Tuesday, July 31, 2018



Indicator NearONE in subwindow selected trading instrument displays the average value of deviations in points over the period.

Input parameters:

  • DRAWs - the number of bars to the indicator;

  • NearPeriod - settlement period indicator.

Parameter NearPeriod It may be a value 0, then use the recommended times for each of the timeframes of the chart.

at NearPeriod = 0:

  • timeframe M1 - period = 60;

  • timeframe M5 - period = 48;

  • timeframe M15 - period = 96;

  • timeframe M30 - period = 192;

  • timeframe H1 - period = 96;

  • timeframe H4 - period = 312;

  • timeframe D1 - period = thirty;

  • timeframe W1 - period = 12;

  • timeframe MN1 - period = 9.

it first a series of indicator Near.


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Monday, July 30, 2018

What is dollar

What is the dollar?

Full cry: "The ruble is falling, the ruble falls .... Help!" And if the ruble falls? See graph of the dollar index - a dollar against major currencies. Dollar rushing just in heaven. In the United States as rapidly should fall exports and imports rise. Here is this normal?

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Three canonical books about personal

Three canonical books about personal finance

there is
books, thanks to which we get
a kind of inner guidance
to action. And these books - about personal
finances. There are also specific tips,
but none of these books in any case
not a textbook for the trader - is likely
Sensei, a wise coach who will
no water surface and depth of the lake.
You stop to think about why you are constantly
You shoot to paycheck or understand what
for you do not have enough to buy
a house in Spain or on the birthday of the night in the company

Bodo Schaefer. "The path to financial freedom"

To me
it seems that in the first place, this book
It is written about how and why we need
save. Each of us is capable of very
seriously reduce their costs. Bodo
Schaefer teaches manage finances
reasonable results in the simplest formula
to help calculate how much and
on which you can save. And how
financial freedom? - you ask. And I
I answer: here it is, here. save money
and having at any time the amount required
to buy that you suddenly need
or wanted to, you feel
free man. Bodo Schaefer fine
It explains why and how to save, but
He tells about how to make
money by investing.

This - one of the best financial
independence. It helps to understand
why some people get rich,
while others are interrupted from paycheck to
salary. the formation principles and
cash flow management, three basic
plan for financial protection, security
and freedom - all this is related to
formation of personal finance plan, you
Schaefer will find in the book.

Semyuel Kleyson, "The Richest Man
in Babylon "

scientist and writer Dzhordzh Samuel
Clason wrote this book, in the form of a parable
several essay telling about
Babylon times. On clear and
interesting examples he tells
on how to handle personal finances.
Throughout the book to pass the thread
the story of how a poor man
It becomes rich. Each of the base
principles postulated in the book (to
example, "Delayed part obtained
money ") is illustrated by a small
novel, thereby securing good
it in the reader's head.

criticized the book for what it describes
advantageously simple truth and
specific advice to achieve the
financial well-being - not to say
to an awful lot. Many say
that it can be set out on the top ten
pages, instead of a hundred, and that the author
mainly engaged in that pours water,
posing as a tough financial
consultant. However, I will tell you what
this book is really very good.

She is
tightens its simplicity and atmospheric,
and it is useful in that it sets
a lot of questions, but gives them little
responses. From a management perspective
personal finance is such a push
forward and is the most important at the beginning of
building a personal financial happiness.

"Multiple sources of income"

this book will seem old-fashioned, and
tips that there are -
difficult to achieve. However, the ideological
standpoint Allen tells a lot
interesting and makes us think about
the ways of finance movement in our
Everyday life.

Book idea - do not rely solely on the
one of his salary, because it at any
time you can lose. Allen gives more
10 additional ways to earn.
To dispose of, to save and multiply
your finances - all the old as the hills,
tips, but also in modern life
about them very many people forget. you read
book, you will understand exactly what additional
sources of income you will do, and then
Study them for more than a deep (not for this
book, of course).

savings on Allen commences
all from the same postponement of 10%
income into a savings account. So what is next
start different usage patterns
this money.

there is
in the book and frankly amusing (at
Today) moments - for example,
Instructions for making money through
Internet, which has long been morally
outdated; and things that are only suitable
Americans because of their construction of the system
economic and social spheres. but one
it can be said with all clarity: reading
Allen, you will not lose anything, but
You can buy a lot.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Warren Buffett buy every stock

Warren Buffett: buy every stock can

Do you think that you have no
business, if you are on the stock
market? Uorren Baffet wants you
Think again.

In an interview with CNBC's Becky
Quick earlier this year, Buffett was asked,
why he says "some thoughts
to invest" in terms of its
letter to Berkshire shareholders Hathawayk and
allocates a farm 50 miles north of
Omaha, Nebraska that he bought
in 1986, and commercial real estate in
New York, which he bought in 1993.

Quick said what many
thought, Buffett has in mind,
that the real estate was the best investment,
than stocks. She asked: "How are you
think real estate and other assets
- the best place for the money than stocks?"

Buffett's answer was direct
and unexpected:

"No, they speculate
wrong. I have used these illustrations,
because I do not know so much about
property or farms.
And yet one could successfully invest
in them. And I feel the same way when
people talk about stocks ... You can have
big - lifetime - experience
in shares and not really be
a specialist in the field of accounting
accounting. "

In terms of financial
crisis, many Americans believe that
the stock market is rigged. And this
easy to understand, since the average American
It can not ivestirovat a lot of money. But
Buffett and many others want us to
We think differently about promotions.

