Friday, March 29, 2019

Cybernetics EA

Cybernetics EA

Cybernetics EA - fully automated adviser, following the trend. Designed for medium-term work.

Designed for covert operation. Adviser closes warrant a gain or loss on the value in the account currency. Also sets a stop loss. Powered by medium- and low-risk strategy. You can increase your risk if you wish, but this is not recommended.

Adviser The logic is quite complex. But he at the same time easy to use. Most of the settings are set automatically when you change the timeframe. EA opens the transaction with one of the following events:

  1. Advisor is a medium-term trend.

  2. Advisor to find some patterns of price action (price action).

  3. indicator is displayed when it detects a suitable pattern.

  4. The transaction may be provided with take-profit.

  5. If the first transaction unprofitable and Max Orders is not 1, the adviser is waiting for the next trading opportunity on the icon. If you set Min Distance value Advisor will not open other transactions to achieve the specified value even when it detects a good trading opportunity.

  6. Upon reaching the Min Distance Advisor will open the second deal. Advisor starts to work again until the Max Orders and Profit To Close.

  7. Advisor always monitors the profit or loss on each tick. Upon reaching the profit or loss of the specified value, Advisor covers all orders for the symbol. However, we recommend not to set too little value for Loss To Close, as the main feature of the adviser - recovery system after losses.


  • timeframe: M15


  • A number of simbols after comma: any

  • Broker: ECN or any

  • Server: VPS with a low ping to your broker's server

  • Balance and Lot: $ 1000 for 0.01 lots. At the risk of (1%) to 0.01 open 0.01 lot with the Server Min Lot 0.01 and the balance of $ 1,000. When Server Min Lot equal to 0.10, the balance should be $ 10,000. First of all, try advisor strategy tester!


General settings
  • Take Profit (Pips): Take Profit for the first order. When you open a second transaction system removes the take profit (making it equal to 0).

  • Stop Loss (Pips): stop loss of the first order. If Max Orders is not 1, the adviser disables stop-loss, and the system will open a new business in the same direction to average losses.

  • Fixed Lot Size: at risk equal to 0, the adviser enters the market fixed lots.

  • Risk 0.1x1000 $ € = 0.1 lot (if 0 then OFF): Risk is calculated from the available funds. 0.01 means 1%. 0.1 means 10% of the free margin.

  • Max Spread (If 0 then OFF): maximum spread.

  • Show Info Panel: Data display panel. Advisor displays advisor details of the transaction, the server and the symbol on the left side of the window.

  • Magic Number: unique magic number for the transaction advisor.

  • Order Comment: Comment to the order.

Configure multiple orders
  • Max Orders: the maximum number of open orders on the symbol. 0 - unlimited. 1 - only one order. 0-2-3-4-5 - several orders.

  • Min Distance in Orders (Pips): Advisor will not open other transactions to achieve the specified value even when it detects a good trading opportunity. 0 - disabled.

  • Lot Martingale Type: not martingale / lot multiplier / add to the lot.

  • Lot Multiplier: multiplier of the lot of the previous orders.

  • Lot Addition: increase the lot size the previous orders.

  • Max Lot (If 0 then OFF): balance protection. Advisor to never open an order volume above Max Lot. When calculating Max Lot lot size is taken as the maximum value. It does not work when using the Fixed Lot Size.

closing settings
  • Profit To Close (If 0 then OFF): close all orders for the symbol when the profit specified value.

  • Loss To Close (If 0 then OFF): close all orders for the symbol when the loss of the specified value. Values ​​must be positive. For example, 250-300-635. Negative values ​​are not allowed!

Cybernetics EA

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Macd Bollinger signal

Macd Bollinger signal

The indicator uses MACD and Bollinger bands generating signals with its own algorithm. If the price is close at the top of the Bollinger bands or below them, MACD should tend to return.

These occurrences match the algorithm and give a signal match. These signals do not repaint.The signal is stable. The indicator can be used on all pairs.


  • Mobile - send alert to a phone

  • Alert - MT4 sends alert

  • Macd fast - Fast MACD setting

  • Macd slow - Slow MACD setting

  • Macd signal - MACD signal setting

  • Macd price - MACD price setting

  • BB period - Bollinger band period setting

  • BB shift - Bollinger band shift setting

  • BB deviations - Bollinger band deviation setting

  • BB price - Bollinger band price setting

  • Buy color - Buy signal color

  • Sell ​​color - Sell ​​signal color

Macd Bollinger signal

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Geopolitics continues to rule

Geopolitics continues to rule the roost in the world markets

Key trends in global stock markets are currently linked to the situation in the geopolitical arena, including increased tension in Syria and in the region of the Korean Peninsula.

Asian markets are preparing for a difficult week

Markets in Asia traded in different directions

Today's auction began mostly lower Asian stock markets, as the gain geopolitical risks prompted investors to seek safety tools for investment.

By continuing risk of rising tensions in the Middle East around Syria added a series of terrorist attacks in Egypt. The negative impact on the market and also had news from China about a corruption investigation against the chairman of the commission on insurance regulation.

Asian indices

Japanese Nikkei index up to 18 225 795.50 (+ 0.70%), Australian SP / ASX 200 rose to 5 912,88 (+ 0.86%), Kospi down to 2 133.32 (-0.86%), Hong Kong Hang Seng lost 0.5% to 24 256,00 and Shanghai Composite decreased by 0.5% to 3 270.12. Topix increased by 0.7% to 1 499.65 and MSCI - up to 97.93 (+ 0.14%).

Growth risks of conflict on the world stage in contrast to the most optimistic forecasts for the global economy over the past few years.

US markets are showing sharp volatility

Markets in the US closed neutral

On the last day of the last week the stock found in relatively high volatility in the US, as markets could not decide between the economic and geopolitical news.

S P 500 index decreased by 0.1% to 2 355.54, Dow Jones Industrial Average almost unchanged - 20 656.10 (-0.03%) as NASDAQ Composite - 5 877.81 (-0.02%).

