Friday, February 15, 2019



Excellent adviser who is a classic trade with little risk.

Trades in:

  • all timeframes

  • Only on GBPUSD and EURUSD

In version 1.00 of this councilor was absent setting function Stop loss. Now (at the request of clients) It has been modified and added to provide a safer and more rigorous operation of the automated system. Note that a value of 0, this function will be disabled, and the orders are placed without a stop-loss.

Try the trial version, see the results of the default settings (or test your own), then congratulate yourself that finally found it.

Councilor parameters:

  • lot Type: Lot type, automatic (Auto) or manually (Manual) lot size.

  • Amount for AUTO Lot: When choosing lot Type = Auto, lot size is calculated based on the number of balance units introduced in this parameter.

  • Auto Lot Size Each Amount: The factor to calculate avtolota size used with the Amount for AUTO Lot.

If Lot Type = Auto:

Then the lot size will be = Account Balance / estimated amount of the settlement * auction;

the estimated amount of - a Amount for AUTO Lot

current lot - is Auto Lot Size Each Amount, specified for the calculation along with the Amount for AUTO Lot

For example: You entered a value Amount for Auto Lot = 100

A value of Auto Lot Size Each Amount = 0.01

While the current account balance is $ 900

Then, any deal will open with a lot size 0.09 obtained as 900/100 * 0.01

If your account balance is $ 300, the lot size will be equal to 0.03

If Lot Type = Manual

Then the lot size = Fixed Lot Size, regardless of account balance.

  • Fixed Lot Size: When you select the manual mode setting of the lot, the value of the lot size specified here will be the same regardless of the account balance.

  • Stop Loss: stop-loss points. If 0, the trade will be carried out without a stop loss.

  • Take Profit: take-profit points.

  • Max. Allowed Spread: maximum spread. If floating spread exceeds the specified value, the EA will not trade.

  • Max. Slippage: maximum allowable slippage during the movement of the market.

  • Trades Unique ID #: The magic number.

  • Enable / Disable DD Intervention: Allow an adviser to open additional transaction (in the same type of position, or sometimes hedge) With an increase in the drawdown, while the old open position remains.

  • 1st Intervention Value%: this percentage value can open second position for the purchase / sale when drawdown reaches or exceeds a specified value.

  • 2nd Intervention Value%: this percentage value can open third position for the purchase / sale when drawdown reaches or exceeds a specified value.

  • Enable Trailing Stop: Enable / disable a trailing stop (True / False).

  • Trailing Start: The value in points at which starts the trailing stop.

  • Trailing Stop: Moving stop loss in paragraphs when the Trailing Start.

  • Trailing Step: Step trailing, used in conjunction with a Trailing Stop.

Details and advice:

  • This EA (and advisers Silent Series) are trading robots without scalping, no mesh and no martingale.

  • It uses intelligent lights, intelligent strategy and an intelligent filter.

  • Automated trading, which will not trade until you see a good opportunity.

  • It is strongly recommended that the minimum size of the balance of 130 USD (0.01 lot) in each trading account and on the same currency pair.

  • Allowed any brokers and account types.

  • Best known results and the smallest drawdown in the strategy tester obtained under the default settings.

  • Do not trade manually on the same account as the adviser works.

  • To work this EA (or any advisor) need a VPS-server.

  • Added Stop Loss + Trailing Stop and Trailing step.

  • Take care of yourself!

Please contact me if you have any questions after the purchase / lease of the product.


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PZ Sandwich Bars

PZ Sandwich Bars

This indicator determines the patterns Sandwich Bars in several bands, very reliable patterns breakdown.

  • Simple and efficient to use

  • Customizable bars ranges

  • Customizable color selection

  • The display provides visual / mail / the push / sound notifications.

  • The indicator is not redrawn, and does not draw on history

Sandwich pattern consists of a single bar, absorbing the last few bars, punching and deflecting the entire price range.

  • Blue frame - bullish breakout

  • Red frame - bearish breakdown

Item display

The indicator is inside the bars of a desired variable length entered in the input parameters: "Minimum Range" (minimum range) and "Maximum Range" (maximum range). All other parameters associated with the display.


