Friday, September 28, 2018


AntiVso ..

Charter: ..

There is everything there AntiVso. Pi Not Equal to 3.1415. Hello Perel.manu.

Pay talks ..

The fee of one dollar per treatment requirement ..

Mari Humor. The first phrase: Everyone says 1.2.3.. imagine, say ..

Signal Antivso ..

0.https: // Milltrade Paid ..

1.https: // ActiveTreadrs Free - Demo thirty days. // A month later die ..

Dedicated Server - the key to all doors ..

Memorize functionality:

"Think .. charge .. say .."

Kopeika. All. And I do not know you ..


Policy. Religion. The science. "+ Unmeasured thee registry settings .."..

Filters bazaar ..

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Microsoft has allowed Russian

Microsoft has allowed Russian hackers to spy on NATO and the EU

company engaged kiberrazvedkoy,
iSight Partners (Dallas)
announced the availability of information about the
that Russian hackers have exploited
bugs in Microsoft Windows and other
software to spy
for computer systems of NATO, the EU,
Ukrainian government and companies
energy and telecommunications

about what data fell into the hands
hackers do not know in iSight.
There are suspicions that the purpose of pests
were data about the Ukrainian crisis,
pouch, data
energy and telecommunications
sectors, content business correspondence
and dissemination of spyware files
further phishing.

of cyber espionage is not finished yet and
It has been going on for more than five years. AT
iSight this project called
"Sandworms Team" because
in the program code used
hackers have found references to
sci-fi saga "Dune".

the years, hackers used a variety of
ways to achieve their goals. For example,
in August they began to exploit
vulnerabilities found in most
versions of Windows. Microsoft's problem
warned, and for a long time: time
the fact to fix the problem, it
It was enough. Today, on Tuesday,
October 14, will be made automatically
Windows Update cracked versions.

from the Russian government, nor from
NATO nor the EU, nor even from the Ukrainian
Government any official
comments were received. researchers
of iSight Partners suggested
the nationality of the attackers
linguistic features in the software
code and, in fact, the choice of objects

certainly have to do with political
interests. We see a direct reference to
Russian origin of the threat "
- says head of department on finding espionage
iSight John Halkvist. Today
the company's customers will be sent a report
The team of sandworms.

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This is a simple script that places a certain number of lines above and below a particular price.

The script allows you to select the number of lines, spacing and color.

If the last parameter is set to false, the script deletes the previously created line.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New Line Expert

New Line Expert


  • Advisor identifies the most likely locations of motion graphics and opens the network pending orders Buy Stop or Sell Stop.

  • Not high-risk uses strategies such as the Martingale.

  • Orders are closed for averaging. Possible to use stop-loss and take-profit.

  • Designed for trading on EURUSD H4.


  • Low drawdown and low deposit loading.

  • It does not depend on the slip and server latency.

  • Not Important value of the spread.

  • To start trading fairly deposit of $ 100 and the minimum lot 0.01.

  • Suitable for rapid acceleration of the deposit.


  • Lot - the volume of orders.

  • orders - the maximum number of pending orders.

  • step - the distance between the pending orders.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.

  • StopLoss - stop-loss.

  • Profit - the value at which all market orders are closed.

  • Magic - magic number of orders.

Recommended input parameters

  • Lot= 0.01.

  • orders= 10.

  • step= 0.005.

  • TakeProfit= 1.0.

  • StopLoss= 1.0.

  • Profit= 1.

  • Magic= 10.

The value of the input parameters does not depend on the accuracy of rounding quotations. Example: the value TakeProfit = 0.001, equivalent to 10 four-points on quotations or 100 points at a five-digit.

New Line Expert

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

EU tomorrow pull trigger new sanctions

EU tomorrow pull the trigger new sanctions against Russia

European sanctions against Russia developed
5 September, will be introduced tomorrow.
In this case, the EU immediately sets out the conditions
which will need to perform to remove the
sanctions. The agency Bloomberg
said three senior
officials of the European Communities. "ending
a few days of disputes, representatives
18 EU governments have agreed to implement
previously developed plan of sanctions against
Some Russian companies (ban
credited in Europe, for example)".
- said on condition of anonymity
sources in Brussels.

EU countries objected: they argued,
that the strengthening of sanctions - invitation
to move in response, sent to the Kremlin.
In addition, the Kremlin may violate
ceasefire that
Act now in eastern Ukraine.
The EU statement today (later) will
It tells us more about what should
will make Russia for lifting sanctions.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

RSI Trigger AM

RSI Trigger AM

Indicator defines entry points in a signal using RSI intersection of different periods. To control the open positions on the indicator can be used this indicator with a smaller period. When using the average price of the optimal entry point is the overcoming of the maximum / minimum price bars marked indicator.


  • RSI1_Period - during the first RSI

  • RSI2_Period - second period RSI

  • RSI_Price - the price used for calculation of RSI (0 to 6)

RSI Trigger AM


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Deals ScreenShot

Deals ScreenShot

The tool is designed to save screenshots at the opening of the transaction and its closing.

All files are stored in the \ Files folder of your terminal. Open this folder can be from a terminal menu file -> Open Data Catalog. Once open "Explorer", navigate to the folder MQL4 \ Files \

Format to save files as follows:

\ Files \ GOD.MESYATS.DEN \ Tools \ Thicket Comment Type Tool (opening \ closing) vremya.gif

Advisor must be put on any schedule because It monitors all market position (BUY, SELL). To work it is necessary that the tools of graphics, which are bids were opened!

For convenience and display the entry and exit points, you can use the side of the display, for example HistoryDraw.

