Wednesday, March 21, 2018



Trend or the flat? Probably the most common question among traders as the answer to it depends trading strategy.

This indicator will answer this question, as well as say, the global trend is ended or not. All you need is to put a vertical line on the major extreme. In case the price trend will cross the line of the indicator, at the flat - to remain within its borders. As a rule, local trends in the same direction. Therefore, at the turn of the global trend is broken the opposite line of the indicator.

As the basis of the indicator is taken from the work of Einstein's formula is the Brownian motion of particles.

The parameter value Degree = 0.5 corresponds to random movement rates.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

ZigZag Medvedev

ZigZag Medvedev

The indicator is designed based on the two buffer circuit and does not require no additional settings and can be used by you in any financial instrument without any restrictions. Indicator is a known ZigZag, but is not redrawn and, in practice, it makes it easy to detect significant levels of prices on the chart, as well as demonstrates the ability to determine the probable direction of price movement.

Item display

  • MinBars - calculates the number of bars. Default - 500 0 - all bars.

I appreciate your constructive suggestions and feedback.

ZigZag Medvedev

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Euro and Pound are rising dollar

Euro and Pound are rising, the dollar weakened slightly

Wednesday went up the euro as investors await
Friday's meeting of Eurogroup.
The main factor that influences today
the single currency - the situation in Greece.
Yesterday the head of the Eurogroup assured
markets in that progress, albeit slowly,
but it is approaching. So now, on
It has grown
0.27% and trading at 1.0765.

down against the yen: USDJPY
decreased 0.15% to reach 119.48.
Tomorrow will feature data
Japan's trade surplus, which
They are "a pencil" in the fundamental

pound also rose against the dollar: GBPUSD
It is at 1.4996, gaining 0.44% already.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

F trend

F trend

The indicator is designed for lovers of pipsing, it gives signals to an average of ten points. The indicator is based on a mathematical calculation: average range is determined by the price channel (typically, this range is generated at the time of storage positions), and when the price falls outside its pridely, a signal is generated in the form of arrows. A feature of the indicator is the minimum setup - the period for which you need to calculate, and signal frequency (the frequency of the signal is determined by the channel width: smaller it is, the more signals are available, but this option is recommended to decrease only when to the flat market, while the trend better increase this option for more accurate signals).


  • Period - Period to calculate the indicator

  • Multiplier - frequency signals (the smaller the value the greater the frequency signals)

  • Notification - Choosing Alert notifications (pop-up), sending to Email, Push-notifications.

  • Message header UP - Post subject for up signals EMail.

  • Message content UP - text messages for up signals EMail.

  • Message header Down - Post subject for Down signals EMail.

  • Message content Down - text messages for Down signals EMail.

F trend

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Thursday, March 15, 2018



Professional robot in
which implemented the classic trading strategy to channel the indicator PriceChannel. Signal is generated from the breakdown of the channel inwardly of the upper and
Price Channel bottom borders. When
price breaks the lower border Price
Channel and the closing price was fixed above this boundary - it will
signal to buy, if the price breaks above the upper boundary of Price Channel and the closing price was fixed below this limit - it
will sell signal. In other cases, the absence of signal. Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably
On the market. Working capital of $ 100! It is important to choose a line of work, or
the two sides, or only to buy or sell. Also, the signal can be

The expert uses
basic concepts: breakeven, trawl, stoploss and take profit, as well as on the closing
opposite signal. And an important function - correct calculation of risk. No output function unit lot, used
the concept of risk, stop loss is required, since it is measured from the lot
relatively acceptable loss for a given risk.

Any expert who is optimized without risk,
using a fixed lot, will obviously incorrect results. Since when
steal up optimization options that will increase the balance in the initial
interval history. Then everything is simple, with a large supply balance and working
fixed lot, will be able to pass any number of stories! but when
This running expert from another location on the history, it is likely
drain. Therefore, the concept of risk in the optimization and the work required! In this
Risk case works 1 - is 1% of the deposit.

The expert also has built-in advanced features
optimization of sorting, that is, it is desirable to optimize the using mode
"Custom max".

Overview of parameters:

  • Magic - The magic number, an arbitrary integer.

  • Work Period - The period for which the expert works.

  • Risk - risks that are entering the market, is set in percentage of the total loss of the deposit,
    Lot determined relative stoploss and allowable losses when the

  • LotRounding - Rounding of the lot (before decimal point).

  • DeviationP - ekvoty.

  • Sleeps -
    Waiting for the opening, closing or modifying the position.

  • Withdraw -
    Virtual withdrawals in the tester, as a percentage of the starting
    deposit (necessary when optimizing a long period, to protect from the saturation

  • StopLoss -

  • TakeProfit -

  • Trailing Period - The period that runs the trawl.

