Friday, April 28, 2017

Price Volume Indicator

Price Volume Indicator

Price Volume Indicator It uses in its calculations of volume and price. The indicator shows a significant increase in volume (and therefore, the price movement) relative to the previous bar (day / hour).

Product predicts trend reversals and determine the best point of entry into the market.

Price Volume Index also can act as an early warning signal on the daily / hourly charts, although he performed well on the M1, M5.

When the indicator crosses its mean value from top to bottom (calculated using a variable 3-pole Butterworth filter) Or 3-pole curve Butterworth filter begins to deviate, it is necessary to find additional rotation signals given relative strength index (RSI) Stochastic or at the level of resistance or patterning reversal.

The indicator is normalized between -1 and 1.


  • PVI_IPC - price Type: Close (closing), Open (opening), High (maximum), Low (minimum), Median (mean), Typical (typical), Weighted (weighted), Simple (simple), Quarted Price, TrendFollow_1, TrendFollow_2 and Demark Price

  • PVI_VolumeType - volume (actual or tick)

  • Period - the number of bars to calculate the indicator

  • Shift - the number of bars is displaced vertically

  • Avg_period - averaging period 3-pole Butterworth filter (8 or more bars)

  • Show_arrow - display a pivot point (arrows buy / sell) in the graph for a simple reversal detection zones (true / false)

Editable perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti zone (as for the signal, and for secondary curves) to screen out false or undesired signals:

  • Signal_threshold - away from 1 (perekuplennosti zone) and -1 (pereprodannosti zone)

  • Avg_signal_threshold - away from 1 (perekuplennosti zone) and -1 (pereprodannosti zone)

  • Hold_signal - at true idnikator outputs the signal to each bar

  • Global_variables - set global variables

When Global_variables == true indicator creates and sets the following global variables (you can reach them through other indicators, advisers and scripts):

  1. signal current value - the current value of the signal (normalized in the range [-1..1])

  2. averaged value - average value (normalized in the range [-1..1])

  3. real indicator value - actual value indicator

  4. buy / sell signal - signal for the purchase / sale of (1 - a buy signal, 0 - no signal -1 - sell signal)

Price Volume Indicator

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Assistant for manual trading

Assistant for manual trading

This advisor is specifically designed for traders who are
the market is very short time, but at the same time wish to keep their risk-free
order to obtain greater profits.

Action Advisor starts after opening the trader warrant.
Opportunities Adviser: when opening a trader orders automatically
It opens the second order with the same volume of the price permitted slip
exhibiting all orders preset SL, TP1 and TP2, SL offset for
second order (open counselor) to the level when closing bezubytka manually or when the order TP1 that was opened by the trader.

Assistant for manual trading

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

EURO Delta

EURO Delta

Delta euro

darling went to unload, in the area of ​​preparing the ground to short ...

yet can skalpnut in length from 1392 with a stop 20punktov if withdraw will not be sorry)

what is now seen at eye discharge area looks at 1440 and what will in fact observe ... ...

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

European shares are down because

European shares are down because of the automotive sector

(Reuters) - European stocks fell on Friday amid falling Daimler shares after the publication of weak quarterly results, as well as due to the planned investigation into the automaker understating emissions data.

By 10:47 GMT the pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 index fell 0.4 percent to 1.371,76 points, the British FTSE 100 - by 0.7 percent to 6.336,84 points, the DAX German - by 0.4 percent to 10.398,70 points, France's CAC 40 - by 0.3 percent to 4.567,73 points.

The European car sector index fell 2.2 percent amid falling Daimler shares.

Operating profit of the German automotive group fell by 9 percent in the first quarter. The company also announced that it would hold an internal investigation of the certification process related to harmful emissions in the United States.

rival paper - PSA Peugeot Citroen - fell 2.8 percent after raids on Thursday in the investigation of cases of harmful emissions in the automotive sector.

