Thursday, February 28, 2019

Base interest rate in euro area

The base interest rate in the euro area remains zero

The Governing Council of the ECB on the results of the last meeting had decided not to make changes to the zero value of the base rate valid in the European Union. Information about this announced by representatives of the regulator.

Remained stable and the other bets. Recall that the value of the margin rate in the EU is 0.25% and the deposit rate has the value 0.4%.

In the explanation to the decision taken is noted that the ECB expect to maintain current trends in the long run. At the same time the ministry decided until the end of the year to limit the size of the monthly purchase of assets by 25%. If before this limit is € 80 billion, but now it has decreased to 20 billion.

The decision to introduce zero rate was made more than a year ago, and to reduce it for this accounted for only 0.05%. Experts point out that one of the negative trends in the economy of the European Union acts as the minimum amount of inflation, which is expected to disperse, including due to the size of the negative interest rates on deposits.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019



Advisor Closers - full control over the deposit

Closers - Advisor controlling
general state accounts and closing
All market orders on the account at
the occurrence of certain conditions.

close all orders in the account at
conditions (for profit):

  • Close
    All orders for a total profit on the account,
    expressed in money.
    For example, specified in the settings -
    closed position when the
    We arrived in 100. Then close adviser
    all market orders with a total profit
    100 account in currency units. I'm here
    I do not write in dollars as deposits
    can be in different currencies - the euro,
    rubles, yen, etc.

  • Close
    All orders for a total profit on the account,
    expressed as a percentage
    of the deposit
    . For example,
    with a deposit of 10,000 user set
    Adviser to close all settings
    orders when the 2% of the profits.
    Accordingly, when the bill funds
    reached 10,200, with a balance of 10 000 ALL
    orders on the account will be closed.

  • Close
    All orders for a total profit on the account,
    expressed in paragraphs.
    For example, in the EA settings
    found (5-digit quotations stream)
    close all positions when the
    30 points. So, on 5 Signs Advisor
    will close all positions in the account at
    reaching 300 "5-digit" pips. 4
    marks the closing happens when the
    30 pips.

. Besides
profit control, the adviser can
control losses:

  • closes
    All orders with a loss of money.
  • closes
    All orders at a certain percentage
    loss, calculated from the balance sheet.
  • closes
    All orders with a certain red,
    expressed in points.

Councilor parameters are set
the user as he needs.

displays an info bar that
Contains information:

  • condition
    balance and equity accounts.
  • overall
    number of open orders on the account
    and the total amount of lots.
  • amount
    items in the market, the current profit / loss.
  • closing
    profit for ON / OFF money.
  • closing
    profits in the percentage of ON / OFF.
  • closing
    profit for ON / OFF points.
  • closing
    loss on the ON / OFF money.
  • closing
    a loss in the percentage of ON / OFF.
  • closing
    loss on the ON / OFF points.

Info Panel
can operate in 5 languages: English,
Russian, Chinese (for correct
display to include support
characters in the operating system)
Spanish and Portuguese.

councilor settings

  • Name = "Closers" - the name of the advisor. No matter what no effect.
  • Lang_of_Info_Panel = "1-Eng; 2-Rus; 3-Zho / Chi; 4-Spa;
    5-Por. "
  • Language = 1 - select language
    info panel.
  • EnableMoney = False - the inclusion of the closure came for the money.
  • money = 5 - how much profit close
    in foreign currency.
  • EnablePercent = False - switch closure
    profit percentage.
  • Percent = 1 - percentage close.
  • EnablePoints = False - switch closure
    profit items.
  • Points = 30 - number of items covered.
  • EnableMoneyLoss = False - switch closure
    loss of money.
  • moneyLoss = 30 - in achieving this
    loss of money, the position will be closed.
  • EnablePercentLoss = False - switch closure
    loss on a percentage of the deposit.
  • PercentLoss = 30 - percentage loss, wherein
    warrants close.
  • EnablePointsLoss = False - switch closure
    the points.
  • PointsLoss = 30 - close at a loss in
    This number of points (point
    "Old settlements"; Advisor adjusts itself under the "new" items).
  • X = 100 - X coordinate for
    top right of the info panel.
  • Y = 30 - Y coordinate for
    top right of the info panel.
  • FontSize = 18 - font size
    info panel.


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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Euro dollar continue to slide

The euro-dollar continue to slide in anticipation of the symposium in Dzhekson Houl | Boris Fedotov

slide continues in anticipation of the symposium in Dzhekson Houl

A new day and a new attempt to captivate the euro EUR / USD pair is far to the north. This time the reason for the optimism of bulls
It was the publication of index of business activity in the manufacturing sector
euro zone, which was much better than expected: 59.4 against the expected
value of 57.7. To celebrate, EUR / USD shot up to around 1.1790, but the pair then headed south again.

Investors are again cautious in anticipation
Statements by heads of central banks of the United States and the European Union at the forthcoming Conference
Dzhekson Houl. The event rests so much hope that Yellen and
Draghi just have to give at least some signals that will help pair
determine the further direction and finally stop the endless
"Euro-dollar roller coaster."

Mario Draghi did not attend the Fed's last conference
three years. During the last visit of the head of the ECB has hinted that the regulator
European program is about to start QE. After that, the pair
EUR / USD quickly
I rushed to the south. At last year's symposium Janet Yellen in her usual
a very careful manner hinted about the readiness of the US economy to
increase in interest rates. That was enough to the euro-dollar has developed
the long-term downward trend. A few years earlier, the predecessor
Yellen, Ben Bernanke in a speech in Dzhekson Houl reported minimized
Fed's quantitative easing program.

