Monday, October 22, 2018

Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2

Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2

This is the second version of the indicator Multi Symbol Price Divergence analysis many tools price co-movement in the same period of time. In this version of the graphical indicator series are displayed in sub-window graphics and the beginning of the price difference is at zero on
vertical scale. Let me remind you, in the first version served as a point of reference price
current tool.

There were also some more new features.
In the outer parameters of the indicator, you can specify up to 9 characters. Total, together with the current character can be analyzed to 10 characters at a time. The indicator will determine whether there is entered in the parameters of the characters on the server and add it to the Market Overview window (Market Watch). If you want fewer characters, it is enough to leave an empty value. Light is measured in points. You can specify the number of
levels, with a value of start the installation level and the number of points
between levels. The levels are set on either side of zero (+/-).
For example, if you specify 5 levels, it will be installed in each of the five

For the price of each character can be included inversion. That is, when the inversion of the character of its price will be inverted. This can be useful when used in the list to analyze symbols are present, for example, with pairs USD (U.S. dollar). The dollar may be a base currency and quoted. For example, in the currency pair EURUSD the dollar is the quote currency, and the currency pair USDCHF - base. In this case, if the current symbol in the chart EURUSD, then USDCHF You can enable inversion, thus obtaining a more convenient representation of price analysis.

External indicator parameters:

  • Draw Type - type of graphical construction. one of the three can be selected: LINES, BARS and CANDLES.

  • Start Price Divergence - This parameter specifies the data display mode, the meaning of which is that there is a point / point at which (s) prices of all characters will fit closely. This makes it possible to track variations in price for a specified period to the next point. one of four modes can be selected in the drop-down list: Month (month), Week (a week), Day (day), Hour (hour).

  • Two Colored Bars / Candles - if for plotting the selected mode BARS or CANDLES, then include this option, you can specify a two-color mode for displaying data. Ie bars / candles that are directed upwards, are displayed in a lighter color than the bars / candles, which are directed downward.

  • Symbol 02 - the second character. By default, the GBPUSD.

  • Inverse Symbol 02 - the inversion of the second character.

  • Symbol 03 - the third character. By default, the AUDUSD.

  • Inverse Symbol 03 - the inversion of the third character.

  • Symbol 04 - the fourth character. By default, the NZDUSD.

  • Inverse Symbol 04 - the inversion of the fourth character.

  • Symbol 05 - the fifth character. By default, the USDCAD.

  • Inverse Symbol 05 - the inversion of the fifth character.

  • Symbol 06 - six characters. By default, the USDCHF.

  • Inverse Symbol 06 - inversion of six characters.

  • Symbol 07 - the seventh symbol. By default, the GBPJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 07 - the inversion of the seventh symbol.

  • Symbol 08 - eight characters. By default, the USDJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 08 - inversion of eight characters.

  • Symbol 09 - nine characters. By default, the AUDJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 09 - the inversion of the ninth character.

  • Symbol 10 - ten characters. By default, the EURJPY.

  • Inverse Symbol 10 - inversion of ten characters.

  • Number of Levels - the number of levels.

  • Start Level - value of the first level, which will be calculated from the other levels.

  • Levels Step - the distance between the levels in points.

  • Levels Color - color levels.

A more detailed description can be found on my website: Multi-LED Multi Symbol Price Divergence (version 2) in the graph pane.


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Asian markets fell for second day

Asian markets fell for a second day

Asian indices, as well as region-wide
MSCI, again for the most part fell not particularly well led
themselves of the industrial sector,
especially in Australia. So, Newcrest
Mining Ltd., the largest
gold producer in Australia, fell
immediately by 3.8% after dropped
gold bullion.

The third
largest miner of iron ore in
country, Metals Group Ltd., declined
4% on the news that in Asia, almost
to five-year low, prices fell
for raw materials.

drop on MSCI
0.6%; Hang Seng reduction on
0.3% (in Hong Kong per share that
went up, two accounted fallen);
S P / ASX and
Taiex, sagging
0.6%; reduction in the KOSPI
0.4%; a slight decrease TOPIX
(-0.3%). As soon grew
New Zealand (+ 0.04%) and Indian indices
(+ 0.01%).

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Engulfing bull and bear alert

Engulfing bull and bear alert

I have created a series of indicators for manual trading and tried to make as simple as possible to use these indicators, along with important information about the account. Present to you the Bull Engulfing indicator & Bear Alert, which can be used on any currency pair and timeframe. The indicator is easy to use - just run it on the chart, it will work.

