Tuesday, December 31, 2019



StrikeFx - multi martingeylovy new generation Advisor. This advisor we gave up a grid with a fixed distance between the orders. The distance between the order can be plenty big and the time between orders is also not limited. Advisor continuously analyzes the situation and adds averaging order only when it is really necessary, and is the best price. Take profit of the basket is not fixed and is determined depending on the market situation and constantly changing.

Advisor is able to go out with a small loss in situations where the market "collapses" and the price goes a great distance in a short time.

The EA implemented a multi-currency trading command center that monitors the number of open trades for each currency and their direction and make a decision on the resolution / Trade Ban on new currency pairs. The EA function is integrated fixation losses when the maximum allowable drawdown on one instrument. If this happens, the adviser may close all orders, and stop and can put full lock (lock).



  • BuySell - flag prohibiting / permitting opening transactions for the new currency pairs.

  • CloseAllNow - the flag of the immediate closure of all open orders.

  • SetName - the name of the setting set.

  • TF - working taymfrem.

  • PeriodMA - MA period.

  • PriceMA - price MA.

  • MethodMA - method of building AI.

  • ATRPeriod - period ATR.

  • Entry - the first input parameter.

  • Exit - exit option.

  • TPfirst - take profit of the first order.

  • LotMult - setting building lots.

  • MinGridStep - the minimum distance between orders.

  • MinTimeStep - the minimum time between orders.

  • MinDepth - refill option.

  • MaxLevels - the maximum number of orders in the pyramid.

  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread.

  • UseLimitOrders - use entry limit order.

  • FirstOrderSL - virtual stop loss of the first order.

  • FreezeHours - freezing hours in the case of actuation of the first stop-loss order.

  • LotSize - the initial auction (if AutoMM = FALSE).

  • AutoMM (TRUE / FALSE) - when the AutoMM initial lot will be set automatically as the initial lot = LotSize * (account balance) / AutoMMEquity.

  • AutoMMEquity - setting AutoMM.

  • UseLock (TRUE / FALSE) - used for fixing the lock losses.

  • MaxDD - the maximum allowable drawdown in the base currency units.

  • MaxDDPerCent - the same as the MaxDD, but as a percentage of the deposit balance.

  • MaxDDAutoMMEquity - option for automatic recalculation of the maximum allowable drawdown when the AutoMM.

  • Magic - the main adviser to the magic number of orders.

  • MagicLock - magichskoe lokiruyuschih number of warrants (if fixation losses exhibiting Loka).

  • Comments - a comment orders.

  • comment_color - the color of text in infookne.

  • comment_fontsize - font size of text in infookne.

  • comment_lineheight - distance between lines in infookne.

  • box_color - background color infookna.

  • colBE - line color display bezubytka prices.

  • ControlCenterMode (TRUE / FALSE) - with TRUE advisor runs in the control center mode.

  • MaxPairs - the maximum number of simultaneously traded instruments.

  • MaxPairsPerCurrency - maximum number of simultaneously traded currencies (in one direction).

  • FreezeDDPerCent - the maximum open drawdown, in which are allowed to add new pairs to trade.

  • HistoryPeriod - the time period for the display of closed orders statistics.

  • RefreshSeconds - update statistics more often than not RefreshSeconds (saves money).

  • MagicAdd, MagicLockAdd - if not 0, the CC will consider further orders with these magic numbers.


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Monday, December 30, 2019



Modified indicator Average True Range (ATR). Indicator modified for traders to trade using VSA method (Volume spread analysis). Indicator displays a range of a predetermined number of bars (maximum minus minimum), as well as ATR average value for a predetermined period. Indicator bar demonstrates extreme range value exceeding the average over a given period.


  • ATR Period - It affects how many bars are involved in calculating the range of the bar (recommended to set 1). The calculated value of the indicator is displayed as a histogram.
  • Average Period - the period for calculating the average value of the ATR.


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Greece still has to work hard

Greece still has to work hard for the remaining part of the loan to 2.8 billion euros - EC

Greece has yet to undertake work to fulfill the commitments for the tranche of European aid to 2.8 billion euros, the European Commission announced today a member of the Economic and Financial Affairs Per Moskovisi.

"I would like to wish more progress from the stage at which we are"- said the Commissioner at a press conference after a meeting of the Eurogroup in Bratislava.

He noted that the fall in the euro zone should be adopted a number of important decisions for the future of Greece.

According P.Moskovisi, in May, the Eurogroup agreed that the allocation of 2.8 billion euros will be held, when Athens will fulfill their "Vekhov obligations"Including the fundamental elements of the economic recovery program, such as privatization, the reform of the energy market and the establishment of an independent fiscal agency.