As you can see, quite a few precedents in the history of that
allow Dzhekson Houl regarded as a very important event for the financial
markets. However, many analysts believe that the theme of this year's conference
- "Creating a dynamic global economy" - would allow Yellen and Draghi
his speech did not address issues the Fed and ECB policy outlook. I hope they
wrong, and officials tsetrobankov will please us important signals.

Learn how you can earn at the upcoming conference in Dzhekson Houl are

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Multi Currency Trend Finder

Multi Currency Trend Finder

Key :

  1. Sorts 28 currency pairs on the strength of the trend.

  2. Constructs Figure 8 currencies.

  3. Creates a candlestick chart currency pair specified user lines 3 and moving .

All the functions are working all the time on the 4 timeframes. Timeframes fashionable change in the indicator properties window. Junior timeframe can also be changed using the built-in buttons.

Currency pairs:


  • Abbreviations: AC, AF, AJ, AN, AU, CF, CJ, FJ, EA, EC, EF, EG, EJ, EN, EU, GA, GC, GF, GJ, GN, GU, NC, NF, NJ, NU, UC, UF and UJ.

  • Selection: the user can select the preferred currency pair by clicking on the embedded buttons.

Related Currency:


  • Abbreviations: A, C, F, E, G, J, N and U.

Display Settings:

  • You can display or hide some or all of the presented functions.

Function 1: Sort strength and trend direction for 28 currency pairs.

  • Display of values: This feature displays the sort percent trend, which is calculated by the following formula:


  • Price = current price for the current period or the closing price for the previous periods,

  • avgH = average maximum price for the 2 previous period,

  • avgL = average minimum price for the 2 previous period,

percentage trend
price directiondisplay color
Price > avgH
100 * (Price - avgH) / avgH
UpThe same as the color of the Bull Candle
Price >= AvgL or
Price <= avgH
positive 100 * (Price - avgL) / (Price - avgH) Flete Same as the color level line
Price < avgL
100 * (Price - avgL) / avgL
DownThe same as the color of the Bear Candle

  • Sorting criteria: Sorting from left to right starting with the currency pair which has the maximum number of consecutive timeframes negative trend percentage, currency pair and ends with a maximum number of successive time frames with a positive percentage trend.

  • variables: "Trend Magnifier" = percent coefficient for trend. It recommended value 100 for the timeframe H4 and older, or 1000 for smaller timeframes.

  • Control buttons:

    • "SmallTF >> XLargeTF Sort " = Begin sorting with a small timeframe.

    • "XLargeTF >> SmallTF Sort " = Start sorting from the senior timeframe.

    • "AC >> UJ Sort " = Sorting abbreviation currency pair.

    • "Sorting Off" = Stop and hide data sorting.

  • Interpretations from XLargeTF to SmallTF;

    1. No trend, if the current price is not in one direction, at least two consecutive periods.

    2. Weak trend if the current price is in the same direction for two successive periods.

    3. The average trend, if the current price is in the same direction for three successive periods.

    4. A strong trend, if the current price is in the same direction during 4 consecutive periods.

Feature 2: forming candlestick chart and a line graph of relative prices by 8 related currencies.

  • Control buttons:

    • "A_Ln" = Form a line graph of the relative prices for AUD.

    • "A_Cd" = Candlestick chart form relative prices for AUD.

    • "A_Off" = Hide formed linear and / or candle chart relative prices for AUD.

Similarly, for the CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, and USD.

Function 3: formation of the candle graphics and 3 lines of for the chosen currency pair.

  • variables: you can select the averaging mode, applied price, averaging period and the offset for each line of the moving average of the indicator properties window.

  • Control buttons:

    • "Currency pair's abbreviation" = User can choose a currency pair for this function by clicking the mouse on the buttons on the top row. These buttons are equipped with abbreviations of currency pairs, allow you to enable this for .

    • "Candles", "MA1", "MA2" and "MA3" Display = candlestick chart, or any line moving averages.

    • "Cndloff", "MA1off", "MA2off" and "MA3off" = Hide the candlestick chart, or any line moving averages.


  1. Use support and resistance levels as currency pair, and in the diagram the relative prices of currencies as the orientation lines for setting levels take profit and stop loss.

  2. Use the trend percentage to determine the direction of trade.

  3. Open position only when the currency pair is present "The average trend."

Multi Currency Trend Finder

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Daily Economic Digest from Forex

Daily Economic Digest from

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Monday, May 15

Today the pair EUR/ USD He continues to maintain a fighting spirit, renewing their weekly
highs at around 1.0947 as the dollar continues to remain weak for all
directions. It seems that market participants continue to discuss the negative
economic performance of the United States, presented on Friday,
which reduced the likelihood of the Fed raising rates in June to 73.8%, which, in its
It turn, had a negative impact on the dollar relative to its main competitors.
Today, nothing important is not scheduled in the calendar of events of both economies,
Therefore, the main currency pair will continue to follow general market sentiment and
the price of the US dollar to determine the dynamics of the further vector

Couple USD / CAD It has come under intense pressure
from the bears today during the Asian trading against the backdrop of the latest news regarding
extending the OPEC agreement to freeze oil production volumes. Currently
the pair continues to trade in a southerly direction, while remaining close to their
three-day lows, located in the area of ​​1.3660, as the strong rise in prices
oil, triggered by the intention of Russia and Saudi Arabia extend agreement
a reduction in the volume of oil production up in March 2018, has a significant
support commodity and raw material assets such as Canadian. Moreover, the continued
decrease in the dollar due to the weak performance on inflation and retail sales in the US
further promote the sale of aggressive pair. Today, nothing worthwhile
not mentioned in the list of events of both economies, so the price of oil
and the attitude of the US dollar will continue to set the direction of a couple of earlier this week.

