Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trips to Turkey can become cheaper

Trips to Turkey can become cheaper by 30% - ATOR

Prices for tickets to the Turkish area could fall by 25-30%, the executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze. In her opinion, this can happen due to the likely lifting of the ban on charter message to Turkey that may be announced in the coming days.

The association suggested that the first flights will fly to Turkey after August 15th. The same position is shared by the representative of Tez Tour Larissa Akhanova. She believes that lower prices will cause additional demand for tickets.

Akhanova also explained that the technical preparation of charter flights can last about two weeks. But the end of the tourist season in Turkey, due in October, so the Russians will be able to rest for another two months on the favorite resorts.

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We continue counting waves of oil

We continue counting waves of oil ..

In the continuation of the blog from 13.08 to continue the analysis. In our opinion at junior levels continued development of a third in the third, or alternatively, the third increase in C. In still believe the preponderance on the side of the bulls - may accelerate the trend. This is our opinion is personal and is not a basis for your trading. All profit.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

How to add to chart net position

How to add to the chart the net position indicator COT

COT reports allow us to determine the opinion of the professional market of the prevailing in the most important time frames. There are many ways to add an indicator of the net position (COT) on the price chart. In this article, we will discuss the most simple and intuitive.


I learned about this resource about four years ago and tried a lot of sites, indicators and scripts, each time it is returned to the barchart.

COT indicator on barchart.com. Large speculators are buying euros (green arrow), hedgers - sell (red arrow).

net position indicator is built into the bottom of the screen. In this case, one of the most illustrative statistic display options for transactions of major players represented on the site. Please note that on the daily timeframe schedule net position is a step, not linear. This format allows the construction of immediately determine whether the next maximum is updated, or at least on the display. You do not need to stare at the screen or try to "stretch" the indicator window (by the way, it can not be done on the barchart).

COT indicator at barchart.com against timingcharts.com (line graph in the lower part of the figure)

The illustration above shows a comparison of step and linear version indicator display net position. Ctupenchaty schedule has more clarity, easy to use and saves a lot of time if a lot of financial instruments in your shopping list.

Full article


  • Indicator of horizontal levels of support and resistance Levels Trading on the retreat from "A" to "Z"
  • The formula for calculating the optimum amount of the position

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Bollinger Bands Percent b

Bollinger Bands Percent b

Indicator Bollinger Bands Percent b % b represents Bollinger Bands expressed as a percentage (0 to 100%).

There are two standard settings: the period and the standard
SD BB + third parameter - control period
stories Lookback.

Lookback Period obtains the minimum and maximum for the last period n.

Bollinger Bands Percent b

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017



MARSi trading robot is a low risk advisor, which is based on a simple strategy. In his work used a combination of standard indicators RSI and Moving Average.

Moving Average indicator is used to track the trend, if the confirmation signal MA and RSI level crossing sovetnik transaction opens and exposes SL and TP. The transaction is accompanied Traling Stop, which reduces the risks to a minimum. Default SL, TP and TS are disabled. When choosing a currency pair can be selected parameters. Recommended currency pair: EURUSD. Timeframe H1.

Key Features advisor:

  • Money Management - 4 variants of capital management:

    • MM 0: fixed lot;

    • MM 1: aggressive;

    • MM 2: moderate;

    • MM 3: conservative;

  • Open orders at the same time: 1;

  • Tuning to the 4-and 5-Digit quotation;

  • Slippage - Slippage.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gerchik Co global economy how

Gerchik Co. The global economy: how to make money. Speaker Nina Baranova.

Look today at 17.00 GMT! What is the global economy and how to make money?
Speaker will talk about what is happening in the global economy, as it is different from what it was before, why this is important, and how to make money.

You will learn to more accurately read the market and with high reliability to determine how this or that event will affect the currency rates. You learn about the direction in which will develop the international economy and how it will affect the forex market

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Rosturizm will development of

Rosturizm will the development of business tourism in conjunction with Roskongressom

Rosturizm will the development of business tourism in conjunction with the largest operator of congress and exhibition events Fund "Roskongress", The press-service agency. On the East Economic Forum and Rosturizm "Roskongress" sign an agreement on the development of business tourism. At present, the contribution of the business tourism industry in the GDP of other countries is 1.5%. In Russia - not more than 0.3%, while the contribution of the congress and exhibition activity - only 0.05%. The signing of the agreement will be the first step in the realization of congress tourism potential.

The share of business travel is greater than 20% worldwide. According to expert estimates, about 50% of airline revenues, 60% of the revenue of hotels and more than 70% of the rental company revenues generated by serving this category of tourists. "Business tourism - one of the most popular and sought-after types of tourism. He is very promising in terms of capacity and domestic tourist arrivals and implementation of the country's tourism potential. Business has an important image component. A large number of international large-scale and high-quality events and activities contributes to a country's image", - said the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov, who was quoted by press service.