  • Trailing Breakeven - Level bezubytka, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Start - The level of the beginning of the trawl, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Stop - trawl level 0 - off trawl paragraphs, the active period of the trawl.

  • TrailingStep Period - Trawl the period.

  • Prohibit new series - If you want to finish the current position, and
    open the following, you need to include this switch (support
    position before disconnecting the expert).

  • WorkOpenLong - Permission to open a long position.

  • WorkOpenShort - Permission to open a short position.

  • WorkCloseLong - Resolution on the closing of long positions.

  • WorkCloseShort - Resolution on the closing of short positions.

  • Inversion -
    Inverting input signal.

  • SignalBar -
    Bar, from which begin to look at the (1 - the first fully
    formed bar).

  • Signal Period - the period for which indicators work.

  • AppliedPrice - price channel works with the specified price.

  • ChannelPeriod - Period
    price channel.

Instructions for optimization in standard mode:

it's desirable
optimize using mode - "Custom
"Which has a function of a progressive optimization that
able to slightly increase the potential forecast. establish
time interval equal to the operating period (Work Period), This period must be less than any other in
settings. install only
opening price, to optimize speed. Set the desired
time period, if necessary, and then forward, as desired.

It is important to
optimization pick (Signal Period)
since it determines the result, if the period is too small and the noise level
exceeds the signal strength prediction, the result will be lost if the
too big, it will be inefficient, have a few positions. must
run several times optimization, and to estimate this parameter. The optimization of
Default included permission to work in the specified direction, and closing
alarm. For trawl method is selected not on the items and using the last bar
said time interval (TrailingStep
), (Trailing Stop= 0).

default settings, set to optimize the following fields:

  • StopLoss - 50/10/300

  • TakeProfit - 100/10/300

  • Trailing Breakeven- 10/20/50

  • Trailing Start - 100/10/300

  • ChannelPeriod - 3/1/140


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Macan EA

Macan EA

Macan EA - a fully automated advisor based on moving averages breakdowns channel, which uses different from the conventional algorithm for calculating the moving averages. This makes it possible to implement a unique strategy, which is tested for 10 -year period, with good results.

This EA is recommended to use on the M5 chart with a 5-digit quotes. And also on volatile pairs, as it trades at the breakdown.


  • Expert Name - Expert name and comment to the transactions.

  • Magic Number - Advisor magic number to identify the transaction.

  • lot Size - Lot size with Auto Lot Size is false.

  • Activate Auto Lot Size - If true, the automatic calculation of the size of the lot will be activated.

  • Risk (%) - The risk based on available funds account.

  • Take Profit - Take profit.

  • Stop Loss - Stop-loss.

  • Breakeven - Breakeven.

  • Trailing Start - Distance to activate a trailing stop.

  • Slippage - slippage.

  • Max Spread Allowed - The maximum allowable spread for trading.


  • Volatile currency pairs.

  • Schedule M5.

  • Low spread.

  • Low-level stop.

  • Low commission.

  • Leverage account at least 1: 500

  • Five-digit quotes.

  • VPS-hosting 24/7 with low latency execution.

Macan EA

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DAX and FTSE 100 fell on Wednesday

DAX and FTSE 100 fell on Wednesday, CAC 40 and ASE rose

yesterday, the European
indexes changed quite weak and

Stoxx Europe 600
During the day, I lost 0,03%, FTSE 100 fell
to 0,49%, CAC 40 added 0.36%
DAX weakened by 0.6%.

on statements
Mario Draghi for additional
liquidity of Greek banks to their shares
rose: Piraeus and Eurobang
sharply immediately added
to 21%. Following them stronger and Greek
National ASE stock index:
+ 2.1%.

high season reporting, and not in here
all doing well. Thus, the third
the value of global brewer, Heineken,
quotes lowered by 3% after
its results for the last quarter.
Sales growth was less than expected

Kering SA, which
owns such fashion brands as
Gucci and Puma, lost
3.9%: its revenues declined more than
analysts predicted.

a "big loser» - Tesco Plc, which
It lost 5.2%. British retailer yesterday
I reported on the largest of its almost
a century on the basis of loss
financial year. 7 billion was debited
pounds since January closed network
43 loss-making point and refused to open
pre-planned supermarkets.

All things went bad. For example, the Swiss
pharmacist Roche Holding AG added
1.8% revenue growth above consensus.

15% of the shares immediately rose Volvo: here
expected change of CEO.