Couple NZD / USD continues to recover their
position of the second day in a row, moving away from its 10-month lows marked
immediately after the publication of the results of the meeting of the RBNZ, despite mixed data
Chinese economy. It seems that New Zealand continue to control the bulls
a pair today, as weak data on inflation and retail sales from the US, and
also a positive report of New Zealand retail sales, support
a couple at the beginning of this week. Moreover, a sharp jump in oil prices also
supported by a pair NZD / USD this morning. On the other hand, weak results in volume
Industrial production in China has led to a decrease in the interest of traders
relatively risky assets, thereby restricting further
recovery pair. Looking ahead, today to be relatively quiet
trading session, so the general market sentiment will continue to set the course of development

It seems that the talk
around the recent meeting of the Bank of England gradually begin to subside, allowing the pair
GBP / USD rise above the level 1.2900
in early European trade. Today, the pair continues to trade in the north
direction, while gaining more than a cent from its lows Friday as weakness
The dollar remains the main driver of the market. Moreover, the sharp rise in prices
oil boosted investor interest in riskier assets, the
thereby providing additional support for the pound. On the calendar of events today
It contains only secondary data, so the pair will remain under
influenced by general market sentiment in the course of the trading session, but tomorrow
UK inflation figures will limit its further growth, as expected,
that investors will take profits in anticipation of important data.

Main events
of the day:

There are no

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.0827 C 1.0985

P. S. USDJPY 112.74 114.24

1.2817 C 1.2933

0.9927 C 1.0125

AUDUSD 0.7333 P.
S. 0.7447

0.6806 C 0.6894

1.3628 C 1.3782

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Trading sessions

Trading sessions.

Forex market is open around the clock except Saturday and Sunday, these days, most banks do not work. Working hours of the currency market conditionally divided into three trading sessions - Asian, European and American. Sometimes they are added, and a fourth trading session - Pacific.

In simple terms, the trading session - this time of day when work main currency market participants - banks, funds, brokers, traders, etc. Due to the fact that each of them has its own schedule, you can only roughly indicate the time frame of the trading session - from 9 am to 18 pm. At this time, conducted the most active trades.

At that time, while Americans sleep in Japan in the middle there is a trade. A few hours before the end of the Asian trading session begins European, and its members can pick up the trend that began during the Asian. Toward the end of the European session begins the US, and so every day, so the Forex - a market round the clock. When one part of the world the evening comes and end the trading in another begins the morning, and the market is just beginning its work. Trading sessions following each other and gradually into each other.

However, the above does not mean that, for example, at exactly 18 o'clock in the evening all the traders stop trading currency. Millions of traders working at night and early in the morning. Forex and so good, that allows you to work at a convenient time for you. However, the trading sessions is very important to consider the reason that currency pairs behave differently depending on the trading session. For example, the Japanese yen movements are most active during the Asian session. Accordingly, the euro itself is the most active in Europe, and the US dollar - during the US trading session.

The most "aggressive" session is considered to be an American. At this time, the US dollar is influenced most of all the factors, and as the dollar is involved in all the major currency pairs, should be very attentive to the American session.

Asian session.

The largest and most powerful economic centers of the Asian session, are Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Also in this session include Sydney.

As already mentioned, during the Asian session actively traded Japanese Yen. That it focused the most attention of Asian traders and, consequently, to the pairs involving JPY: USD / JPY, EUR / JPY, GBP / JPY, etc. Good activity is shown, and a pair involving the Australian dollar: AUD / USD, AUD / JPY, AUD / NZD, EUR / AUD and others.

The European session.

Volatility of major currency pairs also increases with the beginning of the London trading session. In addition to London, to the major economic centers of Europe are Frankfurt, Paris, and in recent years - Moscow. In Europe, we concentrated huge amounts of money, so the European session can significantly affect the exchange rates. This is especially true of the single European currency - the euro, and consequently, the pair with the euro is most active during the European session.

American session.

Often, you can see how the second half of the European session begins active trading on the Forex market. Volatility of the currency pairs increases, there is a feeling that the market participants a second wind, and they took up the trade with renewed vigor. In principle, the way it happens - traders come back from lunch and set to work. But more increase in activity due to the fact that at this time begins the work the American trading session. Consequently, two of the most powerful trading sessions - European and American - as it were superimposed on one another, which leads to an increase in activity. This "overlay" lasts about 3-4 hours.

You are advised to pay special attention to the European and US session, as during the American session, any movement of the dollar to a greater or lesser degree affect all currency pairs involving the dollar.

It should also be borne in mind that the US session - it's not just the US, but also Canada and Brazil. Canada is an active participant in the Forex market, and Canadian dollar (CAD) is quite popular currency. Brazil time zones is approximately midway between Europe and the US, so the beginning of the activity on the part of the Brazilian foreign exchange market may have an additional impact on the pair EUR / USD. With all that in mind that the US is the main "engine" of the US session. Speaking of the US session, meant it was the United States.


Except Saturday and Sunday, the Forex market pauses and during holidays. Holidays can be both worldwide and regional. World Day of course is the New Year, so January 1 Forex does not work. It is also important to know that in one country or another national holiday. But knowing all holidays all countries necessarily - just focus on the main market players: the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and Australia. Each country has its own history and its own holidays, so in one country may be a working day, and the other output.

For example, on July 4 - a normal working day for all the countries, all the work, as they say, in the normal mode. However, in the US - this weekend - Celebrate Independence Day, and of course, do not expect in this day much influence the US trading session on the exchange rate.

Be sure to ask your broker what days work, and what - no. Many brokers are free to decide how many days they will not work.

And to avoid confusion in time zones, time of release of important economic indicators (News) indicates GMT (GMT, Greenwich Mean Time). Earlier GMT considered the starting point of the time - the time in other time zones are measured from Greenwich. Now this is used as a Coordinated Universal Time - UTC. Despite this, the term "Greenwich Mean Time" is very popular.

