Friday, March 22, 2019

Time Interval Line

Time Interval Line

Presented script draws vertical lines on the graph by the user set the time (hour and minute). This is useful when you need to analyze the market situation during a particular session. For example, you want to spend the price analysis in EURUSD at the start and the end of the London trading session.

Input parameters:

  • Color (color lines)

  • hr (hour billing line)

  • minutes (minutes invoice line)

  • ShowLineName_InObjectlist (Yes / No) (if you set the value to Yes, this option will show the name of the line in the list of objects). If the graph there are other objects that may be appropriate to skip the line name in the list of objects.


Vertical lines appear on the time and minute (M1......H4) Timeframes.

Time Interval Line

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Yellen said that period of very

Yellen said that a period of very loose monetary policy coming to an end

. Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen indicated on Monday that the period of very loose monetary policy coming to an end.

She said that the Fed is moving away from efforts aimed at revitalizing the economy, which suffered as a result of the recession, and is focused on maintaining the growth that has occurred over the past few years. It changes the political stance of the central bank, she said, noting that Fed officials are planning a continuation of the gradual increase in interest rates if the economic situation starts to deteriorate.

"Whereas before we push on the accelerator, trying to squeeze out the maximum strength of the economy, and now (we) give the economy the possibility to move by inertia, measured, - she said. - To ask her some speed, but not so much to press on the accelerator".

This means that the key short-term interest rates will continue to rise to its long-term average, Yellen said.

Source: "News Feed"

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Usdjpy slow decline but stays

Usd / jpy: slow decline, but stays below 109.00

Using the fact that the bulls were waiting for fresh momentum after the opening of the European session for a new attack, USD / JPY slow decline that began during the Asian session and has moved into a phase of consolidation.

The pair is trying to get out of the clutches of the strong pressure to which it sent the statement of Donald Trump, to put pressure on risky assets such as equities, Treasuries, and so on.

Another negative factor was the escalation of political tensions in North Korea, be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it was into the hands of the risk-free yen, on the other - has pushed USD / JPY down to the lows of mid-November. 10-year Treasuries traded much below 2.30% in the 5-month lows.

Thus, the pair will observe US makrostatistiki incoming data to select the further direction.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

GBPUSD 1 2500 pierced on British

GBP / USD 1.2500 pierced on British statistics

Britain issued a contradictory and mixed block of statistics on the labor market, which reflected growth in both indicators of wages and the number of unemployed, and the GBP / USD reacted to them jump to a session high near 1.2520, and then rolled back to the round mark.

Resistance noted at 1.2520 (April 12 maximum), 1.2562 (the high of March 31) and 1.2633 (200-day sma). Support extends to 1.2458 (20 day sma), 1.2419 (100- day sma) and 1.2401 (low of April 11).

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

G20 will establish working group

G20 will establish a working group on reforming the global financial architecture

G20 finance in the fields of the spring meetings in Washington decided to establish a group of famous financiers to develop reform the global financial architecture. He leads a team of ex-Minister of Finance, the current Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Tarman Shanmugaratnam, representative of Russia can become ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. This Tass quoted a source in the Russian delegation.

"At a meeting of the financial" twenty "the Germans raised the question of creating a group of some prominent people (eminent persons), who formulate for the next year a number of initiatives and steps to reform the global financial architecture, international financial organizations," - said the source.

According to him, most of the participants of the meeting "tacit consent" to the proposal of the Presidency, and the item on the establishment of the group put on the agenda at the summit of G20 leaders in Hamburg.

According to the interlocutor TASS news agency, the group will also include well-known financier, former chairman of the board of the European Central Bank (2003 and 2011), Jean-Klod Trishe and former vice-president of the World Bank and the Finance Minister of Nigeria Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

According to the source, the head of the Russian delegation, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak reminded the meeting that in the midst of the crisis in 2009 in the framework of the financial G20 created a similar group led by Nobel Laureate Professor Joseph Stigletsem. Storchak also recalled that a comprehensive report was prepared, however, of the proposals nothing was implemented. In response, the Russian was asked to oversee the creation of the new group and to work out the basic principles of its work.

As long as the candidate to participate in the group on Russia not admitted Tass interlocutor. "While incomprehensible scheme by which the group pre-formed. But we do not have a lot of candidates that can be included there, "- said the source. He hinted that the main contender from Russia can be considered as the ex-Finance Minister Alekseya Kudrina.

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Renko charting

renko charting

Renko charts are related only to the price movement. New brick appears when the price goes beyond the top or bottom edge of the previous brick by a specified distance.


  • Brick size - size blocks;

  • Offset - shift of each building block added. When setting the shift amount equal to half the size of the brick, obtained by the so-called "middle blocks Renco", an example of which is shown in the second screen shot;

  • Amount shifted - the number of bars to offset to the left when a new building block and the number of bars for the displacement to the right when a new bar on the main chart. Reducing this value can reduce testing time by using this indicator advisor.

renko charting

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Monday, March 18, 2019

EZT Macd Pro

EZT Macd Pro

Information MACD indicator is available at this link.

Program description

This indicator is able to display 1-2 MACD indicator on different timeframes and with different settings. There is a free version, which uses the EMA calculation. This Pro version uses all 4 types of for calculations: simple, exponential, smoothed and linearly weighted. Active indicators can serve pop-up, sound, push-message or email alert. The free version of the notification is served only at the intersections of the zero line. In this version of Pro can be set to send alerts at zero crossing or crossing of the histogram signal line, if enabled by the user. Alerts can be set for one or both active indicator, even if they have different timeframes and periods. When using 2 MACD indicator alerts can work for each of them.

At present the main chart panel with buttons that show the activity indicators and their settings. It is possible to hide the panel. Buttons allow you to temporarily hide one of the active MACD.

Added additional features not found in the free version: Divergence. You can choose to display both the MACD divergence. You can choose between standard and hidden divergence, or use both. You can select divergence histogram or signal line. You can also specify the display line only in MACD pane or on the chart with MACD. On the chart can also be displayed by arrows divergences. Alerts can be set separately for two types of divergence. Full color adjustment and line thickness.


  • Panel location - snap angle to the display panel on the main graph.

  • Show Panel - show the dashboard, true / false. This option is available only in the Pro.

  • Panel size - panel size, normal or high resolution.

  • Panel shift - shift schedule panel edges.

  • Color of active MACD button - active color indicator MACD.

  • Color of inactive MACD button - color temporarily hidden active MACD.

  • Use MACD - use one or both of the light, true / false.

  • MACD time frame - choice timeframe for each MACD.

  • Alert - a pop-up alert on the chart, true / false.

  • MA method - use any of the 4 types of moving averages: simple, exponential, smoothed, linearly weighted / only in version Pro.

  • MA Price - any of the 7 types of prices for the calculation of the moving average: close, open, high, low, median, typical weighted.

  • MACD show Divergence - type display divergences: do not show divergence, usually hidden or both.

  • MACD divergence line - use the histogram divergence line or the signal line. Choose only one.

  • Show Price divergence line - when setting true divergence line will also be visible on the price chart.

  • Show price divergence arrow - when setting true divergence on the chart will show arrows.

  • Alert mode - can be set to send alerts to cross the zero level histogram or bar graph at the intersection of the signal line, or disable. Select the type of alarm.

EZT Macd Pro

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Time Interval Line

Time Interval Line Presented script draws vertical lines on the graph by the user set the time (hour and minute). This is useful when you n...