Friday, November 30, 2018

At Deutsche Bank issues vaunted

At Deutsche Bank issues: the vaunted German pedantry was not so and iron

The list of accusations made yesterday US regulators against Deutsche Bank, looks depressing. The Fed released the letter stated that some reports of US branches DB were "inaccurate and unreliable".

US department make up over a quarter of total assets Deutsche Bank. Meanwhile, the Fed's examination showed that the giant DB momentum in the United States were supported by financial statements, drawn up with serious problems. On the problems of these lenders I have known for many years, but does not solve them.

In the letter,
directed the Fed in December manual
The DB, said that
Statements provided by some
US bank branches, "has
low quality, inaccurate and unreliable.
The size and extent of errors convincingly
prove that the whole of the US
DB infrastructure requires
comprehensive action to restore
order. "

the Fed - a reproach to one of
the largest banks in the world, and this is
at a time when the federal regulator
always says that more and more
focuses on the fact that foreign
creditors as best you can feel
in the US market of big capital.

The letter says,
that DB has not reached any
progress in addressing previously identified
problems. The auditors found a "significant
errors and the poor state of
Data Integrity "in the US
divisions of the German bank. Range
errors - very wide: from entry errors
Information to failure into account values
collateral when assessing
credit risks.

They represent the "system
disorder "and" subject company
significant operational risk "
It mentioned in the report Daniel Mucci,
senior vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
responsible for verifying Deutsche

The American
government has a variety of tools,
to restore order in the banking
system of the country. It can be personal
letters targeted bank executives
(As in the illustrated case), and more
serious cases - restrictions
for operating activities.

In a letter
contains urgent requirement
addressed to the top management of DB
that have been taken to
Steps to address the problems. On Tuesday
DB representative said
in a public statement: "We have worked
diligently to develop our
system and controls. Our
goal - to become the best in our industry. "
Mr. Mucci further comment
He refused. The American branch
German lender produce
investment banking,
engaged in asset management and
transaction processing. All this
combined is $ 600
billion in assets - more than a quarter of the total
Bank of turn. Substantial part
US operations were run by
Anshu Jain (now co-director
Deutsche Bank). acting
CEO of the North American
a bank branch - Zhak Brand. comment
these two gentlemen have not yet been reported.

arises as to CFO
DB - Stefan
, which is ultimately responsible
of the bank's financial performance and is
direct responsibility for the quality of

strike at the very foundation of the bank, and from
This has affected many of the major
lenders around the world: the fact that
some investors and depositors
feel uncertain about the safety of
its assets and take them off.
Such fears, for example, have been particularly
widespread in Europe during the
banking crisis.

the letter states clearly that concern
control over bodies
American offices DB
growing is not the first

"Beginning with
2002, in the regulatory structure
US Bank branch out
to the fore the weaknesses, and for
decades, they have remained
weak ", - says Mr. Mucci. -
"Most of them - set
fact, and the root causes of these errors were not
eliminated. " Paul Miller, a former federal
bank examiner, said he saw something
unusual in the fact that the bank has repeatedly
He warns but does not solve the problem.
"Usually, when the regulator on something
It indicates bank immediately corrects it. "

Auditor DB, KPMG LLP, too
found shortcomings in the delivery of financial
Bank statements for 2013. Representative
Agency comment on the situation
He refused.

problem areas - for example, that in the
bank incorrectly determined
riskiness 20% of its credits. Commission
counted at least half a dozen areas,
which require immediate
action to remedy the situation.
"Rambling" regulatory system,
"Weaknesses" in the technologies used
branches DB. Instead
In order to automatically collect
data and transmit them to the federal
regulator, DB officials
We make manual changes
more than 800 reporting units. Data
These were related to the balance point,
types of loans and deposits total
valued at approximately $ 337

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Dollar lost gains on eve of publication

The dollar lost gains on the eve of the publication of US GDP

On Thursday, the dollar retreated from a 3.5-week high against a basket of major currencies as markets await today the release of preliminary data on the growth of the US economy in the third quarter.

Dollar reduces the rise on the eve of the publication of US GDP

The dollar is generally supported after the Federal Reserve ended its quantitative easing program and stated its belief that the US economic recovery will continue.

The US central bank said that despite the strengthening of the labor market, he still has room to grow, but not a "significant development" as he said earlier, in the direction of employment.

Later in the session will be released preliminary data on US GDP growth in the third quarter, while the consensus forecast for annual growth of 3.0%, after declining in the second quarter by 4.6% due to weather conditions.

The US is also to publish a report on initial applications for unemployment benefits after the beginning of the month the number of calls fell to 14-year low.

The EUR / USD weakened 0.33% to 1.2590 after 1.2555 recent low.

The single currency got some support after Spain reported an increase in the economy in the third quarter, while Germany noted the reduction in the number of unemployed in this month.

The data showed Spain economy grew in the third quarter of 0.5%, or 1.6% per annum, as predicted.

A separate report showed that the annual rate of inflation in Spain remained below zero this month, at -0.1% after -0.2% in September.

Later today, Germany is to release preliminary data on consumer prices.

USD / JPY pair rose by 0.11% to 109.01, trading near the 109.31 high.

Dollar unchanged against the pound, the GBP / USDtorguetsya at 1.6002, and retains higher against the Swiss franc, with USD / CHF has strengthened by 0.32% to 0.9577.

The pair NZD / USD is stable at the one-month low 0.7800.

New Zealand's currency has fallen sharply in the previous session after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand left interest rates unchanged at 3.5% and said that "the period of regulation is appropriate to consider further policy adjustment."

The bank had previously said that he believes that in the future will need some tightening of monetary policy.