Shares of the French holding company Kering (PA: PRTP), who owns a significant number of brands of premium slowed 4.1 percent after its flagship brand Gucci has reported an increase in sales did not meet expectations, against the backdrop of a difficult situation in the sector of luxury goods. Kering overall sales in the first quarter also fell short of forecasts.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Forecast Moving average and Emission

Forecast Moving average and Emission MT4

In the indicator Forecast Moving average and Emission MT4 (FME) calculated four lines.

  • Forecast - This price forecast horizon 5 c.

  • Fast moving average - fast moving average c FastPeriod averaging period

  • Slow moving average - slow moving average to the period averaging SlowPeriod

  • Emission - adaptive emission line. The idea of ​​building such a line is taken from the article "Building a radiation indicators in MQL5", the author Sergey Pavlov. The line is automatically adjusted depending on how you are changing the parameters of moving averages and the Fast MA Slow MA. emission line serves as the core of the trend in the current timeframe. We can assume that its movement direction - is the direction of the price movement on the current timeframe.

Parameter ArrowShow It is used to enable / disable the output arrow of objects that indicate the current direction of the indicator lines.

Forecast Moving average and Emission MT4

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Petrol price will rise in China

Petrol price will rise in China

The authorities of China will raise the retail price of motor fuel following the increase in oil prices, the agency said "Xinhua" citing a statement by the National Development and Reform Commission.

gasoline and diesel fuel prices will rise to 120 yuan ($ 18.46) and 115 yuan per ton, respectively.

From the beginning, the Chinese government raises the cost of fuel for the second time against the background of a moderate recovery of oil prices.

Under the current mechanism, the power adjusting domestic fuel prices, when changes in world oil prices more than 50 yuan for more than 10 days, with quotes ranging from $ 40 to $ 130 per barrel.

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Monday, April 24, 2017



Excerpt from Wikipedia:

"Gap (GAP English -. A break.) - in the technical analysis of quotes flow situation is a significant difference between the closing price of the previous timeframe (graphic element) and the opening price of the next visually on the chart there is a" gap ".

In exchange practice on the stock and commodity markets, the term "gap" often means that the closing price of the previous trading session does not coincide with the opening price the next trading day (the gap on the chart with daily timeframe).

Sometimes the gap is also called a significant difference between the adjacent quotes. Usually this is due to the unexpected news that the difference between quotations can be 5 or more times higher than usual. On the chart this gap are not always displayed in the form of the gap, it can form an elongated element. "

It is the analysis of gaps is a strategy of the expert. The adviser will be a great addition to the main your robot as it opens trades rarely, usually not more than once a week, as well as a gap - this is one of the most faithful and accurate forecasts on the market price change (either he is, or it is not), the expert will bring you a steady, though not frequent, profit.


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Friday, April 21, 2017

Balance and Equity Curve Of Account

Balance and Equity Curve Of Account Realtime

Realtime indicator draws a graph of the balance and the funds in the account.

In conjunction with my product called "Order Replay" it will allow you to view the position of the warrant, as well as analyze and improve your trading strategy.

The indicator supports the simultaneous use of multiple characters.

Tip: Ensure the completeness of the history of the symbol.

Balance and Equity Curve Of Account Realtime

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

A great opportunity for new start

A great opportunity for a new start in Europe

The vast majority of respondents in a recent poll Pew Research - 70% believe that the output of the UK from the EU, have a negative impact on Europe. However, this situation can be viewed from another angle. Perhaps the UK out of the EU will open up new opportunities for Europe.

French daily La Liberation recently appealed to the British voters with a request to leave the EU, arguing that it will eventually be very good for the Union. According to the La Liberation, if the United Kingdom will remain, it will continue to demand concessions, increasing the threat of collapse of the EU and undermining the decision of the leaders of the union a little forward with the federalist dream. British exit from the EU will certainly shake the whole Union, and call upon the leaders to act to prevent damaging fragmentation. Cry from the heart:

I wish you courage, English friends! Allow yourself to be convinced by such brilliant leaders like Naydzhel Faradzh and Boris Johnson, who, deep down, want the Europeans only the best. And I promise, you will be allowed to return after 20 years. Our terms and conditions, of course, put the rope on your neck and clothe you in the garments of penitents, however, is meager price for the salvation of the European dream.