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private , speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Sandwich Bars

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

About EA Pattern Explorer

About EA Pattern Explorer


Classical theory suggests patterns (setups) Price Action, as an
certain combinations candles / bars, whose appearance
It indicates probably a good time to enter the market.
The pattern is formed through a specific movement pattern
the price reflects the condition and dynamics of the hidden potential of the market.
Using patterns Price Action, as signals for opening transactions
trader receives - some statistical advantage, because,
repetition of well-known pattern of price movements - are more likely than
it does not repeat. The patterns are universal to all markets and


So says the theory. That in practice? research conducted
Vertex Investments (representing, in essence, a titanic amount
work) showed that the patterns Price Action really work,
but does not always, and certainly not everywhere. How and where? understand the
this will help you Pattern Explorer Advisor ©

Pattern Explorer © - a unique tool allowing the trader,
easily create automated trading systems based on the known
candlestick patterns Price Action.

On the Pattern Explorer © you can:

  • Check the efficiency of various patterns at various trading tools and timeframes.

  • testing different options and limitations of taking profits
    loss, to find the most advantageous combination for
    a certain pattern on a particular instrument.

  • using a variety of filters to improve profitability
    trading system.

  • run by and checked in the Tester Metatrader 4
    automated trading systems to work.

  • to use the statistical data about the profitability
    of a pattern of Price Action, in its "manual" trade for
    make more informed decisions.

  • no programming skills now to join the
    the process of creating and testing strategies to give immediate
    experience developing system flair trader and promoting
    rise, more and more profitable ideas, pans, implement
    which will be outside the context Pattern Explorer © and Trade
    patterns Price Action.

That in fact there is in the EA at the time the version [1.0]:

  • 10 built-in patterns, each of which can be specified stringency 100 gradations applied to its recognition criteria.
  • The ability to use each pattern "conversely"Using inversion functions. (In fact it is still + 10 patterns)
  • Four different variants of SL (including averaging) + possibility to use trailing stop and exhibit "breakeven".
  • three different ways to take profits, including a combination of options.
  • the application of additional conditions to enter into a transaction (filters), such as a trend filter / counter-trend, the filter days of the week, volatility filters and filter sessions.

All this functionality is implemented in the most convenient and simple way.

The list of built-in patterns.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019



GapReal - Professional trading robot trading on a live account. It starts with a minimum deposit of $ 20. It uses patterns of closing the price gap (the gap).

Features of the trading strategy

The market often, especially after weekends or holidays, there are price breaks (gaps). It is likely that these gaps are closed, ie, the price is almost always aims to the middle of the gap. Therefore, transactions directed to the middle of the gap, are almost always profitable. The robot tracks the top gap, and places an order with a take-profit gap near the center and with extremely small stop loss.

To work on real accounts, when the adverse terms of trade, the robot uses the following types of protection: protection from entering the market at unacceptably large spread (this often happens in the beginning of the week after a holiday or on a floating spread accounts); entry into the market only when the price moves in the right direction; real slip compensation. Together with an effective money management, adapting the volume of transactions under the accumulated funds, this technology provides a high profit with minimal risk.

Since gaps occur relatively rarely (usually after the holidays), the robot opens trades 2-4 times per month, but that does not interfere with the robot to make high profit.


Testing with the parameters set by default performed on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY timeframe with H1. When working from 2012 to 2015 with an initial deposit of $ 100 is obtained profits of more than 10,000 $ (regardless of the currency pair and with the default settings). By increasing the initial deposit, the profit increases proportionally.

You can also get similar results by downloading the demo version of the robot.


  • Language messages - robot language messages (English, Russian);

  • Use money management - the use of money management (Yes, No).

  • Magnification factor of the lot - the coefficient of linear dependence in the lot by means of money management;

  • Initial lot - Initial Offer;

  • Size of the gap - gap size, above which open position (points);

  • Coefficient of take-profit - coefficient calculating take profit depending on the size of the gap (0.1-1.0);

  • Stop loss - limit stop-loss value (points);

  • Maximum spread - maximum spread at which permitted the opening orders (items);

  • Color arrows orders - color arrows warrants.

Recommendations for use

The robot can only be used on a 5-bit quotations accounts. Leverage is not less than 1: 500.

The robot should be applied at a minimum spread accounts. In the case of floating spread need to be installed option Maximum spread so that it is not less than the minimum spread of a particular account. Otherwise, the robot will not work. Best of all, if the broker provides a fixed spread of not more than 10-20 pips.

Input parameters of the robot settings as default, optimized for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY, timeframe H1. With these parameters, the robot enters a little transactions - 2-4 per month, but most of them are profitable.

Optimize over time is not necessary. However, during the transition to other brokers, especially with the increase in the spread, the optimization may be required. In this case, optimization subject to the following parameters: Size of the gap, Coefficient of take-profit, Stop loss.

If you bought a product and / or you have questions, write me a private message. Support will be provided.


