levels and rates of resistance, and then adds the appropriate lines on the chart. For calculations indicator uses the selected one of the formulas (Classic, Camarilla, Woodie, DeMark, Floor and Fibonacci). You can change the color and style of the pivot line in the indicator parameters. You can also use a type of sending notifications ("Sound Alert", "Show Alert Message", "Send Mobile Message" and "Send Email").

Input parameters

  • Method - selection of one of the formulas to calculate the pivot points.

    • Classic

      • Range = High Price (HP) - Low Price (LP)

      • Pivot Price (PP) = (High Price (HP) + Low Price (LP) + Close Price (CP)) / 3

      • R1 Price = (2 * PP) - LP | S1 Price = (2 * PP) - HP

      • R2 Price = PP + Range | S2 Price = PP - Range

      • R3 Price = R2 + Range | S3 Price = S2 - Range

      • R4 Price = R3 + Range | S4 Price = S3 - Range

    • Camarilla

    • Woodie

    • DeMark

    • Floor

    • Fibonacci

Additional information about the formulas available in article.

  • TimePeriod - timeframe for calculating pivot points.

    • Hourly

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

  • ShowComment - If you select true, the graph will show some information on the levels of pivot (for example, the opening price, closing price, etc.).

  • AlarmType1 - select one of the types of alerts about price levels.

    • NoAlert

    • PlaySoundAlert - only use audio signal.

    • ShowAlertMessage - pop-up notifications, and sounds.

    • SendMobileMessage - push-notification, if you select this option, you must configure the terminal (Service > settings > Notifications).

    • SendEmail - e-mail notifications, when you select this option, you must configure the terminal (Service > settings > Mail).

  • AlarmType2 - selection of additional types of alerts. The parameters are the same as for AlarmType1.

Note: PlaySoundAlert options, SendMobileMessage SendEmail and are not available in the strategy tester. But when the ShowAlertMessage function you can see all Create an alert in the Strategy Tester journal.

  • MaxPipDeviation - sensitive alerts. For example:

Let S2 price is 1.092, MaxPipDeviation is 3. In this case, an alert sound when the price reaches the S2 range 1.089 - 1.095.

Note: This parameter can not be used on the hourly period. You can set up to 30 (pips) 5 or 3-digit pairs and 3 (pips) on the other pairs.

  • shortLines - If you select true, the pivot line will be short.

  • ShowLineName - if set true, the name of the pivot level appears in the lower right corner of the pivot line (e.g., [R2] 1.105).

design parameters

  • Resistance4Line - if you select false, this line will be hidden pivot.

  • Resistance4Color - Color line pivot R4 (for example: red, green, blue, etc.).

  • Resistance4Type - type pivot line R4.

    • Solid

    • Dash

    • Dot

    • DashDot

    • DashDotDot

  • Resistance4Width - the thickness of the pivot line R4.

    • Thin

    • Normal

    • Middle

    • Thick

    • Too_thick

Note: All parameters of the line and R4 are available for all other lines.

DF Daily PivotPoint Support and Resistance


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Video Maks Kayzer What happens

Video: Maks Kayzer. What happens to the global financial system?

So the question asked by the lead program "Overview Max Keizer". They again discussed the current state of the economy and the financial world, trying to find answers to the most difficult questions. For example, why a growing number of
major fraud? Central banks coated on fraudsters
New York's Wall Street and City of London? Why central banks are lying?

In the second part of the transfer of Maks Kayzer
will present its analysis of the economic situation in the world and get a perfect score from the professor of international banking
Southampton University Richard Werner.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is 3 SMA Spread

Is 3 SMA Spread

3-SMA-Spread - display market spread three (3) different instruments through building visual Channel iChannel (See. The formula below) with the width of the channel, varying in proportion to the contribution of each tool ( "Statistical Arbitration" on baze SMA).

The underlying principle - price line, following the prices of "their" characters after each discrepancies are constantly striving to return to the total of "synthetic" average. In other words - a system of three "related" tools // couples constantly striving to return to the equilibrium point (the so-called "mean-reversion").