With this argument there is still two problems. One is that the survey results do not seem to provide more justification for European federalism. We all know that the British are persecuted by all Europe, according to a poll Pew.

Another problem is that when politicians such as former French President Nikolya Sarkozi talk about "Breksa" as the possibility of "refoundation" of Europe, it is unclear what the new union will be better, the old. Vision Sarkozy - and other supporters of the "reorganization" - increased safety and restrictions on the free movement of people. It seems politically expedient: Pew poll shows that an overwhelming majority in many European countries dissatisfied with EU decisions related to last year's refugee crisis. But people have to wonder, what can the EU do, of what can not be done by national governments.

An opportunity that creates the British withdrawal from the EU is on a different order of magnitude. This is necessary for a radical rethinking of the EU and cooperation. This is evident from a recent study "Eurobarometer", that the EU's patriotism is weak and people in most countries in the bloc really feel European.

Support for the European project is more detailed than the simplified British campaign "in" and "out." Firstly, in many countries, the majority does not support the transfer of power back to the power of national governments. Second, the attraction to Europe is higher than that present in the Brussels institutions. This suggests that, while the majority of Europeans still consider the situation adequately, the current EU is not entirely their European identity. In their hearts is likely there is a place for the best design of the union with all the advantages of the current EU, the largest of which, according to the "Eurobarometer", peace and free movement of people.

The biggest problem of the current EU is a bureaucratic tendency to regulate every aspect of life in the Member States, the height of the heels barbers to power vacuums. In Greece, most likely suffering from a phobia of an EU country, the euro is also seen as undemocratic.

There is something in the idea that the way the UK will open up new opportunities and make the dream of an ideal reality in the EU. The goal of this vision is to make sure that Europeans understand how any union represents them and supports them. The European Parliament is the only elected institution of the union; its power is too limited for most Europeans to its notice. Turnout in European elections is much lower than national, and they are the voters care much less about who wins, handing the victory of populist forces, such as the National Front in France.

The European Commission, which produces most of the EU legislation, not elected, and the process by which it is formed, is a mystery to the people of Europe. They find it difficult to understand why they pay taxes structure, which they did not choose - it's one of the problems in the UK exit from the EU campaign.

If the UK out of the EU structure, the national leaders of the remaining countries will be able to confirm their agreement on power-sharing. Candidates for the leadership of the Commission and supranational part, must run across the EU. Agreement as the US electoral college to make sure that the voice of smaller countries are not ignored. Parliament could be reorganized and re-authorized like the US Congress, to ensure proper performance. It might appear the Senate, giving equal representation to all Member States and the House of Representatives, where seats could be allocated to countries according to their population. The United States is essentially a union of states to exist in such a system, why not try Europe?

This, of course, is a utopian vision, but it was in the "United States of Europe" Winston Churchill. In his Zurich speech in 1946 British statesman offered a crazy idea - the union of France and Germany, which will serve as the core of the European Union states. Now it no longer seems crazy, does not it? But Churchill did point: "There must be a fight of faith in which millions of families speaking many languages ​​must consciously take part." European citizens do not choose the government structure, than perhaps the biggest problem of the European Union. The solution to this problem would cause the Italians, Germans, Spaniards and the Dutch believe that the block is a Europe with which they feel a real kinship.

Failure "Breksita" probably freeze the current stalemate. But if the UK out of the European Union is really going to happen, the EU will need a rescue plan and democracy - this is exactly what you need.

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Currency market Ruble is not worried

Currency market. Ruble is not worried about Geopolitics

Ruble is a slight
pressure in the morning due to geopolitical risks, which again
emerged on the world stage.
How risky currency, he
reacts automatically fall on the likelihood of a flare-up of conflict
North Korea.