The most attention attracted the markets on the number of employees outside the agricultural sector, which rose in March by 98 000 people. Decline in unemployment from 4.7% in February to 4.5% in March, did not have much impact.

US bonds

The yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds on Monday amounted to 2.38% after a short fall on Friday to 2.30%.

Markets are awaiting the start of the reporting season of American companies, which should revive the stock market. However, the focus of investors will be focused on the situation in world geopolitics, especially after the news that the United States sent aircraft carrier groups to the Korean peninsula.

European stocks rose after the US strike on Syria

In Euro zone rising energy sector

Rising oil prices, following the shelling of Syria by the United States, has led to skyrocketing oil stocks.

The energy sector had the strongest support for growing the index STOXX 600, which reached a 10-week high of 381.26. British FTSE reached 7 352.00 100 (+ 0.04%), French CAC lost 0.42%, down to 5 113.50 and German DAX lost 0.06% to 12 217.25.

Shares of the company Randgold Resources increased by 4,3%, Tullow Oil rose by 1.46% and Fresnillo, engaged in the precious metals mining increased in price by 1.8%.

Shares of the company BAE Systems, which specializes in defense and military technologies, have increased in price 2.4% after the use of Washington cruise missiles "Tomahawk" to strike on Syria.

The ECB supports the cautious market

In the real estate sector shares rose to fresh six-month highs on fears of growth, the ECB will be very cautious in terms of the implementation of measures to tighten monetary policy against the backdrop of inflation lower than projected.

Geopolitics has taken control of oil prices

Oil continues to rise

Crude oil futures Asian session gains after Friday's jump out of the US on Syria missile strike.

As of 11:40 MSK June Brent futures were trading at $ 55.66 per barrel (+ 0.76%) and WTI for May delivery in the area of ​​$ 52.60 (+ 0.69%).

Geopolitics remains a key factor in the behavior of the oil market, and affects not only the Middle East but the entire Pacific region as a whole.

OPEC report

Tuesday released a monthly report of OPEC to reduce oil production. In addition, this week the US Department of Energy will publish monthly short-term outlook for the domestic oil industry, while China will reveal data on the March imports of "black gold".

Gold declines against the dollar strengthening

A stronger dollar weighs on gold

Precious metal began today's trading lower on a strengthening dollar after reaching a five-month high last week.

As of 11:50 MSK spot gold traded at $ 1 253.68 (-0.05%), and the yellow metal futures decreased by 0.2% to 1 $ 254.30 per troy ounce.

A stronger dollar tends to reduce the attractiveness of precious metals as an alternative asset. As a result, products that are linked to the US currency less attractive for holders of other currencies.

The market of precious metals is reduced

Troy Ounce Silver decreased by 1.21% to $ 17.93, platinum fell to $ 955.55 (-0.73%), and palladium - 0 to $ 798.7 (-0.62%).

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US dollar is fixed to their positions

The US dollar is fixed to their positions after the controversial employment report

Dollar recorded a strong rally on Friday after the release of the controversial employment report, while stock markets closed neutral. Non-agricultural employment grew only on March 98 th. Jobs that were too far away from the projections 180 thousand., While data for the previous month were revised downward from 235 to 219 thousand. Overall rate fell from 4.7 to 4 , 5%, the toga as the level of part-time employment has fallen below the threshold of 9% to 8.9%, its lowest level since December 2007 in general, the employment report helped small investors, as He has not made clear in the forecasts for the US, especially after the increase in salaries slightly disappointed the market, falling to 2.7% year on year, indicating that the increase in jobs was not able to grow in the growth of salaries.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Trade Direction 4

Trade Direction 4

Simple and clear indicator helps determine the likely direction of the trend, its duration and intensity, assess the potential magnitude of price fluctuations.

You can immediately see the price moves in any direction, as long is the trend and how strong it is.

All this makes the light easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners and experienced traders.


  • Period - averaging period for calculating the indicator.

  • Deviation - indicator deviation value.

  • Lag - base (the number of bars) calculation.

Rooms indicator buffers

0 - BUY signal 1 - SELL signal 2 - upper level 3 - the lower level.

Trade Direction 4

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Joker Prime

Joker Prime

The strategy is based on my template and based on Fractals indicators, Bollinger Bands and ZigZag. Advisor adapted to 4-, 5-valued quotations. For work I recommend to use it on the VPS-server. Before installing on a real trading account, I recommend checking out the parameters of the share prices 99.90% for at least the past year. If you need help, write to the PM.

Tone settings

  • Inp_BandsPeriod - indicator period;

  • Inp_BandsDeviation - the number of standard deviations;

  • Inp_BandsShift - shift relative prices;

  • Inp_ZigZagDepth - the distance at which will be drawn new high or low;

  • Inp_ZigZagDeviation - the minimum distance between local extrema;

  • Inp_ZigZagBackstep - minimum number of spark between local maxima, minima;

Benefits Expert template

  • You can combine different pattern possibilities for changes or additions to the trading strategy;

  • It has the maximum possible functionality that is compatible with each other;

  • Intuitive names of input parameters;

  • All functionality is easy to optimize.

template Settings

  • Inp_StartTime, Inp_EndTime - in a given period of time is allowed to open a position, if it is not used by 00:00;

  • Inp_ReverseTrades - if true position is opened on the contrary, instead of buy- sell, instead of sell- buy;

  • Inp_CloseOnSignal - if true, the closed position during the reverse signal;

  • Inp_BalanceLots - calculation of the trading lot of balance. Formula - maximum lot / 100 * Inp_BalanceLots;

  • Inp_StartLots - the starting lot if Inp_BalanceLots = 0;

  • Inp_PercenValues - if true value of the stop-loss, take profit, bezubytka and trailing set in%, or paragraphs;

  • Inp_Slippage - Maximum slippage;

  • Inp_CloseAllOrders - close the portfolio of differently directed orders;

  • Inp_DiffDirections - allow multidirectional order;

  • Inp_Multicurrency - take account of all open orders for all symbols in the calculation of the stop-loss, take-profit, bezubytka and trailing;

  • Inp_StopLoss - stop-loss at 0 not used;