The default settings are set to the current scale of the graph.

Deals ScreenShot

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Friday, September 21, 2018

EURUSD yet not capable even for

EUR / USD yet not capable even for a slight correction

Unsuccessful attempts to get back above $ 1.30 for the bulls turned very grim: the euro / dollar so far struck a short-term support line and re-testing the bids in the $ 1.2860 / 50. Breakthrough of the feet placed below give an impulse reduction and confirms the belief that the drop pairs is the path of least resistance. The yield on US bonds retains craving for growth, in particular year bonds it is close to leap towards 0.60%. A further yield growth can give strength to the upward trend of the US currency, though, it seems, the dynamics of the curve already made long-term investors to rethink their investment, and if the closest target for euro / dollar is the level in the $ 1.2750 / $ 1.2650, in the coming months on the pair can expect a decrease to $ 1.22. Source: Forexpf.Ru - Forex Market News

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

What will decline in oil prices

What will the decline in oil prices?

In this column,
financiers Financial Times argues that,
to any political consequences
will result in a decline in oil prices.

Less than three months
Brent crude fell by 15%, and now
its price is below the psychologically
important level of $ 100 per barrel. It will lead to
a special political consequences.

Producing and exporting
Oil countries have come to rely on
the fact that oil prices are high and, ideally,
constantly growing. some lay
part of the oil revenues for a rainy day,
but the majority (especially those where the population
increases) their spend. Circumstances
vary in different countries, as well as their
the ability to adjust their policies
when prices change, but down
The situation will determine policy beyond the
outside of the oil sector.
Consider four examples.


Imposed on him
sanctions have led to a severe restriction,
though not a complete cessation of exports
oil. Iran continues to sell oil
Asian countries, however, with discounts.
Therefore, any reduction in the price of oil -
bad news for the regime in Tehran.
Iran's economy is already weakened, and the reduction of
Revenue is threatening the ability of the authorities
save the fragile coalition. Preservation
mode - the main purpose, including for
Conservative surrounding spiritual
Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Discussions on Iran's nuclear program
They lasted all summer and has been extended
for four months - it is interesting that it
It proved beneficial to all participants. A
Now the threat from militants
"Islamic state" has led to
the emergence of the United States and Iran shared
interests, which did not exist before. If
oil prices remain low, there
every chance that an agreement on the nuclear
Iran's program would be achieved by
end of the year.


Nearly 15 years high
oil prices supported power
Vladimir Putin. Russia did not use
oil revenues to modernize
economy, and therefore remains raw
Power dependent on exports
hydrocarbons. But now Putin has faced
while lower oil prices
and gas. Gas deal with China
not soon begin to bear any
income. Russia will have to tighten its belt,
and low prices (coupled with sanctions,
the effects of which are becoming
more obvious to the business elite on whose
Support depends on Putin) increase
the probability that the escalation of the conflict
Ukraine does not happen. This dispute has
is not over, but the costs of the direct
confrontation and even tougher sanctions
at this point too for Russia
high. Therefore, the most likely
one will freeze conflict.


In Scotland, the decline
oil prices hardly noticed because
hype associated with the referendum, however,
the consequences of this phenomenon can be
for it is very heavy. oil deposits
in the North Sea, which can still be
design, small, and to stimulate
work needed as reorganization
regulation of the energy sector,
and high oil prices. at low
wait for prices to increase investment not
accounts. Ministry of Finance
London is now revising
tax regime, may this fall
offer ease it. decrease
tax will reduce revenues.
And no matter what it was the result
referendum (even in the case of acquisition
Scottish independence would be unlikely to
I was able to realize the dream of creating a
Oil Fund in the Norwegian style)
the big question is how quickly will
reduced oil production in the North

Saudi Arabia

Given the growing demand
oil on the domestic market and the endless
to support its allies
Middle East Saudi kingdom
requires high and stable incomes
from oil exports. But times windfall
long gone, so the decline in prices on the
Oil recently would have
push Saudi Arabia (and other
countries) to increase production with the aim of
maintain revenue from oil to
the same level. But offers plenty
there is a risk that a further increase
production will only increase the downward
pressure on prices and will cause them to fall
lower. In a short time, and
will be calls to hold
an emergency meeting of OPEC countries,
Saudi Arabia will be asked to reduce
production to support prices. FROM
limited space for maneuver
and a very small number of other countries,
able to share the burden of reducing
production and income for the purpose of balancing
market (for example, at about $ 100 per
barrel), the decision may be much
more difficult than many might imagine.
And if Iran to resume oil production in
full, this will further complicate

Of course, if the price of
oil will fall hard enough
and for a long time, the negative impact of this
on investment and future production again
lead to higher prices. It looks like
cycle in the oil market. but the duration of
This cycle is great. after reduction
investments in companies will all
incentives to vigorously pursue their prey.
The government, which focus
in the short term, will suffer
immediate and inevitable losses.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Movement of price

Movement of the price

Indicator Movement Of The Price It calculates the average range for intraday bars for a specified period of time.

Work of this indicator is very simple, it calculates the ranges of price movements on intraday candles (bars) for a certain period of time and then calculates their average value and draws it in the histogram below the chart directly in the indicator window. So that the indicator has worked in the best way, you should choose to schedule timeframe as short as possible. It is better if the time frame is less than the time, simply because the indicator Movement Of The Price better working and shows the best signal is at the lowest possible amount of time.


  • PERIOD - the number of candles on which calculated the average range;

  • HISTORY_DEPTH - the number of bars in history, in which the indicator is calculated.