Recall that Trump promised yesterday that the US
answer "fire and fury"If Pyongyang's actions will threaten
America. And today, there were rumors that North Korea is considering
Attack of the Pacific island of Guam, where deployed the largest military
United States base of strategic importance. Continued on site

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Poll Bloomberg core inflation

Poll Bloomberg: core inflation in the US rose by 0.2% due to the depreciation of the dollar

Inflation in the United States, finally raises his head. At least, so say the economists, who unexpectedly low inflation led to confusion for four consecutive months. Analysts polled by Bloomberg, believe that in July consumer prices excluding energy and food increased by 0.2% m / m. This is the average forecast, published on the eve of Friday's US CPI data release. If it is confirmed, it tear off band is failing indicators of core inflation, already prolonged for 4 months, which did not happen in 2010.

Most economists are pinning their hopes on the decreased dollar, rising imports and high demand for labor. It is believed that these factors should determine the inflationary pressures in the economy. Nevertheless, a significant number of the respondents - 21 75 - believe that inflation again remains at low levels, demonstrating the growth of only 0.1%.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Button Story

Button Story

This utility is a toolbar for manual trading.

Feature of the panel is a choice of Stealth mode for the broker! In this mode, the trader can open one warrant for a sell and buy (in future updates will increase the number of orders). In normal mode, you can open any number of orders. In the setting of the assistant can set parameters such as stop loss take profit, Thrall, breakeven etc. Besides all this, the trader can control through its drawdown limit settings, and can set the item as a percentage of the deposit.


  • Use lot in% - Use a lot as a percentage;

  • Percent - Percent;

  • Lot (if "Use lot in%" == false) - Lot (if "Use Lot Percentage" == false);

  • Magic Number - The magic number;

  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;

  • Take Profit - Take Profit;

  • Slippage - ;

  • Use Trailing - Use trailing;

  • Trailing Stop Start - Trailing Stop size;

  • Trailing Stop Distance - Step Trailing Stop;

  • Use Drawdown - drawdown of Use;

  • Drawdown (%) - Drawdown (percentage of free deposit);

  • Use breakeven - Use breakeven;

  • Transfer to breakeven - Translation to breakeven;

  • Invisibility mode - Stealth mode for the broker;

  • Take Profit Color For Stealth - Color line in stealth mode;

  • Stop Loss Color For Stealth - Color Line Stop Loss in stealth mode;

  • Take Profit Width For Stealth - The width of the line take profit in stealth mode;

  • Stop Loss Width For Stealth - The width of the lines of Stop Loss in stealth mode;

  • Line Style For Stealth (0-4) - Style lines in stealth mode;

It is very convenient panel for manual trading, and I hope you will like it!


When using stealth mode Thrall and transfer to breakeven automatically turned off! On this occasion, I am very interested to hear feedback from users!

I will be glad to hear the criticism and advice to improve the product! Yours faithfully!

Button Story

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Wall Street started session in

Wall Street started the session in the red because of the prospects for raising the Fed rate, oil prices fall

May 19 (Reuters) - US stocks opened Thursday trading decline after the US Federal Reserve meeting minutes, who returned expectations of key rate in June, as well as due to the due to renewed concerns about excess supply drop in oil prices.

By 17.32 Moscow time the Dow Jones index fell by 0.81 percent to 17.385,10 points, the index S P 500 - by 0.74 percent to 2.032,38 points, the index Nasdaq Composite - by 0.85 percent to 4.698,92 points.

Minutes of the Fed's April meeting, published on Wednesday evening, surprised market participants by showing that the majority of the Central Bank consider it appropriate to increase the key rate in June, in the case of improving the economic situation in the United States.

"The potential rate hike in June, caused a small panic in the market, but we expect a rise in July, and another later in the year"- said an expert on international investment JP Morgan Private Bank Ed Hyland.