  • It works on any TF instruments (must be open graphics tools used)

  • Synchronization is enabled. After the close of the current bar - is not redrawn

  • "SetIndexBuffer "for all variables (it can be used in the EA)

  • Autoconfiguration 4- and 5-digit quotes 

such formulas were used to construct Channel:  

  • price Line Symbol-1: SMA (1) _Fast / SMA (1) _Slow (tool on the chart which enabled LED)

  • price Line Symbol-2: SMA (2) _Fast / SMA (2) _Slow (plus mode "reversal = true"Tool to reverse correlation)

  • price Line Symbol-3: SMA (3) _Fast / SMA (3) _Slow (plus mode "reversal = true"Tool to reverse correlation)

  • MEDIUM M = "synthetic" medium (S1 + S2 + S3) / 3 (yellow dotted line)

  • iChannel = (S1-M) + (S2-M) + (S3-M) (red and green bulet)

which makes it possible to combine disparate tools on the same graph (see Figure 1..), for example:

  • XAUUSD ~ 1100

  • AUDUSD ~ 0.7

  • USDCAD ~ 1.33  

Conditions for the signal

  1. The width of the channel iChannel started to decline (after the first green bar red series)
  2. The width of the channel iChannel > Level
  3. price Line S1 It is located on one side of MEDIUM M, and the price line S2 and S3 - on the other side of the MEDIUM M -- in the following way:
    • Signal PURCHASE Symbol-1: S1<M S2>M S3>M. Note: Channel Width (red and green dots) is changing, becoming more broad or narrow
    • Signal Symbol-1 Sale: S1>M S2<M S3<M. Note: Channel Width (red and green dots) is changing, becoming more broad or narrow


  • Inp_Fast_MA - Periods of rapid removals

  • Inp_Slow_MA - period Medlennogo MA

  • Inp_MA_Method - SMA option

  • Inp_MA_PriceType - SMA option

  • Inp_Symbol_1 - Symbol-1 (default GBPJPY)

  • Inp_Symbol_2 - Symbol-2 (default EURJPY)

  • Inp_S2_revers - True means that Symbol-2 has a reverse correlation with respect to the Symbol-1

  • Inp_Symbol_3  - Symbol-3 (default CHFJPY)

  • Inp_S3_revers - True means that Symbol-3 has a reverse correlation with respect to the Symbol-1

Helpful information

EXAMPLES Typical market instruments with a high degree of correlation Triple:

  •  GOLD vs. oil Crude / WTI + Brent / BRN

  •  GOLD vs. zolotoobrazuyuschie currency AUDUSD, USDCAD and NZDUSD.

  •  SHARES vs. Indices of (S&P500, NASDAQ, DJIA, etc.)

  •  Soybean Meal March 2016 (ZMH16) vs. Soybean Oil March 2016 (ZLH16) vs. Soybeans March 2016 (ZSH16), etc.

Full list of 120 classic triple combination of currency pairs - see link in the "Discussion" section..

Note: for classical combinations (which involves only 3 currencies) - MEDIUM M It will always be a straight line.

Is 3 SMA Spread

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Wall Street closed week lower

Wall Street closed the week lower on stronger dollar

Friday on Wall Street fell basic
indices, as well as on the results of all
week. Culprit stock Drop
US dollar securities referred to: it strengthened
the euro and to the basic basket of currencies. it
It puts pressure on the major commodity
companies hurt industry
giants. Added fuel to the fire
the drop in oil prices and pessimistic

the volatility of the US stock
, which in the past six months
throws in the heat and cold, analysts
associated with the uncertainty in the
oil market and likely to rise
Fed base rate not later than
early summer.

Following Friday's trading fell by 0.82%; S P
500 lost 0.61%; nasdaq Composite
decreased by 0.44%. On Friday
lost ground all 10 industry groups
S P 500.

lower energy prices affected
on shares of mining and oil
companies. For example, the energy
podyndeks S P 500 lost
0.5%. Oil and oil service companies
- Chevron, Exxon, Halliburton - reduced
quotes (2%, 0.8%, 0.3% respectively).

Dropped 0.7%
banking sub-index - for example, Morgan
Stanley lost 2%.

of the big
Events - stock Harley-Davidson
fell by 3.4%: was the news about
reduction of 169 people in one of the
enterprises illustrious company.

Herbalife proved
implicated in the scandal manipulation
the stock market, against which it is
predictable lost 8.2% capitalization.

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CloneIt4Reverse Trade Copier

CloneIt4Reverse Trade Copier

Imagine all the power of transactions, reverse MetaTrader 5 on your MetaTrader 4 platform account

This is made possible with the advisor and CloneIt4Reverse CloneIt5.

CloneIt4Reverse copies and flips the transactions made on your account in the MetaTrader 5 to your account MetaTrader 4. CloneIt4Reverse - simple skills, which runs on the chart in MetaTrader 4. At the opening, modification or closing of the transaction in the MetaTrader 5 CloneIt5 instantly sends information adviser CloneIt4Reverse, working on the MetaTrader 4 account, which opens opposite deal for the same symbol and reverses the levels of take-profit and stop-loss.

You need to run the current version of CloneIt5 account in the MetaTrader 5 on the same computer. This expert can be downloaded from Market here.