  • Inp_TakeProfit - Take-Profit, at 0 is not used;

  • Inp_BreakevenStop - the distance that must pass price, for bezubytka position at 0 is not used;

  • Inp_BreakevenStep - profit in points, which will be protected bezubytka;

  • Inp_TrailingStop - the distance that must pass price for the trailing position at 0 is not used;

  • Inp_TrailingStep - profit to be protected trailing;

  • Inp_MagicNum - the magic number at -1 Advisor will work with all orders;

  • Inp_EaComment - comment on the transaction;

  • Inp_DiffLotsByLock - Locked positions on the difference volume character, with 0 not used;

  • Inp_MaxOrdersSeries - The maximum number of orders in the series;

  • Inp_MaxLotsSeries - the maximum total lot series of orders;

  • Inp_MaxOpenLots - maximum lot, which may open the transaction;

  • Inp_SendOrderLevel - the distance from the last open position to set the resolution level;

  • Inp_PlusLot - the lot from the previous term for the averaging, when 0 is not used;

  • Inp_PlusRatio - Lot magnification factor for averaging a value greater than 1, 0 is not used;

  • Inp_LevelAveraging - setting averaging level step at 0 is not used;

  • Inp_MinusLot - subtraction from the previous lot to Buy-at 0 not used;

  • Inp_MinusRatio - Lot reduction factor for Buy-value less than 1, 0 is not used;

  • Inp_LevelRebuy - Buy-step level setting at 0 is not used;

  • Inp_PauseMinutes - Pause in minutes between modifications of orders opening levels at 0 is not used;

  • Inp_Visualization - display transaction history and current position of the levels on the chart;

  • Inp_ModeWithdrawal - withdrawal mode. Advisor does not open the new business and working on closing.

Joker Prime

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Empire MN5

Empire MN5

The expert is based solely on the price action analysis.

  • any pair

  • any timeframes

Advisor does not require a complicated setup, can work with multiple characters and timeframes.

If the value of LotSize_multiplier greater than 1, then the EA will use the Martingale.

Input parameters

  • TakeProfit - the number of pips in profit for the advisor calculations. The corresponding values ​​from 5 to 1000.

  • LotSize_multiplier - decimal value Margin factor for calculating the lot size. This will be the size of the lot. The corresponding values ​​from 1 to 100.

  • LotSize - decimal value of the lot size. This will be the size of the lot. The corresponding values ​​from 0.01 to 100.

  • MagicNumber - Orders identifier.

  • MaxOrder_count - the number of simultaneously open orders on a single pair. The corresponding values ​​- is greater than 1.

  • Toptrend_backrange - the number of bars used for determining the starting point of the upper trend line. The corresponding values ​​from 0 to 5000.

  • Toptrend_frontrange - the number of bars used in determining the end point of the upper trend line. The corresponding values ​​from 1 to 5000.

  • Bottomtrend_backrange - the number of bars that are used to determine the starting point of the bottom of the trend line. The corresponding values ​​from 0 to 5000.

  • Bottomtrend_frontrange - the number of bars used in determining the end point of the lower trend line. The corresponding values ​​from 1 to 5000.

  • range_one - the number of bars for the range finding point trendline. The corresponding values ​​from 1 to 5000.

  • range_two - the number of bars to find a large bar. The corresponding values ​​from 1 to 2000.

  • range_three - bar number position to calculate the maximum and minimum points of the trend line. The corresponding values ​​from 1 to 2000.

  • range_four - the number of bars to find the maximum and minimum points of the trend lines. The corresponding values ​​from 1 to 2000.

  • range_five - the number of bars for the calculation of the next order. The corresponding values ​​of - more than (-1).

  • Limiter_one - decimal value limit of large bars in range_two. This will set the advisor settlement boundaries. The corresponding values ​​from 0.00001 to 100.

  • Limiter_two - decimal value total motion bars in the range of 0 to range_one. This will set the advisor settlement boundaries. The corresponding values ​​from 0.00001 to 100.

If you have any suggestions on how to add something to the adviser, do not hesitate to contact me in private messages, and I will add the required functionality in the next version of the advisor.
Empire MN5


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Friday, March 22, 2019

Time Interval Line

Time Interval Line

Presented script draws vertical lines on the graph by the user set the time (hour and minute). This is useful when you need to analyze the market situation during a particular session. For example, you want to spend the price analysis in EURUSD at the start and the end of the London trading session.

Input parameters:

  • Color (color lines)

  • hr (hour billing line)

  • minutes (minutes invoice line)

  • ShowLineName_InObjectlist (Yes / No) (if you set the value to Yes, this option will show the name of the line in the list of objects). If the graph there are other objects that may be appropriate to skip the line name in the list of objects.


Vertical lines appear on the time and minute (M1......H4) Timeframes.

Time Interval Line

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Yellen said that period of very

Yellen said that a period of very loose monetary policy coming to an end

. Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen indicated on Monday that the period of very loose monetary policy coming to an end.

She said that the Fed is moving away from efforts aimed at revitalizing the economy, which suffered as a result of the recession, and is focused on maintaining the growth that has occurred over the past few years. It changes the political stance of the central bank, she said, noting that Fed officials are planning a continuation of the gradual increase in interest rates if the economic situation starts to deteriorate.

"Whereas before we push on the accelerator, trying to squeeze out the maximum strength of the economy, and now (we) give the economy the possibility to move by inertia, measured, - she said. - To ask her some speed, but not so much to press on the accelerator".

This means that the key short-term interest rates will continue to rise to its long-term average, Yellen said.

Source: "News Feed"

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Usdjpy slow decline but stays

Usd / jpy: slow decline, but stays below 109.00

Using the fact that the bulls were waiting for fresh momentum after the opening of the European session for a new attack, USD / JPY slow decline that began during the Asian session and has moved into a phase of consolidation.

The pair is trying to get out of the clutches of the strong pressure to which it sent the statement of Donald Trump, to put pressure on risky assets such as equities, Treasuries, and so on.