Indicator plays sound and displays a pop-up message, and draws the arrow in the graph in the case of formation of a bearish or bullish absorption model. After placing the order you will need to manually set the levels of take-profit and stop-loss for him, their light does not place. You can also use the arrow signal as an input signal and output, further placing a stop-loss.


  • Bullish signal (blue): place an order to buy

  • Bear signal (red): close the open order

In the upper left corner of the chart the indicator displays the information on the status of your account.


  • It displays the actual spread on currency

  • Convenient to use, easy to set up

  • Works on all currency pairs and time frames

  • Displays important information about the account: server time, the balance available and its own funds, the current floating profit / loss

  • A pop-up message / notification sound + visualization on the chart

indicator settings

  • Popup and sound alert ON - a pop-up message and sound notifications, default true

  • Bulls Arrow color - the color of the arrow bullish signal, the default blue

  • Bears Arrow color - the color of the arrow bearish signal, the default red

  • Draw Candle ON - display of candles, the default is true

  • Location on the graph information on the spread, the default 4

  • Spread text font - the font of the text, the default tahoma

  • Spread text font color - the color of the text, the default "green lawn" Lawn green

  • Spread text font size - font size, default 10

Hopefully, the light will be a good assistant in manual trading. This indicator can be used in conjunction with other indicators.

Engulfing bull and bear alert

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Nomura on how to trade GBPUSD

Nomura on how to trade GBP / USD in the run-up to the referendum on Scottish independence

"Until recently, the results of the survey demonstrated unwillingness of the majority of the Scots vote for independence from Britain, but now it looks like it's time to think of the opposite outcome, as it is likely things" - wrote currency strategists at the bank. - "Given the almost equal ratio of potential votes" for "and" against ", the results of new surveys that will be published up to the referendum on September 18, will continue to exert a strong influence on the dynamics of the pound. However, history suggests that when it comes to the actual vote, people choose to vote in favor of maintaining the status quo or for the "lesser of two evils," which in this case means "no." For this reason, we recommend selling GBP / USD almost up to the referendum, to reduce the volume of short positions on the day before it, and in the opening of the polling stations to eliminate the remnants of "shorts" and buy a pair. It probably makes sense to hedge a long position this purchase put options "out of the money", as in the case of "worst" result, ie, Voting "yes", the pound may fall in price in the coming days by another 5-10%. "

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A look at current situation on

A look at the current situation on the EURUSD, 01.09, 13:04 MSK

C since the last publication of the survey on the EURUSD pair on the weekly and daily time frame the situation has not changed. Still strong open channel with the direction of the downward movement. Look at the picture of the current trends and define more smaller scale.

My last review you can see here: A look at the current situation on the EURUSD, 11.07

The review was prepared using an indicator Pivot Channels. The free version of this indicator can be found here Pivot Channels Demo.

Also, for the understanding of the foundations of the indicator, sending you here and here:

The show channels that are already closed I display settings disabled.

Properties channels will share the bad, good, very good and thus allocate them the desired color.




Channel properties: Pivot Channels EURUSD, Daily: Open channel: id = 286, Volatility of channel = 0.593, Spike of channel = 0.864, Spike of breakthrough = 0.722, Force of breakthrough = 3.35, Relative wave length of breakthrough = 0.32, RSI Exp , RSI Simple.

On this channel we have said that he had very good properties. It is only necessary to note that the movement for the implementation of this channel is already quite impressive.


The latest channel, the one that big, is not yet open.

Here are the properties you add it: Pivot Channels EURUSD, H4: Add channel: id = 336 Parent id 263, Volatility of channel = 0.552, Spike of channel = 1.000, RSI Exp

If it will be a breakthrough, it will be necessary to look at the full breakout statistics and then judge how much this powerful channel for upward movement.

In the meantime, the movement on the H4 defined small open channel, which was, as we see, a good implementation.

Its properties are: Pivot Channels EURUSD, H4: Open channel: id = 331 Parent id 263, Volatility of channel = 0.673, Spike of channel = 0.667, Spike of breakthrough = 0.500, Force of breakthrough = 1.92, Relative wave length of breakthrough = 0.67, RSI Exp, RSI Simple.


We see previous not yet open, and the channel has an open channel on a smaller scale.

Here it is necessary to remember that these channels are also subordinated to that great. By default, only a history of 15,000 bars and this story is not seized.