As the Commissioner said, on the one hand, in recent days there is an intensification of the efforts of the Greek authorities, on the other hand - the meeting of the Eurogroup agreed that if Athens' commitments will be made in the coming weeks, it will not affect the subsequent phases of the program for Greece.

P.Moskovisi expressed the hope that this work will be undertaken by the Greek government before the end of September. This, in his opinion, will facilitate the relationship with the creditors in Athens in the next phase associated with the second review of the program, which will begin in October.

"In the interests of all, but, above all, the Greek people to move (in fulfillment of obligations) as soon as possible"- P.Moskovisi said, adding that the rapid and convincing progress will pave the way for a constructive discussion and positive decision on Greek debt with the IMF in the program until the end of the year.

The decision taken in May, according to the European Commission member, "completely prevented the idea Grexit, that's great, but there is still work to be done in order to achieve complete success".

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Friday, December 27, 2019

European Commission will investigate

The European Commission will investigate the circumstances of the employment Barroso at Goldman Sachs

European Commission President Jean-Klod Yunker gave an indication of the beginning of the investigation circumstances of the employment of the former head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso in the US bank Goldman Sachs, said Sunday evening site of the newspaper La Libre Belgique.

"Jean-Klod Yunker wished refinements regarding employment Jose Manuel Barroso (bank - IF) Goldman Sachs. In response, the European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly, asked him a question on this subject, of Luxembourg declares that it will require the opinion of the ethics committee"- the newspaper writes.

In the letter, excerpts from which on Monday night rastirazhirovali European media, Jean-Claude Juncker said that the European Commission has asked the Secretary General to send a letter to his predecessor, "requesting clarification of its new responsibilities and conditions of his contract".

He then asks for a special ethics committee to give its opinion.

This committee advises the European Commission on Ethics, especially in regard to the conformity of contracts for activities that former European commissioners are selected at the end of their mandates.

Paris Le Monde in this regard recalls the statement of French President Fransua Ollanda on "morally unacceptable" choice of Mr Barroso.

French edition, wrote that the former European Commission president, who was involved in the financial crises of 2007 and 2011-2012, has agreed to work with the bank helped Greece in the early 2000s to falsify its budget deficit to fall in the euro zone.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Armenian deputies fined for absenteeism

The Armenian deputies fined for absenteeism at $ 26,000

In Armenia fined deputies strolling the meeting of the National Assembly, more than $ 26 thousand., According to Information Agency "Novosti Armenia" with reference to the local print media.

The parliamentary press service reported that the meeting of the Parliament passed 39 deputies, and retained for absences with their total wages amounted to more than 12.64 million drams (about $ 26.7 thousand.).

Withheld as a penalty amount has been framed as saving the salary fund, added in the press-service.

In May it became known that Vladimir Putin signed law to deprive deputies of mandates within 30 days of absenteeism.

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Princes become beggars

Princes become beggars

The consequences of falling oil prices have reached and the Middle East states: power cut state employee salaries, and the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, said the need for additional support to the economy. The regulator plans to pour into the country's banking system about $ 5.3 billion.

The central bank of Saudi Arabia has declared its intention to place in the country's 20 billion riyals banks ($ 5.3 billion) and to introduce two new tools to maintain financial stability in the face of low oil prices, reports The Economic Times. The Saudi central bank "on behalf of the government" intends to place these funds in the form of deposits in a number of commercial banks, as well as enter repurchase agreements 7 and 28 days. Usually, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia used the day of the agreement.

Placement of deposits - is not the first measure of the Saudi central bank to mitigate the financial crisis in June of this year, the regulator has issued short-term loans at 15 billion rials (about $ 4 billion) in order to win back the liquidity constraints.

The country's economic problems associated with the global trends in oil production, so Saudi Arabia, originally formerly initiated negotiations to freeze production and later abandoned the idea, as it was not supported by Iran.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Fall in GDP it does not matter

The fall in GDP - it does not matter, and the short-term losses.

We must trust the central bank, it is clearly will benefit the economy in the long term, I am sure the senior director of Fitch Paul Gamble. Confidence in the Elvira Nabiullina and her team enough, but running out of patience - most analysts believe that it is time to reduce the key rate.

In an interview with Bloomberg, senior director of rating agency Fitch Paul Gamble expressed confidence that today the credibility of the policy of the Russian Central Bank is more important than the current economic indicators.

"High key rate has a potentially negative impact on growth. For us the most important is to establish the credibility of the inflation targeting regime, and any impact on growth will be more than offset by the growth of confidence in the Central Bank ", - he says.