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Job Description Commercial Counselor

Job Description Commercial Counselor Batut

In this blog I will show how to use Batut trading adviser, how to select the appropriate settings for maximum profit with minimal drawdown.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands

Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands Monitor

Indicator Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands Monitor lets you know the status of the price of any character: if it is above the upper band, below the lower band or between the bands (neutral state) in each timeframe 4. You can adjust the indicator by selecting parameters of Bollinger bands, as well as the colors for the states "above the upper band" "Below the lower-band" and a neutral state.

Input parameters

  • Band periods: the period for calculation of the Bollinger Bands.

  • Band Deviations: volatility for calculating deviation Bollinger bands.

  • Bollinger Bands Applied to: price to calculate the Bollinger Bands.

  • Title Color: color name

  • Text Color: color of the text (tags timeframes)

  • Above band light color: Color of light for a state where the price is above the upper band.

  • Below band light color: Color of light for a state where the price is lower than the lower band.

  • Neutral color: highlighting color for the status when the price falls between the upper and lower strip.

  • Background color: background color

  • Show in this corner: the location of the information on the chart.

Multitimeframe Bollinger Bands Monitor

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Exp SafetyLock PRO

Exp SafetyLock PRO

Advisor SAFETYLOCK - adviser-advocate.

It helps traders avoid strong market reversal by setting opposite the pending order on an already open position.

If a trader or adviser opens a position, our protector opens deferred opposite order for this position. If the trader's position is at a loss, triggered pent protective order, thus creating a lock.

The advisors able to close the original position or working with a trailing stop, the multiplication of the lot.

There is also a function of the modification of the pending order opening price following the price position.


  • The system monitors the open orders for all currency pairs, or for those that are specified in the EA settings option Symbol_Monitor;

  • The system monitors the position of the advisor in Type_Monitor;

  • The system monitors those magic numbers that are displayed in the EA Magic_Monitor;

  • Pending order place orders at a distance StopOrderDeltaifUSE from the current price;

  • Further pending order is monitored;

  • If we have gone the distance StopOrderDeltaifUSE of orders and enabled ModifyOrdPend= True, the price of a pending order is tightened, thereby leaving to breakeven;

  • Once a pending order is triggered, the adviser starts to monitor it;

  • The system is a function of disabling the monitoring of their orders. Parameter SafetyPosMonitor= False disables the monitoring of positions that have been created according to an adviser;

  • If you put the option to true, the system will monitor your pending orders;

  • Further, if a pending order is not triggered and the warrant, which was opened pending order already closed by the user or other method, a pending order, exposed on this order is automatically removed;

  • The system has the possibility to multiply lots of pending orders (MNLOT). If, for example, a warrant is open 0.2 lot, the pending order will be opened with lot 0.2 * MNLOT;

  • If enabled CloseOneifStopsActive = true, the position to which the pending order opened, closed, and the position will be only established according to the expert;

  • Also, the system has the opportunity to put StopLoss and TakeProfit pending orders;

  • It is possible to include a trailing stop on the position Tralling;

  • When you restart the terminal system does not expose new pending orders. It monitors the pending orders of the former.

  • ReopenClosedSafetyOrders - Safety reopen pending orders, if they were closed stop, while protecting the position is still open.

  • NumberofStopOrder - the number of pending orders, offered for the position

  • DistancefromStopOrders - Safety distance between orders

  • CloseOneifStopsActive - Close the position if the pending order triggered Safety

  • Min_Lot_Monitoring - Minimum lot for monitoring advisor if 0 - option disabled;

  • Max_Lot_Monitoring - Maximum lot to monitor advisor if 0 - option disabled;

for example, you need to use the current SafetyLock Advisor for protection products, which scored a big lot, such as when using Martin. Lot, for which you need to install the opposite Stop Order = 0.16, the advisor should not touch items that are less than 0.16, then you need to set the following parameters: Min_Lot_Monitoring = 0.16;

for example, you need all the locked position, which have lot of 0.1 to 0.25, then you need to set the following parameters: Min_Lot_Monitoring = 0.1; Max_Lot_Monitoring = 0.25;

  • SetMinStops

When AutoSetMinLevel stops levels will be reduced to the lowest possible level permitted by the server;

When ManualSet user will receive a message that stops levels in the EA less than the minimum, and will cease to trade adviser.

  • CloseSafetyPositionsifclosed - Safet close positions which have already activated if the main position was closed.

Exp SafetyLock PRO

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SilentGBPUSD Excellent adviser who is a classic trade with little risk. Trades in: all timeframes Only on GBPUSD and EURUSD In vers...