UTC Coordinated Universal Time (Coordinated Universal Time).

GMT Greenwich Mean Time (Greenwich Mean Time).

MSK Moscow Time (Moscow time).

CET Central European Time (Central European Time).

EST Eastern Standard Time (EST).

And remember, trading sessions have a great influence on the behavior of the currency pairs. However, you can not bind the strong change of quotations only from the beginning of trading sessions, as courses on the motion has the effect a great number of factors.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Forecast from company ForexMart

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Forecast NZD / USD for the week 8-12 May

The currency pair New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar for the week rose by about 500 points, adjusting after the collapse last week. However, the pair remains bearish with the immediate goal to 0.6800. Today's good reports on the labor market and rising yields on US government bonds have not led to the strengthening of the US currency. Commodity prices are falling, so explain the strengthening of "Kiwi" is possible only from the perspective of technical analysis - the New Zealander yesterday formed a "pin-bar" drawing on the area of ​​local minima and adjusted towards the 0.6930 level. Thus, next week there is a high probability of a counter-offensive with bears medium-term objective at 0.6730. Waiting rebound from the level signal generation and sales.

Forecast EUR / USD for the week 8-12 May

In a couple of this week was mostly upward movement. The euro showed steady growth from 1.0894 earlier in the week and to the level of 1.0981 at the moment. The euro also supports the probability victory Emmanuel Makron the presidential elections in France in the coming Sunday. Next week, the pair is likely to begin with hepatitis, according to the election results. The forecast assumes a correction to 1.08 next week. However HepB caused Makron victory might push the pair to 1.10, which open the way to 1.13.

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for the week 8-12 May

Trading instrument Bitcoin / USD this week reached a record level of 1500, showing a steady growth every 5 days. On the daily chart shows that the price is much higher than the SMA line (50) and the EMA (20) is at the level of 1300, being the date the support zone. Bitcoin is growing on expectations of the committee's decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission - the largest economy in the world - about the status of the Bitcoin Foundation, which will open the door to new cryptocurrency. Technical trading tool needs to be corrected. On Thursday, we have seen how, reaching 1500 steam for two hours had fallen to the level of 1350, but then followed by new purchases. We expect another correction, otherwise we were surprised to observe new records.

Forecast USD / RUB week 8-12 May

Ruble rate began to stabilize after a sharp drop phase in a few days due to too cheap oil. Currency Exchange in Russia will not work for 4 days due to the celebration of Victory Day on May 9th. Players seeking to close all positions before the week is so long weekend. The dynamics of the ruble in the next week will depend on the situation on the world market of raw oil. It is possible to further lower prices for "black gold" despite today's slight strengthening to $ 49.40 per barrel. Ruble barrel price is 2800 rubles.

The graph shows the breakdown of the upper limit of the global downtrend channel. However, as previously mentioned, the growth of the dollar limited area 58.60 rubles. From the level of 58.46 the pair bounced down. The RSI indicator shows a similar picture. Forecast for next week involves the reduction of quotations to the global limit of the channel previously breached at the level of 57.10 rubles.

Forecast USD / CAD for the week 8-12 May

Unable to overcome the level of 1.3800, a pair USD / CAD rebounded from the updated maximum and starts to form the correction movement down toward the bottom boundary of the rising channel. Tonight is expected to yield a report on US employment and Canada. These data will affect the future dynamics of couples: whether it can continue to grow and it is time to consolidate? But even if the Canadian will be supported by its strengthening will not be long. Experts predict a continuation of the upward trend against the background of falling oil prices up to the OPEC meeting in Vienna on 25 May.

By the end of trading on Friday the Canadian was able to rise to the level of 1.3700, as the oil showed a slight increase to $ 49.20 per barrel. The breakdown of the lower boundary of the channel at this level will give "bears" a stimulus for further movement towards 1.36. However, the weekly-term we can hardly expect a radical change of trend. Forecast for the next week involves continued strengthening pair and further growth after rebound from the uplink lower limit.

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The original trend indicator. Most of the time values ​​in the range from -2 to +2. The indicator is displayed in a separate window in the form of two lines. The higher value of the indicator, the stronger upward trend. The lower the value, the stronger the downward trend. The distance between the lines can be interpreted as a measure of volatility. The indicator has one input parameter - Period. It indicates the number of bars for analysis.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Professional Pivot Points

Professional Pivot Points

This tool makes it possible to display the levels of support and resistance levels of the turn, as well as the levels of the opening day on the chart with a highly flexible settings.

Levels reversals - are important support and resistance levels that are calculated using the maximum price, and closing said minimum period (e.g., D1). With this indicator, you can choose from hours to a month timeframe for calculating pivot points.

There are many trading strategies using these levels, and to some extent they are important for this reason: they simply uses many traders!

Why "Professional Pivot Points"?

As mentioned earlier, the levels of the turning points are very important levels of support and soprotivleniya.els. But because each schedule reacts differently to identical signals are often extremely important to understand how each of these signals are represented, and how they can be used for trading.

Most other indicators of turning points simply do not provide the ability to display historical levels, although they can be critical to understanding the markets and thus to your trading success. This ability to view historical point can be crucial in finding the right strategy for all of the different characters that you use in trading.

Of course, every trader wants to view their schedules just as it is best suited for his personal taste. That is why the various parameters of personalization have been implemented in this indicator. Explanation for setting the parameters set out below, in the "Inputs".

In addition, you can easily display different levels with different timeframes in one chart, simultaneously running multiple copies of the program any number of times, each time with different settings timeframe (see screenshots). If the levels are different timeframes overlap, it indicates the presence of particularly strong support or resistance in the field.

Input parameters

  • Pivot Point Method - Method of calculation pivot points (Standard, Woodie, Camarilla, Fibonacci and DeMark)

  • Timeframe - timeframe for calculations (H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1).