East Economic Forum will be held 2 and 3 September in Vladivostok.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Erdogan decided to pay and repent

Erdogan decided to pay and repent, and Poroshenko decided skhovatsya

There are cases in life, when one positive feature can compensate for a whole list of disadvantages. Here Erdogan - a million flaws: a painful pride, hard character, paranoia, inability to wait and a lot of love for intrigue. If you call a spade a spade, it is just crazy, but it is very developed survival instinct. You know much more presidents who survived two attempts Maidan and one military coup? Here Erdogan survived and even managed to draw the right conclusions.

The instinct of self-preservation dictates the Turkish leader that is the correct behavior for him right now is in a nutshell: pay and repent, repent and pay. Three examples.

Example 1. According to Turkish media, Erdogan proposed to take over 50% in the construction costs "Turkish Stream". Let's translate this into numbers. Erdogan suggested Gazprom to save about 5.7 billion euros. Again. Five point seven and ten billion euros.

Example 2. Again according to Turkish media reports citing official sources reported that at the talks in St. Petersburg, the Turkish side proposed to exclude from the calculations of the US dollar between the two countries and move into rubles and lira. Putin has been working on the transformation of the ruble into one of the world's currencies, and every step in this direction is very useful, especially considering how it irritates our overseas opponents.

Example 3: Russian-Turkish commission on the Syrian issue has already been formed, and the main question, which it is discussing - the closure of the border between Turkey and Syria. It is very likely that this issue will be resolved in the near future.

I draw your attention that this is only the beginning of the payment process and repentance, and the results are quite impressive.

Now let's see what makes Poroshenko. Instead of having to pay and repent, he decided to hide under the skirt Hillari Klinton. More precisely under the skirt of the US State Department. It turned bad and ridiculous. Meeting of the UN Security Council convened Ukraine, Kiev no benefit has not brought, And Poroshenko did not receive any special support. More funny looks Poroshenko order to strengthen the army groups on the border with the Crimea and LDNR. If the so-called President of Ukraine expects that this increase would change anything, it means that he is irrevocably sailed in some own parallel reality.

By the way, the official statement of the president of Russia after the Crimean incident slipped interesting details: Poroshenko stopped calling the president, but the president of LNR Russia now says without any prefixes like "self-proclaimed" or "so-called". Just LNR. In the mouth of a skilled diplomat and Putin's lawyer both of the details become very important. Poroshenko officially received a black mark, and now the Kremlin it is not perceived as a dialogue partner, but the status LDNR leadership grows right before your eyes.

In this outline fits well today Medvedev's statement that the actions of the Ukrainian authorities is a crime and that the possible severance of diplomatic relations with Ukraine. A clear indication of: within the Russian political elite have a full consensus about the fact that Poroshenko and Kiev regime as a whole needs to be done is very painful. Medvedev is not in vain remembered the Georgian precedent, and it is likely that the so-called public misunderstanding the President called Ukraine would be useful now to begin to learn from the experience of Saakashvili. Former Georgian leader gladly tell Poroshenko how to properly chew his tie on camera and complain about how much it hurt klyatyh Muscovites. There is only one problem. Apparently, Poroshenko and the entire Kiev mode already so tired of Europe, the EU simply will not listen. Is that mustard and salt will be sent to Poroshenko tie it easier to chew.

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Indicator of market power. Clearly shows who currently dominates the market, the bulls or bears. It is recommended to use the indicator as proof of the chosen direction of the transaction in conjunction with other indicators. Power bulls shows a histogram situated above the zero line of the indicator. Power bears shows a histogram below the zero line of the indicator. By default, the Bulls Power is blue and bears the force - red.


  • Indicator Period - period that specifies the number of bars in the calculation of indicator values.


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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pacman Trade Manager EA

Pacman Trade Manager EA

adviser Pacman Trade Manager EA (PTM) manage risk and profit from deals, the open hand.

PTM will automatically reduce losses, take profits or gives it to grow.

In contrast to the trader, the adviser is not subject to emotions. He did not forget to set the stop loss and never move the existing one.

PTM works on all time frames and is suitable for traders, trend-following, and for scalpers.

Other features include the outlet of Ichimoku ZB Candle (details below). All settings are displayed on the screen. PTM works on all charts, including off-line tick charts RW (RW tick charts) and Renko.

Advisor does not open a position, and only those controls that are opened manually. Input parameters are dependent on the user's trading style. scalper and swing trader parameters will vary greatly.

On one of the screens is an example of user input parameters. Make sure that the Manual Trades = True. If you want to use the output of ZB Candles, you can find and download it for free on the Internet or contact with me, so I sent it to you. 

Advisor has a flexible money management system depending on the settings.

  1. Settings on the pips and the size of the deposit (Pip based and $$ based settings). You can set the exact amount that you are willing to risk on each trade. Thus, you can be sure that securing your account.