Description of the parameters: the default PERIOD parameter is the number 480, this number corresponds to the number of bars in the week to hour timeframe; than the "weaker" than your computer, the less need to put a number in HISTORY_DEPTH parameter because the calculations of the indicator may be delayed for a long time, which in turn can cause a hang-up of both the trading terminal, so the computer as a whole. In addition, if set to 0, the indicator has been calculated for the whole of the existing stories.

The use of trade

On the chart the indicator behaves as follows: When the market begins the flat or "corridor", the indicator histogram falls and is as close to the minimum, and when the price starts to move in one direction or another, the indicator bar graph increases and reaches its peak around the end or trend reversal.

Trade on this indicator can be divided into three types:

  1. when the histogram is reduced accordingly begins the flat, we are putting an order to buy higher prices and an order to sell below the price. Initial stop may serve the opposite order.

  2. we are waiting for, when the histogram indicator decreases. Once it begins to rise, opening the deal in the direction of the current trend and keep the deal as long as the histogram again begins to decrease.

  3. everything is the opposite: we are waiting for, when the histogram will draw its highest value for the period, and the higher the better. This behavior is an indicator often indicates the extremes of the market, so in this example we will trade on the spread.

Movement of the price

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Facebook will be paid

Facebook will be paid?

Today, quite seriously discussed in some media "decision" Facebook CEO that he wants to introduce a monthly fee for using the social network. There are reports that at a press conference on Sunday Mark Tsukerberg, the head of Facebook, said that the social network will be paid, according to the American edition of the National Report. users will have to pay on a monthly basis On November 1, this year, $ 2.99 for the use of the service.

"I've been thinking about this decision, and in the end we decided to introduce a monthly fee. If we do not take something to balance increased costs, Facebook could cease to exist in the near future"- leads edition of the words of Zuckerberg

"This is great news for all holders of shares of Facebook, - says analyst Dale Sekrayder. - In August of this year, 1 billion 317 million users were registered on Facebook. If at least three quarters of them pay for the use of Facebook, each month just to maintain the company will receive $ 3 million. This is not just earning a small amount, it can change the rules of the game since the first month of entering the service".

A number of major media outlets believe that the publication National Report should not be trusted. In favor of the fact that the news is "duck"Can speak and for instructions on how to avoid paying for the use of social network. Ostensibly for those who can not afford to pay a subscription fee, its status is necessary to write the text I am poor Facebook please wave my monthly fee ("Facebook, I am poor, please do not take me with monthly fee") And add the hashtag #FacebookMonthlyFee. By the conviction of the newspaper, this message comes to Facebook Department that deals with accounts, and they will be removed from the duty of the user to pay for the use of the site.

On most social network page of the published message, clearly characterizes the current state of affairs: "Do I have to pay to use Facebook? It is said that Facebook will be paid. It's true?

Facebook - a free service, we will never charge for use of the site. However, you have the ability to make purchases related to games, applications and other elements. In addition, if you use Facebook from your mobile phone, please note that the use of the Internet and / or text messaging fees may apply in accordance with the tariffs of your mobile operator".

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Find Pattern EURUSD

Find Pattern EURUSD

The program allows for the selected graph candle combinations to find the most similar sites in the past and make a forecast based on them.

Work with the application is very easy - just select the graph you are interested in a sequence of bars ( "sample"), and the program will find all related to his areas in the past ( "patterns"), and will add them to the current prices.

This is a free, fully functional version. Powered by tools contained in its title "EURUSD". The paid version that works on any instrument, you can purchase here.

program settings

To find the most similar "patterns" in the menu "Search settings" You can select one of the following algorithms:

  1. Finding module vector, built between the "model" and the desired "pattern" in a multidimensional space (Distance). The smaller unit (min 0) - the more like "pattern" to "sample".

  2. Finding the Pearson correlation coefficient between the "sample" and the desired "pattern" (Pearson's r). The higher the correlation coefficient (max 1) - the more similar "pattern" to "sample".

The program supports 2 methods of combining prices "sample" and found a "pattern":

  1. relative prices open "Sample" of the first bar.

  2. About the mean "sample."

To take into account the volatility of "patterns" in selecting the 2nd method, and to accelerate the search when selecting the 1st method, it is possible to set the minimum standard deviation of the ratio of "sample" to standard deviation "pattern" (Min. SD ratio). The closer this ratio is to 1, the smaller the standard deviations are different prices "pattern" and "sample".

On the menu "Search settings" it is also possible to ask:

  • Language Program (Russian / English);

  • The number of bars in the "sample" and the target component "pattern";

  • The date of the first bar in the history with which to start searching, or the total number of bars in history;

  • The total number of the closest "patterns" of stored program during the search.

On the menu "View settings" performed setting of the displayed graphical objects and constructions. The basic graphic elements are:

  • A pointer to the current bar. It shows the first bar of "sample". The program for "patterns", only takes into account the price open this bar. For all other bars cover prices open, high and low.

  • Market Profile. Is based on the predictive component of all found "patterns". The wider profile, the more time the price was at this price level.

  • The line of maximum and minimum prices. It is the largest of all the prices found high and least of all prices found low.

  • the average price line. It is based on the price open, high and low.

On the menu "Color settings" there is a choice of color for all elements displayed on the graph. For lines also possible to select the thickness and line type.

On the menu "Result" you can go to the found "patterns" for their detailed study, also displays the values ​​of all defined parameters in the program. Possible to exclude from the forecast any found "patterns", if for some reason you do not like.

The program itself stores all your settings and automatically load them at startup.