  • Time Shift - mapping the parameter to simulate turning points in different time zones. For example, if Time Shift = 1 turning points are displayed for the time zone on your 1 hour later.

  • Save Object Resources - allows you to reduce the size of the history of (the number of levels on the graph) and thus reduce download time and resource consumption.

  • Draw as Background - It allows you to draw a reversal levels in the background graphics, so as not to overlap the schedule itself.

  • Exclude Weekend Data (Sunday) - if you live in a time zone in which the markets (forex) opened on Sunday, and have selected the time zone shift, this function prevents incorrect display of the turning points on Monday.

  • Exclude Weekend Data (Saturday) - if you live in a time zone in which the markets (forex) opened on Saturday, or select Options shift time zone, this allows you to display the weekend turning point.

  • Visible - turns display levels. This is useful if you want to quickly get a clear view graphs without having to remove the display and restart it soon thereafter.

  • Show History - turns display historical levels on the graph.

  • Show Mid Levels - turns display mean levels on the graph.

  • Show Daily Open - display line daily opening levels on the graph.

  • Only Show Daily Open - toggle the display of the daily opening levels on the graph.

  • Current and Historical Level Width, Style and Color - width, style and color of the lines of current and historical levels.


  • For added convenience, the point are only displayed if the timeframe charts of a shorter timeframe selected turning points. Daily opening levels will not be displayed if the timeframe chart is equal to or higher than D1.

The maximum size depends on the history of the number of available data on the selected timeframe.

Professional Pivot Points

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kudrin proposed to reduce number

Kudrin proposed to reduce the number of pensioners in Russia

Chairman of the Board of Foundation Center for Strategic Research, the former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin suggested to reduce the number of pensioners by nine percent, or 3.87 million people. It is reported "Sheets" with reference to the CSR materials.

As the newspaper notes, Kudrin has prepared a strategy for Russia's development until 2035, which proposed to raise the retirement age: for women - up to 63 years for men - up to 65 years. It is expected that the new system will be introduced from 2019 (in increments of six months), and thus 38.52 million pensioners remain in Russia.

The document notes that these changes will help create a balanced system that provides retirees acceptable standard of living.

CSR also proposes to tighten the conditions for obtaining benefits, increasing the minimum work experience of 20 years, and the required number of pension points - up to 52. Now for the pension insurance have to at least eight years of seniority and pension 11.4 points.

The question of raising the retirement age is discussed in Russia for years. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is delicate and sensitive topic that requires an unhurried approach.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

EA trading for two moving avera

EA trading for two moving averages

Trading on removals different volumes in each direction.


  • MA1_Period - during the first MA.

  • MA2_Period - MA second period.

  • MA_metod - method of calculation of the moving average.

  • MA_price - price to calculate the moving average.

  • KLotBuy - coefficient to calculate the volume bei position.

  • KLotSell - coefficient to calculate a sell volume position.

  • Open_Type - where only buy sell 0, 1, only a sell, 2 in both directions.

  • FixLot - fixed lot.

  • MarginLot - calculation of the lot on the basis of the specified deposit amount.

  • MarginPercentLot - calculation of the lot izhodya% of the deposit for a security deposit.

  • Risk - based on the calculation of the lot and stop Losa risk per trade as a% of the deposit.

  • SL_ - Stop Loss in points.

  • SL_Bar - calculation of stop loss on the tops of the bars (if SL_ = 0).

  • SL_Max - maximum stop loss.

  • TP_ - take profit in paragraphs 4 digits (2 digits).

  • TP_Bar - calculation take profit of a predetermined number of peaks bars (if TR_ = 0).

  • TP_Max - maximum take profit.

  • Profit_loss_min - the ratio of profit to a loss minimum allowable.

  • Profit_loss_max - profit ratio to the maximum loss.

  • Tral_Start - the distance at which the work will be started trawl.

  • Tral_Distance - trawl distance (if 0 sweep disabled).

  • Hour_Start - hour start adviser.

  • Hour_End - hour graduation work advisor.

  • ...... Setup work on days of the week and month.

  • AllTick - work mode all ticks (otherwise only open prices of bars).

EA trading for two moving averages

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Friday, February 15, 2019



Excellent adviser who is a classic trade with little risk.

Trades in:

  • all timeframes

  • Only on GBPUSD and EURUSD

In version 1.00 of this councilor was absent setting function Stop loss. Now (at the request of clients) It has been modified and added to provide a safer and more rigorous operation of the automated system. Note that a value of 0, this function will be disabled, and the orders are placed without a stop-loss.

Try the trial version, see the results of the default settings (or test your own), then congratulate yourself that finally found it.

Councilor parameters:

  • lot Type: Lot type, automatic (Auto) or manually (Manual) lot size.

  • Amount for AUTO Lot: When choosing lot Type = Auto, lot size is calculated based on the number of balance units introduced in this parameter.

  • Auto Lot Size Each Amount: The factor to calculate avtolota size used with the Amount for AUTO Lot.

If Lot Type = Auto:

Then the lot size will be = Account Balance / estimated amount of the settlement * auction;

the estimated amount of - a Amount for AUTO Lot

current lot - is Auto Lot Size Each Amount, specified for the calculation along with the Amount for AUTO Lot

For example: You entered a value Amount for Auto Lot = 100

A value of Auto Lot Size Each Amount = 0.01

While the current account balance is $ 900

Then, any deal will open with a lot size 0.09 obtained as 900/100 * 0.01

If your account balance is $ 300, the lot size will be equal to 0.03

If Lot Type = Manual

Then the lot size = Fixed Lot Size, regardless of account balance.

  • Fixed Lot Size: When you select the manual mode setting of the lot, the value of the lot size specified here will be the same regardless of the account balance.