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Candle Shadow Advisor

Candle Shadow Advisor

This advisor strategy is based on the assumption that the potential price movement depends on the time of day and day of the week. Advisor calculates the most likely range of price movements and rebound from the High and Low levels. If one of the price levels achieved adviser opens a pending order (BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP). Pending orders slip the price, to buy or sell at the best price.


Advisor recommended to run only on the daily timeframe or H4. It also makes sense to install Advisor on multiple instruments simultaneously (Recommended Tools EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY maximum order size -. 0.01 lots for every $ 150 at launch advisor 3 x instruments at the same time). It is desirable that the spread has been no more than 1.8 points. On average, orders are opened on one instrument once every 3 days (with default settings). The expert can be placed on any chart and use it in conjunction with other trading robots.

  • yellow line - if the price reaches the level to be opened BUYSTOP

  • Red line - if the price reaches the level to be opened SELLSTOP


  • The excellent results of testing at the terminals of brokers with fixed and floating spread.

  • No accumulation of orders

  • Always set Stop Loss and Take Profit.

  • Advisor in advance shows on which price levels will open an order.

Weak sides:

  • Because of the novelty, short statistics of the advisor in the real world

  • EA does not make a profit from the main movement of the price trend only rollback.


  • MagicNumber - "Magic" numbers

  • reeinvest - trade in% of the deposit. Associated with value PercentOfDepo

  • PercentOfDepo ​​- Lot value is calculated as a percentage of the amount of available funds

  • lot - the initial value of the lot if Reeinvest = false

  • TP - Take Profit. If set to 0, the value is automatically calculated

  • SL - stop-loss. If set to 0, the value is automatically calculated

  • use_trailing - apply trawl

  • TrailingStop - Step trawl in points.

  • DeltaForStop - distance of pending orders from the price in points

  • max_period - What is the number of candles from the historical data should be taken for the calculation of the forecast current High and Low and the likely pullback from these levels (maximum 15)

  • performance_day - the maximum number of times a day to be able to open orders of one instrument

  • UseFloaTDelta - enable intelligent algorithm change parameter DeltaForStop

  • overnight_enable - allowed to leave the previous day orders or have to close them. (Note: if you set "false" - Friday orders may not close on their own due to the nature stop trading on the weekends at different brokers Therefore, it is better to do your own closing advance manually.).

  • Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat - which days of the week to run Advisor

Candle Shadow Advisor


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Monday, March 12, 2018

RunwiseFX Configurable Strategy

RunwiseFX Configurable Strategy Automator

This flexibly customizable toolbar to trade manually also lets you automate certain trading activities, such as notifications, opening, closing and partial closure of transactions, scaling, setting a stop-loss, take profit and much more. There are interactive controls on the graph, such as the fields and buttons for ticks. Advisor includes capital management function, a hidden stop loss, take profit and pending orders, trailing stop, transaction log, etc. Also supports the use of multiple accounts.

The free demo version that can be run on a regular schedule:

Video about the product work available at the following link:


  • Automates the trading rules, read them their text file - we will gladly help you prepare a file.

  • Rules can perform various tasks, including warning, the opening / closing of the transaction, setting levels of stop-loss and take-profit, sending push-notification, screenshots and more.

  • Rules can be based on the testimony of custom indicators in multiple timeframes and to include information from other-in the MetaTrader, for example, on the price action.

  • Rules can be interactive thanks to the controls on the chart, for example, include a field to enable / disable a rule or button to start the rule at the click of a mouse.

  • Fully compatible with the strategy tester and Optimizer - Use Advisor to optimize strategies, automatic sorting of different values ​​for the key parameters.

  • It works with multiple accounts without trading copyist, as different instances advisor can communicate with each other.

  • The calculation of the lot size - on the basis of risk as a% of the funds in the account or a fixed value.

  • It can be used for manual trading in one click, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes.
  • News and necessary actions associated with them.

  • Hidden levels stop loss take profit and pending orders.

  • Ability to manually place the graph line stop loss, take profit and pending orders.

  • The ability to install the hidden levels of pending orders to be notified or the opening of a market order. Based on the closing price of the candle can be set to the time they expire.

  • Automatic stop-loss - uses professional-level indicator or other methods.

  • Automatically take profit on the basis of risk-profit.

  • Trailing stop. It is activated when the profit target.

  • Sets the levels of stop-loss / take profit for the broker, but at a greater distance than the virtual / actual levels.

  • Scaling transactions increasing and decreasing them, the automatic scaling when the price level.
  • error handling, checking the spread and so on, it is necessary to live accounts.
  • Fixing time of order execution, slippage, and arrived in a CSV-file.

  • Support for hedging and FIFO rules.

  • Automatically takes screenshots at the opening of the transaction (can be disabled).