  1. Program settings are stored separately for each symbol period, and in the folder "MetaTrader 5 \ MQL5 \ Files \ FindPattern". If you want to return all program settings to their original state, then simply delete the folder "FindPattern ".

  2. It should be understood that even if the price behaved in a certain way 10 times - it does not mean that it will continue to behave similarly. These instruments should be used as a supplement to its trading system, as well as to test the signals of other indicators. You should not take a decision on opening a position, relying solely on its recommendations.

  3. It does not work in the strategy tester.

  4. The program does not redraw their testimony and "looks" into the future. This allows testing it directly on the chart.

  5. For optimum performance, the program requires a deep history of quotations.

In the program, there are many unique:

  • to Market: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • in Code Base: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Find Pattern EURUSD


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Monday, September 17, 2018

Currency market Why rising Austr

Currency market. Why rising Australian

AUD / USD rising for 4 consecutive days. And it is not
an accident, even though the economic data paint
a mixed picture.

Aussie sharp increase is due to two factors.
Firstly, it is a general weakness of the dollar, and it is due to concerns about
Trump unstable position. Secondly, the decision of the Gulf
sever diplomatic relations with Qatar. And this is the main driver of Australian growth.
Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Friday, September 14, 2018



I remind you who want hvatanut another plus sign. Place your bets on evroyapontsa for sale in the blue zone .... the purpose indicated. stop on the blue line. MM raschityvajte. those above to stop the sell well done !!!

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Signals MACD Plus 3

Signals MACD Plus 3

Advisor is an improved version 3 Signals MACD. The main difference - it's automatic optimization of key parameters. Here you do not need to choose the levels of CCI, , MA period and other indicators parameters. Counselor self-optimizes the parameters at the time of trade. The number of bars automatically optimize the set manually.

Trading strategy is based on the intersection of three signal lines (with different parameters) MACD indicator. When all the lines are increased, it opens the purchase (on the contrary - for sale). CCI indicator is needed in order not to buy at the highest price and buy when the price has dropped slightly, but the trend is still rising.

Advisor is simple to set up, can be used on timeframes from M5 to H1. At very low spreads, you can use it on the minute timeframe. Recommended currency pair: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, EURGBP. Advisor uses risky trading strategies, always set a stop-loss, which itself can be moved to a small profit.

Input parameters

  • Lots - lot size (if Lots = 0, then the item will be calculated from the percent of available funds on the account);

  • Percentage of free money - percentage of the available funds for opening each new transaction, it is recommended from 1 to 10;

  • MaxSpread - maximum spread for the opening of the transaction (for accounts with floating spread to the transaction is opened when the spread is not too large);

  • Magic - Unique Identifier (you need to do it differently if some councilors running in one terminal);

  • MaxStopLoss - the closing price of the order when the level of loss;

  • TakeProfitOptimiztion - the value of the take-profit order to optimize;

  • MaxTakeProfit - the highest price of take-profit;

  • AverageSpread - Spread value for the automatic optimization;

  • HistoryForOptimization - history (the number of bars back) to automatically optimize (a large number of bars makes testing long, but higher quality);

  • MinHistoryProfit - minimum income for the period of history in order to optimize;

  • MinCountTrades - the minimum number of transactions for the period of history in order to optimize;

  • AnalysisDelay - Delay in minutes between automatic optimization (the longer the delay, the longer it will be tested)

  • FastMethod - Enable or disable the accelerated method of automatic optimization;

  • CountBuy - the maximum number of warrants to purchase at the same time;

  • CountSell - the maximum number of sell orders at the same time.

More test results, as well as configuration files, see the comments.

Signals MACD Plus 3

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rampage EA

Rampage EA

Rampage EA - a fully automated trading system-scalper. The strategy is based on the break key price levels.

Experts do not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc?

Rampage EA automatically tracks the emergence of market players with a clear preference towards buying or selling.? Trade is conducted on strong cluster and news racing market. Taking profits is carried out using a dynamic step of the algorithm, which allows to fix the maximum profit. Advisor analyzes the market volume, volatility indices and follows the large demand and supply movement. Gradually exposes bezubytka levels, has built an intelligent mechanism of partial closing trades. Built-in filter controls slippage spread and expansion of the spread. For best results, use trade VPS and use the services of a trusted ECN-broker with narrow spreads and fast execution of orders.

The basic settings have already been calculated for trading on currency pairs EURUSD (M5, M15, M30), GBPUSD (M5, M15, M30).?


  1. Advisor optimized for currency pairs / timeframe EURUSD (M5, M15, M30), GBPUSD (M5, M15, M30).

  2. It is recommended to use the ECN-broker with low spreads and VPS.

  3. Use only with the account five signs.

  4. Little spread significantly increase profits.


To work correctly, the robot is important to have a good communication channel with the broker's backend. Therefore it is recommended to use VPS-server for location closer to the broker in order to achieve the lowest possible ping, respectively, better billing robot orders.


It is important to historical testing Rampage EA Modeling with coefficient no less than 90.0%. Some brokers have a significant delay in triggering stops and orders, which is critical to any trade.