Another negative factor was the escalation of political tensions in North Korea, be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it was into the hands of the risk-free yen, on the other - has pushed USD / JPY down to the lows of mid-November. 10-year Treasuries traded much below 2.30% in the 5-month lows.

Thus, the pair will observe US makrostatistiki incoming data to select the further direction.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

GBPUSD 1 2500 pierced on British

GBP / USD 1.2500 pierced on British statistics

Britain issued a contradictory and mixed block of statistics on the labor market, which reflected growth in both indicators of wages and the number of unemployed, and the GBP / USD reacted to them jump to a session high near 1.2520, and then rolled back to the round mark.

Resistance noted at 1.2520 (April 12 maximum), 1.2562 (the high of March 31) and 1.2633 (200-day sma). Support extends to 1.2458 (20 day sma), 1.2419 (100- day sma) and 1.2401 (low of April 11).

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

G20 will establish working group

G20 will establish a working group on reforming the global financial architecture

G20 finance in the fields of the spring meetings in Washington decided to establish a group of famous financiers to develop reform the global financial architecture. He leads a team of ex-Minister of Finance, the current Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Tarman Shanmugaratnam, representative of Russia can become ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. This Tass quoted a source in the Russian delegation.

"At a meeting of the financial" twenty "the Germans raised the question of creating a group of some prominent people (eminent persons), who formulate for the next year a number of initiatives and steps to reform the global financial architecture, international financial organizations," - said the source.

According to him, most of the participants of the meeting "tacit consent" to the proposal of the Presidency, and the item on the establishment of the group put on the agenda at the summit of G20 leaders in Hamburg.

According to the interlocutor TASS news agency, the group will also include well-known financier, former chairman of the board of the European Central Bank (2003 and 2011), Jean-Klod Trishe and former vice-president of the World Bank and the Finance Minister of Nigeria Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

According to the source, the head of the Russian delegation, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak reminded the meeting that in the midst of the crisis in 2009 in the framework of the financial G20 created a similar group led by Nobel Laureate Professor Joseph Stigletsem. Storchak also recalled that a comprehensive report was prepared, however, of the proposals nothing was implemented. In response, the Russian was asked to oversee the creation of the new group and to work out the basic principles of its work.

As long as the candidate to participate in the group on Russia not admitted Tass interlocutor. "While incomprehensible scheme by which the group pre-formed. But we do not have a lot of candidates that can be included there, "- said the source. He hinted that the main contender from Russia can be considered as the ex-Finance Minister Alekseya Kudrina.

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Renko charting

renko charting

Renko charts are related only to the price movement. New brick appears when the price goes beyond the top or bottom edge of the previous brick by a specified distance.


  • Brick size - size blocks;

  • Offset - shift of each building block added. When setting the shift amount equal to half the size of the brick, obtained by the so-called "middle blocks Renco", an example of which is shown in the second screen shot;

  • Amount shifted - the number of bars to offset to the left when a new building block and the number of bars for the displacement to the right when a new bar on the main chart. Reducing this value can reduce testing time by using this indicator advisor.

renko charting

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  • Laguerre Oscillator MT5

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  • Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2

    Multi Symbol Price Divergence v2 This is the second version of the indicator Multi Symbol Price Divergence analysis many tools price co-movement in the...

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Monday, March 18, 2019

EZT Macd Pro

EZT Macd Pro

Information MACD indicator is available at this link.

Program description

This indicator is able to display 1-2 MACD indicator on different timeframes and with different settings. There is a free version, which uses the EMA calculation. This Pro version uses all 4 types of for calculations: simple, exponential, smoothed and linearly weighted. Active indicators can serve pop-up, sound, push-message or email alert. The free version of the notification is served only at the intersections of the zero line. In this version of Pro can be set to send alerts at zero crossing or crossing of the histogram signal line, if enabled by the user. Alerts can be set for one or both active indicator, even if they have different timeframes and periods. When using 2 MACD indicator alerts can work for each of them.

At present the main chart panel with buttons that show the activity indicators and their settings. It is possible to hide the panel. Buttons allow you to temporarily hide one of the active MACD.

Added additional features not found in the free version: Divergence. You can choose to display both the MACD divergence. You can choose between standard and hidden divergence, or use both. You can select divergence histogram or signal line. You can also specify the display line only in MACD pane or on the chart with MACD. On the chart can also be displayed by arrows divergences. Alerts can be set separately for two types of divergence. Full color adjustment and line thickness.


  • Panel location - snap angle to the display panel on the main graph.

  • Show Panel - show the dashboard, true / false. This option is available only in the Pro.

  • Panel size - panel size, normal or high resolution.

  • Panel shift - shift schedule panel edges.

  • Color of active MACD button - active color indicator MACD.

  • Color of inactive MACD button - color temporarily hidden active MACD.

  • Use MACD - use one or both of the light, true / false.

  • MACD time frame - choice timeframe for each MACD.

  • Alert - a pop-up alert on the chart, true / false.

  • MA method - use any of the 4 types of moving averages: simple, exponential, smoothed, linearly weighted / only in version Pro.

  • MA Price - any of the 7 types of prices for the calculation of the moving average: close, open, high, low, median, typical weighted.

  • MACD show Divergence - type display divergences: do not show divergence, usually hidden or both.

  • MACD divergence line - use the histogram divergence line or the signal line. Choose only one.

  • Show Price divergence line - when setting true divergence line will also be visible on the price chart.

  • Show price divergence arrow - when setting true divergence on the chart will show arrows.

  • Alert mode - can be set to send alerts to cross the zero level histogram or bar graph at the intersection of the signal line, or disable. Select the type of alarm.

EZT Macd Pro

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Copper prices rose slightly on

Copper prices rose slightly on Thursday, gold was traded almost unchanged

Copper has risen slightly on Thursday after reaching the eve of the January lows. Falling prices, which occurred on Wednesday, was due to the increase in copper production in China and the general negative dynamics of the market of non-ferrous metals.

May copper futures on COMEX exchange was 0.5%, at 2.5465 per pound. Earlier in the session the quotations ranged between growth and decline.