  2. The percentage value for the partial closure (Percentage% closing portion of trades) - partially closed position to lock in profits. The remainder can be used for further work, depending on the settings. The idea is based on the position of the two purposes for profit (Target 1 and Target 2 idea). For example, if you buy 1 lot of EURUSD, you can specify an adviser close to 60% of lots -.6 position - for profit. 40% - .4 lot - remain in the market, as we never know exactly when will the trend.

  3. order number (Trade Order Number option) - enter the order number to the adviser only worked with him.

  4. Yield of ZB Cloudcandles (ZB Cloudcandles exit options). ZB Cloudcandles from Zamanib - free on the basis of Ichimoku indicator that replaces the usual candles on a candle built Ichimoku. The indicator is the most suitable place for the exit from the market. There are two ways out Cloudcandle - by Kuma cloud (kumo cloud) and opposite the candle.

  5. Off-line graphics (Offline charts) - Advisor runs on the offline charts Renko and tick charts RW.

  6. Other features: stop loss take profit, breakeven sliding breakeven (Break Even Slide), a trailing stop takeprofit dollar takeprofit # 1 percent for partial closure, takeprofit # 2 in dollars for the partial closing.

  7. Attention: Parameters, expressed in dollars, will not be sent to your broker, so always set the maximum stop-loss and also in pips, or use the VPS to the case off your computer.

  8. For all inquiries, please write to scalpthetrade@gmail.com

Pacman Trade Manager EA

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

US anxious fears grow

US anxious fears grow ..

On Friday, August 19, in contrast to previous and saturated macroeconomic indicators of days, trading in the US stock markets were held in the absence of any way meaningful statistical data on the US and other developed countries. External background information did not contain significant news content.

Therefore, the markets focused on another batch of quarterly reports and strategic news from the camp of US corporations and to continue to assess the prospects of a possible rise in interest rates at the next Fed meeting in September. Corporate reporting on Friday came out balanced, showing both successful and disappointing results, and will not affect significantly the dynamics of trading. As for the chances of further increasing the base interest rate, in the last few days, several senior Fed officials explicitly called for the tightening of monetary policy as soon as possible, if the data on the labor market and other macroeconomic indicators show further improvement. More authoritative assessment of the intentions and the Fed should announce its head Janet Yellen, who will speak on August 26 at a conference of the world's financial elite, an annual gathering at Dzhekson Houl Mountain Resort in Wyoming to discuss the current global economic situation and monetary policies.

In terms of anxiety arose about a possible rate hike in the near future, and after the growth of in recent years to record levels on Friday, showed some caution, and all the major stock indexes finished with small losses. In the whole week triad stock indices remained almost unchanged.

Dow Jones industrial average index decreased by 45.13 points or 0.24% to 18552.57 points, the retreat for the week amounted to 0.1%. Standard Poor's 500 Index was down 3.15 points, or 0.14%, to close at 2183.87 points, losing for the week amounted to less than 0.1%. Nasdaq Composite Index was down 1.77 points or 0.03% to the value of 5238.38 points, adding during the week 0.1%.

In the elite echelon of the US economy in the Top-30 "red" crossed the finish line area, most companies (18). Most of the victims, a global provider McDonald's (-1.8%) and energy industry leader Exxon mobil Following the auction were the world's largest retailer Wal-Mart Stores (-2.0%) (-1.3%). The best result in the same composition "blue chips" has achieved a leading global manufacturer of sportswear and Nike shoes (+ 3.0%), behind which is the flagship of Intel semiconductor industry (+ 0.8%) and industrial giant Caterpillar (+ 0.6%).

International retailer of sportswear and shoes Foot Locker rose by 11.0%, having achieved in the 2nd quarter revenue and profit more than predicted by analytical pool.

The owner of an extensive network of stores of discount goods Ross Stores added 3.5%, received more than expected, revenues in the 2nd quarter and revised for the better forecast results for the year as a whole.

Media-holding of Viacom, owner of cable and satellite television network MTV Networks, the BET and the Nickelodeon channel, add on 1.5% following a report in the Wall Street Journal that the protracted conflict between the major shareholders of the company will soon complete reconciliation of the parties.

Company Madison Square Garden, which owns the eponymous legendary sports complex in New York, retreated by 2.1%, reported a quarterly loss due to weak sales performance of tickets for sporting and entertainment events.

One of the leading companies in the production of cosmetics Estee Lauder, which owns brands Clinique and Bobbi Brown, has lost 3.6%, despite better than expected on Wall Street received quarterly profit as its own target forecast at the end of the year revenue was less than expert judgments.

The price of gold futures for December delivery on the COMEX trading decreased by 11.00 dollars, or 0.8% to a value of 1346.20 dollars per troy ounce.

Gold has lost in value as a result of strengthening of the dollar against all competing reserve currencies and related fears of further increases in interest rates at the next Fed meeting in September. However, in general, the precious metal winning week was 0.2%.

The price of futures on Light crude oil for September delivery on the basis of trading on the NYMEX rose 30 cents, or 0.6%, to 48.52 dollars per barrel.

