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East maneuver whether Russia will

East maneuver whether Russia will help Greece with money?

Today the Financial Times published an interesting analysis: Greek Prime Minister meets tomorrow with the Russian president. How to treat numerous speculations on this subject? Whether Russia could save Greece from default and if so, what it will get in return?

Wednesday 8 April the Greek Prime Minister
Alexis Tsipras will visit the Kremlin
Vladimir Putin. There is a chance that
Eastern Tsipras maneuver immediately bring
fruit, and in the literal sense:
as kiwi, peaches and strawberries. Athens
hope that Moscow will reconsider the ban
on the supply of Greek fruit to
demonstrate the power of Russian-Greek
relations. Countries can show
solidarity with each other, especially
on cooling background of their diplomatic
relations with Europe.

not worried about trade Peaches
European diplomats: they fear
that the warming of Russian-Greek
Relations connected with something more
significant. one senior
The EU described the newspaper Financial officer
Times peculiar
"Trojan horse" of nightmares
Europe: Russia gives Greece billions
bailout loans in exchange for
Greek veto on the sanctions issue.
Such a move would destroy the unanimous position
West of Ukraine. No,
specifically this week like
It can not happen. But as
Athens closer to the brink of bankruptcy,
increasingly concerned that radical
left government of Mr. Tsipras
despair turned to Moscow for
official aid. It would be the most
big panic about the strategic
Greece's position since 1947, when
in effect joined the Marshall Plan, to
not prevent the strengthening of the positions of Communists
in Western Europe.

analysts say that flirting with Tsipras
Moscow - this is just a ploy to
stir to Germany and the rest
eurozone. Despite the historical
cultural links and Soviet romanticism
SYRIZA party, analysts say
Greece too is tied to the West -
through membership in EU and NATO. Plus,
Greece's debt is too high,
wounded to the crisis and sanctions
Russia could buy it as
secure side of the Allies.

"The Greeks
Russia used to anger and
scare Berlin. Tsipras wants to show
he has other options for solutions
problems ", - said Theocharis Grigoriadis,
an expert on Russian-Greek relations
at the Free University of Berlin. -
"But he's not going to do Greece
a satellite of Russia. Russian about it
well aware. The Germans, too. it's clean
theater, the latest Greek tragedy. I
I'm afraid that the situation looks
as well as the poodle, trying to scare
lion. "

his first days as prime minister
Tsipras clearly demonstrates its Russian
preferences. During the opening meeting
EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic
representative Nikos Kotzias angrily
He condemned the measures to increase anti-Russian
sanctions. Eyewitnesses said: "We often
We argue, but usually end up acting
as one family. We support the one and
the same outlook. However, this meeting
It was quite different. It was more like
not a "family" gathering of EU ministers and,
rather hard and Diverse
meeting of the UN Security Council. "

Since then, Greece has consistently upheld
its position. However, last week
Mr Tsipras surpassed himself,
He told the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS,
that sanctions against Russia were unreasonable
and is a "road to nowhere." In
while another of his speech Greek
Prime Minister said that "the new architecture
European security must
be sure to include Russia. " Already
We said the Minister of Foreign
Affairs of Greece, Mr Kotsias, comments
speculation about a trip to Tsipras
Moscow: "There are circles that react
at it this way, if Greece leaves the West
or trying to stab him in the back "
- he said on Sunday. - "But this
erroneous stereotypes. "

As for the Kremlin, there is a fairly
careful and try not to feed until
speculation about the potential
financing of its western neighbor. Dmitriy
Peskov, Putin's press secretary, said,
that the economic situation in Greece and
"Pretty cool attitude to Athens
policy of sanctions "will stand on
agenda on Wednesday. also Sands
He noted that Russia is ready to offer
Financial aid to Greece has not yet adopted
the status of a specific and will depend
what is asked Athens.

The scale
economic "black hole" in Greece
up 172 billion dollars - hardly
Russia will be able to find that kind of money.
"Russian does not want to spend serious
money, especially with the possibility of
the second Greek default and its own
risk in the current situation ", - he says
one senior banker in Athens.
- "But they may agree to buy
Some Treasuries Greece
- the Chinese have recently made, as
gesture of support. " Moscow
She says she wants to soften the ban on
the supply of Greek fruit. full
lifting the ban may not be possible
because of the complex global trade

Gambit Mr Tsipras can affect
Greece on relations with Brussels. But
Greek analysts doubt that
Greek Prime Minister will go out to
seriously quarrel with Berlin and
NATO. For example, it has scheduled visit
in Moscow at the beginning of April, although he could
demonstratively angering EU colleagues,
appeared in Russia during the parade
Victory on May 9th. "There is
certain economic and political
benefits for both parties is
You can not get closer to each other, but not
to finally get closer, "-
says Costas Iordanides, International
reviewer. - "As a rule, Russian
always used his influence to
Greece when they could.
But they never challenged the supremacy
Relations Greece and NATO. ""

lex Barker, Kerin Hope, Kathrin Hille, specifically for the Financial Times. Translation - Lesnik007.

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