Friday, June 22, 2018

US indices ended day rise

US indices ended the day rise

Three "Wall Street on Tuesday rose
more than during the rest of the
months. Investor confidence supported
optimistic statistics on expenditure
for construction in the United States.

historical highs
and rose by 0.58%; S P 500 added
0.64%; Nasdaq firmed 0.60%.

on November sales reported
US auto industry. At these events
increased securities Ford Motors
(+ 0.8%) and General Motors (+ 1%). Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
added 3%.

the energy sector increased by 1.3%
despite the continued decline of oil
quotations. Grew railroad stocks
and pharmacists. Avanir Pharma, American
pharmaceutical companies, immediately added to 13%
optimism that it for $ 3.54
billion going to buy a Japanese holding company

S P 500 is one of the most
strong indicators of the dynamics - at
TripAdvisor Inc, which added

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

PeregrimEA Lite

PeregrimEA Lite

PeregrimEA Lite - This fully automated trading adviser, based on the principle of scalping at the closing and opening of the US Pacific trading sessions, when the fixation position of the largest players in the market and the short-term trend reversal.

PeregrimEA Lite It is completely different from PeregrimEA product. Both advisor recommended for use in order to diversify risks.

Adviser to monitor the work of the signals available on the page:

Unlike the other advisors, PeregrimEA Lite:

  • It does not use the "toxic" trading methods (Martingale, averaging, etc.);

  • It uses a fixed Stop Loss, which protects your trading capital.

AT PeregrimEA Lite integrated system for protection against volatile trading on the news. To activate the News filters permit WebRequest to the following address:

PeregrimEA Lite designed for operation in the terminal MetaTrader 4 M15 chart is optimized to operate on the following currency pairs:


PeregrimEA Lite It does not require additional configuration and set-files. Simply install the Advisor to the chart of the currency pair and select it from the list.

IMPORTANT: The EA uses time zone settings for the GMT time of the winter. If your broker winter time zone GMT + 2, and the summer GMT + 3, the counselor setting specifies winter zone - GMT + 2.


  • Comment - Comment opened transactions;

  • Symbol Presets - choice of settings for the currency pair;

  • Time Zone - Timezone;

  • MM Type - rules of Money Management;

  • Fixed Lot - fixed lot;

  • Percent of Loss - percentage loss of balance transaction;

  • Percent of Balance - the percentage of load balancing;

  • friday Trading - True - Allow trade on Friday;

  • Virtual SL / TP - Virtual Stop Loss / Take profit to protect against widening of spreads and non-quotations;

  • News filter - enable / disable the news filter.

PeregrimEA Lite

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

ZSupport and Resistance

ZSupport and Resistance

Z-Support Resistance: It shows support and resistance zones using a graphical interface, allowing you to identify the reaction zone on the market.

  • The upper part is the resistance zone. Default - red.

  • In the lower part there is a support zone. Default - green.

  • Indicator is dynamic and is updated according to market conditions.

available: Forex, the CDF, stock, futures and commodities markets.

timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN

ZSupport and Resistance

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Trade with PriceActionLevels and

Trade with PriceActionLevels and Counter

Euro-Dollar. The trend on the daily chart down. Use scripts Find the trend lines.

Daily levels on H1. Analyzer used Price Action Levels.

Displaying levels H4 and H1. H4 - painted.

Summary: The main trend is down, the price rebounded from the old support level on the daily chart is currently at the resistance level on the daily chart. While it is possible the continuation of the downtrend. Therefore, looking at the H1 and H4 entry point to sell. Those. resistance levels. Take profit on the level of support at the next level (H1).

Bottom line: I put warrants for the lower bound of daily resistance level H4 and H1 levels that were within the day, and took another hour level over the day. All orders of one lot, total risk of 5%. For issuing orders using Counter tool.

The result in the next post

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wall Street indexes first time

Wall Street indexes the first time in 4 sessions showed an increase

US stocks rose yesterday. good
Service was assisted by positive data
retail sales and the labor market.

DJIA added
0.36%; S P 500 rose by 0.45%;
Nasdaq firmed 0.52%.

suggest that economic growth
began to affect a decrease in fuel prices
- delayed effect of reduction in price of oil
Sooner or later I had to come.