Oil rises in price on the basis of 7 consecutive trading sessions after the performances of energy ministers of several major oil-producing countries, which have demonstrated a willingness to discuss coordinated action to stabilize the oil market at the September meeting in Algeria. As compared with last Friday's cost "black gold" It increased by 9.1%.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

StarSmile EA set files

StarSmile EA set files

Optimized set StarSmile EA adviser files for different currencies in the attached zip file /

Optimized set files of StartSmile EA for different currencies in the attached zip file

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Turkish tanks crossed border with

Turkish tanks crossed the border with Syria - military sources

Turkish armored division on Wednesday crossed the border with Syria in the framework of military operations with the support of the Turkish Air Force and Air Force US-led international coalition. The operation is aimed at the liberation of the Syrian border town of militants Dzharablusa "an Islamic state", Told Reuters the Turkish military sources

According to the Reuters correspondent, located on the Turkish-Syrian border, in Syria are seen six Turkish tanks. Turkish artillery and planes from Wednesday morning fired at positions "an Islamic state" and cause them to air strikes.

Supported Ankara Syrian rebels have also entered Syria from Turkey in the framework of the operation to liberate the city, told Reuters the commander of the Syrian rebels.

President Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara on Wednesday that Turkey was in favor of preserving the territorial integrity of Syria and, if necessary, will take the initiative to support this territorial integrity.

According to him, Turkey has always sought only to ensure that help the Syrian people, and not pursue any other purpose.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017



SuperB Advisor works on any symbol and any timeframe.

SuperB need to run on the timeframe in which the trigger is calculated, also need to specify the timeframe for the calculation of the market trend.


  • Lots Step: Sets the step trading volume for each transaction.

  • Lots Max: It specifies the maximum amount of position - when the volume of the position is not incremented.

  • TakeProfit: Distance to prices Take Profit (pips).

  • Stop Loss Max: Sets the distance to the prices of Stop Loss. This distance should be calculated taking into account the value of Maximum Volume. SuperB Advisor has a dynamic level of Stop Loss, which can vary with market conditions. However, sometimes the calculated values ​​may be too far from the entry price, so if necessary you can set the Stop Loss Max. In this case, this option should only be used as an insurance against extreme market movements.
    If the Stop Loss Max = 0:
    Stop Loss level is calculated based on market conditions.

    If the Stop Loss Max>0:
    Stop Loss level is calculated based on market conditions, but the position will be completely closed when it reaches the specified value Stop Loss Max.

  • Percent Volume Close at BE: Percent volume position which will be closed when the level bezubytka (Break Even). This parameter is part of the tracking algorithm of open positions - at level TrailingStop adviser moves Stop Loss to the price of entry and closes a portion of said volume position. This parameter sets can take values ​​from 0 to 1. For the remainder of the position tracking mechanism is applied in accordance with a predetermined parameter Trailing Stop.

    If Percent Volume Close at BE = 0:  No part position will not be closed, position tracking is carried out in accordance with the value of the parameter TrailingStop.

    If Percent Volume Close at BE>0 and <1:  Part of the position will be closed.
    If Percent Volume Close at BE = 1: Upon reaching TrailingStop, the whole position will be closed completely. In this case, the parameter Take Profit It will not be taken into account.

  • Trailing Stop: Distance (pips), from which the adviser SuperB shifts Stop Loss.

An indicator:

  • Trend Calculate Period: The period used for calculation of the market trend. Larger values ​​make it possible to track the long-term market trends. This option is the most sensitive for the entire trading system, since it determines the direction of trade. Moreover, the parameters Trigger, TakeProfit and StopLoss are highly dependent on this parameter.

  • Trend Calculate TimeFrame: Timeframe for the calculation of the market trend. The value should be greater TimeFrame timeframe that is running the Advisor and more timeframe in which the trigger is calculated.

  • Trigger Period: The period for calculating the trigger.

  • Trigger Amplitude: Used for the analysis of price dynamics in the calculation of the trigger. Advisor is universal - it is able to adapt to different market conditions and work on different instruments and timeframes. For each case, you must find the values ​​of the relevant parameters separately.

    You can turn it into an aggressive scalper, it can also work on the hourly and 4-hour charts. We just need to find the appropriate settings.

Parameter values ​​for backtesting (AUDUSD, M5, testing 2010.01.01)

  • Lots Step: 0,10
  • Lots Max: 4
  • Take Profit: 115
  • Stop Loss Max: 250
  • Percent Vol. Close: 0,0
  • Trailing Stop: 34
  • Trend Calculate Period: 143
  • Trend Calculate TimeFrame: 2 Hours
  • Trigger Period: 10
  • Trigger Amplitude: 1,2
Testing (and optimization) should be carried out in a mode of "EveryTick". Information on the results of optimization for other instruments / timeframes will be updated.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Closing month little earlier

Closing the month a little earlier.

Closing the month a little earlier.