The AUD / USD fell to 0.8790, while USD / CADprakticheski unchanged at 1.1191.

USD index, which tracks the performance of the greenback versus a basket of six major currencies, was up 0.27% to 86.33, trading close to a 3.5-week high of 86.39.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018



Important: To correctly display the font menu, download and install the font "Agency FB"!

PROvolumes indicator is designed for traders who trade on the younger timeframes, such as M1 and M5.

The indicator is based on the number of oscillators with multi-taymfreymovyh trend filters, providing truly exact enter the market.

The indicator provides a visual representation of the signal strength on the current chart and taymfryeme and notifies about the possibility of a long or short trades.

To improve the results, you can additionally use our trend indicator TrendFollowerSR.

PROvolumes indicator does not need to set up, it is already configured to work on all major pairs.

Input parameters PROvolumes


  • Show Menu - hide / show menu

  • Coord. X - X coordinate for the menu location

  • Coord. Y - Y coordinate for the menu location

  • Menu Label color - color labels
  • Use Standard Font - Agency FB font or Arial

Are common:

  • Draw Buy Signals - display signals for purchase (Yes / No)
  • Draw Sell Signals - display signals for sale (Yes / No)
  • Trading Type - the number of generated signals (may be unsafe for a large number of signals). However, if you prefer to trade frequently, you can select "Often"

  • Drawing Type - display all signals or only strong

  • MT4 Alert STRONG SIGNALS - alert in the terminal for the strong signals
  • MT4 Alert POSSIBLE SIGNALS - notification in a terminal for possible signals


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Wednesday, November 28, 2018



The original trend indicator. can take
values ​​from -1 to +1. The closer to 1 the indicator value, the stronger
uptrend. The closer to 1, the more downward. can also
used as an oscillator for determining
overbought / oversold. The indicator has the signal line - the moving average of the main line

The input parameter
Period Main specify the number of bars used for
calculation. Period Signal parameter determines the period for
calculating a signal line of the indicator.


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YPY EA Immortalis NG PRO

YPY EA Immortalis NG PRO

YPY EA Immortalis NG PRO - innovative multi-trading robot that uses a complex of several thousand unique virtual strategies and implement automated trading with the real levels of Take profit and Stop loss.

This expert developer adapted for short-term trading under the current market (the last 36 months trading) through regular updates.

Version "PRO" trading robot YPY EA Immortalis NG (next generation) It recommended for multi-currency trading on the following instruments: GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, AUDCAD, USDCAD, XAUUSD, NZDUSD. timeframe: M15

This trading system uses a smooth dynamic auction for virtual commerce, but with different restrictions and compulsory closure. it distinguishes by Martingale systems such as the expert will not wait forever rollback prices and will always be to severely restrict losses.

The cost of renting will be periodically increased along with the growth of return on the developer monitoring.

Key features

  1. Fully automated trading

  2. No need for optimization

  3. Easy to use, no extra settings

  4. Protective actual levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit

  5. Additional protection against abnormal movements of the market price

Description of the main expert settings

  • TradeMode = Trade / Pausetrade / Stoptrade

    • Trade - trade regime

    • Pausetrade - when this mode is enabled shopping complex continues to support already open orders without finding new entry points with a view to progressively complete the trade account.

    • Stoptrade - when this mode is enabled shopping mall immediately exits the trade by closing all its orders.

  • AutoMM - system, which automatically calculates the lot on the size of the free equity, taking into account the currency of the deposit.

    • Extreme / High / Medium / Low / Minimum - risk levels

    • OFF - disables the automatic money management, and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using parameter Lot

Expert orders the closure of other means is prohibited, as well as the transfer of an expert in a different terminal without it creates files in MQL4 \ Files folder

  • VirtualLot - the lot size of the virtual trading (maximum 0.1)

  • MinLeverage - the minimum size of the leverage necessary for opening new orders

  • MinMarginLevel - the minimum level of margin accounts as a percentage required for opening new orders

  • Slippage - the maximum allowable slippage orders at the opening

  • GMTOffset - in this parameter for each user needs necessarily set the current shift in hours of your trading server time relative to GMT

  • MaxDrawdown - the maximum size of the total equity drawdown all of their orders in the currency of the deposit, at which shut down all their orders on all instruments (trade will be automatically restarted on the next trading day)


  1. User self-testing, determines the risks and the instruments used for each new version of the expert. It is recommended to get acquainted with the work of experts in the tester terminal and strategies on a demo account.

  2. trade expert uses the explicit control of the opening bars.

  3. It is recommended to always use the most recent version. To update the latest version of the expert's enough to download and install on your schedule instead of the former, all previously open orders will be accompanied by a new version correctly.

  4. The expert must be installed separately on each graph tradable instrument.

  5. The product does not comply with the rules of FIFO.

  6. of trading conditions Requirements:

    • Any broker and any type of accounts

    • Recommended leverage of 1: 100 or more

    • limiting the number of simultaneously opened orders on account of at least 200

    • Minimum deposit of $ 1000 (cents for cent accounts).


IPA Investments LTD - specializes in innovative software development in the field of trading for their own needs, as well as the implementation of corporate objectives.

YPY EA Immortalis NG PRO


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Monday, November 26, 2018

Successful traders are female

Successful traders are female - is not a myth!

You can come as a surprise, but we are in the text will be discussed is about famous and successful women traders in the Forex market that can give odds to many men. It turns out that in the history of the market there were many cases where women are even headed by financial institutions and positions of leadership because they were the best in the business. And now we can confidently prove that she is not only good to drive, but also to engage in trading.

To confirm his words, I will try to give a few examples of popular women-traders, who were widely discussed last few years.

