Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Signals at ren №1

Signals at ren ... №1

trade on the delta, hep, trade gepy


Trading currency EUR / USD

This information can help (at least psychologically unload if there is a position in the market) or as extra income selling GEO.

As you can see on screen the delta this week has left a divided opinion. But still a large margin in the short side (sell)

1. Not too far to the top. (10-20)

We rushed to the sale with interest only at the end of the day, before the majority were in the shop, on the price and was a big part of the day in the bottom.

I love trading on a delta, although generally prefer to trade a pound of the large price passes. from the beginning of the American session it has been all clear, even for half an hour before it opened, at first technically, on the formation of capture customers, and secondly on the delta.

2. In two, and then in three more in the bottom, until the aggressive sales go. (+ 15-30)

it's all perfectly will be seen on the delta changes and volume cluster for accuracy ...

Conclusion: The euro / dollar is expected in the bottom GEO.

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