Buffett's strategy

So how should we
to begin? In a letter to investors Buffett
He outlined his "Investing Basics."
He began by saying that said the following:

You need not be
expert to achieve good
investment income. But if you
generally have no idea of
the stock market, you have to admit it
undergo specific training,
to work quite well. it
just believe it. Although we do not have
be experts in aspects of the business and
accounting that accompanies
his, Buffett again and again notes that
when selecting investments we need
stick to our circle of competence
and avoid those areas that we
We do not know anything.

Buffett may have nothing
He does not understand agriculture and
real estate, but he knew enough about
basic trends farms in Nebraska
and real estate in New York and
therefore it feels comfortable
investing in them. In the same way we
should only invest in a company,
whose business we understand. Or, as he
once I put it, "if you are good
know only one thing, you have to
to use their talents to be
the most useful and make others
use them".

In the letter he also
He suggested that people try to understand
the future of productivity, which
they are buying - whether stocks, farm or
part of the property. If all the signs
indicate that the asset will
productive and will continue to make a profit
in the coming years and decades, it
It can be a profitable investment (although
Price also plays in this issue).

You need not be
attentive every day and worry
due to fluctuations in price and the market or
economic conditions. Instead of this
should seek competent assets to
understand the true long-term value
the most investment.

To summarize, Buffett
said that when he and his longtime business
partner Charlie Munger invested in
action, they thought that they buy "small
business meals". "This analysis is very
similar to what we use in buying
whole enterprises"- Buffett said.

While Buffett
He considers that the shares can be for everyone,
He does not say that they should be at
each. In short, he understands:
Many may not have the time, energy,
desire to make your own
investment deposit, and therefore use
some other alternative.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trajecta ClusterMap

Trajecta ClusterMap

What happens when you combine a trade market experience and intuition with the algorithm implemented in the form of visual maps?

In our opinion, the best strategies are, when traders see what other traders do not see. The concept of visual maps is to provide a new commercial vision and ideas that you can better see the market and trading strategies.

From quantity to quality: New trading technology every time provide more quantitative information. But the basic idea of ​​this indicator for MetaTrader 5 is the opposite: to create quality maps based on force, using some of the basic algorithms in our laboratory, and the rest will be the great power of quantitative analysis and intuition.

Trajecta ClusterMap

The main difference from the card Trajecta ForceMap - this algorithm to determine the cluster that integrates and includes information about the strong upward trend (overbought) and down (oversold).

Description of the indicator

In the interpretation of the indicator is no strict scientific theory, and you can use it in conjunction with other indicators - in any case, the logic card algorithm is in the colors of bullish and bearish scenarios on the chart as opposed to simple indicators that portray the lines and / or histogram.

It is important to determine the best time frame (in display settings) and the financial instruments that you trade

Examples of visual information at trade analysis and decision support on the basis of this indicator:

  • volatility: large areas may mean more volatility.
  • Lateral movement: mixing different colors can mean no trend in the market.
  • The strength of the trend: one color indicator may indicate the nature of the market trend.
  • discrepancy: beginning of a new color can mean the difference in the market and the beginning of a new trend.
  • Risk: be careful with unusual formats of cards, because they can mean risky situation on the market.
  • cycles: conventional card formats may mean a cyclical market scenario.
  • scenarios: card template formats can mean a normal market scenario.
  • Correlation: template card formats two characters may indicate the possibility of trading the pair.
  • combinations: combinations of colors rising and falling trend (new color) may indicate lateral movement of the market or a change in trend in the lateral movement. 
  • Support and resistance: white areas (colorless) can mean from weak to strong areas of support and resistance.

display Setting

You can use this tool on any financial indicator and / or timeframe in MetaTrader 5 and create your own setting of the input parameters:

  • Period: primary analysis period indicator (default: 120)
  • Up Trend Color Map: select the color of the growing trend for cards
  • Down Trend Color Map:  Select a color for the falling trend charts

about the author

This indicator developed Rogerio Figurelli (Rogerio Figurelli), scientist and researcher of quantitative and algorithmic trading solutions. 

About Trajecta

Company Trajecta delivers quantitative and algorithmic trading solutions to global investors, always trying to provide the level of innovation and results that no other quantitative system can not provide (Full list of Trajecta Labs products on the Market and Signals). 

Trajecta ClusterMap

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018



This indicator developed by Alessio Busato, reveals a positive or negative acceleration of the exponential moving average. Color changes, indicating whether or price accelerated, she's going to turn around and go back to:

  • Red - a strong signal to sell

  • Orange - a sell signal

  • Gray - neutral

  • Green - a buy signal

  • lime - a strong buy signal

You only need to select the exponential moving average for which the indicator will calculate the acceleration. Fast moving signals enables fast and slow on the contrary. By default, the Ema 21, but you customize according to your strategy.

You can also customize the display of the difference between one and the previous acceleration value by switching the settings. Hopefully, this indicator will be useful! I'm going to develop a strategy and a signal to the indicator, so stay tuned.

P.S. He is a bit like the acceleration of Williams, but still, this indicator is calculated in a different way!