And at once shocking
example. Imagine that in the traditionally
not prone to experimentation India almost
the whole of 2001 as president of the Bombay
Exchange was a woman - Dina Mehta. More
It is reported by the media, in the beginning of the millennium
business lady appeared on the stock exchanges
Islamic Kuwait.

And in Europe and America
nothing surprised. One of the promoted
people in Europe - 35-year-old lady, SuperBoss,
Head of Investment Department
one of the largest British funds
City Katherine Garrett-Cox. journalists
it even jokingly called Katerina
Great. This lady gets paid
a million pounds a year plus

Such examples have
a lot of. In 2001, the new executive
City head of the stock exchange for the first time
All its 230-year history has become a 41-year-old
Klara Ferz, received a salary of 1.5
mln. of pounds a year.

In its principles - not
linger too much time at work,
and supports a healthy body it is
daily obligatory exercise
at noon. Exactly at noon every
day she gets up from the table and goes to
gym, even at this moment flying
the whole world to hell.

For business lady like
scale concerns Kerol Gelli, which
called "ice lady". Carol -
Director of ongoing activities
British investment company
Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. Under its control -
assets worth $ 557 billion. That's interesting
Carol came originally to work in
company ... librarian. And now she
the best specialist who knows about the British
all companies.

The Wall Street Journal, Time, Buisness
Week and other major publications for several
years make lists of the coolest lady
European and global business. And already
the first year in all the ratings fall
Russian woman - Olga Dergunova.

Since 1995,
Olga - the only female director
Microsoft regional office. director
Microsoft Corporation for Eastern Europe
Robert Klaf believes it best among
all of their managers.

There is another well-known
woman trader - Sintiya Keys. his glory
she has earned through its own
trading system, which was created
long years. It all began in 1983,
when the company's management "Standard Oil
of California", Transferred it to the trading department.

When Cynthia asked, how easy is it
to become a successful trader in the financial
markets, she says: "No. This is not true
easy as it seems at first glance.
It is impossible to read a book and go
up for auction in the hope of success".
The real glory of the trader and the trading
consultant came to Cynthia after
how it has developed its own
indicators. The best-known indicator,
it created - PeakOscilltor - LED

And, perhaps, the last
a woman in today's list of best
Female traders, it Linda Bradford
. It is also not without modesty call
the most successful woman in the trading world.

Linda Raschke - professional trader,
which started its trading activities
in 1981 in the stock room of the Pacific
Stock Exchange. However, by applying the maximum
effort, she opened the management company
«LBRGroup» money. Her best advice
beginners: "Do not be afraid of the market.
If you make a mistake it is better not
complicate the situation and leave. Not
be greedy. Nothing serious is
that you have lost a bit of money. "

Incidentally, the first
female broker on the New York
Stock Exchange was Muriel Siebert. Her
not taken seriously for a long time, she
It started out as a trainee in one of the
brokerage firms. then passed
of firms in the firm gained experience in
eventually he decided to open his own
a business.

To buy a seat on the stock exchange, it
I had to borrow money from friends and take
a large bank loan. The Bank, by the way,
He became one of the first customers and Muriel
I forgave her interest for the first month
the use of credits in exchange for the provision of
brokerage services. Three years later
Muriel founded his own company.

But, of course, that
why women manage to earn
good money on the stock exchange, and which have
their secrets trading style, you need to
speak for a long time and thoroughly separately.
Perhaps in one of the following positions
it will do.

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Break It Down

Break It Down

Break It Down is based on the directional movement index (Directional Movement Index), which reports that the trend of the market is likely saturated and ready to be weakening. This model is more predictable in the application of this during the rally in the , but within the trading range. As traders are selling in the fear that the market often moves faster when reduced! When this happens, it may be a good move.

As traders are no longer interested in the trend, the will decrease and the price roll back to normal. Overstock is usually faster than a rally, so is suitable for scalper based on quick entry and exit.

Saturation trend is determined by using an index of the Middle Directional Movement (Average Directional Movement Index) and the mean volume. Being in the trading range is determined by using a large channel and Bollinger bands Keltnera (recommended to install both 5 times larger than a conventional averaging period 20). Finding the market within a narrow range determined by the search time when the upper and lower Bollinger line to get inside Keltner channel. The probability of occurrence of the pattern Break It Down more likely within this narrow range, so the signal will be displayed.


  • Intelligent way to recognition of the trend you are ready to roll back or full reversal.

  • Select the number for which the difference between the values ​​of the lines most likely forecast a trading range.

  • Selection of the preferred color signal and Bollinger bands.

  • Sending notifications on the screen, email or smartphone.



  • Bands_Period - period moving average of the Bollinger Bands. (IMPORTANT: It is recommended to keep the value of 100, which is 5 times more than usual value of 20)

  • Bands_Shift - the number of bars for the calculation of past, starting with the current. For example: 0 = current bar, 1 bar = previous

  • Bands_Deviation - calculation of standard deviation.



  • Keltner Period - period moving average to calculate the Keltner bands. (IMPORTANT: It is recommended to keep the value of 100, which is 5 times more than usual value of 20)

  • Keltner ATR - Average True Range for Channel Keltner. (IMPORTANT: It is recommended to keep the value of 5.0 instead of the usual 1.5)

  • Keltner Moving Average Mode - The type of moving . For example: 0 = easy, 1 = exponential smoothed = 2 and = 3 linearly weighted


  • Bear Arrow Color - the color of the bear shooter

  • Bollinger Color - color line of the Bollinger Bands.

  • Volatility Line Color - the color of the lines derived from a given margin lines


  • Soundfile - sound file to alert

  • PlaySound - at true will be made audible warning to the false will not.