The price of oil dropped by more than 2.5 percent, falling second consecutive session due to increase probability Fed and unexpected rise in U.S. reserves [O / R].

The number of applications for benefits for unemployment in the US last week fell to 278,000, while analysts, based on preliminary data, forecast a decline to 275,000.

Wal-Mart paper rose 9.1 percent to $ 68.90 as the retailer reported a quarterly profit exceeded expectations.

Shares of Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) strengthened by 4.3 percent to $ 27.88 as the network equipment maker reported a better-than-expected results.

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When will pereontsenka expectations

When will pereontsenka expectations for Fed rate?

markets have experienced is not the simplest week. The more aggressive than expected tone
protocol the April meeting of the US Federal Reserve put pressure on the indices. However, in the last
time they were still able to recover. Eventually, Dow Jones
closed almost unchanged (-0.02%). NASDAQ I grew
0.93%. German DAX 30 adds a symbolic 0.16% to close
the previous week. The growth leaders again broke Japanese Nikkey
(NKD), which added 2.04% to the weakening yen. Hong Kong HSI, also
I was able to show growth of 1.4%.

company Wal-Mart (WNT) pleased investors. profit performance
per share rose above forecasts ($ 0.98 against the expected $ 0.88). quarterly
revenue of $ 114.99 billion (+ 0.9% g / g), with an average forecast $ 112.68 Bln.
Against this backdrop, shares of WMT jumped 7.83%, pointing to a maximum of 70.07.
Continue to maintain a positive attitude and actions nVidia (NVDA).
Quotes reached the level of 44.30. Thus, an increase of

In the currency
dollar market was again in the display. Couple USD / RUB at
torque level reached 67.15. For the week the ruble lost 2.46%. USD / JPY
He said three-week high, rising to the level of 110.58.
The Australian dollar, as expected, came under pressure,
however, the key driver did not report the RBA meeting and a weak data
on the labor market. AUD / USD It lost 0.62%.

that in the second half of the week Brent He rolled away from the previous
highs, following five days of working energy source
It showed an increase of 1.9%. Precious metals on the background of the increased interest
the dollar finished the week with losses. Gold (XAU / USD) cheaper by
1.69%. Silver (XAG / USD) fell by 3.37%.

Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Forex ee Economic Daily Digest Economic Daily Digest

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Thursday, May 26

EUR/USD to restore some of their positions lost in the first half of this
week, bounced off multi-week lows, fixed yesterday at around
1.1130. The pair continues to trade at a higher on dollar weakening in
due to profit-taking. At present, the calendar of events awaits traders
significant block of US data such as orders for durable goods
use, data on initial applications for unemployment benefits and
the index of pending sales in the housing market. Also today, were made by members
J. Fed. Powell and George. Bullard. Currently the pair supported around the level
1.1180 and is trading at 1.1179. Support and resistance levels for the pair
located at around 1.1114 and 1.1209

USD / JPY broken the key support level of 110
and it is now settled in the area of ​​109.75. The pair ignored yesterday's growth
the dollar could fall and, after the speech of the representative of the Government of Japan
M. Asakavy who denied the likelihood of intervention from the Japanese
Government in the foreign exchange market. Today, the focus will be on bookings
durable goods data on initial applications for
unemployment benefits, the index of pending sales in the housing market and
several interventions by the Federal Reserve in the US, as Japan will introduce a national
core consumer price index during the Asian session. At the moment
the pair is trading at 109.72, with its support and resistance levels,
located at around 109.59 and 110.75

GBP / USD continues
expand this month highs above $ 1.47. Bulls on the pound confidently keep the situation under control from the beginning
this week. Today morning, the pair took a short break after yesterday's jump,
which took place on the background of another opinion poll results and
weakening position of the dollar across the board. Now traders remain
anticipation of a preliminary report on the UK GDP and subsequent
US data block with several speeches of the Fed,
scheduled for today. Currently the pair is trading at around 1,473 to
today's support and resistance levels located at elevations
1.4547 and 1.4803.

