Friday, December 14, 2018

Break Inner Bar signal

Break Inner Bar signal

The indicator reflects the signals strategy "inside day and play on the break," described in the book Ketti Lin "day trading the forex market. Strategies for profit.

In the event of an internal bar indicator builds on the range of its maximum and a minimum with the help of horizontal lines. At a penetration level signal is generated at the opening position.

At the indicator has only one parameter - Inner bars. It determines the minimum number of internal bars, which must be formed before the penetration range.

Break Inner Bar signal

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Key events Thursday and trading

Key events Thursday and trading plan

We offer a list of the key events of Thursday August 14 and a trading plan for currency pairs.

Key events 14

NZD: The index of business
sentiment in the manufacturing sector
(2:30 GMT), retail sales (2:45 Moscow time)

JPY: The amount of basic orders
product (3:50 GMT)

AUD: Inflation expectations
(5:00 GMT)

EUR: Preview. French GDP
(9:30 MSC) Pre. German GDP (10:00 GMT)
the number of private jobs
the private sector in France (10:45 GMT), PPI
(11:15 GMT), ECB monthly newsletter
(12:00 GMT), the final CPI, Pre. GDP
euro area (13:00 GMT)

CAD: Price index for new
House (16:30 Moscow time)

USD: Applications for benefits
unemployment, import prices (16:30 Moscow time)

Trading Plan:

The EUR / USD almost sank
on the news on the reduction of industrial
Eurozone manufacturing, but then
I jumped up to levels above $ 1.3400,
because US retail sales
It was lower than expected (to blame
This is worth the weak car sales
and gasoline). At the same time, euro jump
upstairs was too fast. uniform
currency reached its upper edge
the recent trading range. Tomorrow
in the euro zone will be released a number of important economic
indicators, which increases the probability
that the current rise will not last
a long time, so the offer to sell the pair.
Resistance lies at $ 1.3430, $ 1.3450 and
$ 1.3475. Below target is located at $ 1.3340, for the
a new round of closing down the necessary
below $ 1.3335.

GBP / USD pair It fell to around
$ 1.6700 to the "pigeon" report the Bank of England
inflation. Mark Karni made it clear
that the planned rate hike yet
very, very early: the forecasts for the pace
Wage growth in the current year
They were lowered. statistics reflect
improvement in the labor market, but
the average index of wage growth
I went into negative territory. Carney
deprived the markets of whatever desires
buy British currency, so that
shortly GBP / USD, is likely to continue
decrease. Fixation below $ 1.6690 would open
the way to $ 1.6500 and potentially to $ 1.6300.
Resistance lies at $ 1.6810 and
$ 1.6890. The focus of the market came a revised
UK GDP for the II quarter. (expected
unchanged at 0.8% q / q). any
negative surprises will increase pressure
sellers in the market.

USD / JPY pair on Wednesday
trading volatility, but certain
direction and not acquired. Data
the fall of Japanese GDP in the second
quarter had a pair of support, but
102.50 resistance played a role.
Weak retail sales in the United States did not have
pair the necessary support, so
Price returned to the US bid
102.30. Who do forecasts for the pair
hard enough, but the upward movement,
obviously difficult levels of 102.50 and
102,90 / 103,00. Bottom note
the levels of 102.00, 102.50 and 103.00.

The AUD / USD flew up
up: improving data in Australia and
deterioration in the US caused
natural market reaction - activation
bulls. Next resistance is
at $ 0.9350. Support is located at
$ 0.9290 and $ 0.9260. In the short term
Australian perspectives are better than
prospects for the euro, and the pair EUR / AUD may
test 1.4355 or even fall

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

European shares rise

European shares rise

General mood

European markets on Monday are growing against the background of how the fears of investors back to the ghost of the crisis in Portugal. Instead warily askance at the south of Europe, the majority of market participants rolled up their sleeves and began to wait for the forthcoming publication of statistics and reports of major corporations.


Europe 600 grown on 0.7% (up to 339.06)
after Friday was
It registered its steepest peak
since March. Drop in the index was due
the fact that the Portuguese holding Espirito
Santo International SA missed payment
dividend to its investors, vskolyhnuv
the entire financial sector and Portugal
fueling fears about the stability
their empire. Today more slowly
rolled back.