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DI Action

DI Action

advisor's strategy is based on the price action analysis. Do not use indicators or additional filters. Not setochnik not martingale. Rigorous algorithm in conjunction with a simple configuration makes it possible to select the correct setup, and therefore the best and reliable entry into the market. Advisor uses the simple setups "Price Action":

  • 2 embodiment of inner bar (Inside Bar);

  • 4 embodiment Pin-bar (Pin-bar);

  • Bovine absorption setup (BUOVB);

  • Bear absorption setup (BEOVB);

  • Bars with identical minima and higher closure (DBLHC);

  • Bars with identical maxima and lower closure (DBHLC).


  • Not matringeyl not setochnik not a scalper, uses neither topping nor revolutions;

  • Trade solely on "naked" schedules, without the use of additional indicators and filters;

  • Choice of trading for each pattern in isolation;

  • Strict algorithm input;

  • Intelligent, mandatory placement of stop orders;

  • The ability to automatically select the volume of open positions based on risk;

  • Trailing Stop.

Working conditions

  • "D" Period (the best results on a daily charts);

  • Currency pair: any;

  • Reliable, room internet connection.

recommendations: Before installing an advisor and start test Advisor on historical data of your broker and spend optimization.


  • Interval - the number of points for the confirmation signal;

  • lot Size - lot size;

  • Take Profit - fixed income;

  • Factor Take Profit - the profit factor, a value of greater than 1 Stop Loss multiplies by a factor to obtain the value Take Profit;

  • Magic number - advisor identification number;

  • Slippage - slipping;

  • Expiration Hour Order - the number of hours expires pending orders;

  • Start Hour - the hour will be displayed order;

  • Auto Lot Size - if the value is 'true', then the lot size is calculated automatically, depending on the "Percentage of risk";

  • Percentage of risk - the degree of risk as a percentage of the maximum lot;

  • Enable Trailing - activate the trailing stop to all orders advisor;

  • Trailing Signal - deviation from the opening price in the direction of profits for trailing operation;

  • Trailing Level - a new level of the stop order, a negative value of Stop Loss goes toward profit;

  • Inside Bar - if the 'true' are traded on the pattern of "Inside bar";

  • Comment inside Bar - Comment to the order of the pattern "inside bar";

  • DBLHC - if the 'true' are traded on the pattern of "DBLHC";

  • Difference Low - the difference between the minimum values ​​of the two bars in the pattern;

  • Comment DBLHC - Comment to the order of the pattern "DBLHC";

  • BUOVB pattern - if the 'true' is carried trade patterned "BUOVB" (Bullish Outside Vertical Bar) - bovine outer bar;

  • Comment BUOVB - Comment to the order of the pattern "BUOVB";

  • BEOVB pattern - if the 'true' is carried trade patterned "BEOVB" (Bearish Outside Vertical Bar) - bearish outer vertical bar;

  • Comment BEOVB - Comment to the order of the pattern "BEOVB";

  • Pin-bar - if the 'true' are traded on the pattern of "Pin-bar";

  • Comment pinBar - Comment to the order of the pattern of "Pin-bar".

DI Action

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Three Dimensional Indicator for

Three Dimensional Indicator for Manual Trading

This three-dimensional display (on the basis of moving averages) can make a successful manual trading on the timeframes M1, M5, M15 and over, and avoid stress.

This is an excellent indicator for the scalpers working on timeframes of M1 and M5; as well as for the long-term trend of trade on higher timeframes M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 and W1.


  1. Buy when all lines are turned up and the bid price rose above lines.

  2. Sell ​​when all lines are turned down, and the bid price has fallen below the lines.

  3. Do not buy or sell, if you missed the beginning of the line turning points. This means that you can not open a transaction, if the trend has begun long ago, if you do not use high timeframes.

  4. Do not look at the bid price (price fluctuations). Just follow the movements of all the lines for successful trading.

  5. Do not trade when the market is not active, and liquidity is low. Trade only when open Japanese, Asian, European and American session, and liquidity is high.

Follow these guidelines for the proper use and display of successful manual trading.

Three Dimensional Indicator for Manual Trading

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Monday, July 23, 2018

On jewelry can no longer be money

On jewelry can no longer be money laundering

The State Duma will consider the
a bill that jewelry
products more expensive 15,000 rubles will be
available only on demand
passport. Clever MPs suggest
that this measure will deter the flow immediately
money laundering by acquisition
valuable jewelry.

the person can be made and by
presenting, for example, plastic
cards. When paying for purchases cashless
way you can not make
passport, if the cost of decorations
keep within the limits of 100 000 rubles.

We are waiting for
Passport is required to present at
purchase, for example, the upper garment or
footwear, leather accessories, watches and
men's suits. They are worse than jewelry
jewelry - is unclear, because of their price
oscillates at exactly the same limits. TO
Moreover, in view of the rapid devaluation
the national currency of 15 000 rubles in the near future
Time can be a cheap price
silver chain.

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The system of automated trading to develop, test, and adjusted over time. The most stable and good results were achieved for the currency pair EURUSD, which means higher profitability and lower drawdown when tested on history compared to other characters. On other currency pairs may not be effective.

It is recommended to work with the deposit size of 500 or more units of currency.

Chart Period: H1.