Gold futures meanwhile traded almost unchanged at 1283.40 dollars per ounce. Gold prices remained under pressure after falling $ 10 on Wednesday night because of a stronger dollar. Nevertheless, the quotations of gold is likely to remain volatile before and after the first round of presidential elections in France, which will take place on Sunday, said William Adams of FastMarkets.

the WSJ dollar index, which reflects the value of the US currency against a basket of other currencies, recently down 0.2%, to 89.65.


Support to copper prices were not the most optimistic production report Rio Tinto Company, which reported incidence of the primary metal production in the 1st quarter by 37%. The company also lowered its forecast for copper production this year, referring to the strike at Escondida plant, which earlier this year sparked a jump in copper prices.

On Wednesday came the data, according to which the production of refined copper in China has increased by 8.5% compared to the previous year, up to 15-month high, said Mett Frans of Marex Spectron.

This confirmed the view that the "Market participants are not confident in the prospects for further price increases", Says Liz Grant from Sucden. According to her, investors are also concerned about the likely deterioration of the situation in the sphere of housing construction and infrastructure sector in China.

In the longer term more positive than expected Japanese data on exports and imports, as well as the recent favorable data on foreign trade of China point to the strengthening of global economic growth and a positive trend in copper prices in the coming months, suggests analyst Adams of FastMarkets.

"Market consumers may seek to take advantage of lower prices", - he adds.

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This fully automated Advisor. This EA is built on the principle - set and forget. Automatically adjusts to any broker. The smaller the spread - the better. Confident all feels on EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCHF, NZDUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY. Do not use Martingale. Losing trades trying to close due to the profits of previous transactions. Use the variable terminal (you can see on F3) - do not change them manually because the result can be unpredictable (up to the closing of all transactions). Advisor uses MagicNumber. If there are other open account transactions, or by manually opening the transactions - he shut them in achieving profits.

period schedule: Any (work counselor is not affected).


  • AutoLot - Automatic calculation of the lot - When false fixed lot size (taken from the lot size Manual). If true, it shall be automatically

  • AutoUseLeverage - Observe the shoulder when calculating lot - When the true value of the shoulder and lower than 1/100 decreases lot to reduce the load on the deposit

  • ManualLotSize - Manual lot size - lot size without automatic calculation.

  • TrailSize - Avtotral - Dynamic stop-loss points. It is used to obtain the maximum profit from each transaction.

  • CloseMode - behind closed doors - If true, the normal mode of operation when only false closing of transactions (new transaction can not be opened).

  • ShowComments - Show comments - Note on the chart.


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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Kuwait's oil minister OPEC will

Kuwait's oil minister: OPEC will discuss the different possibilities at the meeting in November

Kuwait's oil minister, during his interview on Kuwait TV said that OPEC will discuss the likelihood of extension or termination of the agreement on the freezing of oil production at its meeting in November.

In addition, he added that Saudi Arabia and Iran have reported that they have not found oil spill in its waters, but the oil leak is detected on the high seas.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Oil reached 11 day low

Oil reached a 11-day low

oil prices have reached the lowest low of 11 days on Tuesday to news that the extraction of shale oil in the US in May, is expected to the biggest monthly increase in more than two years. Such action on the part of the United States could undermine the fragile balance in the oil market.

According to the US showed shale production in the next month will rise to 5.19 million barrels a day. The Permian play pool, planned production of shale oil in the range of 2.36 million barrels per day.

Futures for Brent crude fell 49 cents to $ 54.87 a barrel. They touched $ 54.76, the lowest intraday trading on April 7th.

Futures for WTI crude traded 46 cents lower to $ 52.19 per barrel. They made an intraday low of $ 52.16, also the lowest level since April 7.

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  • Brent crude exceeded price at

    Brent crude exceeded the price at $ 105 per barrel On Monday morning trading Brent crude oil rose to a four-month minimum (which was set in the previous...

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

PipFinite Breakout Analyzer

PipFinite Breakout Analyzer

Pipfinite offers unique, high-quality and accessible tools of the trade.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


Sharing Breakout Analyzer and Volume Critical

  • Strategy: The entrance of a confirmed reversal signals

  • Video: (link)

Sharing Breakout Analyzer and Strength Meter

  • Strategy: input high probability of breakdowns

  • Video: (link)


Advanced detection of the breakdown on the basis of pricing models vysokoveroyatnostnyh.

It works as input display. It works on any pair and timeframe.

  • Universal compatibility with different trading systems.

  • Statistics analyzes the breakdown of signals to predict possible targets

    • Average potential profit from the previous breakdown signals

      • It can be used as a target for the following approximate breakdown signal

      • It can be used as a target for the level of trading systems, working with the trend

    • Short Term Breakout - profit below the average breakdown

      • This objective can be used for scalping

      • This objective can be used for transactions against the trend

  • multiple signals

    • Multiple entry opportunities in the market

    • Many opportunities to filter the signals from the other indicators

  • Flexible tool, increases the efficiency of the trading system

  • Point of entry

    • Entrance to deal with documented

  • exit strategy

    • Yield accomplished at the discretion of the trader in accordance with his / her strategy

      • support / resistance zone

      • turn signals based on the price action patterns

    • Statistical data

      • Exit the transaction as soon as the reaches "Average Breakout"

      • Partial closure of transactions, when income reaches "Short Term Breakout"

    • Exit Scope It can be used as an alternative exit strategy

  • Tuning recommendations:

    • Period (period) = 4 to 10

      • Period = 4 timeframe H4

      • Period = 5 timeframe H1

      • Period = 6 timeframe M15

      • Period = 7 timeframe M5

  • auxiliary tool

    • It combines well with trading the price action

    • Ideal with support / resistance

    • Confirmation of reversals Volume Critical

    • Confirmation via signal Trend Laser

    • Confirmation via signal Strength Meter

  • Never redrawn

  • Not late with rendering

  • Never converted

  • Sending a signal to a strictly "bar closing"

  • It can be used to

Links to video

Watch the video (in English) in high resolution

  • types of signals (link)

  • Using (link)

  • settings (link)

  • The combination with other filters (link)

How to improve results

Use the simulator and trade panel (link)

PipFinite Breakout Analyzer


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  • Exclusive Arrow

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Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Commodity prices forecast for April 19

Gold increased again to the maximum level of 1295. The demand for the precious metal rising from the weakening of the US currency. US conflict with North Korea is putting pressure on the dollar. Escalation of the conflict will allow quotes to overcome the level of 1300. The forecast for today involves the growth of quotations of gold in the area in 1297.