PSI 20 index rose 0.7%
We have added and Portuguese
government bonds. French
CAC 40 grew by 0.5%, German DAX 30
added 0.7%, British FTSE
100 added 0.6%.


Shares rose 2.7% Shire
PLC after
review of contract with AbbVie
Inc. 2,1%
Tesco shares added
Plc, after
information on buying grocery chains
shops. shares of Airbus
Group grew
1.3% in Paris after the manufacturer
airliner introduced a new modification
A330 aircraft.

Brussels RTL
Group dropped
0.9% after the rating
Credit agency
Suisse downgraded
status of the broadcaster
from positive to neutral.

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Closes all orders Sell symbol, which is cast on the chart.

Before running the script, allow auto trade.


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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

HP Harami Cross Indicator

HP Harami Cross Indicator

Indicator HP Harami CROSS Indicator - a useful tool when trading candlestick patterns.

  • Trend usually starts with a big candle followed by a doji, located within the maximum / minimum of the real body.

  • Indicator effectively detects a trend reversal, especially if it occurs after a long candle. The combination is similar to the pattern of "Harami", but accompanied by a doji.

  • Pattern Harami Cross ( "Harami Cross") shows the movement of the market over the last two candles / bars. The indicator allows the trader to predict market development in the current day and make trading decisions.


  • This easy-to-use indicator looks for and displays the chart pattern "Harami Cross".

  • The indicator also shows a bullish and bearish candles as part of the pattern

  • It works on all symbols and timeframes.

HP Harami Cross Indicator

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Monday, December 10, 2018

What reports are waiting for US

What reports are waiting for US companies this week?

Learn how justified record levels in the major indexes, available on the US stock market after the publication of companies reporting this week.

There is a possibility that the profit of the second quarter may be significantly higher than projected, there is also a small chance the growth of company profits included in the S P 500 (it should exceed 10% for the first three years). Last Thursday after a high rate of data Allocation some economists talking about the possibility of 4% of GDP in the second quarter based on the year after a reduction of 2.9% in the first quarter.

according to
surveyed by Reuters
Company profits grow
by 6.2% in the second quarter, 10.9% in the third
and 11.9% - in the fourth quarter. In the last
time earnings growth exceeded 10% (Q3
2011), amounting to 18%.

According to
Tim Director of Solaris Group Investments
Griscom, there is a chance that profits will grow
more than 10% in the quarter, however,
the chance is small. While all the attention - at
Employment report.

the expected
this week's reports - the data from the
aluminum producer Alcoa Inc, which
report the results of the second quarter
after the close of trading - in
, Retail
chain Family Dollar Stores Inc to publish a report at
, and largest
The United States in terms of mortgage lending bank

Wells Fargo Co - On Friday.

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Historic birthplace of ruble falls

The historic birthplace of the ruble falls, oil cheaper

On Monday, the Russian stock market opened on the "drawdown", but for dinner back in the positive zone. The main stock indices gained an average of 0.4%. Most show good demand Bashneft, Rostelekon and Fosagro. But Rosneft and Aeroflot - still show a negative trend.

analysts estimate the background as moderately
negative. US markets on Friday
were closed (the country celebrated the Day
Independence), oil prices continue to
fall, after the oil and creeps down
futures on the S P. Ruble
It weakens and incentives for its until
practically not observed. The pair USD / RUR
"Sit out" this week in the bleak
34.40 - 34.85.

continue to monitor what is happening
in Ukraine, the rhetoric of Western sanctions
It does not stop (though pretty
Pomer). The MICEX index continues
to remain in the range of 1490 - 1505 points.

recommend to pay attention to the action
MTS and offer to start buying them. AT
medium-term trend essentially shares
dropped and the RSI says
that there is a local oversold.
Therefore, analysts see in this currency
definitely a clear potential for growth.

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Break Inner Bar signal

Break Inner Bar signal The indicator reflects the signals strategy "inside day and play on the break," described in the book Ke...