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SevenMohammed5 - a unique indicator, it gathers 7 standard indicators: Bears Power, Bulls Power, Commodity Channel Index, Force Index, Moving Average of Oscillator, Accelerator Oscillator, Awesome Oscillator. Signals appear at the intersection of the selected indicator zero, crossing from the bottom upwards - the up arrow (buy signal) downward - the down arrow (sell signal). Is a function of push-notifications and Alert. The indicator is very simple to use and requires no configuration and optimization.

The indicator is not redrawn.

Input parameters

  • Indicator - selecting one of the standard indicators 7

  • Alerts - on / off function Alert

  • Notifications - ON / OFF function push-notifications

  • SignalDelay - on a candle display signal (0-on current candle 1 in a first closed suppository, etc.)


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It predicted emergence of world's

It predicted the emergence of the world's first trillionera

The world's first trillioner appear in the world in the next 25 years, against a background of growing inequality in the global distribution of wealth.

Now one percent of the world population owns greater wealth than the other 99. This was Monday, January 16, according to a study of the international charity Oxfam.

Eight of the richest businessmen in the world owned by the state, which collectively have about 3.6 billion people, or about half the world's population, the report said.

Tax evasion is one of the factors that contribute to the growth of inequality. Losses in developing countries by non-payment of corporation tax amounts to about $ 100 billion a year.

In the next twenty years, 500 of the rich around the world will be left to his heirs 2.1 trillion dollars, more than the GDP of India.

In this case, the income of the poorest 10 per cent of people in the world increased between 1988 and 2011, less than three dollars a year. CEO of the company, whose shares are included in the leading index of the British stock exchange FTSE-100, earning as much as 10 thousand workers in Bangladesh, says Oxfam.

Over the last thirty years of earnings half of the US population has not increased, while the income of the wealthiest one percent of the people has increased by 300 percent in the country.

January 11 HBO television station reported that one of the richest men in the world, the head of investment company Berkshire Hathaway Uorren Baffet saves for breakfast at McDonald's on days when the stock market falls.

A day earlier, Forbes magazine wrote that the state of Russian billionaires has increased by $ 29 billion after the victory of Donald Trump's presidential election in the United States. Growth of Welfare of the richest Russians due to the strengthening of the ruble and the rising cost of Russian securities.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trend Magnete

Trend Magnete

Counselor tries to enter the market at the beginning of a trend. If the price moves in an unfavorable direction, the Expert Advisor will hedge the transaction by setting opposite order with a large volume. The adviser will change direction in the trend, as he did not catch.

The minimum distance for changing the direction specified in the parameter Min Turn Step, the actual distance may be greater, depending on the current volatility, regulated by the parameter Mult Factor Next Orders.

It has shown good results in the highly volatile vapors.

Recommended currency pair: EURJPY, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD

Input parameters

  • MagicNumber - the magic number, an identification number for the character.

  • Slippage - slippage

  • Lots - lot size

  • DepoPer001Lot - Automatic calculation of the lot (indicated by the number of lots per unit 0.01) (at 0 the value of the lot Lots parameter)

Channel An indicator ATR

  • ATR Period - indicator period ATR

  • MA Period - indicator period MA

  • Mult Factor First Order - a multiplier for the first order, the value adjusts the width of the channel

  • Mult Factor Next Orders - multiplier for the hedging of warrants, the value adjusts the width of the channel

The parameters of the MACD indicator

  • FastEMA - a period of rapid EMA

  • SlowEMA - during the slow EMA

  • SignalSMA - period EMA signal

hedging parameters

  • Min Turn Step - the minimum number of points to open the opposite order

  • Lot Exponent First Turn - Lot factor for a first order hedging

  • Lot Exponent Next Turn - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent hedging of warrants

output Options

  • Profit - when reaching close orders arrive at the point indicated

  • Lvl1 - order number from which the order will be closed when the Profit_Lvl1 items

  • Profit_Lvl1 - the level of the closure after opening orders Lvl1

  • Lvl2 - order number from which the order will be closed when the Profit_Lvl2 items

  • Profit_Lvl2 - the level of the closure after opening orders Lvl2

  • Lvl3 - order number from which the order will be closed when the Profit_Lvl3 items

  • Profit_Lvl3 - the level of the closure after opening orders Lvl3

  • TrailStart - the number of points to start trailing stop

  • TrailStop - the distance from the current price (in points), to which will move the stop-loss after activation of the trailing stop

other settings

  • StopByMaxOrdersOneSymbol - Filter opening deals, if the number of open orders for one of the currency pairs is greater than this value.

  • StopByMaxSymbolTrades - Filter opening deals, if the number of currency pairs with open transactions exceeds this value

Trend Magnete

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ACh Terminal panel

ACh Terminal panel

Information panel, designed to help in manual trading, if your trading strategy envisages opening several orders, as well as to aid in the visualization of the work of advisers.