  • Stop Loss: stop-loss points. If 0, the trade will be carried out without a stop loss.

  • Take Profit: take-profit points.

  • Max. Allowed Spread: maximum spread. If floating spread exceeds the specified value, the EA will not trade.

  • Max. Slippage: maximum allowable slippage during the movement of the market.

  • Trades Unique ID #: The magic number.

  • Enable / Disable DD Intervention: Allow an adviser to open additional transaction (in the same type of position, or sometimes hedge) With an increase in the drawdown, while the old open position remains.

  • 1st Intervention Value%: this percentage value can open second position for the purchase / sale when drawdown reaches or exceeds a specified value.

  • 2nd Intervention Value%: this percentage value can open third position for the purchase / sale when drawdown reaches or exceeds a specified value.

  • Enable Trailing Stop: Enable / disable a trailing stop (True / False).

  • Trailing Start: The value in points at which starts the trailing stop.

  • Trailing Stop: Moving stop loss in paragraphs when the Trailing Start.

  • Trailing Step: Step trailing, used in conjunction with a Trailing Stop.

Details and advice:

  • This EA (and advisers Silent Series) are trading robots without scalping, no mesh and no martingale.

  • It uses intelligent lights, intelligent strategy and an intelligent filter.

  • Automated trading, which will not trade until you see a good opportunity.

  • It is strongly recommended that the minimum size of the balance of 130 USD (0.01 lot) in each trading account and on the same currency pair.

  • Allowed any brokers and account types.

  • Best known results and the smallest drawdown in the strategy tester obtained under the default settings.

  • Do not trade manually on the same account as the adviser works.

  • To work this EA (or any advisor) need a VPS-server.

  • Added Stop Loss + Trailing Stop and Trailing step.

  • Take care of yourself!

Please contact me if you have any questions after the purchase / lease of the product.


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PZ Sandwich Bars

PZ Sandwich Bars

This indicator determines the patterns Sandwich Bars in several bands, very reliable patterns breakdown.

  • Simple and efficient to use

  • Customizable bars ranges

  • Customizable color selection

  • The display provides visual / mail / the push / sound notifications.

  • The indicator is not redrawn, and does not draw on history

Sandwich pattern consists of a single bar, absorbing the last few bars, punching and deflecting the entire price range.

  • Blue frame - bullish breakout

  • Red frame - bearish breakdown

Item display

The indicator is inside the bars of a desired variable length entered in the input parameters: "Minimum Range" (minimum range) and "Maximum Range" (maximum range). All other parameters associated with the display.


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private , speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Sandwich Bars

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

About EA Pattern Explorer

About EA Pattern Explorer


Classical theory suggests patterns (setups) Price Action, as an
certain combinations candles / bars, whose appearance
It indicates probably a good time to enter the market.
The pattern is formed through a specific movement pattern
the price reflects the condition and dynamics of the hidden potential of the market.
Using patterns Price Action, as signals for opening transactions
trader receives - some statistical advantage, because,
repetition of well-known pattern of price movements - are more likely than
it does not repeat. The patterns are universal to all markets and


So says the theory. That in practice? research conducted
Vertex Investments (representing, in essence, a titanic amount
work) showed that the patterns Price Action really work,
but does not always, and certainly not everywhere. How and where? understand the
this will help you Pattern Explorer Advisor ©

Pattern Explorer © - a unique tool allowing the trader,
easily create automated trading systems based on the known
candlestick patterns Price Action.

On the Pattern Explorer © you can:

  • Check the efficiency of various patterns at various trading tools and timeframes.

  • testing different options and limitations of taking profits
    loss, to find the most advantageous combination for
    a certain pattern on a particular instrument.

  • using a variety of filters to improve profitability
    trading system.

  • run by and checked in the Tester Metatrader 4
    automated trading systems to work.

  • to use the statistical data about the profitability
    of a pattern of Price Action, in its "manual" trade for
    make more informed decisions.

  • no programming skills now to join the
    the process of creating and testing strategies to give immediate
    experience developing system flair trader and promoting
    rise, more and more profitable ideas, pans, implement
    which will be outside the context Pattern Explorer © and Trade
    patterns Price Action.

That in fact there is in the EA at the time the version [1.0]:

  • 10 built-in patterns, each of which can be specified stringency 100 gradations applied to its recognition criteria.
  • The ability to use each pattern "conversely"Using inversion functions. (In fact it is still + 10 patterns)
  • Four different variants of SL (including averaging) + possibility to use trailing stop and exhibit "breakeven".
  • three different ways to take profits, including a combination of options.
  • the application of additional conditions to enter into a transaction (filters), such as a trend filter / counter-trend, the filter days of the week, volatility filters and filter sessions.

All this functionality is implemented in the most convenient and simple way.

The list of built-in patterns.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019



GapReal - Professional trading robot trading on a live account. It starts with a minimum deposit of $ 20. It uses patterns of closing the price gap (the gap).

Features of the trading strategy

The market often, especially after weekends or holidays, there are price breaks (gaps). It is likely that these gaps are closed, ie, the price is almost always aims to the middle of the gap. Therefore, transactions directed to the middle of the gap, are almost always profitable. The robot tracks the top gap, and places an order with a take-profit gap near the center and with extremely small stop loss.

To work on real accounts, when the adverse terms of trade, the robot uses the following types of protection: protection from entering the market at unacceptably large spread (this often happens in the beginning of the week after a holiday or on a floating spread accounts); entry into the market only when the price moves in the right direction; real slip compensation. Together with an effective money management, adapting the volume of transactions under the accumulated funds, this technology provides a high profit with minimal risk.

Since gaps occur relatively rarely (usually after the holidays), the robot opens trades 2-4 times per month, but that does not interfere with the robot to make high profit.


