Wednesday, March 21, 2018



Trend or the flat? Probably the most common question among traders as the answer to it depends trading strategy.

This indicator will answer this question, as well as say, the global trend is ended or not. All you need is to put a vertical line on the major extreme. In case the price trend will cross the line of the indicator, at the flat - to remain within its borders. As a rule, local trends in the same direction. Therefore, at the turn of the global trend is broken the opposite line of the indicator.

As the basis of the indicator is taken from the work of Einstein's formula is the Brownian motion of particles.

The parameter value Degree = 0.5 corresponds to random movement rates.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

ZigZag Medvedev

ZigZag Medvedev

The indicator is designed based on the two buffer circuit and does not require no additional settings and can be used by you in any financial instrument without any restrictions. Indicator is a known ZigZag, but is not redrawn and, in practice, it makes it easy to detect significant levels of prices on the chart, as well as demonstrates the ability to determine the probable direction of price movement.

Item display

  • MinBars - calculates the number of bars. Default - 500 0 - all bars.

I appreciate your constructive suggestions and feedback.

ZigZag Medvedev

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Euro and Pound are rising dollar

Euro and Pound are rising, the dollar weakened slightly

Wednesday went up the euro as investors await
Friday's meeting of Eurogroup.
The main factor that influences today
the single currency - the situation in Greece.
Yesterday the head of the Eurogroup assured
markets in that progress, albeit slowly,
but it is approaching. So now, on
It has grown
0.27% and trading at 1.0765.

down against the yen: USDJPY
decreased 0.15% to reach 119.48.
Tomorrow will feature data
Japan's trade surplus, which
They are "a pencil" in the fundamental

pound also rose against the dollar: GBPUSD
It is at 1.4996, gaining 0.44% already.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

F trend

F trend

The indicator is designed for lovers of pipsing, it gives signals to an average of ten points. The indicator is based on a mathematical calculation: average range is determined by the price channel (typically, this range is generated at the time of storage positions), and when the price falls outside its pridely, a signal is generated in the form of arrows. A feature of the indicator is the minimum setup - the period for which you need to calculate, and signal frequency (the frequency of the signal is determined by the channel width: smaller it is, the more signals are available, but this option is recommended to decrease only when to the flat market, while the trend better increase this option for more accurate signals).


  • Period - Period to calculate the indicator

  • Multiplier - frequency signals (the smaller the value the greater the frequency signals)

  • Notification - Choosing Alert notifications (pop-up), sending to Email, Push-notifications.

  • Message header UP - Post subject for up signals EMail.

  • Message content UP - text messages for up signals EMail.

  • Message header Down - Post subject for Down signals EMail.

  • Message content Down - text messages for Down signals EMail.

F trend

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Thursday, March 15, 2018



Professional robot in
which implemented the classic trading strategy to channel the indicator PriceChannel. Signal is generated from the breakdown of the channel inwardly of the upper and
Price Channel bottom borders. When
price breaks the lower border Price
Channel and the closing price was fixed above this boundary - it will
signal to buy, if the price breaks above the upper boundary of Price Channel and the closing price was fixed below this limit - it
will sell signal. In other cases, the absence of signal. Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably
On the market. Working capital of $ 100! It is important to choose a line of work, or
the two sides, or only to buy or sell. Also, the signal can be

The expert uses
basic concepts: breakeven, trawl, stoploss and take profit, as well as on the closing
opposite signal. And an important function - correct calculation of risk. No output function unit lot, used
the concept of risk, stop loss is required, since it is measured from the lot
relatively acceptable loss for a given risk.

Any expert who is optimized without risk,
using a fixed lot, will obviously incorrect results. Since when
steal up optimization options that will increase the balance in the initial
interval history. Then everything is simple, with a large supply balance and working
fixed lot, will be able to pass any number of stories! but when
This running expert from another location on the history, it is likely
drain. Therefore, the concept of risk in the optimization and the work required! In this
Risk case works 1 - is 1% of the deposit.

The expert also has built-in advanced features
optimization of sorting, that is, it is desirable to optimize the using mode
"Custom max".

Overview of parameters:

  • Magic - The magic number, an arbitrary integer.

  • Work Period - The period for which the expert works.

  • Risk - risks that are entering the market, is set in percentage of the total loss of the deposit,
    Lot determined relative stoploss and allowable losses when the

  • LotRounding - Rounding of the lot (before decimal point).

  • DeviationP - ekvoty.

  • Sleeps -
    Waiting for the opening, closing or modifying the position.

  • Withdraw -
    Virtual withdrawals in the tester, as a percentage of the starting
    deposit (necessary when optimizing a long period, to protect from the saturation

  • StopLoss -

  • TakeProfit -

  • Trailing Period - The period that runs the trawl.