  • MessageBox - true true pop-up messages will appear at false will not.

  • SendeMail - at true messages will be sent by e-mail at false will not.

  • SendMobile - at true notification will be sent to a mobile device when false will not.

Break It Down

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Friday, November 23, 2018

On other side

On the other side


Trading - is trade. Our "regular customers" - those are not the people who are lining up and waiting for 45 minutes to buy expensive (and very tasty) donuts. On the opposite side of the bargain often are other market participants who have a current, urgent need for liquidity, such that they come into the market in a fit of greed, or go out for fear of further loss (or, even better, by a margin -count). In other cases, the other party to the transaction may be a government that wants to achieve the strategic objective, or hedgers who want to take profits on their business operations.

For further reflection are the three simple questions that I find useful:
- Do you have any liquidity when your contractor is not it?
- Do you have this understanding, which is not your counterparty?
- Does your company others (not profit-oriented) goals?

To get a real commercial advantage, I believe that we need to answer at least one question was positive.


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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Alibaba again raised price of

Alibaba again raised the price of its IPO

price range
IPO Alibaba Group
Holding Ltd increased to $ 66 - 68.
High interest of investors to the most
this year is expected to debut confirmed.
There is a high probability that it will be
the largest IPO in history.
Alibaba - a company engaged in
e-commerce. Chinese giant
trade turnover exceeds severely
Amazon and eBay together
taken, so he offers to potential
Investors bet on quick
the development of China's economy, at all
increases with the amount of each year
e-commerce, the rapidly
growing Internet sector in Asia

If you start
on top of the price range,
Alibaba will attract as a result of
Almost 22 billion IPO
dollars. It will be a world record -
Alibaba has all chances
outdo the Agricultural
Bank of China, which was rescued in 2010
as a result of the IPO 22,1 billion

Let me remind you, before
trading range is indicated in the 60 - 66
dollars per share.

IPO «great
Chinese "it began last week.
Two days later, it was obtained enough
orders to close the books. The sale
shares will be released this week.

to expand the price range, the number of
issued shares will remain the same -
320.1 million shares.

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KARAS Mean Expert

KARAS Mean Expert

KARAS Mean Expert - a fully automatic system for trading in levels. When the price is at extreme levels, it opens a transaction in the opposite direction. Extreme levels are determined automatically and dynamically.


  • Instruments: all currencies.

  • Chart Period: M15

  • Works with any broker (recommended ECN-count)

  • To work requires no configuration or optimization

  • Types of calculation of lots: fixed, percentage of the balance, the percentage of equity, the percentage of available funds

Input parameters

  • lot settings

  • Lot Calculation Method: Method of calculation of the lot (Fixed, Balance_Percent, Equity_percent or FreeMargin_Percent)

  • Fixed Lot: the fixed value of the lot

  • Percentage of Balance: a percentage of the balance

  • Percentage of Equity: percentage of own funds

  • Percentage of FreeMargin: a percentage of the available funds

  • orders Settings:

  • Order Magic Number: unique magic number adviser

  • Slippage: allowable slippage in points

  • Comment: User comments to transactions

  • settings alerts

  • Show Information: Information about the work of the strategy. (True / false)

  • Push Notification: send push-notifications (true / false)

  • Display Box Alert: display pop-up messages (true / false)

  • Sound Alert: use sound signals (true / false)

  • Sound File Buy - sound file to Buy

  • Sound File Sell - sound file for Sell

KARAS Mean Expert

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  • New Line Expert

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Brent crude exceeded price at

Brent crude exceeded the price at $ 105 per barrel

On Monday morning trading Brent crude oil rose to a four-month minimum (which was set in the previous session), but concerns about the glut in the market so far outweigh the fears of violence in the Middle East and North Africa.

On forecasts of a surplus of oil on the African and European markets brought down Brent by 3.3%, despite the geopolitical tensions in Iraq, Libya and Ukraine last week.

Strong US economic data, which showed that oil demand will improve, could not support the prices in the world's largest economy. Pressure and rate of a fall in oil prices is likely to continue, according to Rik Spuner of CMC Markets.

Now futures
Brent crude oil rose to $ 104.96 per barrel
after it fell on Friday to $ 104.84
barrel, the lowest closing level
April 2.

Schedule of Brent crude for September delivery:

Futures on the US
light oil (mark WTI)
rose 14 cents to $ 98.04.

Schedule for WTI crude oil for September delivery:

"We expect the Brent
It will be traded in the lower
range for most of the
the third quarter, unless there is an escalation of
geopolitical conflicts"- wrote
Morgan Stanley analysts in the analysis on Monday.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Elliott Wave Counter MT5

Elliott Wave Counter MT5

This feature-rich Elliott wave analysis software for MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

You can:

  • Instant calculation of waves matching the pattern and extent, at the click of a mouse.

  • Instant construction of Andrews' Pitchfork at the click of a mouse.

  • Instant construction Fibonacci targets (in price and time) uniquely configured for each type of wave, by pressing a single key.

  • Instant construction wave Fibonacci channels uniquely configured for each type of wave, by pressing a single key.

Main characteristics:

1. You can use the same schedule for all currencies

  • You can use the same window to view multiple graphs.

  • The indicator automatically hides objects of other currencies and show them again when you return to the first.

2. Symbols

  • Set the pattern type that you want to count.

  • Set degree.

  • Set the color (this will help you to distinguish between the number of alternate waves).

  • Move the cursor when you are ready, just click the "Draw" button.

  • If you want to change the position of the wave, or select all of the labels, just click the "Select" button to select / deselect a wave symbol on the chart.

  • Then you can click the "Bind" to automatically snap to the wave character maximum and minimum price of the bar, watching the hierarchy wave levels at all time periods.