CloneIt4Reverse Adviser should be required to run on the chart (symbol) in MetaTrader 4. Enter the account number in the MetaTrader 5 in the entry field Clone Link. The volume of each transaction can be scaled using parameter Source Volume Multiplier.

CloneIt4Reverse take care of the details of trade - will get a lot size, the levels of take-profit and stop-loss of CloneIt5. He then flips the direction of the transaction and changes the local level take-profit and stop-loss. What deal would you not made in MetaTrader 5, they will be reflected in your account in MetaTrader 4.

Descriptions of input parameters

  • System name - you can specify the name of the system, if necessary.

  • Clone Link (MetaTrader 5 Account Number) - number of the account in the MetaTrader 5 on which the CloneIt5 adviser.

  • Source Volume Multiplier - the value to multiply the volume of positions received from CloneIt5. For example, if you want the volume in the MetaTrader 4 was twice less than the volume in the MetaTrader 5, type 0.5.

  • Delay time between close and open (in seconds) - time delay between opening and closing in seconds. It may be a delay of different brokers for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. This is the number of seconds of delay between the time of the last closing and the next opening.

  • Update Rate (in Seconds) = 0 on each tick - checking frequency. Specify 0 to check for incoming ticks.


  • CloneIt4Reverse not a trading robot. He only sends data on transactions made by you or any of your advisor in your account in the MetaTrader 5.

  • CloneIt4Reverse does not send data on pending orders, but only information on the opening, closing and changing positions.

  • CloneIt4Reverse trades only the instrument, which he set on the chart.

  • CloneIt5 CloneIt4Reverse and must be installed on the same computer. 

CloneIt4Reverse Trade Copier

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Talks on Greece new hopes new

Talks on Greece: new hopes, new promises

European Parliament Martin Schulz in an interview,
published on Tuesday, said that
he expects to reach an agreement between the
Greece and its partners in the euro zone
During the next week. After that
They will be allocated as needed in Greece
cash. Greece
making another attempt to get
fresh tranche of creditors and
thereby avoid a default, which,
on fears of many politicians, can
"Knock out" the country out of the eurozone. For this
It committed itself to submit a draft
package of reforms of its economy to the next

I think that by the end of the week a new
the contract is signed, and it should
be enough to release
term financing ", - quotes
Schulz today, the Italian newspaper La

He added that in this case, Greece will
"No longer than three months" to present
"Trustworthy, detailed and
final "plan.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

MQLTA Draw Grid

MQLTA Draw Grid

Simple utility MQLTA Draw Grid will help you draw a grid on your chart. It is useful in the study of graphics and mesh modeling.

How does it work?

The utility will create horizontal lines, depending on the parameters

How to use this tool

Set the indicator to the chart, selecting the default settings. Select the starting point, the minimum value and maximum range and style.

The graphic panel that appears, you can create and delete the grid, as well as change some parameters.

You can draw a grid, as well as secondary.

Why should you use Draw Grid?

Draw Grid - a useful tool for quick drawing and remove the grid from the chart, which helps to carry out research and modeling of price trend.


  • Indicator Name - the name used to create graphical objects

  • Start Price - the starting price for the grid when set to 0, will be used by the current closing price

  • Minimum Value - the minimum level of the grid, at a value of 0 the minimum price schedule will be used

  • Maximum Value - the highest level of the grid, at a value of 0 the maximum price schedule will be used

  • Main Grid Leg - the distance between the main lines in paragraphs

  • Main Grid Style - type of the drawn lines

  • Main Grid Color - the color of the main lines

  • Main Grid Thickness - the thickness of the main lines

  • Show Secondary Grid - enable / disable the secondary drawing grid

  • Secondary Grid Leg - the distance between secondary lines in paragraphs

  • Secondary Grid Style - type of the drawn lines

  • Secondary Grid Color - the color of the secondary lines

  • Secondary Grid Thickness - the thickness of the secondary line

  • Horizontal spacing - the initial position of the horizontal bar

  • Vertical spacing - the initial position of the vertical panel

If you like the tool, please take a moment to leave a review.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please send me a message and we can discuss it further.

Visit my profile and "add as friend"

MQLTA Draw Grid

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trading Psychology

trading Psychology

trading Psychology

Trading - is a job that requires patience, discipline and the ability to analyze and make decisions quickly.

Much depends on the personal qualities of the trader. Indeed, the fear of loss always haunts anyone who has decided to risk real money.

The concentration and emotional control - are the true companions of successful trading as well as the ability to comply with the instructions of the finest brain, while inside raging hurricane is a necessary component in the continuous monitoring graphs.