  • Lot - lot size;

  • Stoploss - stop-loss;

  • Magic - unique magic number adviser;

  • Channel - channel for analysis of price levels;

  • Smooth - Channel correction value;

  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread broker;

  • ShowInfo - show / hide additional information;

  • DynamicSL- enable / disable the mode of dynamic stop-loss;

  • Trailing - enable / disable the break-even position processing mode;

  • TrailStart - bezubytka start trigger level (in points);

  • TrailStopPercent - percentage exhibiting a break-even level;

  • SplitProfitLots - enable / disable the mode of division profitable transactions;

  • StartSplitPips - number of pips to start the division profitable transactions;

  • SplitPrercentProfit - percentage of profit for each divisible part of the transaction;

  • Splitlot - the volume of the closed bid for each divisible part of the transaction;

  • AutoLot - enable / disable the automatic selection mode of transaction volume;

  • BalancePerLot - the number of units in the balance of the specified amount of the transaction amount Lot;

  • CheckTime - turn on / off mode of the hour of the EA;

  • StartHour - start operation (in hours);

  • StopHour - end (in hours);

  • CommentDeals - comments for bargains

Rampage EA


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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Stoch Skalper Signal AM

Stoch Skalper Signal AM

This indicator is designed to trade on short-term price changes. The signals in the form of arrows are formed on the fully formed candlelight. The indicator is not redrawn. The indicator is calculated based on data from the classical stochastic oscillator. Other indicators Signal series you can find some of my works. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.


  • Ind_Period - the period for calculating the indicator.

Stoch Skalper Signal AM


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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

PayPal Apple pushes deeper into

PayPal Apple pushes deeper into the embrace Bitcoin

hedged and makes
bet on Bitcoin. Leaders of
of the world's largest online auction
believes that digital currencies (such as the
Bitcoin) - this is the new wave,
which will cover a majority
payments in the future. However, it does
it just before the launch of the new
Apple payment service -
potential competitor to eBay.

Ebay's press service announced
that PayPal users
will be able to produce some
cryptocurrency operations, and for this
Company enters into an agreement with
payment processors BitPay,
Coinbase and GoCoin.

eBay plans to expand
support Bitcoin - Scott said
Allison, senior director of
PayPal corporate strategies.
- First, we offer an opportunity
work with Bitcoin users only
in North America.".

step guide from PayPal and
eBay waited a very long time: the world
already I started to get used to the constant
the development of mobile payment. ApplePay
- the answer to this new philosophy. it
a new application that the next
months will be sold in 220,000 stores
countrywide. However, it is unclear whether
ApplePay accept Bitcoin.
Earlier this year, Apple
really lifted the ban on
bitcoin-applications at Apple,
and how it can serve
a marker of what Bitcoin will work
it is not clear - and the apple platform.

Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle
Group, commented: "I
I think, PayPal finally recognized
their vulnerability on a number of fronts, and now
I began to act aggressively
in terms of expanding consumer
services. "

Pay is positioned as a convenient
platform, especially for operations
debit and credit cards. it
innovation, according to analysts,
will transform the entire market for mobile payments.
On the day when presented Apple Pay,
eBay shares lost
2.5% per day.

eBay escape towards Bitcoin
- an attempt to secure a long-term
guarantee against the fact that sooner or later
cryptocurrency amount to a very serious
compete with traditional money. And
Presentation apple competitor was
very expressive nudge under
bison flank of e-commerce.

Over the past months, the head of
eBay John Donahue expressed
interest in bitcoin and hinted
that digital currency can play a
serious rodey to PayPal the future. AT
early September, the company began serious
movement towards resolution of some
Bitcoin transactions on Uber and
Airbnb. Further
Company executives say that
They hope to be done with Bitcoins
more projects to the extent that,
how it will grow its ecosystem.

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Algorithm PRO

Algorithm PRO

Algorithm PRO - a complete solution for automated trading. The algorithm is designed in such a way as to catch the short-term market movements. Distinctive features of the adviser:

  • Designed for diverse works on 5 basic tools - EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GOLD;

  • Fully Customizable adviser for themselves;

  • Built-in Money Management;

  • Robust capital protection is provided by a complex of measures:

    • Unconditional use of Stop Loss in each transactions;

    • The dynamic adjustment of parameters depending on the current market volatility (ATR);

    • position control system that allows the time to translate the transaction to breakeven or shorten the Stop Loss;

    • Competent trade diversification of five most liquid instruments;

    • The complete absence of elements of martingale, averaging, any high-risk techniques.

  • Advisor passes the historical tests since 2004 and works on real accounts from 2016.

councilor settings

  • working timeframe - H1;

  • Power - conventional quality level entry point in the transaction (defined in value from 5 to 100);

  • Quality - a conditional input level of accuracy in the transaction (defined in value from 5 to 100);

  • SLtype - Stop Loss type: points or% of ATR;

  • SL value - Stop Loss value: in paragraphs (1 = 1 point) or% of ATR (0.01 = 1%);

  • TP type - type Take Profit: points or% of ATR;

  • TP value - take profit value: in paragraphs (1 = 1 point) or% of ATR (0.01 = 1%);

  • Trail value - step treyliga in points, 0 if the - disable;

  • Running knot - SL approximation decrease proportionally to the TP;

  • Lot - if < 0, then the fixed lot if > 0, the percentage risk per trade (0.01 = 1%);

  • MagicNumber - should differ by no less than 1,000 copies in different advisor.

Attention! Advisor allows you to collect a set of policies, so for the proper assessment of its prospects, it is necessary to reduce some of its tests in the portfolio.
Algorithm PRO

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GBPUSD pair is stable waiting

GBP / USD: The pair is stable, waiting for the US GDP data

On Friday, almost a pound
unchanged against the dollar
US, as investors await US data
economic growth in the second
quarter tonight - at 16.30 MSK.

Couple GBP / USD reached
1.6286, the session low, while
European morning trade, subsequently
pair consolidated at 1.6315, falling to 0.01%. Couple,
It was likely to find support at 1.6244,
minimum of September 18 and resistance
at 1.6416, the high of September 24.