  • To delete the last wave simply click on one of the wave patterns, and then click "DeleteLastLabel" button. Last wave your pattern will be deleted. Press the button as many times as you need to achieve the desired wave and remove it.

3. Channel Fibonacci

  • Show / hide Fibonacci channels, when the mark wavelength selected.

  • You can add the desired channel levels.

  • You can change the color as the channel lines, and channel levels.

  • You can change the style as the channel lines, and channel levels.

  • You can change the thickness of lines as a channel, and channel levels.

4. Time zone Fibonacci

  • Show / hide Fibonacci time zone when a mark wavelength selected.

  • You can change the color of the lines Fibonacci time zones.

  • You can change the style of the time zones Fibonacci lines.

  • You can change the thickness of Fibonacci time zones lines.

5. Target zone Fibonacci

  • Show / hide the target zone for the next wave of Fibonacci levels, when the symbol is selected wavelength.

  • You can change the color levels of the target zones.

  • You can change the style of the levels of target zones.

  • You can change the thickness levels of target zones.

  • You can add the desired channel levels.

6. Pitchfork

  • Show / hide the forks when the mark wavelength selected.

  • You can change the color as fork lines and lift levels.

  • You can change the style as lift lines and lift levels.

  • You can change the thickness of lines as the fork and lift levels.

  • You can add the desired level of lift.

7. Other Settings

  • Pointer display.

  • Hide / show a detailed text description of wave symbols.

  • Remove all objects created by the tool.

Feel free to express their opinions about the tool and let me know if there is a need for improvement.


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Monday, November 19, 2018



Light trading session on FORTS.

Indicator paints different colors trading sessions between clearing: from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 14:00 to 18:45.


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commercial counselor Falcon GBPCAD trades at the close of US trading session and the opening of the Asian trading session. It opens not a large number of orders. To enter using the signal from a number of technical indicators. Closes deal mainly in several commercial filters, so the stop and profit is very rarely works. This EA was developed for trading in the currency pair GBPCAD, I recommend trade on this trading instrument. Use advisor preferably on the type of accounts ECN, Use the default settings. For convenience, the EA uses information graphical panel, which can be turned off if necessary. To protect against input under widening of spreads, using the maximum spread, regulated EA settings. As there is the possibility of trading on certain days and at certain times.


  • Do not use the hedge;

  • Do not use a grid, martingale, arbitration;

  • Automatic calculation of the size of the trading lot.


  • Instruments: GBPCAD;

  • timeframe: M15;

  • Deposit: from $ 100;

  • Account type: ECN;

  • Account currency: USD;

  • use: VPS.


  • MagicNumber - Magic number;

  • Comment - Comments for orders;

  • Lot - Presumptive lot;

  • auto risk - Automatic calculation of the lot. Percentage used deposit;

  • Maximum spread - The maximum allowable spread;

  • Slippage - Slippage;

  • Stop Loss - stop-loss level;

  • Take Profit - the level of take-profit;

  • Show - true / false - enable / disable the dashboard

  • Color - dashboard color;

  • traded on MONDAY? - switch. Yes - trade, no - do not sell

  • monday_open - trade start

  • monday_pause_start - break, beginning

  • monday_pause_stop - end break

  • monday_close - trade Deadline

  • traded on TUESDAY? - switch. Yes - trade, no - do not sell

  • tuesday_open - trade start

  • tuesday_pause_start - break, beginning

  • tuesday_pause_stop - end break

  • tuesday_close - trade Deadline

  • traded on WEDNESDAY? - switch. Yes - trade, no - do not sell

  • wednesday_open - trade start

  • wednesday_pause_start - break, beginning

  • wednesday_pause_stop - end break

  • traded on THURSDAY? - switch. Yes - trade, no - do not sell

  • thursday_open - trade start

  • thursday_pause_start - break, beginning

  • thursday_pause_stop - end break

  • thursday_close - trade Deadline

  • traded on FRIDAY? - switch. Yes - trade, no - do not sell

  • friday_open - trade start

  • friday_pause_start - break, beginning

  • friday_pause_stop - end break

  • friday_close - trade Deadline


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Friday, November 16, 2018

Choppiness Index

choppiness Index

"How good it would be an indicator that tells you whether the price of the is part of a trend, or is in a flat, allowing to ignore the false breakouts and market" noise "and focus on the real movement!"

choppiness Index - non-directional indicator to determine to the flat / trending . He oscillates between the values ​​of -50 (very trendy) and 50 (very to the flat).

Choppiness Index indicator allows to implement several strategies:

1. 1. Purchase / sale on the break of the rebound from the extreme values ​​Choppiness Index

  • CI movement below +11.8 (transition from motion to the flat to trend) after rebound from high CI values ​​may indicate the beginning of a trend approaching (the price must be confirmed)

  • A more conservative approach wait for the CI will not pass 0 (shown in the screenshot)

2. 2. Trend following (determining when to enter and when not to)

  • If the market is the trend and the value of CI is less than +11.8 more than three times, the trend is likely to continue. If CI crosses the level +11.8 three times or more, the trend is near completion

3. Improving the efficiency of trading by confirming the current conditions prior to entering into a transaction. Many trading more effective in specific market conditions. Specify the required values ​​to the flat / trending, using CI.


  • Thresholds are commonly used indicator for determining Choppiness Index to the flat / trend movements. well-known Fibonacci levels are most commonly used: +11.8 to -11.8 threshold to the flat and the trend for the threshold

  • The indicator works well in conjunction with the trend lines and the pattern recognition


Pop-up messages, sound alerts and email notifications, you can turn on / off for the following events. Note that the recipient's e-mail address and SMTP information should be available in 4 settings before using e-mail alerts.