Testing with the parameters set by default performed on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY timeframe with H1. When working from 2012 to 2015 with an initial deposit of $ 100 is obtained profits of more than 10,000 $ (regardless of the currency pair and with the default settings). By increasing the initial deposit, the profit increases proportionally.

You can also get similar results by downloading the demo version of the robot.


  • Language messages - robot language messages (English, Russian);

  • Use money management - the use of money management (Yes, No).

  • Magnification factor of the lot - the coefficient of linear dependence in the lot by means of money management;

  • Initial lot - Initial Offer;

  • Size of the gap - gap size, above which open position (points);

  • Coefficient of take-profit - coefficient calculating take profit depending on the size of the gap (0.1-1.0);

  • Stop loss - limit stop-loss value (points);

  • Maximum spread - maximum spread at which permitted the opening orders (items);

  • Color arrows orders - color arrows warrants.

Recommendations for use

The robot can only be used on a 5-bit quotations accounts. Leverage is not less than 1: 500.

The robot should be applied at a minimum spread accounts. In the case of floating spread need to be installed option Maximum spread so that it is not less than the minimum spread of a particular account. Otherwise, the robot will not work. Best of all, if the broker provides a fixed spread of not more than 10-20 pips.

Input parameters of the robot settings as default, optimized for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY, timeframe H1. With these parameters, the robot enters a little transactions - 2-4 per month, but most of them are profitable.

Optimize over time is not necessary. However, during the transition to other brokers, especially with the increase in the spread, the optimization may be required. In this case, optimization subject to the following parameters: Size of the gap, Coefficient of take-profit, Stop loss.

If you bought a product and / or you have questions, write me a private message. Support will be provided.


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Job Description Commercial Counselor

Job Description Commercial Counselor Batut

In this blog I will show how to use Batut trading adviser, how to select the appropriate settings for maximum profit with minimal drawdown.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands

Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands Monitor

Indicator Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands Monitor lets you know the status of the price of any character: if it is above the upper band, below the lower band or between the bands (neutral state) in each timeframe 4. You can adjust the indicator by selecting parameters of Bollinger bands, as well as the colors for the states "above the upper band" "Below the lower-band" and a neutral state.

Input parameters

  • Band periods: the period for calculation of the Bollinger Bands.

  • Band Deviations: volatility for calculating deviation Bollinger bands.

  • Bollinger Bands Applied to: price to calculate the Bollinger Bands.

  • Title Color: color name

  • Text Color: color of the text (tags timeframes)

  • Above band light color: Color of light for a state where the price is above the upper band.

  • Below band light color: Color of light for a state where the price is lower than the lower band.

  • Neutral color: highlighting color for the status when the price falls between the upper and lower strip.

  • Background color: background color

  • Show in this corner: the location of the information on the chart.

Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands Monitor

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Exp SafetyLock PRO

Exp SafetyLock PRO

Advisor SAFETYLOCK - adviser-advocate.

It helps traders avoid strong market reversal by setting opposite the pending order on an already open position.

If a trader or adviser opens a position, our protector opens deferred opposite order for this position. If the trader's position is at a loss, triggered pent protective order, thus creating a lock.

The advisors able to close the original position or working with a trailing stop, the multiplication of the lot.

There is also a function of the modification of the pending order opening price following the price position.


  • The system monitors the open orders for all currency pairs, or for those that are specified in the EA settings option Symbol_Monitor;

  • The system monitors the position of the advisor in Type_Monitor;

  • The system monitors those magic numbers that are displayed in the EA Magic_Monitor;

  • Pending order place orders at a distance StopOrderDeltaifUSE from the current price;

  • Further pending order is monitored;

  • If we have gone the distance StopOrderDeltaifUSE of orders and enabled ModifyOrdPend= True, the price of a pending order is tightened, thereby leaving to breakeven;

  • Once a pending order is triggered, the adviser starts to monitor it;

  • The system is a function of disabling the monitoring of their orders. Parameter SafetyPosMonitor= False disables the monitoring of positions that have been created according to an adviser;

  • If you put the option to true, the system will monitor your pending orders;

  • Further, if a pending order is not triggered and the warrant, which was opened pending order already closed by the user or other method, a pending order, exposed on this order is automatically removed;

  • The system has the possibility to multiply lots of pending orders (MNLOT). If, for example, a warrant is open 0.2 lot, the pending order will be opened with lot 0.2 * MNLOT;

  • If enabled CloseOneifStopsActive = true, the position to which the pending order opened, closed, and the position will be only established according to the expert;

  • Also, the system has the opportunity to put StopLoss and TakeProfit pending orders;

  • It is possible to include a trailing stop on the position Tralling;

  • When you restart the terminal system does not expose new pending orders. It monitors the pending orders of the former.

  • ReopenClosedSafetyOrders - Safety reopen pending orders, if they were closed stop, while protecting the position is still open.

  • NumberofStopOrder - the number of pending orders, offered for the position

  • DistancefromStopOrders - Safety distance between orders

  • CloseOneifStopsActive - Close the position if the pending order triggered Safety

  • Min_Lot_Monitoring - Minimum lot for monitoring advisor if 0 - option disabled;

  • Max_Lot_Monitoring - Maximum lot to monitor advisor if 0 - option disabled;

for example, you need to use the current SafetyLock Advisor for protection products, which scored a big lot, such as when using Martin. Lot, for which you need to install the opposite Stop Order = 0.16, the advisor should not touch items that are less than 0.16, then you need to set the following parameters: Min_Lot_Monitoring = 0.16;

for example, you need all the locked position, which have lot of 0.1 to 0.25, then you need to set the following parameters: Min_Lot_Monitoring = 0.1; Max_Lot_Monitoring = 0.25;

  • SetMinStops

When AutoSetMinLevel stops levels will be reduced to the lowest possible level permitted by the server;

When ManualSet user will receive a message that stops levels in the EA less than the minimum, and will cease to trade adviser.

