Friday, July 7, 2017

Dealing Desk

Dealing Desk (Dealing desk is).

There are several options currency trading company, one of these options is the Dealing Desk, it is used mainly by young broker companies or working with small volumes of transactions.

Dealing Desk (Dealing desk is) - trade in the internal broker site without transmitting orders to external markets. All transactions are concluded between clients of a broker or directly with the company which organized the trade.

This is the easiest way of trading organization, if the trade goes through Dealing Desk that the transaction is not transmitted to the external market, and are counter-proposal on the internal site. liquidity provider here is a dealing desk, he buys the application, which were not counter-proposal among traders.

Namely the fact that the broker is also the second party to the transaction and monitors its conditions and is the basis for the emergence of various machinations. The company is not interested in winning trader and tries in every way hinder the completion of the transaction with profit. This happens not always, but only in cases when it comes to trade in large volumes, more than 10 lots. No less important indicator is the liquidity of the chosen currency pair, for less liquid instruments broker often has to act by the other party.

In addition, it should be noted that the forex you will find almost no net Non Dealing Desk brokers who trade exclusively on foreign exchange. Basically, the distribution types of accounts is carried out according to the principle:

Dealing Desk (Dealing desk is) - all cent accounts and part of the standard, on which there is the opportunity to trade a minimum lot of 0.01.

Non Dealing Desk - accounts intended for large customers and large trade, as a rule, the minimum deposit here is not less than $ 1,000.

Therefore, making the choice of broker, pay attention to this aspect as the type of account that you open, because even in the largest and most well-known company, you can easily be on the Dealing Desk account.

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