  • Choppiness Index crosses 0

  • Choppiness Index is above a user-defined upper (to the flat) Threshold (Default = 11.8)

  • Choppiness Index is below a user-defined lower (trend) Threshold (Default = -11.8)


  • CHOP period (Default = 14): the number of bars to calculate the indicator

  • CHOP smoothing (Default = 1): optional smoothing period applied to the indicator (can increase the download time). 1 = no anti-aliasing, >1 = large smoothing (set value is used as the smoothing period)

  • Plot circles when CI > upper threshold: draw circles when the CI value crosses the upper threshold. When True intersection distinguished circles
  • Plot circles when CI < lower threshold: draw circles when the CI value crosses the lower threshold. When True intersection distinguished circles
  • Plot circles when CI crosses zero: draw circles when CI value crosses the zero level. When True intersection distinguished circles

  • Turn on / off all alerts: True = alarm enabled, false = Alert suspended

  • Alert when CI crosses 0: If true, it will be submitted notifications when Choppiness Index value crosses 0

  • Alert when CI is above upper threshold: When true alerts are delivered when Choppiness Index value will be above a user-defined upper (to the flat) threshold

  • Upper alert threshold (Default = 11.8): A user-defined upper threshold for alert

  • Alert when CI is below lower threshold: When true alerts are delivered when Choppiness Index value will be below a user-defined lower (trend) threshold

  • Lower alert threshold (Default = -11.8): A user-defined lower threshold for alert

  • Turn on alerts message: the inclusion of a pop-up warning

  • Turn on alerts sound: the inclusion of audible warning

  • Turn on alerts email: inclusion of e-mail notifications

choppiness Index

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Quantum filter

quantum filter

consider the trading strategy in terms of optimal entry into the market, the
the question arises: how to know in advance that it's the right time to open
trading position? I dare say that most of the generated signals of profitable strategies (
best case) does not exceed 50% of the total number, so cut false
inputs - one of the main tasks of the trader. But how to do that? More often
filters are used.

Quantum filter.

assume that the market is some field (such psycho-emotional) and each point which characterizes its state at the moment. And let us assume that it is known in some points of the field, our strategy is profitable, and in which a loss. That is thus possible to enable the filter and to pass such market condition (field points) at which the most probable loss.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Riddles of billionaires answers

Riddles of billionaires - the answers!

So, as promised, I publish answers to the mysteries in yesterday's post, and check for brainy. Someone answered, but if you use Google - the shame and disgrace you!

Answers to riddles of this post:

1. Loch Ness Monster

2. They were on different sides

3. Not at all. On birches do not grow apples

45 minutes

5. You jumped off the bottom rung

6. Your own surname!

7. matches

8. Fifteen

9. He walked

10. Under wet

11. $ 20

12. Chess

13. A polite

14. Three

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

OandaX Download Manager

OandaX Download Manager

products series OandaX designed to display additional data on orders and positions provided by the service oanda FxLabs.

adviser OandaX Download Manager included in the product set OandaX and it is designed to download data for all indicators OandaX, running in the terminal.

To test trading strategies and analysis of historical data, you can download the data using free OandaX Download Manager BETA. He is a full-featured, but provides data with a delay of a day.

Attention. Advisor uses a WebRequest to an external server. To be able to download the data you want to allow WebRequest in the terminal settings, and specify the address in allowed.

At the moment, Advisor supports the following data:

  • The ratio of buyers and sellers (Position Ratio). It is the ratio of clients with a net position to buy and sell.

  • The order book (OrderBook) or Open Orders. It is a histogram that shows the distribution of limit and stop orders at the price level. To limit orders are orders buy Limit and levels Take Profit. By the stop orders are orders Sell ​​Limit and Stop Loss.

  • Book positions or Open Positions. This histogram shows the distribution of prices, on which active at the time of the formation of the histogram position traders were opened


On all instruments available historical data. Minimum step of historical data - 20 minutes.

Download historical information already available indicators without triggering advisor, so the presence of these stories, you can check the strategy using indicators OandaX in the staffing strategy tester.

If the terminal is running multiple advisers, download data and display summary table status is only one of all the rest will only display Order (Position) Book, if so specified in the settings.

Configuration utility

  • History depth to download - for a period of swing data for those instruments that have not yet downloaded history. If the story is already there, the data will swing from the last time the data available;

  • Debug Mode - in this state the terminal log there are additional entries. This setting is to help you find bugs me with your help;

  • Show Status Table - Show summary table status. It displays the task performed by the advisor, their type of instrument, the status of the last attempt to download and spacing downloaded stories;

  • Download history from exact date - if you need a very deep history, place True and specify Exact Date, if settings History depth to download enough. History of Market Depth can take a significant amount of space, so when injected deep history is necessary to understand that this is a large (really large) amount of traffic, and this takes time;

  • Exact Date - the date on which data must be pumping.

histogram settings

  • Draw Indicator Image - if True, drawn the most relevant histogram;

  • Use Custom Instrument - True, If you have a very unusual name of tools, or you want to display a histogram of the other tools on the chart;

  • Custom Instrument Name - tool name in the format oanda FxLabs. For EURUSD - EUR_USD, for Gold, XAUUSD - XAU_USD, for Silver, XAGUSD - XAG_USD;

  • UTC Offset - shift your server time with respect to UTC, default AUTO or a shift in hours, if you need a hand;

  • Show Histogram Cumulative - if True, the cumulative histogram is drawn, that is, to each subsequent level of added value earlier;

  • Show Histogram Difference - if True, Histogram shows the difference, that is, to the horizontal level is not displayed levels of sales and purchases, and their difference. Also works for the cumulative mode.

