Monday, February 12, 2018

Mini Dashboard

Mini Dashboard

The indicator displays information about:

  1. title currency pair and timeframe.

  2. current price bid.

  3. time before the close of the candle.

  4. the current difference between the ask and bid (spread).

Also in the display, you can turn the output option of statistical information on trade.


  1. Name, account number and account currency.

  2. A deposit in the account currency.

  3. The balance on the current time and the percentage of the balance.

  4. Current profit and its percentage.

  5. Current trades and the percent of the total deposit.

  6. Profit / loss on transactions and the percentage of the deposit.

The indicator is easily customizable to the needs of the trader. Selecting the display angle, the display color, size and font type.

Input parameters

  • Show Stat Info - show statistics

  • Set Color Symbol - foreground color

  • Set Color Price - color price

  • Set Color Spread - color spread

  • Set Color Time - color time to bar close

  • Set Color Statistic - Statistics show color

  • font Size - font size

  • font Type - font type

  • What Main Corner? - which corner to display the basic information

  • What Corner of Time and Spread - which corner to show the value of the spread and time

Mini Dashboard

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