Monday, July 10, 2017

Truth about suppliers of signals

The truth about the suppliers of signals (my vision)

Hello dear traders and investors! today I would like to talk about the signals that are in the signal service ... I would like to make a reservation at once that this is purely my opinion, I'm not saying that some of the signals are good and others are bad, just to express their point of view. After a long view signals which are published here, I got the picture that all signals can be divided into two groups, the first is "setochniki"Which open transaction increasing the lot until the basket of trades will not work a plus, and the second is "peresizhyvateli" which do not cover loss-making orders and waiting when they come in plus, which ultimately leads to large losses or even to deposit drain. In any case, both are in the long run is poured deposit. Without losing trades trade impossible any normal trader you say about it, a couple of investors chasing high interest, here I see a lot of signals in which a month of 600-700%, and then profit by 5-10% or even less, it is called acceleration of deposit in order to attract investors, but in the end investors, not only did not earn, and even can not cover the normal subscription ...... trader who really looks at things, earning 15-20% per month, and those traders who do 600-700% and then for 2-3 months are in place in the long VBR tive poured deposit because trade at random and a large lot, good luck plus catches, and no merge the entire deposit, trading - it is not a game but a very difficult and painstaking work, millions of trade, but the units are earning! Thank you for reading to the end of my post! I will be glad you think in the comments, follow my posts and profit for all of us !!!!!!!

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