  • Writing in Time magazine order execution, , and arrived in a CSV file.

  • Includes indicators on multiple timeframes trend, support and resistance, pivot points, customizable indicator Average True Range (or Average Daily Range), displays the current spread and the price of supply and demand large text with color change when the price changes.

  • Includes rules for I / O on the basis of the trend, is automatically transferred into the black, button closing all deals.

  • A growing library of rules that can be copied and pasted into the configuration file, for example, automatic closing deals before the release of important news.
  • Support for multiple accounts. Actions on the main account can be copied recipient accounts.


Check out the attached video and screenshots, as well as additional information on the "Discussion" of the product.

Please note, when using the strategy tester test should be run at the normal market rate, to buttons and selection fields have worked. Alerts are displayed in the "History" tab. A limitation in the tester is that it is impossible to calculate / display weekly and monthly reversal lines.

Our Other Products

  • Market Trending indicator:
  • Trend Strength Indicator:

RunwiseFX Configurable Strategy Automator


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GBPUSD general analysis

GBP / USD: general analysis

of currentI speaker

Tuesday quotations pair GBP / USD
continued to rise, despite the release of weak preliminary GDP data
Great Britain. According to estimates of the National Bureau of Statistics of the United Kingdom, GDP
quarterly terms grew by 0.3%, indicating a deceleration
economic growth. This was the lowest since 2013. Therefore
way decreased from 3% to 2.4% in annual equivalent GDP.

Growth of the pound against the US dollar was due
the publication of negative data on US confidence index
consumers, it turned out to be much worse than expected and amounted to 95.2 points. Also
Note that the previously published weak data on the leading branches
US economy suggest that at today's meeting
Fed interest rate will not be changed.

Support and resistance levels

The nearest resistance level is 1.5392 price - a maximum of trading on March 3.

Levels of support is the mark: 1.5261 - a maximum of trading on Monday
and 1.5189 - a maximum of the last week.

trading recommendations

In this situation it is necessary to open short positions with the aim of 1.5261 and protective orders in the area


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Friday, March 9, 2018

Dollar began to return on Friday

The dollar began to return on Friday handed over the position

Tuesday for
Asian session the dollar recovered almost
from losses caused by depressing
statistics on Friday. euro again
It came under pressure. Repeatedly
by going beyond the level of $ 1.10
During the past week, it is now again
fall: at the time of 8.23 ​​MSK EURUSD
trading at
1.0936. against the yen,
the dollar is also grown: during the session
USDJPY reached
to a level of? 119.66,
but now it stands at around 119.54.

the first rise in key interest
rate remains Nesna on
According to representatives of the Federal Reserve. yesterday, one
of them, Uilyam Dadli, in his public
speech said that now guide
the regulator should ensure that
recent weak data on the US
the economy would not have meant it seriously
downturn. However, reports on industry
and in the US service sector, published
during a night session in the US, showed
encouraging results and inspired
the hope that the economy will be able to
quickly recover from the downturn shown
in the first quarter.

Dollar comes after Friday's
frustration, however, the full
picture of the market
, we see only in
Tuesday after the Easter holidays with
return to European markets ", - write
in a research note economists

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ROMAN5 BollingerBands TS Indica

ROMAN5 BollingerBands TS Indicator

This indicator is made based on the Bollinger Bands indicator. It helps the user to determine the direction of the transaction. The utility also has built-in sound notification when a new signal. In addition, the function is available via email notification. Your e-mail address and SMTP server settings must be specified in the settings of MetaTrader 5 (the "Mail") terminal.

Blue = Buy arrow.

Red down arrow = Sales.

Line = Trailing Stop.

You can use one of my products Trailing Stop to automatically move the Stop Loss, but also to transfer to breakeven.

  • ROMAN5 Fractals TrailingStop

  • ROMAN5 ParabolicSAR TrailingStop

  • ROMAN5 BollingerBands TrailingStop

  • ROMAN5 HeikenAshi TrailingStop

  • ROMAN5 MovingAverage TrailingStop

  • ROMAN5 Advanced TrailingStop

ROMAN5 BollingerBands TS Indicator

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  • Stips

    Stips Stips indicator - a bar graph display that defines the direction and strength of the trend and trend change. Use as a conventional indicator can...

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018



The indicator is based on a moving average to find a trend. Once a trend is detected, the indicator is a suitable entry point and follows him.

Position should be open and hold until the signal of the end of the trend.

exit points is somewhat delayed with respect to the maximum / minimum movement.

Hold open lucrative deal as soon as possible and close unprofitable.

Allowed to open multiple transactions as trend continuation. This allows you to have a sufficient margin for the opening of the next transaction.