So, we decided to publish a report early in August + 13% in comparison with July, + 15%, the month was less fruitful.
But! August ruined all of our experiments, a total of 3 experimental account was completely closed. One of them altogether showed -90%
After analyzing the trade was seen a very interesting trend
that prompted the development of a new strategy.
What all this will result to be clear at the end of September.

Futures show stable growth with low risk, in July a little more than 1%.

All reports here: http://www.sitii.ru/board/monitoring_schetov/5

And lastly all the moms and dads with the upcoming September 1st.

With the already assembled a portfolio.
S.i.t.i.i. Administration

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

DSignal for Brent

DSignal for Brent

DSignal for "Brent" - an indicator for the purchase / sale in the MetaTrader 5.

  • Simple and clear indicator showing the entry point into the market.

  • Perfectly suitable for both beginners and professional traders.

  • Recommended timeframe H1.

  • The recommended tool for trading crude oil "Brent".

  • It works on both 4, and the 5-valued quotations.

  • Indicator signals are not redrawn.


  • Entrance is made at the closing hour candles and the appearance of the indicator arrows (for sale - crimson, to buy - blue).

  • The signals are not redrawn.

  • Indicator signals are rare, but with high accuracy.

  • The indicator is designed for mid-term trading.

DSignal for Brent

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  • MetaCOT 2 COT Index MT5

    MetaCOT 2 COT Index MT5 MetaCOT 2 - a set of indicators and specific tools for the analysis of the US Commission reports on commodity markets CFTC (U.S....

  • BoxChart MT5

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

OandaX Ratio History

OandaX Ratio History

products series OandaX designed to display additional data on orders and positions provided by the service oanda FxLabs.

Indicator OandaX Ratio History designed to display historical data on the ratio of buyers and sellers. For the continuous updating of data requires that the adviser working in the terminal OandaX Download Manager. To display the data already downloaded presence advisor optionally employed.

The ratio of buyers and sellers is the percentage of the number of traders who have a short net position (sellers) and a long net position (buyers).

History is available for 16 instruments: AUDJPY, AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, XAUUSD, XAGUSD. Minimum step historical data - 20 minutes, but depending on the depth of the history step can be increased to 1 day, may also be unforeseen gaps.

Data stored on swinging and UTC Time, therefore, to correctly display a histogram of time you need to display properties (TimeOffset) To specify the correct shift your broker server time with respect to UTC

indicator settings

  • Use Custom Instrument - True, If you have a very unusual name of tools, or you want to display a histogram of the other tools on the chart;

  • Custom Instrument Name tool name in the format oanda FxLabs. For EURUSD - EUR_USD, for Gold, XAUUSD - XAU_USD, for Silver, XAGUSD - XAG_USD;

  • Server UTC Time Offset - shift your server time with respect to UTC

OandaX Ratio History


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Putin's visit to Japan details

Putin's visit to Japan, the details may be determined at a meeting with Abe this week

Vladimir Putin's visit to Japan, a schedule may be determined at a meeting of Russian President with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this week told Reuters the representative of the Japanese government.

It is expected that Abe will meet with Putin on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, September 2-3 in Vladivostok. Abe went on visits to Russia several times and met with his Russian counterpart since he took office in December 2012, while Putin during this time did not visit Japan.

Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Osihide Suga said that Putin's visit, the exact schedule has not yet been formed.

"Leaders meet ... the schedule is likely to be formed"- Suga said.

Japan seeks closer relations with Russia to counterbalance the growing influence of China, and also because of the interest in the Russian energy resources. However, previous attempts to Putin's visit have not been successful because of the Russian annexation of the Crimea, forcing Japan to join the anti-Russian sanctions of the West.

The dispute over the islands in the Pacific Ocean, known as the Northern Territories in Japan and the Southern Kuriles in Russia, has for many years does not allow the two countries to sign a peace agreement to end the Second World War.

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  • Euro fell to 7 month low

    The euro fell to a 7-month low The euro fell to a 7-month low against the dollar, offset by increases in the first week of the month. Reduction of the...

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

KARAS OneWay Expert

KARAS OneWay Expert

KARAS OneWay Expert - fully automated strategy for intraday trading. It works only on EURUSD, DAX and DOW. This strategy is written using features of these tools.

Each of them have their working hours, while the opening and closing of the market. Therefore, each has its own characteristics. This strategy is optimized to work with EURUSD, DAX and DOW timeframe M5.


  • Instruments: EURUSD, DAX, DOW

  • Chart period - M5

  • The strategy works on London time. London Local time is very important for this strategy.

  • Works with any broker (recommended ECN-count)

  • To work requires no configuration or optimization

  • Types of calculation of lots: fixed, percentage of the balance, the percentage of equity, the percentage of available funds

Input parameters

  • Instrument: Tool (EURUSD, DAX and DOW)

  • Broker Settings - Broker settings

  • Your Broker Winter UTC Time: hour broker belt in winter. (Meaning of for London: 0, Berlin: 1, New York: -5)

  • Your Broker uses DST: if your broker uses daylight saving and standard time, set true.