Demand for the dollar
still supported on expectations
imminent rise in interest rates in the United States.
The pound strengthened earlier in the week, as
investors' attention was focused
on monetary prospects
British policy after the referendum
on Scotland's independence last

The pound is stable on
against the euro, still hovering
nearly two-year high, the pair
EUR / GBP It is trading at 0.7811.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Who will uncover terrible secret

Who will uncover the terrible secret October volatility?

Hulbert, a columnist for MarketWatch, committed
interesting discovery. Now he is trying
set them to explain the strange
law, and we are just seeing
the course of his reasoning.

volatility of the stock market last
week - only flowers. indices walked
Who in the woods, who for firewood, and horse racing
It was very significant. Those investors
who love the quiet days are on
markets, October will not please: expected
a serious spike in volatility.

illustration: look at the indicator
the volatility of the VIX, starting
since 1986, over the past 30 years. I do not
particularly interested in the absolute value
this indicator: instead I figure
its relative importance: the ratio
the average value of the VIX
months to the average of the previous
months. That is, we get a kind
marker "volatility of volatility."
Over the past thirty years, the ratio of
October to September averages
12%. This means that even though
September is itself one of the most
volatile months of the year - October all
still gives us a VIX level of
12% higher!

It is not very
OK, because the average ratio
the remaining months of each other close
to zero! With all of this, this "abnormality"
October is confirmed by statistical
calculations - that is, the data are representative.

Why is October
It has such a high volatility?

I can not explain
this moment. Unequivocal answer stride
not invented. There is an assumption,
that the unusual volatility in October
caused by some extraordinary
events - a disaster in 1987 and the collapse of
2008's market. However, when I eliminated
the two of October because of the picture -
extraordinary volatility of the rest
Octobers still remained in place.

In this way,
explain the mysterious fact, I can not. But
You, dear investor, is still on
Just in case, fasten the strap
Safety and Securely:
quite possibly, very soon the markets
will fly in an area of ​​more October

Mark Hulbert. Translation - Anomalia

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Following example of Scotland

Following the example of Scotland more powers now require other UK regions

Scotland have promised more powers if it remains part of the UK. But at Westminster, and had no idea how popular would be the theme of empowerment in other regions. Now more independence requirements for local authorities in decision-making, as well as increased funding are distributed throughout the United Kingdom.

None of the large, developed country do not have the capital, which is the extent to dominated the rest of the regions, such as London dominates the other parts of the UK. The volume of its economy is much larger than that of any county. Living outside London British say that this city takes too much money and talent to the detriment of the rest areas. But soon things can change.

First in line for an extension of powers should Wales - a province with a significant amount of ultranationalists. At the moment the local government as much power as and the Scottish Parliament. But many people in Wales feel that they need the same rights, which have been promised Edinburgh.

According to the leader of the Party of Wales Linn Vud, a number of documents and reports recently made that secure cross-party agreement on the necessary powers to Wales. The politician believes that it is time to give the province greater autonomy and energy tax. It should also be put into the hands of Wales criminal justice system - at least partially.

In 2004, the North of England regions strongly rejected the idea of ​​getting more powers from London. Then the public has come to the conclusion that it would inevitably lead to an increase in bureaucracy. But Scottish historic referendum has forced many to change their minds.

Cornwall calls to give him extra freedom and discuss the principles of management of component parts of the UK in the future. Even Yorkshire, the population of which is comparable with Scotland, and the size of the economy - with Wales, stood in line for more autonomy. So, Richard Carter, leader of the Yorkshire First, said that the part of the UK government's unfair to give Scotland the right to solve their problems, allow to do the same to Wales and London, but not Yorkshire.

Large cities also want more power, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and others require empowerment "at the same rate as that for Scotland." As an analyst at Alpari UK Dzhoshua Mahoni, walk a lot of talk, you need to go and ask for money. Everyone wants to own their own future. Separation of powers can reverse the UK over time. Another interesting fact is that it can affect the situation in Europe. It may be only the tip of the iceberg.

It is not surprising that a chain reaction, which was launched by the Scottish referendum has been called "the revolution of empowerment." The question is: how much of this authority is willing to share Westminster.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Another Symbol

Another Symbol

AnotherSymbol shows the relative movement of the other tools on the current chart in the form of candles, High / Low lines or Close. Is aligned on the drawn graph Moving Average selected and scaled to standard deviation. When using such data representation trader should focus not on the absolute indications, and on the behavior of prices in relation to the Bollinger bands. Another Symbol provides additional opportunities in doubles strategies and trading cross-rates.

Main settings

  • SYMBOL - character name that will be displayed in the current chart;

  • period, applied price, method - parameters Moving Average, selected as the baseline;

  • mirror - mirror reflection. Useful if anticorrelated tools.

LED components

For the convenience of the trader and the possibility to "unload" the schedule can enable / disable the various components of the indicator:

  • candles - candles paint;

  • high / low lines - Draw envelopes of high / low;

  • close line - Draw a line meaningfully close;

  • basis line - draw a reference line. The line will be painted acc. with the increase / decrease of a similar line SYMBOL;

  • scale lines - Draw a line scale (Bollinger bands). Line will be colored in accordance with the increase / decrease of a similar line SYMBOL.

Other settings allow you to customize the color of the indicator circuit.

Another Symbol

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This EA trades on the EURUSD. He earns $ 1,805 net with an initial balance of $ 5000 Balance and use 36% percent of the profits. He did not run any demo or on real accounts. I created it on the basis of tests of trade against the market during the period from February to September 2013. The settings that I've used, should give reliable results on EURUSD, because trade is conducted on the moving average MACD. Available demo version. Use the chart EURUSD H2. You can change the settings as desired. Forward to any questions.