He added retail retail sector,
rising day by 1%.

individual companies can be identified
retailer Staples Inc and Office
Depot, which soared by 8.7%
12.1% respectively. This is because,
that Starboard Value hedge fund increased
their shares in these two companies.

General Electric in
Thursday added 0.6% - Today, more
all, the company announced an increase
dividend by 14%.

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Monday, June 18, 2018



Advisor for visual analysis signals commerce service provider for a terminal MT4.

Demo version:
VR SIGNAL ANALIZ. Limitations: the number of displayed orders on the current
symbol - 5, calculate, is 15 orders. In the full version
There are no restrictions.

Information on discounts and promotions, you can read the profile of the author VOLDEMAR.

The program displays information about the trade you are interested in Provider. You will see not only the number of orders, but also to see how trades provider.

Counselor for more information. Advisor displays information about trading on the pair, which is set Advisor "InfoSignal currency pair", as well as for all traded instruments in total "All Symbol info Signal".

After downloading the Advisor report will take all the orders on the chart by the symbol on which it is installed.

When you click on the order you will receive additional information.

You are a subscriber and use the signal service on, every day iterate signals in search of the most stable and profitable? You will be able to evaluate all the risks and see the basic principles of trading signals provider.

You are a successful trader and supplier of signals? You consistently trade and make a profit? You do not violate the basic rules using neriskovannye trading strategies? With this advisor can show you their trade "face" of potential subscribers.

Thanks to the visual record of the subscriber will be able to evaluate your trade. At the same time trade details remain hidden.

Recommend this advisor to the potential subscribers.

How to work:

  1. Choosing signal provider

  2. Download the history of trade

  3. Put the file 123456.history.csv along the way: The terminal MT4 > File > Open Data Catalog > MQL4 > Files

  4. At startup advisor in setting specifies

  • and - UTC time offset between the report and the time of your trading terminal

  • b - The file name, for example 123456.history, no file extension .csv

  • in - Specify the prefix of your broker (for current information about the symbols used by the supplier)

The prefixes are: pro, .m, .x, x, etc. That is, if your broker provides exchange rates EURUSDpro type or EURUSD.m, or EURUSDx, you must specify in the settings that prefix..

The screenshots show examples of risk, as well as stable and profitable suppliers.

Advisor is designed to help the subscriber most efficiently and to fully evaluate the risks of the proposed signal provider.

The Advisor is scheduled to add the reading of reports from the terminal MT4 / 5, to read signals from the suppliers using MT5.

It is planned to add their own assessment of the signals.

Dear traders, all the proposals leave comments on this page.



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Friday, June 15, 2018

Verdure Fibonacci Pivot Trail

Verdure Fibonacci Pivot Trail


This version FIBONACCI series Verdure Pivot Trail indicators. Indicator Fibonacci Pivot Trail builds Fibonacci levels Pivot turn for each graph bar. Pivot Levels allow you to define the point of reversal of the market, and the comparison pivot-level period with daytime levels makes it quite accurately predict these reversals.


  • Dynamic calculation and construction Pivot-levels for each bar on the graph (the central pivot-level, R1, R2, R3, S1, S2 and S3)

  • Pivot-levels can be used for trailing positions as well as to determine the turning points in the market.

  • It works on all timeframes from minute 9 Doge month.

  • The values ​​of the previous periods are stored in the buffer and are available for viewing in the data window. This is especially useful if you want to understand price behavior near reversal levels.

  • Fully customizable settings in the "Settings" window display settings.

  • You can set up notifications via email for each period.

  • You can choose to send push-notifications for each period.

  • It can be used in the EA via iCustom function for receiving data from the corresponding buffer.


  • It saves time because you no longer have to rely pivot-levels manually.

  • It uses data from your broker, so you do not need to rely on ready-'s pivot points levels published on some websites on the Internet, the data which may differ from your broker.

  • Fully customizable, so you can choose to display only those levels that you use in your strategy. For example, you can enable the display of levels Central Pivot, Resistance and Support 1. 1 This is a useful feature that allows you to keep the schedule in order. You can display any combination of levels.

  • It can be used on all financial instruments in MetaTrader 4

Verdure Fibonacci Pivot Trail

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US indices ended day rise

US indices ended the day rise "Most Three "Wall Street on Tuesday rose more than during the rest of the months. Investor confidenc...