Properties last open channel: Pivot Channels EURUSD, H1: Open channel: id = 195, Volatility of channel = 0.676, Spike of channel = 1.000, Spike of breakthrough = 1.000, Force of breakthrough = 0.58, Relative wave length of breakthrough = 0.75, RSI Exp

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Multi options

Multi options

Multi options - multifunctional adviser for trading binary
options on the basis of the trading platform MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor trades on all time periods from
4 minutes before the MN and any currency. It has two modes - automatic and
semi-automatic. Five built-in indicators:

  • 2 stochastics

  • 2 MA

  • Parabolic

Indicators vary advisor menu. You can connect either a single lamp,
either all at once and in pairs. It has two kinds of MM Martingale type. 1st - exit in profit on each bar, 2nd - access to the profit on the bar to the side of loss. (As a rule, in most cases, candles paired cm. Screen). MM function with
optionally disabled. there is a limit profit and loss (If desired
turned off). Convenient advisor menu. Has two flexibly configurable
the alert with the possibility to connect their voice files. Origin - signal, the second -
a reminder of the opening of the transaction on time.

Function AlertExperens - time
of the option, if zero, the auto mode is equal to the TF. lots system.
there is maximum, starter and starter 2 (Change settings
advisor). If the transaction exceeds the maximum lot, the adviser breaks
transaction into two positions. ProfitPers - profit percentage (set manually)
10, 20, 30, etc. (For Martingale).

DaysFopInfo = 30 - shows on
profit chart on a single pair of X number of days (set manually). there is
option to enable the machine to one side (for example, the trend) and manual
trade (against the trend) at the same time. To put the pending orders in both
side. To activate your order, you need to select and drag the icon to the side
(The location can be changed in the settings adviser).

It is recommended to use a minimum lot and multi-trade.


adviser only in the visual mode (since MetaTrader 4 is not optimized for the options).

2 experts for the price of one (buyer sends expert with 7 LEDs to work with a couple of options and strategies).

councilor menu

  • DaysFopInfo = 30 - the number of days = 0 from the beginning of the current day. Profit for days.

  • MaxProfOrders = 5 - number of profitable transactions for row 1 signal, 0 = none. Limitation of profit.

  • MaxLossOrders = 5 - the number of losing trades in a row cease trading, 0 = off. Stop-loss.

  • UseAletrs = true - on / off alerts. At the opening of the transaction.

  • SignalSound = "ok.wav" - Sound for AlertExperens, if empty - off. The signal to be traded.

  •  UseMM = false - use MM.

  • UseNewMod = true - topping on each bar - false. true- topping up on the bar in the direction of a losing position.

  • AlertExperens = 30 - delay for the alert, sec. How many seconds to provide a signal for the opening of the transaction.

  • AlertSound = "ok.wav" - sound for AlertExperens, if empty - off. You can change the voice file for the signal.

  • Experens = 5 - the time of the option, if 0 - the period of the current chart.

  • BayAuto = false - the first transaction, the auto / manual (button from the chart).

  • SelAuto = false - the first transaction, the auto / manual (button from the chart).

  • StartLot = 1 - minimum lot 1 (set manually).

  • StartLot2 = 0.1 - minimum lot 2 (set manually).

  • MaxLot = 1000 - maximum lot 1000 (set manually).

  • ProfitPers = 50 - profit percentage (manually) 10, 20, 30, etc.

  • _0 = "Bars filter"

  • UseBarSignal = true

  • Stochastic fast filter setting - filter settings on the fast stochastic.

  • bool UseStochSignalF = true

  • UpStochPrF = 80.0 - overbought level.

  • DnStochPrF = 20.0 - oversold level.

  • KperiodF = 5 - period (the number of bars) for calculating line% K. 

  • DperiodF = 3 - averaging period for calculating the line% D. 

  • SlowingF = 3 - deceleration.

  • MethodF = 0 - SMA = 0, EMA = 1, SMMA = 2, LWMA = 3. 

  • PriceFieldF = 0 - Low / High - 0 or Close / Close - 1. 

  • Stochastic slow filter settings - filter settings on the Slow Stochastic.

  • UseStochSignalS = true

  • UpStochPrS = 80.0 - overbought level.

  • DnStochPrS = 20.0 - oversold level.

  • KperiodS = 20 - period (the number of bars) for calculating line% K.

  • DperiodS = 12 - averaging period for calculating the line% D. 

  • SlowingS = 12 - deceleration. 

  • Methods = 0 - SMA = 0, EMA = 1, SMMA = 2, LWMA = 3.

  • PriceFieldS = 0 - Low / High - 0 or Close / Close - 1.

  • Fisher1 fast filter setting - filter settings for quick Fisher1.

  • UseFisher1SignalF = true

  • MA filter setting - MA filter settings.

