Friday, August 17, 2018

RapidFire Update HistoryDescription

RapidFire Update History / Description new parameters

Update History / Description new parameters

version 1.5

+"Min Bars For The Left H / L Point". "Min Bars For The Right H / L Point" - The minimum number of bars to the left and right side of the hi / lo points.

+"Buy Pending Order Price Offset" - Additional items for the opening price of the buy limit / stop orders.

+"Sell ​​Pending Order Price Offset" - Additional items for the opening price of a sell limit / stop orders.

+"Put Pending on The Next H / L point" - If "True", The advisor will put the pending orders until the next high / low point.

+"H / L Filter" - If "True"Then EA will place pending orders only near the channel boundaries.

+"H / L Period" - The size of the channel bars.

+"Do not Close Orders During High Spread If The Distance is More Than" - feature "Close Pending Orders During High Spread" It will not work if the pending orders are more than n points from the current price.

version 1.4

+Stop Trading On Friday - if "True", The Expert Advisor will cease to open orders from a certain time on Friday.
+Friday Stop Trade Time - It indicates the time when the advisor to stop open orders on Friday.

version 1.3

added an option "SignalSensitivity". If the value is less than 1.0, then the advisor will place pending orders on closer High / Low levels. If the value is greater than 1.0, then the advisor will place pending orders on a more long-High / Low levels.

version 1.2

Now you can test the advisor with the news of historical data. To do this you need to put in the folder 'moy_terminal // // test // files' CSV file with the news of historical data. Example of a valid CSV file can be downloaded from "comments".

New paramatry:

*Name of the CSV file - the name of your CSV file.
*Use Daylight Saving Time For Testing With News - It works only during testing. Puts time news hour ahead during the Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).
*Trading period before important news (in minutes) - permit trade adviser to important news (in minutes).

version 1.1

- Fixed a bug where the statistics of the same closed order is displayed twice in the info panel.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Currency market Friday could save

Currency market. Friday could save the ruble

Ruble closed on Thursday is even weaker than the environment - on
around 59.46
All the matter in the end of the tax period, a gradual decrease in the demand for
Russian currency as the currency of the investment, as well as the dynamics of the oil.

Sharp ruble sales, observed recently
time, even in moments of rising oil prices, saying that the ruble gradually
It is losing its popularity among speculators who trade within the carry strategy
trade. Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Predictor of MA

Predictor of the MA

Description of the indicator

Probably almost every trader once, but dreamed about nonretarded MA. I realize this dream in his display. With this indicator, you can predict the future values ​​of the MA! The indicator can be used in four different ways:

  • The first - it yourself forecast for the desired number of bars. Thus, you can estimate the approximate price behavior in the future.

  • The second - the creation nonretarded "medium". This can be done by sliding the MA back half of the averaging period and putting the forecast for the desired number of bars forward.

  • Third - it is everyone's favorite intersection of two or more AI, not only in the present and in the future. Using the intersection of future AI, you remove the main disadvantage of this method - the delayed signal to the input and the output.

  • Finally, this indicator can be useful for those who want to trade on the Bill Williams. Create an "alligator" of the predicted average and you can filter out a lot of "false inputs", thereby increasing the yield of their system.

The indicator is available all the standard settings of the terminal MA. You can set the shift backward / forward, select the averaging method and the price to which the averaging.

Forecast can be done by using five different methods that are specified in the settings. The first method - a calculation by spectral analysis using Fourier transform. The remaining 4 method - a method of linear prediction in different variations.

The indicator shows good results if you put the past bars = 1000, harm No = 400 and use the first method. If you want to use the methods of linear prediction, then I recommend past bars = from 2000 to 5000.

Explanation settings

  • Method - prediction method (1 - through a Fourier transform, 2, 3, 4, 5 - linear prediction methods).

  • LastBar - bar number at which to start the forecast (0 - the current, any other number - the number of bars in the past).