It will be useful when testing grid strategies on a demo account.

In one corner of the selected settings, displays information about the number of open orders, the total amount of lots, total profit and profit for the selected magic number, spread, and the price of one item, the overall balance and free margin.

Lines showing the status of orders since opening and until the current moment. When you hover over the order line in a popup window displays information about the type of order, item, and ticket magic number.

Price tags displayed bezubytka levels to buy and sell, as well as the overall breakeven, if there is an advantage in the amount of purchased lots in one of the sides in the trade.

Color labels and text information can be changed in the settings.

You can display up to four copies of the information panel. Each copy must be specified his corner. This option is useful in simultaneous trade manually and trading advisers.

To keep track of the different orders, it is necessary in each dashboard to enter your Magic. For Magic = 0 manual orders. To display information on all the Magic, it is necessary to enter the Magic = -1.

Good luck in your trading!

ACh Terminal panel

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Price Speed ​​Indicator

Price Speed ​​Indicator

Indicator price rate displays in a bar chart the speed of movement of the price of a selected number of bars.

  • Values ​​above 0 mean velocity in the direction of motion UP.

  • Values ​​below 0 display speed in the direction DOWN.

It refers to the leading indicators. In the case when the trend starts to slow down and lose power, the value of the indicator will begin to unfold, then the price could still continue on the trend. It gives good signals divergence / convergence.

Input parameters

  • SpeedPeriod - between the bars of which made the calculation of the indicator values.

  • Bars - Number of bars to the indicator values.

Price Speed ​​Indicator

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Tehran would take measures in

Tehran would take measures in response to the new US sanctions

Iran will retaliate in connection with new sanctions from the United States. This is stated in a statement released by the Foreign Ministry of Iran.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, in response to the steps taken by the United States and as a counter action impose restrictions in respect of certain US persons and companies, which provide protection to extremist and terrorist groups, promote murder and suppression of defenseless civilians in the region. The names of these persons and the names of the companies to be announced", - said in a statement the Foreign Ministry.

Iran's Foreign Ministry believes that the United States announced sanctions against Tehran in connection with its missile program "contrary to US commitments and resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council". "Strengthening the country's missile defense capacity in order - the legitimate right of the Iranian people. Intervention in these questions do not fall within the competence of other states or organizations and is a violation of fundamental principles of international law", - the statement says.

"Once again we remind that the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran are not negotiable and can not be the subject of negotiations. Despite the ill-considered and hasty actions of the US administration, Iran will continue to follow its principled policy aimed at the protection of peace and stability in the region, countering terrorism and extremism. The Islamic Republic will not allow dangerous realized the machinations of the Zionist regime and its backers aimed at inciting war"- warned the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

US expanded sanctions on Iran, adding blacklisted 13 people and 12 organizations. These restrictions are imposed against those who are involved in the program to develop ballistic missiles Iran or in any way supports the Corps "Guardians of the Islamic Revolution" (IRGC, the elite units of the Iranian Armed Forces), according to documents published on the website of the US Treasury.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

AUDUSD broke through key resistance

AUD / USD broke through key resistance at 0.7925, the bullish trend

  • AUD / USD broke through the key resistance at 0.7925, the uptrend continued in the future.
  • The pair rebounded from a dive under the 23.6% fibo and jumped to a fresh session high near 0.7933 overnight after disappointing US housing data.
  • The number of bookmarks of new foundations in the United States fell by 1.155 million on an annualized basis, which is 4.8% less than last year's 1.215 million.
  • Data on employment in Australia for July came out mixed. Economy added 27.9 thousand. Jobs, beating the forecast in the 20 th. June was revised to increase from 14 thousand. To 20 thousand.
  • However, the number of jobs to full-time employment in July unexpectedly fell. Jobs part time job in July, on the contrary, increased to 48.2 thousand. To 48 thousand. Last month.
  • RBA, aspiring Aussie derail and prevent it from become more expensive, tried to prevent the further growth of the exchange rate.
  • Stochastic turned from oversold levels, RSI provides an upward trend.

support levels - 0.7927 (20-DMA), 0.7892 (23.6% Fibo correction 0.7328 and rising to 0.8065), 0.7885 (5-DMA)

Resistance levels - 0.7987 (maximum 20 of July), 0.80, 0.8022 (Outer BB), 0.8065 (maximum 27 July)

Terminal for financial markets. Currencies, Stocks, Agricultural, Metals, Energy, cryptocurrency.

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SevenMohammed5 SevenMohammed5 - a unique indicator , it gathers 7 standard indicators : Bears Power, Bulls Power, Commodity Channel Index,...