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Friday, July 20, 2018

On Friday Asian markets traded

On Friday, Asian markets traded mixed

Today at
The Asia-Pacific region Unity
the auction was not observed. Nikkei
firmed 0.5%; S P / ASX added
0.8%, but the Hang Seng and Shanghai
Composite respectively lost 0.4% and
0.3%. Japanese stocks rise in price due
the fact that the yen fell back against the dollar
(1.4%), and the largest companies Countries
Rising Sun work for export.

Honda Motor was
For this reason, it increased costs
shares on 0,8%, Mazda Motor - on
1.4%. Rose by 1.9% Daikin paper
Industries after information about
the operating profit of the manufacturer
air conditioners for the financial year
exceed predicted values.

And here
Suzuki Motor lowered quotes
5.8% on the back of weak statements for the first
the financial half-year.

Hong Kong and Shanghai continue to prepare
to launch a cooperation program
China and Hong Kong stock markets. therefore
there are growing stock quotes
Broker companies. So, Everbright
Securities added 7%, Huatai
Securities - 4,1%.

quotes China Railway Group -
she lost 4.7%.

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Easy News Loader Demo

Easy News Loader Demo

Easy News Loader - is a powerful aggregator of news with a simple, user-friendly interface. Panel simultaneously processes data from various news sources, and allows you to get up to date information in real time.

The Easy News Loader realized handy news filtering system, as well as the ability to send notifications to Email or mobile device. All news displayed marked in accordance with the degree of influence on the market, and the resulting data is "worse", "better" or "neutral". Flexible settings panel interface allows you to customize the display of news in the most convenient manner.

restrictions: This demo version shows only news with low impact on the market. Full version: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/9394.


To work Easy News Loader you must add the URL of news sources:

  1. Open Service > settings > counselors

  2. Tick ​​the option "Allow WebRequest for the following URL"

  3. Add the URL list: http://enl.mtnewsbot.com

If you use a notification Email or Push-notifications, make sure you make the appropriate settings of your trading


  1. Getting actual news in real time

  2. Simultaneous work with multiple news sources

  3. Simple and convenient system filters the parameters

  4. Marking news in accordance with the degree of influence on the market

  5. The marking of the data "good", "bad"

  6. Sending a notification to Email or mobile device

  7. Various display modes news

  8. Auto Detect language interface panel (Russian / English)

Settings when you start the adviser

  • UseForexFfactoryCom - Use / not use http://www.forexfactory.com/ site for news

  • UseDailyFXCom - Use / not use http://www.dailyfx.com/ site for news

  • NotifyEmail - send / do not send notification to Email

  • NotifyPush - send / do not send a notification to the mobile

  • FontSize - select the font size for display

  • MaxLineCount - number of news items displayed in the unfolded state (up to 30)

  • TitleColor - choose the color of the text header

  • TextColor - choose the color of the text of the main text

  • TextHighColor - choose the color of the text for news with a strong influence on the market

  • TextMediumColor - choose the color of the text for the news to the average impact on the market

  • TextLowColor - choose the color of the text for the news with little effect on the market

  • NewsBetterColor - choose the color of the text for the "good" indicators

  • NewsWorseColor - choose the color of the text for the "bad" performance

  • ButtonOnColor - choose a color for the button is not pressed

  • ButtonOffColor - choose a color for the pressed button

Options when the expert advisor

  • Up arrow / down arrow - change the number of displayed news

  • Arrow left / right arrow - full or compressed type of display of news

  • corner arrow - change the snap angle

  • Pencil - show / hide the filter settings:

    • 10Min - Enable / disable the notification for 10 minutes before the news.

    • 5Min - Enable / disable notification 5 minutes before the news.

    • 3Min - Enable / disable notification for 3 minutes before the news.

    • High - show / hide the news of high importance.

    • Med - show / hide the news of medium importance.

    • Low - show / hide the news of low importance.

    • AUD - show / hide the news on AUD currency.

    • CAD - show / hide news CAD currency.

    • CHF - show / hide the news by CHF currency.

    • CNY - show / hide news CNY currency.

    • EUR - show / hide the news of the EUR currency.

    • GBP - show / hide the news on the GBP currency.

    • JPY - show / hide the news on JPY currency.

    • NZD - show / hide news NZD currency.

    • USD - show / hide the news on USD currency.

Easy News Loader Demo

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Scientists ethnic diversity enhances

Scientists: ethnic diversity enhances the efficiency of the exchange

scientists, apparently, does not calm
to sleep scientists worldwide popularity
UK. So they come up with
more and more for its theme
Research and work on them, not

Specifically, David Stark, teacher
of sociology at Columbia University,
He published the results of a new
research. He found that ethnicity
the diversity of market participants
- one
of the main obstacles to education
"Bubbles" on world markets. according to him
According to the more colorful is the ethnic
part of traders in a particular
trading floor, the merrier, more cheerful, and
the main thing - objectively will go
trade. That is, if you want to enlarge
profits and avoid destructive
bubble on Wall Street - just dial
to people from the most different
ethnic groups.

shows that traders ethnically
Homogeneous markets are much less
collected, and thus more likely
the formation of price bubbles. "Diversity
eases friction. In the markets of this friction
can not tolerate mindless repetition
actions of other traders, to terminate
It was nascent chain and prevent
unthinking collective movement
(Often to the edge). " True,
study was not real
markets, and in simulated conditions.
Participants in the experiment - people from Asia
and from the United States. They had
roughly equal to the level of financial
literacy, and in front of them was staged
to make money in the trading terminal.
All people have earned the right
pick yourself.