  • bool UseMASignal = true

  • string _7 = MA fast setting - set speed MA.

  • MAperiodF = 3 - averaging period for calculating the moving average. 

  • MAshiftF = 0 - indicator shift relative to the chart. 

  • MAmethodF = 1 - SMA = 0, EMA = 1, SMMA = 2, LWMA = 3. 

  • ApPriceF = 0 - CLOSE = 0, OPEN = 1, HIGH = 2, LOW = 3, MEDIAN = 4, TYPICAL = 5, WEIGHTED = 6. 

  • string _8 = MA slow setting - setting the slow MA.

  • MAperiodS = 3 - averaging period for calculating the moving average. 

  • MAshiftS = 0 - indicator shift relative to the chart. 

  • MAmethodS = 1 - SMA = 0, EMA = 1, SMMA = 2, LWMA = 3. 

  • ApPriceS = 1 - CLOSE = 0, OPEN = 1, HIGH = 2, LOW = 3, MEDIAN = 4, TYPICAL = 5, WEIGHTED = 6.

  • Parabolic setting - setting Parabolic SAR.

  • Use_ParabolicSignal = true

  • Step = 0.02

  • Maximum = 0.2

  • string _11 = "========" - Adviser to the menu settings.

  • Cor = 1 - angle for the buttons 0-3.

  • BayCol = LawnGreen - color to buy if NONE - by default.

  • SelCol = OrangeRed - color for the villages, if NONE - by default.

  • Magic = 205429;    // Majik, no more than 6 digits.

  • NamTry - number of repeats operations orders on failure.

  • Slipage = 10 - the maximum deviation of the price for market orders, pp.

  • Com = e_fenix-ua_01 - commentary on orders advisor.

  • ShowInfo = true - display information.

  • Gcol = LawnGreen - positive indicators.

  • Fcol = OrangeRed - negative indicators.

  • Size = 8 - font size.

  • X = 150 - distance horizontally to the text.

  • Y = 10 - distance vertically for text.

  • Font = Verdana - font.

Multi options

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Fast Switching Symbols Periods

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Keyboard Demo

The demo version differs from the full version Only the fact that the switch time periods: Day, Week, Month, Instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF.

The full version is here:

The indicator allows to quickly switch from one instrument to another, from one time period to another with the keyboard. Each team has its own hot key A-Z (large or small letters does not matter) and VK_OEM_COMMA on the keyboard is a symbol of "<"VK_OEM_PERIOD and the keyboard is a symbol of">".

This will help you to use the maximum number of instruments from the list of your broker, to analyze in less time increasing the number of tools / periods.

You can keep the default template has the add button, and then they will automatically be openable in a new chart.

You can also see information about the current instrument: spread (in real time), swap, swaprollover3day, stoplevel, freezelevel.


  • START_PERIOD - time period, which offers new tools (by pressing Next_Symbol, Prev_Symbol, New_List);

  • Already_Open_Symbol - if the value is NO (when pressed Next_Symbol, Prev_Symbol, New_List) and if the next tool to be opened, but it is open at what the other sheet, it will not be opened and will be opened next following;

  • color_Label - color signatures on the graph of the current character / time period.

Description of the actions that perform keyboard shortcuts:

Each action can be assigned to a hot key A-Z (large or small letters does not matter) and VK_OEM_COMMA on the keyboard is a symbol of "<"VK_OEM_PERIOD and the keyboard is a symbol of">".

  • New List (default L) - Creates a new worksheet with the following tools in order (on the list of market survey) and switches to a new sheet;

  • Info Symbol (default I) - opens the panel with information about this tool:

    • FreezeLevel - the level of freezing orders in points;

    • StopLevel - the distance from the price in points, which can not be set closer to the warrant;

    • Spread - (Spread is updated in real time);

    • Swap - long / Short;

    • SwapRollOver3Days - day triple charging Swap.

  • Prev_Symbol (default <) - switches on the instrument (shown in the list overview of the market) following the order from the bottom - up (if the instrument first, then switches to the last, so there is a switch in a circle);

  • Next_Symbol (default >) - switches on the instrument (shown in the list overview of the market) following the order from the top - down (if the instrument is the latter, then switches to the first one, so there is a switch in a circle);

  • Period_Down (default Z) - toggles the time period from the largest to smallest (month - minute);

  • Period_Up (default X) - changes a time period from smaller to larger (minute - month).

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Keyboard Demo


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Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2

Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2 This is the second version of the indicator Multi Symbol Price Divergence analysis many tools price co-m...