Sharpe ratio shows the profitability of the strategy, taking into account risks. The greater the Sharpe ratio, the better the performance of the system, taking into account risk.

The test results are shown in the screenshots. We used the following test configuration:

  • Currency - USD

  • Initial deposit - 5000.

  • Leverage - 1: 100.


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    HADGE Hadge - expert at the same time opens a position BUY (the main characters) and SELL (on hedge-symbol), closes a position with a positive profit for...

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Verdure OCO EA

Verdure OCO EA


OCO-orders (OCO, One-Cancels-the-Other, one order cancels the other) - is a couple of orders, the execution of one of them automatically cancels the other.

thanks Verdure OCO EA This functionality is now in MT4.

Advisor is an efficient implementation of the popular principle OCO-orders with additional advantages, features and parameters. Advisor simplifies the job of managing transactions and may be particularly useful for traders who use trading systems in their foot and coups (stop and reverse), control points (pivots), Fibonacci levels, support and resistance, as well as pending orders. In addition, it is an indispensable tool for traders trading on the news.

Methods of Use

Trades on the principle of revolution stop (stop and reverse)

When using the principle of stop-coup (especially in volatile markets, when there is often no time to quickly close the previous order before the opening of the new in the opposite direction), Verdure OCO Advisor simplifies the task of automatically closing the opposite order when activating another. You do not need to close the sell order before installing the buy orders. Verdure OCO automatically closes your sell order, as soon as an order to buy becomes a market.

Trade under reference points (pivot), Fibonacci levels, as well as support and resistance using pending orders

If you are trading on the sample level, using pivots, or Fibonacci support and resistance levels, etc., you now have an effective tool that allows you to save time by observing and operating positions. For example, you can place two pending orders - buy stop, in case the price will overcome the level of resistance and sell stop, if the price falls below the support level.

Usually after triggering one of the orders of the second to remove. Advisor Verdure OCO will allow you to sit in front of the price schedule in anticipation of an order response. Just set your two orders and go about their business. In addition, you can disable the 'managependingorders'. In this case, the opposite order is not deleted. In this case, the presence of recommended orders levels stop loss and / or . In any case, Verdure OCO will cope with the task.

pending orders

If you are using a pending order to calculate the time of entry into the market, OCO-orders can help you to control the opening of transactions and reduce the time spent on watching the charts.

Pending orders are very useful when you want to use for correction of the profit, that is, when you buy at the low of the trend or sell at the peak. In any case, Verdure OCO can help you.

Trading on the news

Suppose, it is expected to yield important news for the USD at 9am. Based on your analysis, you believe that this news will lead to a drop in USD. In this case, you can place an order on EURUSD BUY STOP just before the release of the news, based on what your analysis is confirmed. However, given the unpredictability of the market at the time of important news, you can also set the order SELL STOP in case your prediction will be wrong.

If your analysis is justified and the USD goes down, it will lead to an increase in the EURUSD and triggering your order BUY STOP. Advisor Verdure OCO will remove your order SELL STOP, as soon as the order becomes a market BUY STOP. If your prediction will be wrong and USD will start to grow, this will lead to couples and triggering SELL STOP order fall. In this case, Verdure OCO will remove your order BUY STOP, as soon as the order becomes a market SELL STOP.

Features and Benefits

  • Save time tracking and management of pending orders.

  • Detection and notification of the order by the same tool in the same direction.

  • The obvious benefit to traders trading on the news.

  • GLOBAL and LOCAL modes. In the first case advisor manages all orders in the account, and the second - only orders for the symbol, which is mounted advisor. For more information, see "Modes".

  • All actions are recorded adviser on the "experts" to analyze the (maximum transparency).

  • You can configure the sending of push-notification of all actions in the mobile terminal.

  • You can configure the sending of e-mails of all actions.

  • You can configure the alerts to generate all actions.

Input parameters

  • exclude_magic - a list of magic numbers separated by commas, to be excluded from processing adviser Verdure OCO. This is especially useful if you do not want to adviser Verdure OCO not manage orders of the other advisers.

  • mode - advisor mode (LOCAL or GLOBAL - see "Modes".).

  • managependingorders - management of pending orders (TRUE or FALSE - see "Management of pending orders.").

  • checkduplicateorders - whether Advisor to check for identical orders for one symbol in one direction, for example, two positions to buy EURUSD (TRUE or FALSE - see "Checking for duplicate orders.").

  • sendemail - sending e-mail to the address specified in MetaTrader 4 settings.

  • pushnotification - sending push-notification to the mobile terminal.

  • alert - play sound.


Local - Mode LOCAL adviser manages only the positions of the character, which he set on the chart, that is, if you run the advisor on a pair EURUSD, it will only control positions in EURUSD. When placing advisor on several symbols you will need to set a different value of the parameter 'magicnumber' for each of them.

Global - Advisor to the GLOBAL mode controls all positions in the account, regardless of the schedule on which it runs. When placing advisor on several charts you will need to set a different value of the parameter 'magicnumber' for each of them. I strongly recommend that you do not run the advisor on several charts in the GLOBAL mode.

The default mode - LOCAL.

Management of pending orders (Parameter 'managependingorders' may be True or False. Default - True).

  • Developments at False: If you set an order to buy (Buy) in the presence of a pending order Sell Stop and Sell Limit, the pending order is not deleted as Advisor does not check for pending orders, if the parameter managependingorders is equal to False.

