Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Market glass of Level 2 in Forex

Market glass of Level 2 (Level 2) in Forex - what is it for?

quotes a glass or glass market is a display of market orders to buy or sell instruments in real time. Often, if a trader has opened a trading account with the center only a better price Bid and Ask, is a glass of level 1 (Level 1).

But what used to see details about the exposed limit, pending orders or market you need a glass of Level 2 (Level 2).
2nd level glass gives full information about pending orders, which are exposed to the market. Liquidity for the cup is going to connected ECN systems, banks and other traders.
With the help of glasses we can see (Market depth) market depth for the selected tool, supply and demand, which in the future could affect the future movement of the market, for example: the pound began to buy more - the currency pair GBP / USD will begin a bullish movement if the pound mass They began to sell - a pair of sharply goes down. Only marketmeyer can change the volume of the market, the market moving in the right direction.

Operations to market glass:
We can make two types of transactions: market and trade. Market operations - is the purchase / sale of a financial instrument at the current price in the market. Business applications - it is exposed or deferred Limit the types of applications, but to buy / sell a security at a specified price by us.

Level 2 is often used in the intraday trading and scalping for medium term it is not convenient due to a large change rate quotes.
It can be used except that the scalping. The uniqueness of this glass is that a trader can see and analyze an array of applications from contractors. If it is correct to use it, you can make more informed decisions when opening deals.

Here is how visually looks, glass prices.

You can see on which ticks a volume position. Volumes of this Vol (volume) shown in millions.

It should be borne in mind that price quotations glass (glass Market Level 2) are indicative, the final price may differ from the indicative at the opening of the transaction, as the worst and the best.

Market provides a glass, not all brokers. Therefore, if you are using them, check out Dukaskopi Sviskvot Bank and the Bank, they provide them.

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