  • CloseSafetyPositionsifclosed - Safet close positions which have already activated if the main position was closed.

Exp SafetyLock PRO

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Friday, February 8, 2019

OPEC will be more difficult to

OPEC will be more difficult to ignore the main violator of the transaction (1)

The second-largest oil producer in OPEC and in combination is the most important conditions of its agreements the infringer.

If this continues, and further reduce the likelihood that the organization will be able to squeeze out a lot more production cuts in terms of prices.

In the first quarter of Iraq was producing about 80 million barrels per day more than the quota approved by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. If the transaction is about the limitation of production will be continued in 2018, Iraq will be even less incentive to comply with its conditions, because the capacity of key fields in the south are growing, and the country is drowning in debt in three years of struggle with the Islamic state.

"Simple of production capacity may result in losses for Iraq, which he may not want to incur", - predicts the chief strategist at BNP Paribas SA for commodity markets in London Harry Chilingiryan. Nevertheless, he believes that by the end of the year on the world market oil reserves will be reduced, since these OPEC members such as Saudi Arabia, compensate for violation of the terms of the transaction on the part of Iraq.

"Many market participants are not impressed with the effect of the agreement"- he said in an interview in Dubai, an oil analyst at Morgan Stanley Martyayn RATS. He predicted that the OPEC countries are likely to adhere to the agreement at Brent in the range of $ 50-60, and non-compliance risks grow if prices fall below or above this range.

Terms of the deal November suggested that OPEC will cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day, Iraq and reduce it to 210 thousand barrels per day to 4.351 million barrels per day. In the first quarter of Iraq has met only 61 per cent of liabilities, while in April this figure increased to 90 percent, OPEC data show. Iraq is not the only member of OPEC, is behind schedule: the United Arab Emirates in the first quarter implement a plan to reduce production by only 57 percent. Unable to reach the target and many independent exporters, including Russia.

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USDJPY Dollar continues to fall

USD / JPY: Dollar continues to fall

The dollar continues to fall. Fears of about
geopolitical risks and natural disasters in the US, weak economic
data and doubts about the prospects of higher interest rates by the Federal
Reserve contributed to the dollar fell to its lowest level
for more than two and a half years.

ICE dollar index fell 0.5% today, reaching
a minimum of 33 months.

Reducing the USD / JPY pair started in July due to the weakening
expectations regarding the adoption of new stimulus measures in the US, including the reduction of
taxes and increase spending on infrastructure. Lately
strengthening of geopolitical concerns about the testing of weapons in North Korea
prompting investors to buy more reliable currency, such as gold, the Swiss franc, the yen.
This Saturday will mark the anniversary of the founding of North Korea
state. A year ago on this day the military tested a nuclear weapon.

History may repeat itself. But this time, it may be
as another missile launch over Japan and a nuclear test explosion
weapons in North Korea.

Yesterday, US President again with Donald Trump
expressed caution with regard to North Korea, saying that "North Korea
behaves badly, and it must be stopped. " "Military action against
North Korea - is one of the scenarios, "according to the opinion of Trump. military
opposition "could definitely happen".

Dollar decreased by 0.7% today to yen and 0.6% by
Swiss franc. the price of gold rose 0.7% to 1357.00 dollars per

Investors also worry that hurricanes
"Harvey" and "Irma" may adversely affect the economic
US rates in the short term. It can also negatively
impact on the expectations of the Fed raising interest rates. Rising interest
Rates are generally supporting the currency. However, a number of Fed officials have expressed
questioned the need for such a move by the Fed at the background of low inflation

the dollar's decline is also due to the decrease
yield US Treasury. Today, the yield on 10-year US
government bonds continued to decline and, according Tradeweb, dropped to 2,027% of the
2.061% level recorded on Thursday.

Against the background of large-scale decline in the dollar and increased demand for
safe haven pair USD / JPY hit a new 10-month low,
breaking through the bottom level of 108.00.

It is likely that today, at the end of the trading week, many
investors will want to lock in profits on short dollar positions that
cause its corrective gains. That
However, the negative attitude of the dollar persists. Possibly further reduction
dollar in the short term, including in the pair USD / JPY.

*) Advanced fundamental
analysis is presented on the company website
Tifia Forex Broker in

Technical analysis

Since July began active reduction pair USD / JPY, which
broke through key support levels of 110.90 (EMA200, EMA144 on the daily chart)
110.10 (Fibonacci 38.2% correction to the growth of the pair since last August
and the level of 99.90), 108.80 (EMA200, EMA144 on a weekly schedule).

A powerful negative pulse, based on the scale
weakening of the dollar, pushing the USD / JPY pair towards support levels of 106.50
(Fibonacci level 23.6%), 105.00 (EMA200, EMA144 on a monthly schedule).

Apparently, only near the 105.00 level possible
stop falling pair USD / JPY.

An alternative scenario assumes a return of USD / JPY
the zone above the level of 108.80 and regrowth
with the targets at the levels 110.10, 110.90.

However, the fundamental factor favors
further falling pair USD / JPY.

Technical indicators (OsMA and Stochastic) on the 4-hourly, daily,
weekly, monthly charts also provide signals on sale.

Support levels: 107.00, 106.50, 105.00

Resistance Levels: 108.10, 108.80, 110.10,
110.90, 113.00, 114.40, 115.00, 116.00

trading recommendations

buy Stop
108.20. Stop Loss 107.40.
Take-Profit 108.80, 110.10, 110.90

Sell ​​in the market. Stop Loss 108.20. Take-Profit 107.00, 106.50, 105.00

*) Relevant and detailed
analytics and news on the forex market, see the company's website
Tifia Forex Broker

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