  • lot settings

  • Lot Calculation Method: Method of calculation of the lot (Fixed, Balance_Percent, Equity_percent or FreeMargin_Percent)

  • Fixed Lot: the fixed value of the lot

  • Percentage of Balance: a percentage of the balance

  • Percentage of Equity: percentage of own funds

  • Percentage of FreeMargin: a percentage of the available funds

  • orders Settings:

  • Order Magic Number: unique magic number adviser

  • Slippage: Allowable slippage in points

  • Comment: User comment to transactions

  • settings alerts

  • Show Information: Information about the work of the strategy. (True / false)

  • Push Notification: send push-notifications (true / false)

  • Display Box Alert: display pop-up messages (true / false)

  • Sound Alert: use sound signals (true / false)

  • Sound File Buy - sound file to Buy

  • Sound File Sell - sound file for Sell

Note: Please specify when testing the settings of your broker.

KARAS OneWay Expert

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Free version indicator AcWaveMTF (https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/17037). It works only on the pair NZD / JPY.

AcWaveMTF - multiple timeframe version of indicator AcWave (https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/16973). Characterized by the fact that it is now possible to display on the chart also a channel with a larger timeframe. This makes it possible to implement the strategy of "three screen" when the first analyzes the trend on higher timeframes (H4, D1, W1, MN), and then on the smaller. When the coincidence of these trends should open position.

The use of the indicator is very simple: when the channels on both charts in the same direction, then we can make a deal.

Input parameters

  • PeriodTF - period of the senior timeframe

  • ChannelColor - channel color

  • ChannelColorTF - the color channel of the senior timeframe


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Monday, February 6, 2017

Close Orders new

Close Orders new

Trade panel (judge) for quick and easy closing orders in the terminal MetaTrader 4. It is intended to facilitate the work of the trader.

"Close" button - closes the order of the symbol, which is attached to the chart expert.

Button "Close all" - closes all orders (all characters) that are open at the terminal.

Pending orders Expert touches.

In case of closure of the error is displayed full error information on the screen. The expert also displays the total number of closed orders. Ease trade panel is that it is possible at any time to roll, it does not interfere analyze schedule.

Close Orders new

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Assange has promised to publish

Assange has promised to publish materials about the Clinton campaign

WikiLeaks founder Dzhulian Assanzh, who is in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, has promised to publish the presidential election in the US major materials related to the election campaign of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with the Australian branch of the channel Fox News in response to the question whether the publication date of election-related D.Asanzh said: "I think it's significant. You see, this (date) depends on what effect will produce materials in the community and in the media".

Previously, WikiLeaks has published materials relating to support the National Committee of the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton at the expense of the other Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders. The publication had a wide resonance.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ruble in black on background of

Ruble in the black on a background of the payment of the severance tax and stop the oil drop

The ruble traded in positive territory on Thursday trading session - enabled him to serve the rest flows to the sale of export proceeds under the current severance tax payment and stop the decline of crude oil, but as the reduction in sales and the absence of positive dynamics of Russian may continue to change the sign.

Market activity and stock limited amounts of expectations Friday speech Fed chairman.

"We believe calm market dynamics with an eye on the dynamics of quotations of raw materials will continue until the end of the week, when the new signals to be received from the head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen on her speech in Jackson Hole"- said in a research report of Rosbank.

The dollar / ruble calculations "tomorrow" 13.30 to 64.90 near MSCs was, by 0.4 percent below the closing level of the medium.

Since the beginning of the day quotes did not extend beyond the narrow corridor 64,78-65,06rublya per dollar, while the volume of transactions barely crossed the $ 1.4 billion.

euro calculations "tomorrow" to 13.30 MSK mark was at 73.30 Ruble, 0.1 percent lower than the previous closing.

"Partial recovery of oil products after drawdown on data from the US Department of Energy, suspension dollar increase in global markets, as well as peak taxes will support Russian currency in the short interval"- said Denis Davydov bank Nordea. In his view, the dollar / ruble short-term stay in the range 64,00-65,50.

Brent crude is now trading with minimal positive changes slightly above $ 49 per barrel, while the day before she fell 1.8 percent after the news about the growth of oil reserves in the United States.

Brent went below $ 50 per barrel due to fears of oversupply on world markets due to the abundance of raw material stocks in the US and Asia.

At the same time quotes and do not fall much below $ 49 per barrel, and in general, according to analysts of Raiffeisenbank, oil reaction to evidence of an increase in US stocks was "very weak"Because the market there is hope on the effectiveness of the September talks about the production freeze-producing countries.

Expectations to limit production measures have led to an increase in Brent quotations to a two-month high of $ 51.22 a barrel at the end of last week.