  • Trailing Breakeven - Level bezubytka, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Start - The level of the beginning of the trawl, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Stop - trawl level 0 - off trawl paragraphs, the active period of the trawl.

  • TrailingStep Period - Trawl the period.

  • Prohibit new series - If you want to finish the current position, and
    open the following, you need to include this switch (support
    position before disconnecting the expert).

  • WorkOpenLong - Permission to open a long position.

  • WorkOpenShort - Permission to open a short position.

  • WorkCloseLong - Resolution on the closing of long positions.

  • WorkCloseShort - Resolution on the closing of short positions.

  • Inversion -
    Inverting input signal.

  • SignalBar -
    Bar, from which begin to look at the (1 - the first fully
    formed bar).

  • Signal Period - the period for which indicators work.

  • AppliedPrice - price channel works with the specified price.

  • ChannelPeriod - Period
    price channel.

Instructions for optimization in standard mode:

it's desirable
optimize using mode - "Custom
"Which has a function of a progressive optimization that
able to slightly increase the potential forecast. establish
time interval equal to the operating period (Work Period), This period must be less than any other in
settings. install only
opening price, to optimize speed. Set the desired
time period, if necessary, and then forward, as desired.

It is important to
optimization pick (Signal Period)
since it determines the result, if the period is too small and the noise level
exceeds the signal strength prediction, the result will be lost if the
too big, it will be inefficient, have a few positions. must
run several times optimization, and to estimate this parameter. The optimization of
Default included permission to work in the specified direction, and closing
alarm. For trawl method is selected not on the items and using the last bar
said time interval (TrailingStep
), (Trailing Stop= 0).

default settings, set to optimize the following fields:

  • StopLoss - 50/10/300

  • TakeProfit - 100/10/300

  • Trailing Breakeven- 10/20/50

  • Trailing Start - 100/10/300

  • ChannelPeriod - 3/1/140


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Macan EA

Macan EA

Macan EA - a fully automated advisor based on moving averages breakdowns channel, which uses different from the conventional algorithm for calculating the moving averages. This makes it possible to implement a unique strategy, which is tested for 10 -year period, with good results.

This EA is recommended to use on the M5 chart with a 5-digit quotes. And also on volatile pairs, as it trades at the breakdown.


  • Expert Name - Expert name and comment to the transactions.

  • Magic Number - Advisor magic number to identify the transaction.

  • lot Size - Lot size with Auto Lot Size is false.

  • Activate Auto Lot Size - If true, the automatic calculation of the size of the lot will be activated.

  • Risk (%) - The risk based on available funds account.

  • Take Profit - Take profit.

  • Stop Loss - Stop-loss.

  • Breakeven - Breakeven.

  • Trailing Start - Distance to activate a trailing stop.

  • Slippage - slippage.

  • Max Spread Allowed - The maximum allowable spread for trading.


  • Volatile currency pairs.

  • Schedule M5.

  • Low spread.

  • Low-level stop.

  • Low commission.

  • Leverage account at least 1: 500

  • Five-digit quotes.

  • VPS-hosting 24/7 with low latency execution.

Macan EA

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DAX and FTSE 100 fell on Wednesday

DAX and FTSE 100 fell on Wednesday, CAC 40 and ASE rose

yesterday, the European
indexes changed quite weak and

Stoxx Europe 600
During the day, I lost 0,03%, FTSE 100 fell
to 0,49%, CAC 40 added 0.36%
DAX weakened by 0.6%.

on statements
Mario Draghi for additional
liquidity of Greek banks to their shares
rose: Piraeus and Eurobang
sharply immediately added
to 21%. Following them stronger and Greek
National ASE stock index:
+ 2.1%.

high season reporting, and not in here
all doing well. Thus, the third
the value of global brewer, Heineken,
quotes lowered by 3% after
its results for the last quarter.
Sales growth was less than expected

Kering SA, which
owns such fashion brands as
Gucci and Puma, lost
3.9%: its revenues declined more than
analysts predicted.

a "big loser» - Tesco Plc, which
It lost 5.2%. British retailer yesterday
I reported on the largest of its almost
a century on the basis of loss
financial year. 7 billion was debited
pounds since January closed network
43 loss-making point and refused to open
pre-planned supermarkets.

All things went bad. For example, the Swiss
pharmacist Roche Holding AG added
1.8% revenue growth above consensus.

15% of the shares immediately rose Volvo: here
expected change of CEO.

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TrendOrFlat Trend or the flat? Probably the most common question among traders as the answer to it depends trading strategy. This indicat...