Indicator works well for H4 and D1 with most of the main steam (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, GOLD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDJPY). The signal is activated when you open the candles. LED never redrawn!

If you want to make, first of all you need a plan!


  • Risk = 5 - suiting your level of risk; the higher the risk, the more opportunities

  • Signal_Period = 20 - period to search for the underlying trend

  • Alert_Settings = "+++++++++++++++++++++++";

  • SendMailMode = true - send signals via e-mail

  • SendNotificationMode = true - send push-notifications on your phone

  • AlertMode = true - audioalert

  • Show_Virtual_Trades = true - to display the virtual transactions on the chart (allows you to see when and where to trade)

  • Reverse = false ---->to use backward signals Buy -> Sell; Sell ​​-> Buy

  • Single_Order = false - ---->Only open one transaction on the trend


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East maneuver whether Russia will

East maneuver whether Russia will help Greece with money?

Today the Financial Times published an interesting analysis: Greek Prime Minister meets tomorrow with the Russian president. How to treat numerous speculations on this subject? Whether Russia could save Greece from default and if so, what it will get in return?

Wednesday 8 April the Greek Prime Minister
Alexis Tsipras will visit the Kremlin
Vladimir Putin. There is a chance that
Eastern Tsipras maneuver immediately bring
fruit, and in the literal sense:
as kiwi, peaches and strawberries. Athens
hope that Moscow will reconsider the ban
on the supply of Greek fruit to
demonstrate the power of Russian-Greek
relations. Countries can show
solidarity with each other, especially
on cooling background of their diplomatic
relations with Europe.

not worried about trade Peaches
European diplomats: they fear
that the warming of Russian-Greek
Relations connected with something more
significant. one senior
The EU described the newspaper Financial officer
Times peculiar
"Trojan horse" of nightmares
Europe: Russia gives Greece billions
bailout loans in exchange for
Greek veto on the sanctions issue.
Such a move would destroy the unanimous position
West of Ukraine. No,
specifically this week like
It can not happen. But as
Athens closer to the brink of bankruptcy,
increasingly concerned that radical
left government of Mr. Tsipras
despair turned to Moscow for
official aid. It would be the most
big panic about the strategic
Greece's position since 1947, when
in effect joined the Marshall Plan, to
not prevent the strengthening of the positions of Communists
in Western Europe.

analysts say that flirting with Tsipras
Moscow - this is just a ploy to
stir to Germany and the rest
eurozone. Despite the historical
cultural links and Soviet romanticism
SYRIZA party, analysts say
Greece too is tied to the West -
through membership in EU and NATO. Plus,
Greece's debt is too high,
wounded to the crisis and sanctions
Russia could buy it as
secure side of the Allies.

"The Greeks
Russia used to anger and
scare Berlin. Tsipras wants to show
he has other options for solutions
problems ", - said Theocharis Grigoriadis,
an expert on Russian-Greek relations
at the Free University of Berlin. -
"But he's not going to do Greece
a satellite of Russia. Russian about it
well aware. The Germans, too. it's clean
theater, the latest Greek tragedy. I
I'm afraid that the situation looks
as well as the poodle, trying to scare
lion. "

his first days as prime minister
Tsipras clearly demonstrates its Russian
preferences. During the opening meeting
EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic
representative Nikos Kotzias angrily
He condemned the measures to increase anti-Russian
sanctions. Eyewitnesses said: "We often
We argue, but usually end up acting
as one family. We support the one and
the same outlook. However, this meeting
It was quite different. It was more like
not a "family" gathering of EU ministers and,
rather hard and Diverse
meeting of the UN Security Council. "

Since then, Greece has consistently upheld
its position. However, last week
Mr Tsipras surpassed himself,
He told the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS,
that sanctions against Russia were unreasonable
and is a "road to nowhere." In
while another of his speech Greek
Prime Minister said that "the new architecture
European security must
be sure to include Russia. " Already
We said the Minister of Foreign
Affairs of Greece, Mr Kotsias, comments
speculation about a trip to Tsipras
Moscow: "There are circles that react
at it this way, if Greece leaves the West
or trying to stab him in the back "
- he said on Sunday. - "But this
erroneous stereotypes. "

As for the Kremlin, there is a fairly
careful and try not to feed until
speculation about the potential
financing of its western neighbor. Dmitriy
Peskov, Putin's press secretary, said,
that the economic situation in Greece and
"Pretty cool attitude to Athens
policy of sanctions "will stand on
agenda on Wednesday. also Sands
He noted that Russia is ready to offer
Financial aid to Greece has not yet adopted
the status of a specific and will depend
what is asked Athens.