Thursday completed the payment of the severance tax, VAT and excise duties, and the size is important for exporters of the tax on extraction of mineral resources estimated by analysts in the range 200-370 billion rubles. Income tax payment which will end on August 29 surveyed analysts estimate as early as 120-250 billion.

In dollar on Thursday dominated by a negative trend in most currency pairs after a moderate growth of the previous day, the activity is lowered before the meeting of the heads of the world's central in Wyoming, USA (25-27 August). Tomorrow at this symposium at 17:00 GMT Fed Chairman should act Janet Yellen, from which some market participants are waiting for the tightening of rhetoric.

earlier sounded "hawk" comments Fed Vice Chair Stenli Fishera and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Uilyama Dadli reinforced expectations of some investors about what Yellen may also choose a less cautious tone, hinting at the possibility of raising interest rates this year.

EUR / USD pair is trading near $ 1.1295, and the dollar is getting cheaper by 0.3 percent, the dollar index lost a basket of currencies of 0.2 percent since the beginning of the day and is estimated to be 94.61 points.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Statistic Trader Demo

Statistic Trader Demo

Expert statistic Trader Demo - free version of the expert statistic Trader with less flexible set of options.

series experts statistic Trader - This trading strategy based two ideas: the idea of ​​the probability of an event and the idea of ​​money management.

The idea of ​​money management:

deter aggressive money management methods, such as doubling the position
after a loss, due to the fact that a series of losses can become so long that
a trader can not open another position and lose all or most of the
deposit. But definitely give up the opportunity in the next transaction
recover losses and make a profit is not worth. If kept under control
the risks and try to eliminate the too long series of losses, then this tactic
It may be a viable and profitable for small controlled drawdown.
Sometimes - even allow you to display in a profit strategy, which at constant
the size of the deal would be unprofitable.

Statistic Trader allows
set the size of the lots for a series of ten transactions. The trader has the ability to
adjust the aggressiveness of capital management in its sole discretion, with
I am counting on the fact that knowing the statistics and missed the first losing trades, he
Do not get too long series of actual losses.

Tips for setting up an expert:

  1. Opt for a currency pair and define its
    the average daily volatility. For example, I chose a pair of euro-dollar. its average
    day volatility of 70 pips.
  2. Install Take Profit in the amount of average daily
    Volatility (pip 70) and Stop Loss in 2-fold
    less (35 pips).
  3. Testing a strategy on the history of at least
    three months. Determined by the average number of consecutive losing trades in such
    sizes Take Profit and Stop Loss. For example, it is equal to 3. concludes
    that before opening the real deal, it is necessary to wait for three consecutive losses.
    Install N = 3
    in Expert settings (i.e., skip 3 consecutive loss).
  4. My approach to capital management -
    receive a transaction (a series of transactions) from 0.5 to 1% of the deposit. In case one or
    several consecutive losing trades, at least - to play the resulting loss. I
    I adjust the size of the lots series as follows:

    Step 1: Lot 1, Step 2: Lot 1, third
    Step: 2 lots, 4th step: Lot 3, Step 5: 4 lots, 6th step: Lots 6, 7 th step: 9 lots,
    Step 8: 9 lots, the 9th step: 9 lots, the 10th step: 9 lots.

Not difficult to calculate that, after receiving
profit on one of the first seven steps, I played obtained before the loss and
I get a small profit. At the same time a drawdown even after 5 consecutive losses will
no more than 4% of the deposit, after 7 consecutive losses - about 9% after 10 -
about 15%. It is no longer, and maybe even less than that of some strategies not
using the increase in the volume of the transaction after the loss. If testing
History has shown that the maximum length of a series of losing trades was 10
and it was only 1 time in a year, then we can hope that, skipping 3-4 loss
in a row, the maximum will still 6-7 losing trades in a row, and the probability of this
It will be very low. Basically, profit is the first or second transaction
after missing several virtual loss.

Another more conservative option:
Step 1: Lot 1, 2nd step: Lot 1, Step 3: Lot 2, Step 4: Lot 3, Step 5: 4
item, the 6th step (starting from the beginning): Lot 1, Step 7: Lot 1, Step 8: 2 Lot 9 minutes
Step: 3 lots, 10-Step: 4 lots. In this case, if losing a series of tightened
than 5 steps, it is possible to let them go back to the original size
capital, but do not lose more than 5%. 

the selection parameters can independently determine not only
TakeProfit and StopLoss size and the throughput of transactions, but also
select a currency pair and timeframe,
the most appropriate at any given time, as well as set size
lots to
series. Between pronounced trend movement or before exiting
News you can reduce the number of transactions skipped. During the period
the flat - increase.

The signals to open positions:

Since this strategy is based on probability, not
It is of fundamental importance for the selection indicator of position opening. I
I opted for the indicator Parabolic SAR, the standard for MT4. signal for the
purchase (LONG)
It is the intersection of the price indicator up signal for short sale (SHORT) - crossing indicator cost down.
closing a position - when the level of Take Profit and Stop Loss.