We see each other, because sitting in
one room. But they were forbidden
talk to each other ", - he says
lead author of the report, the supervisor of
groups, Shin Levin. - "There are established
the fact that we tend to trust the actions and
According to people who are like us. But
we do not know how these people are intelligent.
Therefore, this behavior often leads
for trouble. "

under the US forced
Tolerance Mr. Stark admits
reservations are issued with giblets
its real value "research".

diversity - a great value itself
by oneself. And we only have shown that
This value can be also saving
for the efficiency of the market ", - says
tireless American scientist.

queue - the study of the effect of
gender diversity in the sales rooms
the effectiveness of stock trading
I think not far off scientific papers on
the obvious economic efficiency
and the benefits of hiring people
sexual orientation
and people with disabilities.

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Oil reduced fourth week

Oil reduced fourth week

Oil may continue
the longest in nearly two months
fall - still declining due
excess supply on the market of raw materials.
WTI futures fell on Thursday
2,3% to a minimum of six weeks, and today
to 10:30 MSK traded at $ 47.25
a barrel. in Brent
it is currently trading at $ 57.17
a barrel. WTI yesterday's closing cost $ 47.05 a barrel, while Brent - $ 57,09 per barrel.

Media reported that Iran
is in talks to increase the supply
in Asia, if the sanctions will be removed from it -
executives of mining companies in the US
this week trying to convince
the White House and Congress
revoke the ban 40 years ago
on the export of American oil.

Oil loses value
due to growth stocks and production in the United States to
thirty-year highs, it's
exacerbating the fears of investors. Growth
global excess raw materials have fallen off
quotes in the last year by almost 50%. By
Experts estimate that an excess of oil on the
the world market is 1-1.5 million
barrels per day.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Overview three best books of oil

Overview: the three best books of the oil market

to overestimate the role of oil in modern
the world economy. The oil crises and
years of prosperity, conflict and cartels
the ups and downs - it's all very
fascinating history of the last half
hundreds of years. And that alone is worth the modern
analyst, in which respected authors
confidently expound
diametrically opposite points
view! It is happening in the markets
Once global oil coup,
therefore a small selection of the best in the
World of books about journalism and about the oil
the market of "black gold" have, according to
In my humble opinion, as well as possible
by the way.

Yergin. "Extraction. World history of struggle
for Oil, Money and Power "

canonical work - probably the best of
that has ever been written about
oil. "Mining" have to be
on the shelf of every self-respecting player
market economist, trader, analyst.
And if you trade futures
oil - you just run and shows
read Yergin. The fundamental
study oil industry since the
its beginnings up to the beginning
nineties, when the oil is already hard rule
world, overthrowing the government and being
one of the major geopolitical

look at the history of the industrial
civilization in the world struggle for oil -
that's what the "Extraction".

1992 this work won a Pulitzer
Award, and its author, Daniel Yergin - expert
world-class in the field of energy,
International Politics and Economics.

book describes the whole development of the oil
industry since the mid XIX century.
The three main topics covered
"Production" - is:

  • history
    the development of capitalism and the modern
    business, which is very good
    the percentage is based on oil;

  • role
    "Black gold" in the way of the country and
    States shall take the global
    strategic decisions - in particular,
    unleash war. At the moment, the war
    in Iraq 90 - a tip of the iceberg. there is
    Direct linkages to energy and
    Japanese-American War, and even in
    Germany's attack on the Soviet Union;

  • sociological
    and philosophical analysis of how
    much of our consumer society
    It depends on energy and in particular
    - from a hydrocarbon fuel.

versatile, clever, full and very, very
big: it has more 900 pages. but
she read in one breath -
It affects the author's talent, and skill
translators and editors. In short, if
you want to understand the market of oil - running
for the "production"!

Economides, Ronald Olin. "The color of the oil.
The world's largest business history,
money and politics. "

also tells about the history and nature
oil markets. I personally caught
it is not so much completeness and clarity
(After the "Prey" I is not much you can
surprise), but an interesting idea
construction. It would seem that serious
Business journalism is no place for an elegant
bright ideas, does not serve merely
informative purpose. However, Olin and
Economides reject this boring
postulate. Their book consists of ten
chapters that represent the ten
colors which metaphorically takes
oil. Excellent, in my opinion, and very
well absorbed.

The black
color means history, the discovery of oil
and its unsolved mysteries. red -
quite expectedly it represents blood,
shed in the oil wars. green -
Dollar color, of course. And the authors
slightly affect the theme of environmental
activists, and the same color in this theme
green. Yellow means political
intrigue that surround the world of oil and
oil. Purple, in which the authors
Rites of oil - an excellent allegory
the royal purple, which in ancient times
distinguished rulers of the world, from simple
mortals. Actually, the rulers of the world and
Now different from ordinary mortals
- only instead of purple robes on
their shoulders allocates a pair of oil rigs
in the garden. And three colors - red,
white and blue, the colors of the French
revolution. They were supposed to symbolize
US oil Democracy (authors
very patriotic people), but this part of
It seemed too biased.

on minor issues, the book is interesting,
and from it we can learn a lot.
In some ways, it repeats Yergin, but
complementary works, these books
it is desirable to read both. The picture will be
convex, and maybe even begin
overflow iridescence.