GBP / USD. 19.04. Pound actively growing

Yesterday the pair showed impressive growth. Height inside of the day was 278 points, allowing escape pound higher than 1.28. Such a serious correction was caused by the Prime Minister of Great Britain reports that the country needs a new election. Pound upward movement is limited level of 1.2917. RSI is overbought above 70 and rising. MACD is in the positive zone and is actively growing. Quotes are located above the MA, which confirms the intention funta.Urovni Support: 1.2773, 1.2705, 1.2673, 1.2614, 1.25880, 1.2556, resistance 1,2504.Urovni: 1.2917.

USD / CHF. 19.04. The pair reached the target at 0.9950

Currency pair USD / CHF broke the resistance at 1.0000 and is very close to the target at 0.9950, reinforced area of ​​38.2 Fibonacci downtrend line and SMA (200). Frank, who is considered a relatively safe asset, growing in anticipation of the upcoming elections in France. Today's statistics for the euro area were generally in line with analysts 'expectations, the focus of attention "Beige Book" US Federal Reserve, which could confirm investors' concerns about the US dollar. In the RSI (7) located on the boundary of a pair pereprodannosti, so in the near future can be expected from a strong correction level 0.9500 up to parity lines. However, we do not consider the purchase, because they are against the trend.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Virtual Sl Tp and trailing Sl

Virtual Sl Tp and trailing Sl

This panel brings convenient functionality. And make more comfortable your manual or automated trading terminal Meta Trader.


  1. This panel allows you to disable the output of market levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit of your transactions. Panel keeps levels in his memory. When the market reaches one of the levels, the deal simply is closed and the terminal displays a message that triggered a virtual level. It is possible to disable this feature.

  2. There are 5 options for setting Stop Loss:

    • Classic SL - Fixed Stop Loss (pips_SL parameter)

    • Trailing SL - the distance from the current price to the opening price of the transaction is greater than the pips_TRSL, Stop Loss is rearranged to pips_TRSL.

    • Breakeven - Trailing SL to the price "bezubytka" - similar to the previous one, only the algorithm works to the opening price of the transaction

    • Trailing SL "Irregular" ( "jumps") - when the profit in pips on the position to become equal to the value pips_TRSL_1, the Stop Loss is exposed at the opening price of the position (to breakeven). If the Stop Loss is in "bezubytka" and the distance from the current price to the opening price becomes equal pips_TRSL_2, Stop Loss order is set at a distance from the opening price in such a way as to lock in profits pips equal value pips_TRSL_3. This option Trailing'a Stop Loss is a very effective and tested on different strategies. Intuitively, an algorithm is shown in the screenshot below.

  3. It is possible to work on all transactions on the symbol or on transactions with certain Magic (useful when working with EA)

  4. It is possible to install Take Profit

  5. It is possible to draw the SL and TP levels in the form of the usual lines on the chart

  6. Ability to define the basic settings directly in the panel

  7. You can change the settings of the visual panel

  8. When the hidden layer has the ability to add "living levels" SL (who are more virtual level defined by the number of points)


  1. invisible_money_management- false - the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit are displayed in the market. True - the levels are virtual and your broker they can not "see"

  2. all_orders_or_by_magic: All_orders - work with all orders on this symbol. Only_by_magic - work with orders and certain magic, which is set by the parameter magic_number

  3. need_live_sl- true - at invisible_money_management = True, it sets the SL market levels, retreating from the virtual SL on pips_live_sl points.

  4. magic_number- Room magic (description in the paragraph above). If it is set to be less than or equal to 0, then the work is automatically on all Magic

  5. color_of_SL- SL color level line at the virtual SL, TP.

  6. color_of_SL - TP level color line at the virtual SL, TP.

  7. type_of_trailing - type trailing sl (description of the types defined above)

  8. pips_TP - Take Profit level value from the opening price of the transaction (set in pips)

  9. pips_SL; pips_TRSL_1; pips_TRSL_2; pips_TRSL_3 - values ​​for settings and SL trailing SL (given in pips, pip - is the minimum unit of price changes, given integers, for example 150 to pips EURUSD five-digit symbol while quoting the graph is 0.00150 or 15 points)


If you included virtual levels Sl / TP and for any reason communication terminal is lost and a broker (Internet gap; broker does not respond or something else), then closing transactions when the levels will not perform

Virtual Sl Tp and trailing Sl

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Traders abandoned safe assets

Traders abandoned the safe assets after the victory of Macron and Le Pen

Exit in the second round of presidential elections in France, Emmanuel Makron and Marine Le Pen to let the market breathe a sigh of relief and return to risky assets after several weeks of apprehension.

EUR / USD - Euro soared after the announcement of the first round of the election results in France

The euro began Monday with a gap

The euro soared on Monday, with the beginning of the Asian session after the first round of the French presidential election ended in predictable result. In the second stage of the presidential race will fight Emmanuel Macron, and Marine Le Pen, who received 24% and 21.4%, respectively.

The dollar index fell

Currency pair EUR / USD rose just 1.33% to 1.0898, while the dollar index fell 0.05% to 99.66 from the first hours of trading. By 9:30 MSK pair retreated to around 1.0850, while the dollar index approached the level of 99.00.

"Bull" euro jump weakened slightly before the opening of the European session, but the general optimism in the market is still dominated, as the impact of the upcoming second round of voting, which will take place on 7 May.

Economic news today:

  • IFO business climate index in Germany in April,

  • the index of business expectations in Germany in April,

  • National Activity Index Chicago Fed in March,

  • the speech of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Nile Kashkari.