A trader needs to focus both on profits and on the risks and try to keep a balance between the two. A trader must constantly work on their , effectively analyzing their own mistakes and modifying trading techniques to high-performance entry rules - out of the market and the support of the deal, while not forgetting about the risk - management.

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    In Asian trading on Wednesday there is no unified dynamics Today Asian markets shares are traded without any single dynamics, indices moved in different...

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Laguerre Oscillator MT5

Laguerre Oscillator MT5

Laguerre Oscillator - a well-known indicator of the group of oscillators. Dzhon Elers told this price smoothing algorithm in his book "Cybernetic analysis of the futures markets." Excellent anti-aliasing with the use of very short filters allows you to create a very good indicators of short-term data. The use of short-term data means that we can make the indicators more sensitive to price changes, it helps to reduce the response time to open a position and delay reduction, respectively, a positive effect on the profitability of your trading.


  • gamma smoothing factor

  • Applied_Price type of prices

  • Filters Qty number of filters from 1 to 10, more filters, the more smoothing.

Optimized for maximum speed in advisors.

Laguerre Oscillator indicator is usually used to buy after the line crosses the bottom up 20%, and for sale, after the price crosses below the level of 80%. But, as with a conventional oscillator, you can also create more complex trading rules.

Laguerre Oscillator MT5

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DOW JONES US indices returned

DOW JONES: US indices returned to growth traetkoriyu

Futures on the Dow Jones try to return to
growth participants interpreted recent weak US data
as a reason for the Fed not to jump to the beginning of the cycle of rising interest rates. it
indirectly confirmed in his speech on Monday, and the head of the New York Fed, William
Dudley (William Dudley). It is expected that the head of the Richmond Fed Dzhefri Laker
(Jeffrey Lacker) will be marked today (12.30 GMT) similar statements.
Contracts are ready to test the resistance of the strength in the vicinity of 17900 and
if it can overcome the zoom on the resumption of the uptrend.
We seek opportunities for shopping. Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MT5 Money Manager

MT5 Money Manager

Money Manager instantly and accurately calculates the right amount for each transaction. He makes calculations based on balance and equity account (optional), a predetermined percentage of your risk (input parameter), and Stop Loss, which is also set by you with the help of the two lines.

Money Manager displays a large amount of useful information such as the time of the candle, the spread, the minimum distance of Stop Loss, etc.

MT5 Money Manager

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Monday, April 2, 2018



This insightful and accurate indicator of support and resistance levels. He moves them right in time and works perfectly on all timeframes, and most trading tools.

It uses a real high and low points of each of the last 20 candles. If the price crosses the red trend line upwards and confirms closing the candle above the line, the indicator will give a signal to buy that will tell you that the current resistance line broken and prices may continue to go up. Also, if the candle below breaks one of the lines (especially if it is the bottom line) confirmed candle light will give a signal to buy that will tell you that the current support line broken and prices may continue to go down.

The advantage of this indicator is that it sends a signal long before significant price movements, giving you time to buy or sell. I added notification settings by e-mails and messages, so you can set the display on your MT4 platform on a VPS and receive immediate trade signals to your mobile terminal, and to make trading decisions without being distracted by leisure or daily activities. You just need to specify Metaquote ID in the settings window of your MT4 terminal.

Note: The signal appears immediately after the formation of the closed candle above or below the red line of the trend.

You can set the display on all timeframes in order to see real movement of support and resistance levels, you can rely on, especially in the 4-hour, daily, weekly and monthly charts. Of course, you can set the display on most charts at the same time to obtain the most current intraday trading signals. 1-15-minute charts are well suited for scalping, and a 30-minute - 4-hour arrange intraday traders. Charts from 4 hours to one month will be perfect for long-term traders (the period from 1 to 30 days).

The only input parameter indicator is PopupAlert = true, which opens a window showing the signal to buy or sell at the current confirmation breakout of support or resistance. If you specify false, the window will not be displayed.

Based on my experience with a long trade using this indicator, the transaction is closed, when you get the opposite short signal, which can lead to a reversal of the transaction, and vice versa. But I recommend to take profits when you will find it acceptable. In general settings, you can click on "Allow DLL imports" and to allow the import of external experts.

Important note: for traders using trading signals indicator. You need to put a stop-loss at the level of penetration to avoid false breakout of support and resistance levels. For this purpose, to acknowledge the alarm, you can add other indicators, for example, the CCI or RSI. They will be added in the next version of the expert. (See. Accompanying screenshots).

I'll keep an eye on the comments and will try to give detailed answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Sami Saydam

The indicator is copyrighted 2010 by UKC (316 009) and is owned by Sami Saydam. Any reproduction and use of indicator methods separately or as part of an expert without the author's permission is prohibited.


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