The scale
economic "black hole" in Greece
up 172 billion dollars - hardly
Russia will be able to find that kind of money.
"Russian does not want to spend serious
money, especially with the possibility of
the second Greek default and its own
risk in the current situation ", - he says
one senior banker in Athens.
- "But they may agree to buy
Some Treasuries Greece
- the Chinese have recently made, as
gesture of support. " Moscow
She says she wants to soften the ban on
the supply of Greek fruit. full
lifting the ban may not be possible
because of the complex global trade

Gambit Mr Tsipras can affect
Greece on relations with Brussels. But
Greek analysts doubt that
Greek Prime Minister will go out to
seriously quarrel with Berlin and
NATO. For example, it has scheduled visit
in Moscow at the beginning of April, although he could
demonstratively angering EU colleagues,
appeared in Russia during the parade
Victory on May 9th. "There is
certain economic and political
benefits for both parties is
You can not get closer to each other, but not
to finally get closer, "-
says Costas Iordanides, International
reviewer. - "As a rule, Russian
always used his influence to
Greece when they could.
But they never challenged the supremacy
Relations Greece and NATO. ""

lex Barker, Kerin Hope, Kathrin Hille, specifically for the Financial Times. Translation - Lesnik007.

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

How to trade the key

Lesson contains strategies that you
You can immediately use on the market. We will discuss how to trade Price Action at key levels. Key levels
They appear in different market situations, and we can combine these key
levels with a simple strategy of Price Action for the high strategy

Key levels are the basis
technical analysis and trading Price Action. By focusing on the dynamics of the net
prices and key levels on the market, we can eliminate the clutter and confusion,
which are present in many strategies, and instead to trade with a clear and
objective thinking.

Trade of support and resistance in the trend

Trading for a dominant day
trend is the main method that I use to trade. greater
part of my course is devoted to the analysis of trends, and teaches traders to trade simple
Strategy Price Action in the context of the market trend. We can look for signals
Price Action formed at key levels
support and resistance, which are created as a result of the natural tide
and flow of the market trend. Here is an example of the daily chart GBPUSD, which shows the last 4 months.
What I drew on a graph, it is obvious the key levels of support and
resistance, and emphasized good setups Price Action, formed near these levels.
No magic and "robots" is not here, just common sense with
natural dynamics and levels on the market:

Trading on the resistance and support levels in a trading range

Unfortunately, the market does not always
is a trend, in fact, markets spend more time in the side
movement, or consolidation. Fortunately, with the knowledge of how to trade the ordinary
Price action setups at key levels, we can trade effectively in trade
bands. On the example below, the daily chart of EURUSD around the end of May to mid
of September. We see the obvious trading range established during this time, and Price Action setups formed on the support
trading range. Please note that, shortly before the band was
been broken down, formed a pin-bar with a long nose showing failure rates
to remain in the range, and we see that breaking through the minimum price of the bar
I rushed down. The trading range may be unstable, but if you
Look carefully at the border,
often you see a confident Price Action Signals from the key support and resistance
trading range.

Commercial pivots trending

When the market makes highs and
lows, forming the so-called «swing points», it is very important levels, as
they essentially create a new support and resistance levels. In this way,
these local maxima and minima must be confirmed by numerous
price tests to be considered valid levels of support and resistance,
and in fact in itself price reversal in the opposite direction creates
a new level of support and resistance.

When we see that the price is approaching
to the previous pivot point, we must be careful not to miss
setups near these levels. The last local maxima often serve as
Support in the growing market, and the last local minima often work as
resistance to the downward market. Let's look at a chart to make it

On the example of seeing daily EURUSD approximately from mid-August until now
then. We see that the price dropped down to find support at 1.3600 in
mid-September. This local minimum has become very important for the level of
subsequent price action formed it, acting as a support and

Trade to the dynamic support and resistance EMA a trend

I use eksponetsialnye
moving averages (EMA) to daily charts for assistance in determining the trend and
identification of dynamic zones supports and resistance. For segodnyashy lectures
I will discuss how I use daily 8 and 21 EMA to identify the key
levels in the market for trading Price Action.

In the example below EURUSD daily chart shows the last 4 months. I
I apply daily 8 and 21 EMA (the closure) and look for setups Price Action formed on the EMA level or
area between them when the market is trending. When EMA intersect down and
disagree, we have a step-down pulse if crossed up and diverge from
our upward momentum. Just watching the emergence of setups Price Action in the EMA region, we can easily
identify key levels with a high probability of success

Commercial levels of resistance
and supports, create an event

Event Zone - is the price levels have
which are formed setups Price Action and after they had strong
directional movement or there is some kind of "event" in the market. These areas,
obviously, they are very significant. I want to show you how to trade
setups Price Action in the event zones.