  • Show Orders (Positions if False) - if True, shows a histogram of orders if False, shows a histogram of the positions, ie the distribution of the levels of those prices at which the current positions were opened.

OandaX Download Manager


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Pattern Alert

Pattern Alert

Have you missed the turn signal is due to the fact that you did not have a computer at the right moment?

Pattern Alert indicator is useful if you want to analyze multiple charts in the search for candlestick patterns, but do not want to constantly sit in front of the monitor. The indicator tracks your support and resistance zone, manually set, and displays alerts on your screen, and sends them to your phone (requires mobile version ). It works on all timeframes. You can adapt the zone on the basis of their needs (for example, narrow the range for short time frames).

The new version uses as rectangles zones.



  • Finds support and resistance zones, drawn by the on the chart

  • Checks changes at every tick, time to notice changes in the market

  • Sending notifications on the screen and the mobile device indicating the symbol timeframe and type of the detected pattern

  • Work on any timeframe


  • Resistance: the color of the resistance zone

  • Support: the color of the support area

  • Show_Levels: show support and resistance levels used indicator


  1. Drag the indicator to a chart

  2. Select a color for the support / resistance zones

  3. Draw support and zones, using predefined colors

  4. Wait until a notification to your smartphone when forming candlestick patterns within these zones you

Supported candlestick patterns

  • Absorption

  • recoil

  • inside bar

  • If you need more patterns, write in the "Commentary"

Pattern Alert


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Monday, November 12, 2018

Forecast for day 28 08 2014g

Forecast for the day 28.08.2014g.

Forecast for the day 28.08.2014g.

NZD and EUR still retains its negative attitude against the majority
currencies, AUD has some not clear, which is that the AUD has
potential growth against certain currencies, and at the same time has a tendency to
fall. This phenomenon usually provoke a mass market. Perhaps in
soon we will see a rapid drop in AUD against all
currency. JPY recovers from the big sell-off, and is likely
JPY will continue growth.

The previous forecast has not changed significantly. potential
growth have good chances of USD, JPY, and GBP, CHF (relatively speaking). On the basis of the forecast is likely to be
profitable shorts EUR / CHF, EUR / USD, GBP / USD, NZD / USD, NZD / CHF, NZD / JPY,
NZD / CAD, and longs for the GBP / NZD, AUD / NZD and USD / CAD.

I note that it is recommended to enter into a transaction with the rollback.

My predictions are published 2 times a day, and GMT 0 GMT +7. For
calculating the potential strength / weakness of the use of large data brokers, including
including toll data. The material is presented for information, it does not bear the responsibility
for any profits / losses made on the basis of this forecast. Trading on
Forex carries a high risk.

Upon entering the market provide the ratio profit / risk is not
less than 2/1 and enter the pullbacks. The next forecast will be at 00:00 according to GMT.

Successful trading.

Yours faithfully,


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Friday, November 9, 2018



ChartScaler - is a tool for setting the same price scale on all open charts. How to use it?

  1. Add a graphic indicator.

  2. Set the appropriate scale at one of the open charts.

  3. Press the hot key (S - a global hot key by default) - the same scale will be installed on all other charts.

  4. To cancel the zooming of graphs and setting auto scale, press U.

The indicator recognizes the number of decimal places in the quotes, so should work correctly on different instruments. However, you can manually set the parameter ScaleFactor responsible for the calculation of the proportion between the instruments, and which is linked to the number of decimal places. ScaleFactor can take only integer values. If 0, the calculation is carried out automatically.

10 can be used to scale the groups with their hot keys according to the group numbers (keys from 1 to 0).

Indicator sets fixed price levels on the chart (which can be enabled / disabled in the properties), so when you use it is recommended to disable the grid. Location of fixed price levels can be changed in the properties. To avoid promiscuity at a higher timeframes, you can set the visibility only to the highest level for a specific timeframe. Convenient is that the fixed price levels do not appear in the list of objects, they can not be pressed, or change them directly from the chart.

In the lower right corner there is a range of values ​​/ direction and the current spread. Period Range / direction (R / D Period) can use the properties. The range of measures the price movement (difference between High and Low) for a certain period range / direction. Directionality shows how much the direction of the movement. Its color changes to green, or red, when the value exceeds 0.7 or -0.7, and the range higher than the value obtained by the formula: (R / D Period * Spread).



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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Test period for paid signals MetaTrader

The test period for paid signals MetaTrader canceled!

For added convenience, service providers, we have decided to cancel
binding test period for paid signals. This means that the right
Now you can start selling your trading signals.

Previously, the supplier need
It had to endure a month of public monitoring, during which exposed
they signal had to make at least 5 trades with no loss
more than 70% of the initial value. Now all barriers have been removed - surcharge signal
allowed to subscribe immediately, without a test period and the implementation of the previous conditions.

The test period for paid signals canceled

We are giving the green light to suppliers paid signals. want to start
making right now? Create a paid signal, and it will be immediately available to millions of traders.

Never before did not sell signals? Check out
step by step directions "how
become a supplier of signal for MetaTrader"Register as a seller and a transition to the active
phase. Your potential market - a few million users trading
Terminal MetaTrader.

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  • MetaQuotes Software in Pakistan

    MetaQuotes Software in Pakistan: the integration of MetaTrader 5 with Exchange PMEX and opening a new office in Lahore Company MetaQuotes Software Corp....

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Oil in abundance and it is still

Oil in abundance and it is still more expensive

Oil prices are rising,
but this growth may be short-lived
due to increased supply and weak
major economic indicators
oil consumers. At 9.17 GMT, futures for
Brent crude rose $ 0.15 - up
$ 102.80 per barrel, while futures for WTI - at
$ 0.25 to $ 93.60.