  • PastBars - the number of bars, used for the analysis (Fourier method recommended from 100 to 1000, higher value slows down the calculations, it is possible to put more than 10,000, but will have to wait a long time for other methods).

  • LPOrder - forecasting accuracy from 0 to 1 (used only for linear prediction methods).

  • FutBars - the number of bars to be predicted (should be no more PastBars, and 2-3 times lower is better).

  • HarmNo - the maximum number of frequencies to Fourier method (recommended to be put in 1/2 or 1/3 of the PastBars, greatly affects the calculation speed, the higher the number, the slower said. There should not be more than PastBars, if the value is large, you will see a message about this) .

  • FreqTOL - forecast accuracy for the Fourier method (the higher the accuracy, the slower considered. We recommend no more than 0.00000001).

  • FreqMax - maximum number of iterations for the frequency information (can not change).

  • BurgWin - function for weighted averaging (for linear prediction techniques; 0 = no weighted averaging method Hamming = 1, 2 = parabolic method).

  • ma_period - during the MA, installed as a standard display.

  • ma_shift - shift average forward / backward as the standard display. To move back, specify a negative number of bars.

  • ma_method - averaging method. 1 - simple averaging, 2 - exponential averaging, 3 - weighted averaging, 4 - linear regression.

  • applied_price - type of prices - what price taken for averaging. 1 - CLOSE, 2 - OPEN, 3 - HIGH, 4 - LOW, 5 - HL / 2, 6 - HLC / 3, 7 - HLCC / 4.

work especially

To make nonretarded MA, set Last bars = ma_shift = 1/2 ma_period. ma_shift thus should be a negative number.

The calculations may take from a few tenths of a second to several minutes or even tens of minutes or even days, depending on the established depth history for analysis. If the terminal stops responding, it means that there is calculation and have to wait. LED never "hang" the terminal, he eventually finished the calculation. Do not put the Fourier transform analysis of more than 3000 bar (for other methods - more than 20 000), as it will slow down the work.

Recalculation indicator comes on every new bar, so watch out for, so that the calculation of the duration does not exceed the established timeframe. If you put a large number of past bars, check first on the H4, how many it will take, otherwise the calculation will never be completed (with the recommended settings on a desktop computer, you can safely put the timeframe M5).

Predictor of the MA

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Easy Position Size Calculator MT5

Easy Position Size Calculator MT5

The easiest way to manage risk in every transaction!

  1. Start the indicator on the chart, adjust the interest rate risk value (equity account)
  2. Enter the number of pips for stop loss appeared on the graph input text field
  3. The allowable size of the position will automatically be updated

The product works in two modes - the compact (the input field
pips amount for the stop-loss and the total lot size depending on the
interest rate risk value) and extended (also displayed a spread of risk and the value in percentage and
account currency

The remaining parameters are responsible for the color of foreground and background
display, allowing you to adapt the indicator to the selected color
schedule scheme.

Easy Position Size Calculator MT5

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Russian Sea Mining Gleb Frank

Russian Sea - Mining Gleb Frank and Maksima Vorobeva has changed its name

Company "Russian Sea - Mining" Gleb Frank and Maksima Vorobeva renamed the "Russian fishing companies." Officially, the rebranding will be announced in the coming days

Company "Russian Sea - Extraction" (engaged in the extraction of biological resources, in particular, is the largest Russian producer of pollack) is now called the "Russian Fishing Company", according to the information base. Officially, the rebranding will be announced in the coming days, confirmed a source in the RBC "Russian Sea Group" ( "Russian Sea - mining" is not included in the group, but they have common owners).

"Brenda" Russian Sea "we have not sold it. The name will have to change, because now it prevents Belarusians differentiate us "- quoted TASS co-owner Gleb Frank in mid-October.

In 2013 the State Corporation "Russian Sea" sold the fish processing plant in Noginsk and brand Belarusian company "Santa Braemar."

The band yet retain the original name, but it is also preparing to re-brand, Frank noted.