USD / JPY - Dollar began Monday a sharp increase

Dollar "bulls" control the market

The dollar rose sharply after the announcement of results of the first round of the presidential elections in France. Investors in the past few weeks were transferred money into safer assets, fearing victory eurosceptic Jean-Luc Melenhena, whose support rose in anticipation of a vote.

The shift away from safe assets

As a result, traders have started to abandon the safe assets such as gold, the Japanese yen and government bonds. The yield on US Treasury bonds began to rise, making the dollar more attractive as compared to the low-yielding yen.

The pair started trading in Asia, a jump to a mark of 110.28, but by 10:10 MSK fell back to 110.08. It is expected that fresh capital inflow will push US markets and will have on the Japanese currency even more pressure.

What will happen with the market in the future

In the current situation will continue to grow higher-yielding assets on the market, but if the final results of the first round will show a smaller gap between Macron and Le Penn, it can make traders nervous.

In the absence today of any significant news from Japan all the attention will be focused on the publication of macroeconomic data in the US.

GBP / USD - Pound fell below 1.28

Pound did not cope with the dollar

The pair GBP / USD struggled to use the results of the first round vote in France, but in contrast to the dollar and the euro it was not given to achieve the same "bull" pulse. The continuing pressure on the cable does not allow

After rising to the level of 1.2828 with the opening of the Asian session, the pair fell below 1.2800 to the beginning of the European session. However, the British currency continues to remain stable against the background of the upcoming early elections.

Tax reform in the US

In this correction of the pair from a higher level down may blame sharp increase yield US Treasuries. Markets remain optimistic with respect to the plans for tax reform US President Donald Trump, which should tell you about it in detail on Wednesday.

Today the pair GBP / USD will trade on the basis of US News and remain in power dynamics yields on US Treasury bonds.

AUD / USD and NZD / USD - «Aussie" and "New Zealander" started the day rising

Risky assets attracted traders

The increased demand for risky assets has led to an increase in Australian and New Zealand dollars with the opening of the Asian session against the background of the results of the first round of elections in France.

Monday Australian dollar began to jump up to 0.7573, but the opening of the European session, fell back to 0.7553. However, he still found the strength for further growth.

In contrast, New Zealand currency after initial growth to 0.7027, began to take the position with the opening of markets in the Euro zone, falling below the level of 0.7030.

Which affects the growth of US dollar

However, increasing the yield of US Treasury bonds at a time when the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has maintained a stable monetary policy, could make the US dollar more attractive and prevent attempts to rally "bullish" on the part of the Australian and New Zealand currencies.

USD / RUB - Ruble strengthened against the backdrop of elections in France

The ruble began the week higher

On Monday, April 24, the Central Bank lowered the dollar and the euro against the ruble: 56.23 rubles and 60.31 rubles, respectively.

As of 10:35 MSK on the stock exchange trading, the dollar fell against the ruble to 56.45 rubles to 56.11, while the euro rose from 60.34 to 60.84 rubles.

The ruble is stable

In the near future the ruble will not be enough to be affected by political tensions with the US. Attempts to verbal intervention by the Prime Minister will also have a slight effect on the Russian currency.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

RunwiseFX Intelligent Binary Options

RunwiseFX Intelligent Binary Options EA

Provides ease of binary options, but also eliminates the disadvantages of standard binary options, namely: the ratio of risk to reward, fixed duration transactions, lean broker choice, small number of indicators / alerts, no hidden stop loss / take profit, etc.


  • The hazard ratio for profit 1: 1, calculated automatically (configurable)

  • Handheld (s Alert) or automatic entry into the market (provided the alert)

  • Calculation lot size (money management) - on the basis of risk as a% of funds in the account, or a fixed value.

  • Compact interactive control panel on the chart which is easily switched from manual to automatic operation and vice versa

  • Automatic stop-loss - uses professional-level indicator.

  • Location of stop-loss and take-profit can be changed manually by moving the lines on the chart

  • Concealed stop-loss and take-profit

  • Concealed stop-loss is always working on the bid price, and therefore does not work as a result of spread jumps

  • Sets a stop loss / take profit broker, but at a distance from the hidden / actual stop-loss / take profit

  • Writing in Time magazine order execution, slippage, and arrived in a CSV file.

  • The optional trailing stop loss, and bezubytka trend on the basis of exit from the market for advanced users

  • It includes a bonus in the form of indicator Average True Range, spread and price of supply and demand large text with color change.

councilor logic

By default, the adviser notifies you of changes in market direction for the character and the period to which it is attached. The notification indicates the direction, and have the appropriate button with text Buy / Sell white. You decide whether to follow this warning. When opening the transaction to calculate the size of the lot applied% risk. You can change the default risk by setting input parameter Main_riskAmount .

Stop-loss transactions is calculated automatically, and take profit is set at a ratio of risk to reward of 1: 1, so you need to make a profit to make more correct than wrong moves (taking into account the small value of the transaction, for example, commissions).

Auto Mode: You can adjust the Advisor to automatically operate in a certain direction (buy / sell), amending the selection box (as shown in the screenshots). When operating in automatic mode Advisor automatically opens a transaction subject to conditions the alert. Set to Off or Alert in the selection box to disable automatic properties. Note: after the transaction adviser to return to the Alert mode (Alert mode).

OnPullBack Mode: This mode is useful when you receive a notification, but the market has already moved a few pips. In this mode, the adviser opens a deal when the price fell back to price alerts (as often happens). This means that you get the best price and make a profit is more likely.

Advanced use: Stop-loss is set manually without ticking in the "SL Auto" and by moving the line on the graph. Also for the stop-loss level, you can configure automatic trailing. Field "Breakeven" allows you to enable bezubytka without having to move the stop-loss line. There is also a field for the automatic closing of the transaction with the trend reversal. You can move the line latent stop-loss on a graph.

In MQL4 \ Files folder in the data directory containing the file MetaTrader runwiseFX_intelBinOpts_<account number>.csv Trade with the results, such as execution time, slippage, etc ..