I emphasize again: Signal selection for input does not matter, it is
verified by testing all standard and many other indicators that
It showed nearly identical results. The main thing - the ratio of the size of TakeProfit and StopLoss,
which determines the regularity of their occurrence, even with random trading

Features of work:

When you run the expert
It creates a global variable Start, in which the start time is saved
session. At the conclusion of the expert (when achieved profit) is created
global variable Stop. To start a new session after taking profit need
remove from the chart expert and remove the corresponding global variables Start
and Stop (call list of global variables - key F3, or the tab "Tools - Global Variables" in
merchant terminal). With the new launch of the expert will start a new job again
create first Start, then Stop. Such a scheme is implemented for the organization
stable operation in a variety of failures, outages due, and reboots

(With different UID and Magic) can be used
on several currency pairs or single, with different settings.

expert settings:

Basic parameters:

  • N = 0 (the number of consecutive losing trades, which will bring the real deal. If N = 0, the first deal is real)
  • Lots_1 = 0.1 (1 volume order step lots)
  • Lots_2 = 0.2 (volume of orders in lots 2 steps), etc. for a series of 10 steps
  • Lots_3 = 0.3
  • Lots_4 = 0.4
  • Lots_5 = 0.5
  • Lots_6 = 0.6
  • Lots_7 = 0.7
  • Lots_8 = 0.8
  • Lots_9 = 0.9
  • Lots_10 = 1.0
  • Slippage_ = 3 (maximum deviation from quoted price at opening and closing market positions)
  • SL_ = 35 (StopLoss in pips)
  • TP_ = 70 (Take Profit in pips)

The demo version of the default expert works in the period of 1 hour, with the parameters of Parabolic SAR indicator: Step = 0.02 (level indicator stop increments) and Maximum = 0.2 (maximum stop level indicator). In the full version by testing and optimizing, you can select the optimal time frame for the work.

Also in the demo default expert parameters are specified UID = 1 and Magic = 123. The full version of the experts (with different UID and Magic) can be used simultaneously on several currency pairs or alone, but with different settings. Thus, the trader receives a set of experts that are optimized for different currency pairs and timeframes.

Statistic Trader Demo

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Forex ee Economic Daily Digest

Forex.ee: Economic Daily Digest

Daily Digest of economic Forex.ee

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

August 31



Range: at
the opening of 1.1142 Max. 1.1163 Min. 1.1129

All trend: down



support and resistance:
P. S. 1.1094 1.1216

EU Consumer Price Index Change in the number of people employed in non-agricultural
sector by ADP in the US, pending sales index in the US housing market

It seems that the dollar bulls exhale slowly, allowing the pair to retreat
from their session lows. Today, the couple did not remain stationary as
The euro zone is to publish several local reports, where the main role will play report
for changing the number of unemployed in Germany and the EU will present a
preliminary index of consumer prices in the euro area. Moreover, the US today
also add a little fuel to the fire by providing important data from the housing market,
thereby further specifying the direction of the pair.



Range: at
the opening of 1.3080 Max. 1.3158 Min. 1.3065

All trend: ascending



support and resistance:
P. S. 1.3024 1.3146

the number of non-farm payrolls from ADP in the US Index
pending sales in the real estate market in the US

Overview: AT
Currently, the retreat from its session highs marked on
the level of 1.3100. Nevertheless, it seems that the pound regained its positive
mood today, showing moderate growth, after losing streak against
the US dollar. But the lack of fundamental releases from the UK
leave today under the influence of risk appetite, while the US will publish today
data from the housing market.



Range: at
opening 102.96 Max. 103.32 Min. 102.85

All trend: ascending



support and resistance:
P. S. 101.22 104.00

the number of non-farm payrolls from ADP in the US Index
pending sales in the real estate market in the US

The pair continues its bullish trend for the past five sessions in a row,
updating this month highs above the 103.00. Sale yen mainly
way it based on the ongoing negotiations on further monetary easing
Japan's policy, as well as expectations of a possible rise in Fed rates this year.
In addition, today a report on Japanese industrial production is not
He lived up to expectations of traders, thereby encouraging the bears in the yen. And finally,
prevailing mood predisposition to more risky also did not
a pair of left unattended, putting pressure on the yen as of refuge.



Range: at
the opening of 1.3098 Max. 1.3114 Min. 1.3079

All trend: ascending



support and resistance:
P. S. 1.2974 1.3164

the number of non-farm payrolls from ADP in the US, Canada's GDP, Index
pending sales in the real estate market in the US, US inventories of crude oil

The pair extends its position after a sharp rise, marked on Friday, renewing
their highs above 1.3100, the fixed last August 10. Today
US dollar to maintain a positive mood on the back of strong data from the US,
presented yesterday. Moreover, Canadian bears today is also quite
strong against the backdrop of the inconclusive data on the Canadian Index of prices for raw materials and
oil prices fall, fixed this morning.

The best conditions for the start at the STP only Forex.ee! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,


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