On the above example, the daily chart of gold
over the past 4 months. We see here a good example of the obvious zone specials
formed on the $ 1700.00 price when rejected this level several times
forming a correct PIN-Bar, from which subsequently had a strong directional movement. When you
see obvious signal Price Action, from which there was a strong movement,
Later, you can view the signals from this level for the future if the inputs
price close to him again, since these levels are obviously very significant.

As you can see, the trade should not
be difficult. You can learn how to analyze the market and to trade effectively
just accumulating knowledge about how to identify key levels and setups Price Action. When we combine these two
component, we get a highly efficient and simple trading strategy,
which is also flexible enough that would be used in a constantly
changing market conditions, we see every week.

I believe that the setups
Price Action are much more likely to work in
the right direction when they are in such key market levels.

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Ruble rises in price after volatile

Ruble rises in price after a volatile start of trading on Tuesday,

Russian Ruble continues
the strengthening of the dollar and the euro in the currency
auction. So, to 12:37 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
51.61 and EUR / RUB -
at the level of 54.5, according to the site Moscow
Exchange. According to experts, the ruble more expensive
due to the large number of
currency sellers on
low local background
demand. In addition to this on
Ruble positive impact rising
oil prices
and waiting for the start of the tax

"As part of
start preparation for the tax period
exporters continue to sell foreign currency
revenues that would support national
currency", - says Alexey Egorov from

tax period starts
April 15. peak payments
It is expected on April 26-27,
when calculations on MET will, VAT and
income tax. Oil is now trading at $ 59.23 per barrel for Brent and $ 52.23 per barrel WTI.

dollar today
It is near the highs
against the euro, which is beneficial to exporters,
who sell revenue
in dollars.
The EUR / USD was trading at 12:37 MSK on
the level of 1.0562.

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Friday, March 2, 2018

RoboTradeSoft Bands

RoboTradeSoft Bands

advisor's strategy is based on the indicator Bollinger Bands. When the price is above or below the Bollinger bands and the channel widened given us a range of what was called the transaction. For example, if the Ask price is below the lower band indicator and the difference between the top and bottom line of the indicator is greater than the distance of Delta, the adviser opens a deal to buy, for sale on the contrary if the Bid price greater than the upper band indicator and the difference between the top and bottom line of the indicator is greater than the distance of Delta, the Advisor will open for sale transaction.

A feature of the adviser is the fact that he has the opportunity to change the very strategy of closing and maintenance orders directly from the built-in panel in the chart. For example, if included the ability to install new pending orders, all transactions tracking function will work as a single unit from the average price, not each order separately. If you have several open positions then they will have identical levels of Stop Loss, teyprofita, breakeven and treylingstop will work directly on the entire network orders.

Advisor so the same can be operated with orders open another adviser or by hand, it can be applied to attempts to rescue the loss-making transactions of other counselor, and even save a deposit from the sink. Parameter Autotrading, if a = false, then the EA will not open its first order for a given strategy.

News Filter will not enter the market at the time of the news entry. To operate the filter must be news: The trading terminal in the menu, open the "Tools" ---> "Settings" ---> "Expert Advisors" ---> add the address "" in the field "Allow WebRequest for the following URL".


  • Designed for real trading on today's market conditions;

  • It does not depend on the type of trading account, a broker or a financial instrument;

  • It works with both small and large amounts of deposits;

  • Not afraid of gaps, slips and spread expansions;

  • It can be used in combination with other counselors or manual trading.


  • BBPeriod - indicator period Bollinger Bands;

  • BBDev - number of standard deviations of the indicator;

  • Delta - the difference between the upper and lower line indicator;

  • Autotrading - if a = false, then the EA will not open its first order for a given strategy;

  • MinutesAfterNews - minutes after the release of the news for the resolution of automated trading;

  • NewsImpotance - the importance of the expected news:

    • _All - All news;

    • _Low - Low volatility;

    • _Medium - Moderate volatility;

    • _High - high volatility;

    • _Low_Medium - low and moderate;

    • _Low_High - low and high;

    • _Medium_High - moderate and high;

  • AutoLots - to calculate the lot size depending on the free margin;

  • StartLots - if the starting lot AutoLots = 0;

  • AddLots - term increase in the lot next to the open position of the utility.