The group of "Russian Sea" is a distributor of "Russian Fish Company" and the two companies, which are bred fish - "Russian Sea - Aquaculture" and "Trout Farm Segozerskoye". In July 2014 the investment fund Volga Resources Gennady Timchenko sold its 30% of the group "Russian Sea" investment company "Rockwell Capital" Gleb Frank, who has to Timchenko in-law. The second co-owner was Maxim Vorobiev - the brother of the current governor of the Moscow region Andreya Vorobeva.

Each shareholder also owns 34% of "Russian Sea - Production", established in 2011 in the Far East. Now this organization has such mining companies as "Turnif", "Intraros", "Vostokribprom" and "Sovgavanryba". With their acquisition of "Russian Sea - Production" has become Russia's largest owner of quotas for pollock, TASS reported: it 12% of Russia's total quota, ie the right to 180 thousand tons (as of 2013).. Company also owns quota 9% Pacific herring (32 thousand. t).

Financial indicators "Russian Sea - mining" is not disclosed. As for the public of "" Russian Sea Group "companies in the first half of 2014 its revenue increased by 17% over the same period of the previous year, up to 9 billion rub., The loss amounted to RUB 431.8 million. compared to 1.7 million rubles. profit a year earlier. Capitalization of the Moscow stock exchange on Wednesday, at 15:15 MSK, amounted to 3.34 billion rubles.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Visual Trading App DEMO

Visual Trading App DEMO

Visual Trading App - an innovative application developed in MQL4 (new version) for MetaTrader 4, is used to add features "click trading" or "chart trading", included in many platforms.

Important - this product is a trial version of Visual Trading App. This version works on the charts (not only in the tester), but allows you to trade only the minimum lot.

In particular, this application allows you to trade entirely using the mouse directly from the chart. This is very useful, especially for discretionary traders or scalpers.

Visual Trading App also includes money management. You can select one of the following modes:

  • By Larri Vilyamsa formula, calculated on the maximum loss (lots = ((means *% of the risk) / maximum loss));

  • According to formula Larri Vilyamsa, calculated on a specific loss of the transaction that will be revealed (lots = ((* means risk%) / loss relative to a set level Stop Loss));

  • Fixed lots.

For rules Larri Vilyamsa, you can also select the means to take into account in the calculations:

  • equity;

  • Balance;

  • Free margin.

Regardless of the selected money management rules, you can open a transaction volume (number of lots), different from the usual, entering the number of lots in the edit box on the chart before opening the transaction.

There are also the following settings:

  • Selecting a template (you can also create your own custom templates);

  • Select to show notifications in the default window or output to a log;

  • Enable / disable the confirmation of the opening / closing / reversal position;

  • Setting the risk-reward ratio (calculated take-profit level);

  • Installing a sound file for the mouse click and drag and drop before the opening and during operation.

Additional demo video

  • Money management: = 3&list = PLp0Wvr0syhzmoAs1b8u38TAgHlGT5EcBa

  • Confirmation request: = PLp0Wvr0syhzmoAs1b8u38TAgHlGT5EcBa&index = 3

  • Take Profit: = 4&list = PLp0Wvr0syhzmoAs1b8u38TAgHlGT5EcBa

  • Information about the position: = PLp0Wvr0syhzmoAs1b8u38TAgHlGT5EcBa&index = 5

  • Templates: = 6&list = PLp0Wvr0syhzmoAs1b8u38TAgHlGT5EcBa

  • Configuring notifications: = PLp0Wvr0syhzmoAs1b8u38TAgHlGT5EcBa&index = 7


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Triplet is adviser on the basis of the positive hedging strategy and the triangular correlation.

Since both of these strategies are already well known, and have been known for a long time, we have tried to combine these two strategies into a single course, adding several features to increase productivity: the proportional use of other characters based on their correlation, the use of correlation filter for every two first characters, setting take-profit and stop-loss manually or automatically, using the signal for the opening of the order based on the correlation. A new feature - the use of an adviser to the opening of single, double or triple orders with the possibility of hedging, if it is turned on.