NZD / USD tested
at least this month, below the level of 0.67. For three weeks in a row pair
He remained in bearish trend and was able to break the level of 0.67 against the background of positive
News from the United States on Wednesday, the first time since the end of March. Today, the couple will
be influenced by the US data, such as orders for durable goods,
data on initial applications for unemployment benefits and the index
pending sales in the real estate market and in the case of a pair of positive data
may continue its downward trend in the near future. Currently the pair
located at around 06,714, recovering from a recent low,
fixed at the level of 0.6692. Today's levels of support and
resistance located at 0.6672 and 0.6792.

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Thursday, April 13, 2017



At a given segment of bars is calculated the average value of bullish and bearish bars. The indicator shows the difference of their values.

The indicator indicates two parameters of the segment bars Fast and Slow.

According to the results, we can judge the direction of the trend and its speed on the short and long lengths.


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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Brent ended week at $ 52 52 per

Brent ended the week at $ 52.52 per barrel

Oil prices rose sharply on Friday, Brent finished the week at $ 52.52 a barrel.

Brent rose on 28 July, 2%, or by $ 1.03 per barrel, showing the course of trading in the two-month maximum - $ 52.68 per barrel. American light oil price at the end of the session $ 49.71 per barrel, an increase of 67 cents, or 1.4% higher than it was the day before, and by the end of the week grew by nearly 9%. Oil prices have been supported through a major reduction in stocks of raw materials in the United States, as well as plans for exporters, especially Saudi Arabia, to cut supplies in August.

In addition, on Sunday in Venezuela must pass a vote that would allow the ruling party of President Nicolas Maduro to rewrite the constitution in his favor, that the United States considers a step towards dictatorship, and has threatened to Caracas sanctions, which spread to the oil sector, and could raise the cost of raw materials. Pronedra previously reported that the price of oil on July 28 reached two-month highs.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Forex hero

forex hero

This advisor implements poluskalpersky trade regime with several indicators and the relationships between them. Trade is conducted on 5 pairs, each of which has its own settings.

  • Fully automated expert

  • Robot poluskalper

  • Advisor to the opening of one transaction

  • The possibility of trading with a 50% risk

  • Work based on current market conditions

  • Safe money management system

  • Stealth mode

  • Trading on the markets 24 hours a day 5 days a week

  • Low Stop Loss 

  • Support 4- and 5-digit brokers

  • It meets the requirements of the National Futures Association (NFA)

  • It uses multiple indicators and their relationships, as well as a number of strategies in advisor 

  • Each pair has its own built-in settings

  • At least one transaction per day

  • Work in the "set it and forget"! 

This expert is set to Low level Stop Loss:

  • SL on GBPUSD: 18  

  • SL by EurUSD: 28 

  • SL on UsdJpy: 28

  • SL on AUDUSD: 28

  • SL for EURJPY: 28

Take Profit level is different and can sometimes reach 67 pips profit.

The adviser works on M5 timeframe on all cylinders.

Main settings:

  • StopLoss = 50 - Stop Loss value; if the value Use_builtin_settings false, then the Stop Loss order can be changed.

  • MaxSpread = 3.0 - maximum spread; if the spread is equal to or greater than the specified level, the adviser does not open trades.

  • Slippage = 3.0 - slippage.

  • AutoMM = 5.0 - the percentage of the risk of the transaction; if the value is 0, the examiner looks at a fixed lot.