Other property advisor

Main_riskRewardRatio monitors the ratio of risk / reward. Main_broker * ExtraPipsOrPrct It can be used to increase / decrease the distance between brokerage levels SL / TP and hidden. Location control panel can change parameter Box_ * . The values ​​of other properties must be clear.

Our Other Products

  • Trend indicator with notification:

  • Indicator support, resistance and reversal with alerts:

  • LED candles Heikin-Ashi Candles with Announcement:

RunwiseFX Intelligent Binary Options EA


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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Morning Evening Star

Morning Evening Star

The indicator shows the graph model candlestick pattern "Evening Star", "Morning Star."

The evening star is painted in red or pink color. The morning star is painted in blue or blue color.

Input parameters:

  • max Bars - the number of bars, calculated on the chart.

  • Make Signal Alert - to use the alert.

  • Send Push Notification - send a notification to the mobile terminal

  • Type of rules pattern - Model definition pattern (Hard - to control the length of the shadow of the second bar). If the settings selected Soft - the patterns that do not meet the conditions for the maximum length of the shadow will appear paler colors (pink, blue).

  • Smart Filter Enabled - a filter that takes into account the probability of a reversal.

  • Sensitivity Smart Filter - sensitivity "Smart Filter" (0 1?). 1 - the highest sensitivity. 0 - minimum sensitivity (the number of signals will be less).

  • Ratio of body length (first bar) - the minimum ratio of the first bar of the body.

  • Ratio of body length (second bar) - ratio of maximum length of the second bar body.

  • Ratio of length of shadows (second bar) - ratio of the maximum length of the second bar shadows.

  • Ratio of body length (third bar) - third bar minimum ratio of body length.

  • Short-Term Trend Filter - setting short-term trend filter.

  • MA Filter Enabled - use a filter short-term trend of MA.

  • MA Method - MA averaging method.

  • MA Period - period MA.

  • MA Price Type - used type of price.

  • Set Bollinger Bands Filter - the filter setting for the indicator Bollinger Bands.

  • Enabled Filter - use a filter on the indicator Bollinger Bands.

  • Entry BBands period - the period of Bollinger Bands.

  • Entry BBands deviation - deviation Bollinger Bands.

  • Range Check - the number of bars to be checked.

Recommendations for use:

Entering the market is carried out deferred orders, exposed:

  • for the Evening Star at the third bar Low minus a few points.

  • for Morning Star on the High level of the third bar, plus a few items.

SL is set at the level of local extreme + a few points.

The signal generated on Friday for 3-4 hours prior to the closing of the trading session, it is better to miss.

If at the time the signal, there is an open position - it is better not to roll over and continue to trawl the open position.

Morning Evening Star

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Smooth price for Monarch MT4

Smooth price for Monarch MT4

Technical Smooth Price Indicator (Smooth price) is used to construct a smooth line as close to the price of the trading instrument and serves to eliminate its noise components. The indicator is part of the Monarch of the trading system, but here it is presented as an independent technical analysis tool.

The basis of the indicator is a cluster of digital filter which, unlike ClusterSMA project, applied directly to the price time series. Smooth Price not redrawn (except the last one, the zero bar) and is an improved version of the famous eponymous indicator. indicators especially on clustered filters discussed in the author's blog.


  1. The lack of lag on the established trend.

  2. Minimum lag in turns.

  3. Gently smooth out the noise of price movements.

  4. Stable on flat.

  5. Indicators constructed from Smooth Price instead of prices, contain fewer false signals (see sklinshoty).


1. Main setting (basic setup):

  • Sensitivity - the sensitivity of the indicator may take the values ​​from 0 to 255.

The highest sensitivity at zero - the exact indicator repeats the price movement. Lowest sensitivity at a value of 255 - the maximum indicator algorithm tries to eliminate the noise of price movements. The default setting is 0. The maximum Limit of 255 due to the "hard" part of the design of the cluster filter.

2. Appearance (appearance):

  • Max bars in chart - the maximum number of bars is calculated and displayed in the indicator window at its start or equivalent. The default value is 256 bars. This significantly speeds up the preparation of indicators, including during testing. At zero value of the parameter indicator is calculated on the entire available history. The minimum number of displayed bars - three.

  • Recalculation of the last bar - It allows you to select the mode conversion of the last unfinished bar. By default, the Every tick mode. There are three choices:

    • Every tick - the last unfinished bar indicator is recalculated every tick. We recommend using this mode if the indicator reading is important in this bar.

    • Every new minute bar - the last unfinished bar indicator is recalculated only at the moment of opening of a new bar in the minute timeframe. It is recommended to use this mode on the timeframes than one minute. This reduces the load on the processor and at the same time to track changes indicator readings once a minute.

    • Every new bar - the last unfinished bar indicator is recalculated only at the moment of opening of a new bar on the current timeframe. Often the value of the indicator at this bar are not taken into account in determining the signal for the trading . By selecting this option, you can significantly reduce the time of calculation of the indicator, including for testing strategies.

  • Color up - color line up.

  • Color down - color line down.

  • Width - line width.

  • Style - style of drawing lines. If the value "Width" equal to 1 except the solid line (Solid) can select a discontinuous (Broken), the dotted (Dotted), the dotted bar (Dash-dot), or a two line - two points (Dash - two points).

3. Alerts (signals).

  • Bar of alert - bar number at which the signal is tested (0 - the last unfinished bar). Signals are at a changing trend indicator line. If "Bar of alert" is greater than 0, the signal will only if on said bar and on all subsequent movement of the indicator bar in one direction. Thus, only signals fed in the steady trend, and are ignored in all other cases in to reduce false positives.

  • Sound - enabling / disabling audio signal.

  • Log - message is printed on the signal in the log.

  • Alert - beep sounds in the magazine and in the Open dialog box displays a message about the signal.

  • Mail - send an e-mail about the signal to the address listed on the tab in the server settings window "E-Mail".

  • Notification - sends a notification to mobile terminals whose MetaQuotes ID specified in the tab window of the terminal settings "Notifications."

Smooth price for Monarch MT4


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