The Russian economy, including due to the Central Bank action moves smoothly from recession to stagnation. For half a year, GDP declined by 0.9%, for the year the Economic Development Ministry expects about minus 0.6%. The following year, growth will be minimal, according to Moody's analysts, and will amount to 1.5%.

At the same time, the tight monetary policy of the Bank of Russia (and a seasonal decline in prices for agricultural products) is yielding results in terms of reducing the rate of price increases.

Inflation for three weeks at zero, at the end of the year it could reach a historic low. "It is now 7% below the level of expectations (inflation -." Times ") at the end of the year. 5.7% - this is the level that we expect at the end of the year, it is a historic low inflation in Russia ", - said Deputy Finance Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

"We think that the arguments in favor of a rate cut at the upcoming meeting of the Central Bank on Friday, quite weighty. Economic activity has declined, inflation continues to slow down. We also believe that the budget situation has improved in recent years, besides the global background (including short-term oil price forecasts) quite favorable ", - analysts said Sberbank CIB Vladimir Tsibanev and Tom Levinson.

They believe that on Friday, the Bank of Russia will lower its key rate by 50 basis points, from the current 10.5 to 10%.

Of the 22 analysts surveyed by RBC bank 19 of the same opinion. Criminal analyst, "Alfa Capital" Andrew Schenck said that the regulator once again lowered the rate until the end of the year. According to the consensus forecast by the end of the year rate will fall to 9.5%. Some optimists waiting for lower rates to 9% by the end of the year.

At the same time the risk of inflation and a surplus of liquidity in the banking system significantly increase the probability of keeping the key rate at the two-digit level by the end of the year, said a senior analyst with IC "Veles Capital" Yuri Kravchenko.

But recent statements by Elvira Nabiullina, caused slight confusion among market participants. Speaking at a forum in Sochi "Banks of Russia - XXI century", the chairman of the Central Bank stated that "worried about the risk of rapid growth of unsecured consumer lending" regulator. Moreover, in her view, "the main trends in the economy and in price movements do not appear until unambiguous and stable."

For this reason, he said Elvira Nabiullina, monetary policy adjustments in the near future will be "moderately tight and this will continue."

In view of these statements "VTB Capital" analysts assume that the Central Bank did not cut rates or reduce it to a symbolic 25 bps

"Of course, we believe that the need to mitigate the monetary policy is already overdue and are waiting for action from the regulator in this area. However, taking into account that at the last meeting of the Central Bank refrained from taking any steps, even now (with inflation at 6.9%) rhetoric can not change, "- says Sofia Kirsanova, Management Analyst" Raiffeisen Capital ". The arguments in favor of keeping rates the central bank may cause the instability of the current low levels of inflation (they are provided mainly by lower prices of seasonal vegetables), as well as the increased likelihood of the US Federal Reserve raise interest rates, which will result in enhancement of the volatility and the outflow of funds from emerging markets.

Kravchenko said that the past chairman of the Central Bank comments looked very hard (to some extent even in favor of a rate hike), but they fit into the mainstream of traditional conservative rhetoric of the Central Bank, regardless of economic conditions. And because the costs still expected to reduce the key rate.

The analysts point out that the actions of the regulator in terms of rates are already discounted by the market and not lead to any strong vibrations.

"Low actual inflation and expectations of the population for the continuation of the trend of slowing it allows the Central Bank to reduce the ruble rate. This solution is already built into federal loan bonds and rate quotes of the ruble / dollar and will not lead to serious reactions in the markets ", - said Dmitry Postolenko, portfolio manager of the Criminal Code" Capital ".

The trend to reduce deposit rates at banks and interest rates on loans will continue. Excess deposit rates and bond yields over inflation will allow the ruble to remain stable against the US dollar. Slow growth in economic activity does not give reason to expect a large-scale credit expansion.

According to Postolenko better than others at reducing the rates of mortgage lending market will react, which is preserved in demand for credit, and borrowers demand is sensitive to a decrease in rates.

The market is already laid in the price decline in Central Bank rates - can be seen on the long OFZ yields that are trading at a discount to the key rate, so the market response to the slowdown is unlikely to be significant, agrees Schenk. In his view, much more attention will be given to the fact that the Bank of Russia will publish in his commentary.

He also emphasizes that, "despite the fact that the rate can be reduced, monetary policy will remain tight, and those trends that we see today, such as the slowing of inflation, will continue."

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StrikeFx StrikeFx - multi martingeylovy new generation Advisor. This advisor we gave up a grid with a fixed distance between the orders. Th...