Yergin, "The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern
world "

Again we come back to Daniel Yergin.
The book «The Quest" has not
translated into Russian, but if
you read in English - I desperately
I recommend this work. after the first
the release of "Prey" was in '21 - and in the light
A new book was a great expert on
energy issues. This study
how the world uses energy
hydrocarbons, which will be next, what
accompanied by political upheavals
redistribution of spheres of influence of the energy,
and the most interesting - what we can
expect in the future. In short, it is a continuation of
"Prey", which deals with
the whole history of humanity Energy
the last two decades. Here and
explosion at Fukushima, and political
Revolution in Egypt and Libya, and the murder of
Mustache bin Laden, and the redistribution of oil to
The Middle East.

The book is encyclopedic, and it scrupulously
It described the whole modern world,
"The world of the new oil." The collapse of the Soviet
Union, by the way, here takes great

In the book, Yergin, for example, debunks
peak theory, according to which soon
production of hydrocarbons descend
to naught: production is not declining, but growing,
According to the author as early as 2011. By the way,
the result of this we see now in all
its glory.

And here describes slate
Revolution in America, from the first
experiences and, ultimately,
full oil industry
on slates.

As an expert on energy, Yergin does not
cost and without a detailed analysis
ability to work on renewable
energy sources: wind, solar
heat, biomass, hydropower.

And here are the steps and characters
many people who have influenced
modern energy. Micro level
and macro-level, global energy
concepts and details (up to the description
facial expressions of the individual) - all this
It makes the book interesting and exciting,
like a roller coaster.

In general, strongly recommend that you read
Yergin, because this luminary of contemporary
energy journalism can
much to put in place in your

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Ultimate Price Action Combine

Ultimate Price Action Combine MTF EA

The adviser made on the basis of my indicator Ultimate Price Action Compine MTF.

If you need an expert who works with the trend, do not forget to try this. I think you will find that it is very good value for $ 100 and even more.

This is the first version with a simple strategy, it has a lot of false signals that need to be corrected.

For best results, use the EA on H4 timeframe. Smaller timeframes at the moment are not suitable.

When testing the adviser showed only 35-40% of the winnings, but it is very profitable on high timeframes, it opens up new opportunities. We will try to remove the false signals, to increase the percentage of wins and improve profitability.

Grails does not exist, no advisers who score 100% percent of the cases. You just need to find the adviser with a small percentage of wins, but actually profitable. Same as the EA.

If you have any ideas for improvement, please leave a message in the comments tab.

Ultimate Price Action Combine MTF EA

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Friday, July 13, 2018



For any trader market analysis result is correct determination of the entry point and exit. How well they will be chosen to be so lucrative trade. SmartArrows indicator does not take any extra information that may distract or mislead the trader to enter, but only the most important. The indicator is very simple to use, the appearance of the down arrow, you need to open the SELL deal, with the appearance of the up arrow is necessary to open a deal BUY.

Indicator SmartArrows, despite its apparent simplicity, has a great analytical algorithm by which it is possible to effectively perform their jobs.

The indicator gives two types of signals - confirmed and unconfirmed. Confirmation tone - a big white arrow - a signal that goes in line with the global trend is not confirmed - a small arrow - a signal that goes against the global trend. Each user can choose the trade regime - use all the indicator signals or only those that are in line with the global trend.

This indicator is not redrawn, gives signals on the current bar. If the arrow is there, it will not be lost, regardless of the development of the situation on the market.

Input parameters of the indicator

  • period - the indicator sensitivity (the higher, the smaller signals)

  • EnableAlerts - Enable / disable audible alert when a signal

  • EmailAlert - Enable / disable email notification when the signal

  • MobileAlert - Enable / disable push notifications when the signal

  • UseFilter - whether to use the filter signals corresponding to the global trend

  • MainFilterPeriod - setting a global filter (at UseFilter = true)

  • ExtraFilterPeriod - an additional filter parameter (at UseFilter = true)


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Chinese economists no longer want

Chinese economists no longer want to maintain settlements in rubles

government hopes
that can be used
ruble in international trade and
get rid of the dollar could collapse.
On the eve of Chinese economists in the newspaper
"People's Daily" called ruble
"Too unstable and risky
currency for international payments. "
This writes "Independent newspaper".

The Chinese newspaper
write that the country is closely following
the state of the currency market in Russia.
Analysts expressed not in favor of
Russian currency. "Central Bank
Russia is very difficult to single-handedly turn the
the trend depreciation of the ruble. of force
huge market, which forced
confrontation will only hasten the flow
foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank"-
says the analyst of public risk
and credits Lee Hayshanya.

Problems with the ruble bad
and respond to China's economy.
"Rapid devaluation leads
for a huge foreign exchange risk
for Chinese export enterprises,
especially for those who have signed
contracts with Ruble calculated as
currency"- says the expert. Although
the share of such contracts are still very small.

Such doubts,
expressed in the official printed
authority can be regarded as a preparation
"Soil" for abandoning settlements
in the Russian currency, the ruble will continue if

When we did sanctions
against Russia, Putin is increasingly called
move to settlements in national currencies
- with those who did not support the sanctions.
And now the question of the Chinese partners
can be an unpleasant surprise
for the Russian authorities.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Win forex strategy

Win forex strategy.

