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Price Action from Nyala Fuller

Price Action from Nyala Fuller

How to trade the key

Lesson contains strategies that you
You can immediately use on the market. We will discuss how to trade Price Action at key levels. Key levels
They appear in different market situations, and we can combine these key
levels with a simple strategy of Price Action for the high strategy

Key levels are the basis
technical analysis and trading Price Action. By focusing on the dynamics of the net
prices and key levels on the market, we can eliminate the clutter and confusion,
which are present in many strategies, and instead to trade with a clear and
objective thinking.

Trade of support and resistance in the trend

Trading for a dominant day
trend is the main method that I use to trade. greater
part of my course is devoted to the analysis of trends, and teaches traders to trade simple
Strategy Price Action in the context of the market trend. We can look for signals
Price Action formed at key levels
support and resistance, which are created as a result of the natural tide
and flow of the market trend. Here is an example of the daily chart GBPUSD, which shows the last 4 months.
What I drew on a graph, it is obvious the key levels of support and
resistance, and emphasized good setups Price Action, formed near these levels.
No magic and "robots" is not here, just common sense with
natural dynamics and levels on the market:

Trading on the resistance and support levels in a trading range

Unfortunately, the market does not always
is a trend, in fact, markets spend more time in the side
movement, or consolidation. Fortunately, with the knowledge of how to trade the ordinary
Price action setups at key levels, we can trade effectively in trade
bands. On the example below, the daily chart of EURUSD around the end of May to mid
of September. We see the obvious trading range established during this time, and Price Action setups formed on the support
trading range. Please note that, shortly before the band was
been broken down, formed a pin-bar with a long nose showing failure rates
to remain in the range, and we see that breaking through the minimum price of the bar
I rushed down. The trading range may be unstable, but if you
Look carefully at the border,
often you see a confident Price Action Signals from the key support and resistance
trading range.

Commercial pivots trending

When the market makes highs and
lows, forming the so-called «swing points», it is very important levels, as
they essentially create a new support and resistance levels. In this way,
these local maxima and minima must be confirmed by numerous
price tests to be considered valid levels of support and resistance,
and in fact in itself price reversal in the opposite direction creates
a new level of support and resistance.

When we see that the price is approaching
to the previous pivot point, we must be careful not to miss
setups near these levels. The last local maxima often serve as
Support in the growing market, and the last local minima often work as
resistance to the downward market. Let's look at a chart to make it

On the example of seeing daily EURUSD approximately from mid-August until now
then. We see that the price dropped down to find support at 1.3600 in
mid-September. This local minimum has become very important for the level of
subsequent price action formed it, acting as a support and

Trade to the dynamic support and resistance EMA a trend

I use eksponetsialnye
moving averages (EMA) to daily charts for assistance in determining the trend and
identification of dynamic zones supports and resistance. For segodnyashy lectures
I will discuss how I use daily 8 and 21 EMA to identify the key
levels in the market for trading Price Action.

In the example below EURUSD daily chart shows the last 4 months. I
I apply daily 8 and 21 EMA (the closure) and look for setups Price Action formed on the EMA level or
area between them when the market is trending. When EMA intersect down and
disagree, we have a step-down pulse if crossed up and diverge from
our upward momentum. Just watching the emergence of setups Price Action in the EMA region, we can easily
identify key levels with a high probability of success

Commercial levels of resistance
and supports, create an event

Event Zone - is the price levels have
which are formed setups Price Action and after they had strong
directional movement or there is some kind of "event" in the market. These areas,
obviously, they are very significant. I want to show you how to trade
setups Price Action in the event zones.

On the above example, the daily chart of gold
over the past 4 months. We see here a good example of the obvious zone specials
formed on the $ 1700.00 price when rejected this level several times
forming a correct PIN-Bar, from which subsequently had a strong directional movement. When you
see obvious signal Price Action, from which there was a strong movement,
Later, you can view the signals from this level for the future if the inputs
price close to him again, since these levels are obviously very significant.

As you can see, the trade should not
be difficult. You can learn how to analyze the market and to trade effectively
just accumulating knowledge about how to identify key levels and setups Price Action. When we combine these two
component, we get a highly efficient and simple trading strategy,
which is also flexible enough that would be used in a constantly
changing market conditions, we see every week.

I believe that the setups
Price Action are much more likely to work in
the right direction when they are in such key market levels.

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