  • MaxLots - maximum lot;

  • MaxSpread - maximum spread allowed for automated trading;

  • StopLoss - the number of points for the Stop Loss;

  • TakeProfit - the number of points for the Stop Loss;

  • MagicNum - the identifier of transactions. If = 0, then the utility will work with all orders;

  • EaComment - comment on the transaction;

  • SendOrderStop - the distance from the last open position to permit the installation of a pending order. Calculation SendOrderStop + SendOrderStep;

  • SendOrderStep - step installation of a pending order, the distance from the current price;

  • MaxOrders - The maximum number of open positions;

  • TrailStopOrder - the distance that must pass price for the trailing pending order. Calculation TrailStopOrder + TrailStepOrder;

  • TrailStepOrder - the distance at which pulled pending order following the price;

  • BreakevenStop - the distance that must pass price, for bezubytka position. Calculation BreakevenStop + BreakevenStep;

  • BreakevenStep - profit in points, which will be protected bezubytka;

  • TrailingMethod - selection method trailing position;

    • _Points - on point;

    • _Money - in terms of money;

    • _Percent - on the% of the depot;

  • TrailingStop - the distance that must pass price for the trailing position. Calculation TrailingStop + TrailingStep;

  • TrailingStep - profit to be protected teylingen.

RoboTradeSoft Bands

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Brazilian passion dream of subsalt

Brazilian passion: the dream of subsalt oil buried under the corruption scandal

the coast of Brazil, a few miles
Sea water, stones and salt, lie
huge reserves of oil, not less than 50 billion
barrels. This so-called subsalt
oil, which was opened here at all
recently, in 2008. Theoretically, these
deposits could bring untold
wealth Brazilians but, as is often
is here, early optimism gave way
place to despondency. Only eight
years after the discovery of Brazilian stocks
the ability to master their wealth,
raise their whole economy is under the
the big question. State
oil giant Petroleo
Brasileiro SA is
sinking under the weight of public
interference, corruption and total

also coincided with the collapse of world prices
oil, and with the growth of the national
unrest and the collapse of national hopes.
not only the power of the oil
industry in Brazil, but also the spirit of the country,
its capacity to enter into
the number of major players in the world
energy arena.

unprofessional management

For several decades,
official government policy
based on the use of mineral resources
on how to manage the Petrobras
using the state to take
accelerated efforts to develop oil
deposits. oil wealth
in the states and cities of the country, billions
dollars went to the development of social
and economic programs.

This policy is now exposed
questioned as never before. Costs
on programs subsidizing hold
Low gasoline prices soared debts
record levels. assigned
Government managers were
absolutely useless managers -
It broke out in the country, perhaps the biggest
and the most expensive in the history of Brazil
corruption scandal.

characteristic for what is happening,
- chaos "- says Vander Guimaraes,
Macae city administration's secretary,
which Petrobras
as a base for their operations
production. Oil projects mothballed,
at least 3,000 jobs were

The president
country Dilma Rousseff is trying to minimize the
damage to the oil giant, which it
developed and defended. she's shaken up
before the foundation of all the company's management,
replacing it with a friendly experienced myself

It is not that simple. 135-billion debt
the company is higher than the national
debt, such as Denmark. her loss
as a result of a corruption scandal
forcing management to reduce
investments and assets put up by 13.7
billion dollars for sale - and this against the background
collapsed oil prices.

The patient is alive or dead?

increased by 40% over the past month
- this is a sign that the way out of the impasse
visible. This is due to the publication
financial results and guarantee
reform. But the scandal yet nowhere
still here and can become an obstacle
the company's activities for years to come
forward. Critics say that Rousseff
It is doing enough to
destroy the company due to the government,
which many consider the main problem

"The current
situation - only wine
intervention by the authorities. It started with
fuel subsidy policy
nature, which, in turn,
led to the corruption scandal "-
said Pedro hall counselor who
thirty years in Petrobras.
"If it were not for this intervention,
the company would not have to sell securities
assets now at low oil prices,
at the wrong time for this. "

politicians and businessmen urge Dilma
Rousseff liberalize policies and
away from Petrobras
the actual
monopoly on the development svezheotkrytyh
oil fields, which
stretched under the continental shelf
approximately 150 miles from the Brazilian
beaches. Now
Foreign oil companies are
to take part in these projects, but
only under the control of Petrobras.
they should provide a situation in which
about 65% of the equipment and service
be purchased on the domestic market

Dilma Rousseff, agreeing that
reforming Petrobras
"Resolute measures", but still
He sees no need to change these
rules. In turn, Petrobras
that is on the mend. The new CEO
company Aldemir Bendayn very quickly
gaining such funding is needed now.
The yield on the pre-salt fields
It exceeded its own forecasts Petrobras,
the company now produces about
three times more than expected in 2010
year. "Subsalt oil economically
viable even at the current low
prices ", - commented the representatives
company situation for the agency
its partners are absolutely sure
the profitability of production. "

Juan Pablo Spinetto, Anna Edgerton, for Bloomberg

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