Hello, friends! Many novice forex traders are looking for win-win trading system, but as a result of the victims arrogant baryg selling scam - courses.
So is it possible? The existence of a win-win strategy for trading in the Forex? Is it possible to do without losing trades and always be in the black? Every day, regardless of the situation on the market take your profits?

Yes it is possible. And today, I am pleased to present a win-win system forex Grand Master.

Characteristics TC Grand Master

Platform: Any

Currency pairs: AUDUSD, EURAUD

Timeframe: any

Trading Hours: around the clock

Recommended DC: Alpari, Forex4you (for cent accounts)

The basis of the system

Grand Master The purpose of a trading strategy is to completely destroy the fear inherent in many traders getting rid of unprofitable trades. How can this be achieved? Find patterns in the movements of currency pairs and use them to trade without stop loss. Yes, stop loss, we will not use. Unfortunately, in other words to achieve a win-win not. But it is not as dangerous as it seems now you'll understand why.
Many known US index funds, which are companies from the Dow Jones and the years make a profit for their investors. And the capital of these funds is not small, it is often billions of dollars. Do you think they are actively traded intraday scalping on minute charts? No. They simply buy large blocks of shares and hold them for weeks or months. Why? Because they know that in the end the cost will still go up because long-term trend of the index Doy over the last 40 years the overall bullish.
Can we use a similar strategy in the Forex? We can, with some adjustments.
Let's take a look at the weekly chart of the AUDUSD:

The naked eye can see that the long-term trend is bullish for this pair since 1993. There are periods of a bear market, but in the end the price still goes up.

If you open the same schedule for the EURAUD pair, we see a different picture, namely the long-term bearish trend:

Also, if we open the daily charts of the currency pairs (AUDUSD and EURAUD) under each other, we see a clear correlation: AUDUSD as the pair goes up, EURAUD pair goes down. And vice versa. This happens not "point to point", but dolgosroke correlation is obvious.

What do we do with all this?

"Ok, but that to me from it? How do I earn? "- you probably think. The above information gives us the right to assume that if we open a small position (to withstand large movement against the trend) in the direction of long-term trend for these two couples, we might as well keep the warrants for a long time without stop-loss, since The pair eventually move in our direction and we will close the transaction with profit.

AUDUSD pair is why we will only buy and sell only a pair EURAUD. And as the couple we mirror the each other, but not exactly repeat their movements will be more safe to open positions on two pairs at the same time than just one.

We will open the deal with a small take-profit (20 points), without stop-loss, and at a certain distance (more on this below). If the deal is closed with a profit, we are opening a new one if the price goes against us - we are opening an additional warrant.

Bonus every day

In addition to profits from the take-profit, we will daily receive additional charges in the form of a swap. Their size can be found in the specifications of trading tools. It is a small but pleasant daily increase in their total profits.

Management of risks

Without the proper money management, this strategy will not work! You lost in the dust if you do not abide by the rules!

To ensure that our system is really a win-win, rather than leading to the margin Cola, it is necessary to observe the risks.

  1. Lot Size: 0.01 for every 2,000-3,000 units of currency on deposit. Those. If you have a standard account, you'll need a minimum of $ 2000-3000 on the deposit, if you have a cent account, the minimum is $ 20-30 for trading lot 0.01
  2. The maximum number of warrants: 5 per pair. Those. the maximum you can have simultaneously opened 10 orders: 5 trades on AUDUSD and 5 transactions on EURAUD. Not more.

Stop Loss and Take Profit. The distance between orders

Stop-loss orders, we do not use, so for each warrant will be zero. Take-profit for each order 20 items. Can use 15 or 25, that's your business, but an average of 20 points - the best level for this strategy.

Another extremely important point - is the distance between the orders. Because if we are at the slightest movement of prices against our position to open new orders, the current "paper" loss will increase very quickly, we will reach our limit in 5 orders and a couple for a long week can be locked at the same price level.

Thus, the distance to open the new order when the price goes against us, is equal to 120 points. Those. you have opened, for example, buying and selling on the AUDUSD on EURAUD. AUDUSD price comes down. Once loss order at AUDUSD to reach 120 points, you open a new buy order for the same pair. C. Take 20 points without stop-loss. If he closed in plus -The remarkable. If the price continues to go up against our position, when the loss of the second order to reach 120 points, we will open the third order. And so on, up to 5 orders.

Please note that orders net for two pairs of built separately. Those. simultaneously on two pairs we open only the first order.

When to enter the market?

Naturally, a very stupid to begin to open positions without any analysis. Because there is a chance that you enter the shop at the top of the market (for AUDUSD) or sell at the bottom (for EURAUD). And your order will be hanging in the red for many weeks or months.

Therefore, for the opening of the first order for the purchase of AUDUSD should wait for a significant downward movement on the daily charts and only then start shopping.

Similarly, for the EURAUD - it is not necessary to go into the market with sales on the strong trend - wait a significant delay or change of trend.

Forex Strategy Grand Master is close to a win-win as much as possible. Also there is a nice bonus in the form of positive swaps every day, which also increases the profitability of the system.