Brent for August may
fall in price the second consecutive month due
slow economic growth in China
and Europe, while excess
sentence. Investors will not lay
to quote a premium for geopolitical
the risk of not seeing the supply disruptions in
during local wars in Iraq, Libya and
Ukraine. Even the Iraqi province
Kurdistan on the territory of which are
fighting with the Islamists, could send to
export of several parties.

"Kurds suggest at
order and begin to export oil. oil
in excess", - said a senior manager
Commodities markets Philip Futures in Singapore
Avtar Sandhu.

Libya's ambassador to Egypt
Monday asked for foreign aid
for the protection of Libyan institutions,
airports and Natural Resources. USA
considering options for military action
against the Islamists in Syria, but it is
limited air strikes in
Iraq. Ukraine accused Russia of military
invasion, after the Russian
trucks with humanitarian aid
crossed the border. Tuesday will be held
meeting of the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

On the eve of the weekly
report on crude oil inventories in the United States interviewed
Reuters analysts suggest that
inventories rose by 1.8 million barrels
last week, and stocks of petroleum products

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How to assemble perfect all weather

How to assemble the perfect all-weather investment portfolio?

As with
people who write about finance, I
There is a problem. My work does
it almost impossible for me
its management
own investment portfolio.
When I first began to work
full time work
back in 2007, I had to sell all
its reserves
(Diageo, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway)
I do not even want to think about
what is
It costs me.

For me
It is also very difficult to pass
money manager
Fund, which even I
trust and respect,
e.g., Charles fund
de Voix,
Strauss or Allan
because it is impossible in principle
for me, even if I
write about them.

people in my position should be
third approach
and makes its investments
in traditional
stock and bond index. Robust
sense says that it
safely and securely
is income from at least
something from his briefcase.

but then
I have another

I know that
is a widespread
opinion and the full

such mixed
Funds have not worked before
- bad. Today, many or most of the
highly overrated on the basis of numerous
long-term measures. bonds also
expensive on their background
own long-term standards.
The one who did his research - in
including, for example, I read
Rob's work
Arnott and
the late Peter Bernstein on
Equity - knows that half
wisdom you hear
these days, and many of them
- mostly superstition.

So what
do I do?

I'd better stay in the very
good location ... continue
financial jobs
Because it means that I
not accidentally landed
in the same place where many
my readers:
It makes me
seek new

In the same time
I want to have
simple investment
portfolio, so I do not
it was necessary to fool around with
them, and
which, I know,
maximizes my
chances of earning a good long-term
profit, and
will bring to
minimize my chance
be in the house for

I want
investment portfolio, which gives
all possible conditions.
And one of the options
based on intelligence
and reasonable assumptions about the future,
not only on an analysis of
Data from the past.

Did not I
I found it? I think
me he can
be. To find this
Alternatively, I spent more than
six months in the polls
every wise
investment expert, I
their tortured VET-full, I
I know. I learned opinion
from bovine and
bearish experts
have an optimistic and
pessimists. I looked
even investment
tycoon strategy in the medieval

go into
details, let me leave
enter a small intrigue.

Although I
used by FactSet, to see how
"Weatherproof" portfolio will
work for
the last 15 years because
Analysis is more than just a
Check for
errors. The portfolio is not based on the data
15 years. This list was compiled
with past
only to the extent that
I myself believe
in his ideal.

here principles,
I build my

- Portfolio,
According to Alberta Eynshteyna, should
It is as simple as possible, but not

- is he
It based on humility.
I do not know what will happen next, and no one
does not know. he made
for all potential
economic conditions,
but does not seek to
to any particular.

- Portfolio
It consists mainly of
shares, because even
Most bears recognize
those that produce the highest
long-term returns.

- Portfolio
It is also out of stock
natural resource and real estate,
Unlike other
asset classes, which are often given
very good income
Inflation times when other assets
misbehave on the market.
stocks friendly products, despite their
because they generate income and
because "commodity
often subject to fees
and trading costs.

- In the briefcase
also have a long-term
Treasury bonds, such
such as insurance.
This is the only valuable
paper, which grew
in difficult situations
for example, in 1929, 1987 and 2008

- Portfolio
It is also
of long-term
Treasury securities are protected
Inflation, which
They offer some
against inflation and deflation.

- Portfolio
will be truly
global, if
in its composition will be action,
resources and
the property,
since all this time
a percentage of the global economy is shrinking.

- Portfolio
must be periodically
rebalance to
"return to
the average". Rebalancing
It allows you to benefit from volatility,
with virtually no losses.

- Portfolio
It includes cash, or close
equivalent, because the cash
assets will be a plus,
and it is not correlated
with nothing else.

- Portfolio
It contains
as little as possible cost
not to waste money on fees.

It turns out,
with the result that in our "all-weather
portfolio "
be approximately
10% of the assets of each of the items.

For simplicity
I model my portfolio
once a year on December 30.

I used
FactSet and began tracking
indices in early 1998, but now
you can use
exchange-traded funds or mutual funds to
keep track of these asset classes.

I suspect,
that performance
in the last 15 years was
emotions from unnecessary
emerging markets, which have been in
crisis in the late 1990s. I would say,
which is about the same performance I
I got in his portfolio - in
staggered increased
and dropped my assets.

I still
I think that those of you who controls
portfolio of individual securities can
get a greater return,
especially if you
will approach
to the task with great wisdom and
attention. But for the rest
of us that
"All-weather portfolio" can be
a good alternative.

Take out
it all
What would you like.

Brett Arends, translation - MarioMeta.

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