Additional features include trust funds and minimum funds as a percentage of the balance for profit management accounts with the possibility of the continuation or termination of the trade, as well as the time setting that allows you to control trade on the basis of a predetermined time. Another new feature - a button on the panel to control the trade: to close all orders, pause / start, output, expand / collapse advisor panel.

10 available presets couples and 1 hand-set pairs. Using hand-held sets, you can use other sets of couples who are not represented above, filling them by hand. Note that when using manual dialing, you need to use characters that have a triangular correlation.

Since the Strategy Tester in MetaTrader 4 does not allow for multi-tests, you will not be able to test on historical data in the Strategy Tester. For testing on real account, download the free version of Triplet Free with some restrictions.

To use the advisor you need to run it on the same graph, with any symbol and timeframe. The remaining open is not necessary. If you want to trade a different set of pairs in a single account, run the EA on another chart with another magic number.

Input parameters

GENERAL INFO - General Information

  • Expert comment - This comment can be changed on your own

  • Expert version - councilor version

  • Expert developer - Developer name

  • Expert setup - The explanation for the attachment of the adviser on the chart

MONEY MANAGEMENT - Capital Management

  • Initial balance, if 0 using current balance - profit management / loss on the account, the activation control of the target, or the minimum funds

  • Money management - automatic calculation of the lot

  • Risk in percentage terms - risk based on account balance for the calculation of bids

  • Volume in lots if money management false - fixed volume in lots if Money management - false

  • Lot's calculation based on - use items, calculated on the basis of balance, equity, either free margin

  • Lot for other symbol (s) - select the items to another character (equal or proportional to value)

  • Target equity in percentage money, if not used 0 - trust funds as a percentage of the money when it reaches the specified value Advisor will close all orders

  • Minimum equity in percentage money, if not used 0 - the minimum means of a percentage of the money when it reaches the specified value Advisor will close all orders

  • Restart trade if one of Target is reached - if true trade advisor restarts when the target value of the above

TRADE SETTINGS - Commerce Settings

  • Maximum level - maximum level for opening orders, warrants if the group reaches the size of the loss

  • Target profit / loss type - type of take-profit

  • Target profit / loss value - value or distance to take profit and stop-loss

  • RR ratio - the ratio of risk and return

Fill values ​​take profit and stop loss if Target profit / loss value = Manual

  • Profit target - take profit for the last closing level of the group.

  • Loss distance - floating away loss to open the next level

  • Trade mode - trade regime

Settings signal at Trade mode = Use Signal 1 or 2 Use Signal

  • Signal value - value of the signal to open orders

  • Add level although there is no signal - if true advisor opens a new order level even when no signal

CORRELATION SETTING - Correlation Settings

  • Correlation value - the correlation value is not set at 0%

SYMBOL SETTINGS - Setting symbol

  • Trade pair (s) - how many pairs included in the same group

  • Use symbol pair - when you select a symbol manually (Manual Symbol), you must enter the name of the symbol, the symbol of the set will be available in a set of pairs

Select a set of pairs in Use symbol pair = Packet Symbol

  • Packet pair - Available 10 sets of pairs

Enter the name of the character at the Use symbol pair = Manual Symbol

  • Symbol 1 - 1 title character

  • Symbol 2 - 2 character name

  • OP Symbol 3 - The logic for opening the third character

TIME SETTING - setting time

  • Time used - local or server time

  • Start trading - time pre-trade

  • Stop trading - while the Trade Deadline

  • Manage orders on weekend - control orders on weekends, there embodiment 3

DISPLAY SETTINGS - Display Settings

  • Theme of display - available 6 themes

  • Scale of display- display scale


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RapidFire Update HistoryDescription

RapidFire Update History / Description new parameters Update History / Description new parameters version 1.5 +" Min Bars For The Left...