Are there any risks? I will not lie to you, they are. In theory, may reach any value because of any economic crisis, war or other global financial force majeure. Moreover, these movements can be either in our favor or against our positions. How to protect yourself from this? Show income from the account each month and used to trade only the money that you can afford to lose.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Naturally, the
after such a long January holidays traders rather difficult
enter into the working channel. And the rescue can come here the same social
Trading, which we have repeatedly told.

its advantages
are obvious:

- Firstly, the service
"Signals" integrated in MT4 and platform;

- Second, it allows
not to carry out the tedious hours in front of a computer screen, and the copy on your
account transactions other traders in the fully automatic mode;

- third,
this is not easy, but very easy - just through your terminal issue
subscribe to trading signals of one or more traders.

but as
traders - signals providers, many thousands, the correct choice of subscription
It is one of the most important aspects of social commerce. And to help
in this task, we are already seeing a lot of months of preferences
NordFX clients international brokerage company, and then together with a leading analyst of the company John Gordon
We analyze why they stopped their attention on a particular signal.

The December Top 10
as follows:

signal name

Place in rating


(% Of total subscriptions)


I - II



I - II









V - VI - VII



V - VI - VII


A Low risk

V - VI - VII


jarvis Scalper



Steady Trader



Day trend following



- Among the signals,
customers who have chosen our company, - says senior analyst Dzhon Gordon NordFX - my attention in the first place, drew
signal GOOD PROFIT. This signal -
one of the "old-timers" of our rankings, a record amount collected for the subscription,
hundreds of subscribers, thanks to a more than impressive results -
increase in 10 months has exceeded 900%. Maximum drawdown of about 50%
of the deposit, but the value may be set in MT4 and MT5 terminal settings
the load on the deposit that allows you to adjust the ratio as the drawdown, and
profits to available funds in the account. For example, if you define a load
half of the deposit, and maximum drawdown halved. Of course,
proportionally reduced and profits, but in the case GOOD PROFIT 450% increase -
It is also quite good.

Another "old-timers"
rating - signal Maknyoss its just sky-high profits - for 7 months, and only 60 transactions, he showed
increase of 2554% at a loss of less than 30%. However, making out a subscription to it, it is necessary
keep in mind that the results are very unstable - one-month increase can
be 150%, and the other - hardly endure up to 10%. I think - continues
Dzh.Gordon - that since Maknyoss - is trade
"Hands" rather than an adviser, then everything depends on two things: in the strength of the trend and then,
how accurately the trader - the supplier of the signal to determine the point of entering the
this trend. Since all 60 trades - profitable, and the average retention time
position - not a week or a month, and only 3 days, it is as long as possible.

Another not very
stable but profitable signal from rating - Loading: Increase of 559% from the peak that occurred in
September-October last year. The latter two months, the result is zero:
November - minus 10% in December - plus 10%. Loading undoubted same virtues that contribute to its popularity,
are small maximum drawdown (24%) and lack of subscription fees.

The next exam
for evaluating reliability of steel signal gaps in the major currency pairs at the beginning of
of January. And it should be noted, Loading passed it
test with flying colors, losing only 0.14% of the deposit.

And finally, another signal, which I
noticed - he draws a line leading analyst NordFX - a signal JMLAGRESSIVE. is he
good for those who do not like risk, and prefers the stability of super-profits.
The signal is free, there is already 2 years, for which showed growth of 120% at
drawdown of just 16.5%.

By the way, at the beginning of
article, we have listed a number of advantages "Signals" service from the creators of terminals
MT4 and MT5 - Company MetaQuotes. It has this
service is another big plus - mql5.com registering on the site, any trader
absolutely free Get detailed monitoring of your trading strategy on
several tens of parameters. Moreover, this monitoring will be carried out not
the registration site, and during the existence of a trading account that
It is absolutely necessary for successful trading and gives you an opportunity to see not
Only the pros and cons of their own trade, but also to compare their results with
the results of thousands of traders from different parts of our planet.

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Stochastic Divergence Indicator

Stochastic Divergence Indicator

Indicator Stochastic Divergence - modern lamp, which uses algorithms developed by BJF Trading Group. Divergences appear on price charts and indicators. indicator arrows
It appears at the time a new bar, not light
redrawn, trade can lead to these signals. Furthermore,
never lagging indicator! Analysis carried out on the completed
bars, arrows trading signals (pictured above / below price) never

Indicator Stochastic Divergence It shows the relative divergence of fractals Stochastic indicator. The emergence of divergence between price and the indicator Stochastic is fast changing this trend. A buy signal occurs when new fractal down (Low-fractal) is lower than the previous value and the previous indicator Stochastic above. Sell ​​signal is generated when a new fractal up (Up-fractal) higher than the previous, and Stochastic value lower than the previous. The indicator has a lot of settings.

Hidden bullish divergence (Hidden bullish divergence) occurs when price makes a new high and the oscillator indicates a new low. This can be seen in the cases of the upward movement. As soon as the price makes a higher high, it is necessary to check whether it was the same with the oscillator. If this did not happen, however, the oscillator formed a new low, the bullish divergence occurred.

Hidden bearish divergence (Hidden bearish divergence) occurs when price makes a new low but an oscillator shows a new high. This occurs in a downtrend. When you see the hidden bearish divergence, it is likely that the pair will continue to move down, and the downward trend will continue.

Stochastic Divergence Indicator

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Orders Info

Orders Info The indicator shows a consolidated, common information in a single window graphic. Easy to use while simultaneously doing busi...