  • Developments at True: If you set an order to buy (Buy) in the presence of a pending order Sell Stop and Sell Limit, the pending order will be deleted, as the buy order cancel pending orders (they are directed in opposite directions).

Checking for duplicate orders (Parameter 'checkduplicateorders' may be True or False. Default - False).

  • Developments at False: If you already have an order to sell (a Sell) on EURUSD and you put another of the same order on the same pair, Advisor ignores this fact (alerts, emails, and / or notifications are not sent).

  • Developments at True: If you already have an order to sell (a Sell) on EURUSD and you put another of the same order on the same pair, counselor pays attention to it (the trader shows an alert is sent to e-mail and / or notification). This allows the trader to decide whether to close one of the orders is necessary, or leave both open.

NoteIf your trading system allows the opening of multiple orders in one direction, simply set parameter value checkduplicateorders on False. On the "Discussion" you will find more information and resources on the OCO-orders.

Verdure OCO EA

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Court postponed referendum in

The court postponed the referendum in Catalonia on 5 months

Yesterday, during an emergency
plenary session of the Spanish
The Constitutional Court suspended
the law "On making inquiries
people who do not have the character of
Referendum "adopted recently
Catalan parliament and the decree on
convene November 9 poll of Sovereignty
Catalonia, which was signed by the head
Catalan Government Artur
Mas. Thus, a referendum on
independence of Catalonia has been postponed
at least 5 months.

According to the portal
BBC, constitutional
Spain Court accepted the claims,
designed by the Spanish government,
against holding a referendum on
Catalunya branch, referring to his
unconstitutional. Now
the question of a vote is postponed:
the court will ascertain whether breaks preparing
referendum the basic law of Spain.

Prime Minister
Catalonia Artur Mas has already negatively
to respond to the decision of the Constitutional
court. He called the move Spanish
"Hostile" powers.

Catalonia, which
It includes Barcelona, ​​is
one of the richest and most industrialized
developed regions of Spain, as well as one
out with its distinctive regions
culture. The Western press notes
that one of the main reasons for the desire
secede from Spain are cultural
and economic reasons. Even September 19
Catalan lawmakers voted
a landslide in favor of
allow a referendum. A September 27
Prime Minister of Catalonia
Artur Mas, even signed a decree on

Recall, some regions of the UK, too, wanted to hold a referendum on secession from the country - following the example of Scotland.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

European stocks fall again after

European stocks fall again after weak German makrostatistiki

morning, European indices crept together
up on optimism the banking sector:
The ECB has announced that most of the major
lenders in the region have passed stress tests
ECB and have every chance to survive the crisis,
if one occurs. However, a little later
(12.00 MSK), data on German business
confidence showed a decrease to
22-month low, below expectations

IFO Institute said:
"The outlook for the German economy
again worsened. "

once all the major European indexes:
Consolidated baseline indicator Europe
Stoxx 600 lost 0.53%; DAX weakened
0.59%; CAC 40 slid down to 0.61%; FTSE
100 decreased by 0.38%.

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Advisor uses the principle of reverse martingale. USES Martingale. The basis of the expert advisor laid MarSe, but the adviser puts virtual instead of real pending orders. The principle of reverse martingale, means that the failed transaction advisor to reduce the lot, and if successful auction increases in these transactions. Since Martingale sooner or later merge all of your deposit, we recommend analyzing the market, control and trade advisor to shoot profits periodically. The counselor also has Money management, implemented by the method of Larry Vilemsa (LarryWilliamsMethod).

Any currency pair is suitable for trading. The recommended minimum deposit of $ 1,000 (for a start is better to use a cent account). M1 timeframe. Since Advisor analyzes of closed bars, the results of testing on the opening prices on the results of testing on all ticks do not differ.


  • Period_MA1 - period indicator moving average1

  • lots - lot order

  • maxLots - maximum lot orders

  • StopStep - at what distance in points from the High (Low) of the previous bar to open a pending order

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points

  • Multiplier - Martingale multiplier (how much to multiply the following order)

  • Percent - deposit interest at which the adviser will close all open orders

  • StopTrading - enable (true) / disable (false) stop function adviser when the value Percent

  • Step - step in (how many points to put the next order at the Martingale)

  • Shift_MA - shift the moving average, is intended to determine the trend, that is, how many bars to conduct trend analysis

  • MA_Method - Method for moving average1 and moving average2 indicators (preferably 0 - Simple or 1 - Exponential)

  • TF_MA, TF_MA1, TF_MA2 - timeframes, which will analyze trends

  • Period_MA_Long, Period_MA_Long1, Period_MA_Long2 - times of moving average for determining the trend in the time frames TF_MA, TF_MA1, TF_MA2 respectively

  • Slippage - slippage in points

  • Magic - magic number (when trading from one account to the different currency pairs parameter should be changed, that is, for each currency pair set their magic number)

  • StartHour1 - the start of trading

  • EndHour1 - the auction end

  • RSIPeriod - RSI period indicator

  • MA - period moving average for the indicator RSI

  • upRSI, downRSI - if the RSI indicator is between the values ​​of these two parameters at the time of compliance with all other conditions, the transaction will not be opened (warns against opening the false transactions)

  • LarryWilliamsMethod - use money management method Larri Vilyamsa (false / true)

  • LWrisk - the percentage of risk, it is recommended from 5% to 20%

  • LWpart - what part of the deposit as a percentage is given at the disposal of the robot

Values ​​are set with paragraphs 4 characters. If you have 5 characters, the Advisor will automatically translate all values.


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