  • FixedLot = 0.01 - fixed lot in lots.

optimization of parameters:

  • Use_builtin_settings = false

  • tf2 = 15

  • CloseOnlyProfit = 1 

  • StopLoss = 28 

  • tf = 2

  • SecProfit = 3

  • SecProfitTr = 11

  • iMA_PeriodLONG = 65

  • iCCI_PeriodLONG = 14 

  • iATR_PeriodLONG = 10 

  • iWPR_PeriodLONG = 14 

  • iMA_LONG_Open_a = 5 

  • iMA_LONG_Open_b = 15 

  • iMA_PeriodShort = 110

  • iCCI_PeriodShort = 4 

  • iATR_PeriodShort = 11

  • iWPR_PeriodShort = 8

  • iMA_Short_Open_a = 6 

  • iMA_Short_Open_b = 20

  • FilterATR = 4 

  • iCCI_OpenFilter = 70 

  • Price_Filter_Close = 16 

  • iWPR_Filter_Close = 120

  • TakeProfit = 68

These parameters are used only for the purpose of optimization.

If you want to optimize, go to the website:, set-download the file and upload it to the adviser before optimization. He will put all the parameters in the correct order so that you can start the optimization without problems.

One tip for optimization: best optimization period - the last six months.

I promise to answer all your private messages about the work of an expert as soon as I can. I am interested in long-term cooperation, so wait for an answer, and you are sure to get it.

forex hero

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A News Dispatcher

A News Dispatcher

If you've ever wondered whether there are signals in the Forex market that provide good returns with an acceptable loss, you probably have heard of the trade on the news. Unfortunately, the information on this form of trading a little bit. This is mainly due to the fact that the concept of "trade news" and "Automation", until recently, been almost incompatible. Advisor for automated trading A News Dispatcher be able to fix it.

Forex market is like a living organism, and in fact the way it is. Thousands of traders constitute its essence and in fact shape its mood, simplistically viewed in the graphs. One of the components that form the mood of the market, are the news.

The most interesting - is that in the news release is usually the time malopredskazuemy mood of the crowd becomes predictable. Indeed, there is a direct relationship between the news data and the subsequent movement of the currency pairs. It is this pattern and uses developed in the laboratory of our secret adviser.

You can doubt all you want, but now it's time to dot the i, because with the advent of automated trading advisor for the answer "I do not know" to the question "whether the news trade work?" It lost its relevance. Simply download and try this EA. It's just as ABC!

The principle of trade

Advisor uses a strategy known as "straddle trade". During gEntryTime to a news release from a distance gEntryLevelFactor* [Minimum threshold setting orders] on the price set two pending orders volume was calculated as gRiskLevel percent of the funds. The [minimum threshold setting orders] is calculated by an expert based on historical data for the past five years for each instrument.

If through gExpiresTime seconds after the order did not work, they are removed. Otherwise it enters into force unit support position, which pulls the stop loss after every open positions gTrailStep points.

councilor settings

In order to make it easier to navigate to the settings, they are grouped as follows:

General settings

It is the trader's control panel, with which you can adjust the advisor for specific trading style. The parameters in this group have already been described above, but summarize them, are summarized in a single list:

  • gEntryTime - number of seconds before the news release when advisor expose pending orders;

  • gExpiresTime - the lifetime of a pending order in seconds after installation. If this time has passed, but the order did not work, then it is considered expired and removed from the chart;

  • gEntryLevelFactor - factor used for calculating the distance at which exhibited pending orders;

  • gRiskLevel - a percentage of the available funds are used for trading;

  • gTrailStep - the number of items that must pass price to adviser pulled Stop Loss order.

setting time

Counselor himself synchronizes output time news and trading server time. Unfortunately, it will automatically do not work (at least for the tester), so the counselor will need your help:

  • gTimeOffsetFromGMT - time zone offset relative to the broker the Greenwich meridian. For example, commonly used in all the shift from 0 to 4 hours for Europe and America in the -5 hours. you can have your broker to find out about the server time zone.

  • gUseDST - It indicates whether the server's time zone is used in the translation of both winter and summer.

For more information about EA

  • Work on the advisor began in 2009 and continues to this day. Development plans are extensive and, most importantly, attainable.

  • When creating advisor data on more than were collected and analyzed 25000 Economic releases from 2007 was the result 537 groups.

  • Since 2009, for individual instruments it has been viewed about 2000 news releases in the history of ticks collected in the news release periods.

  • News division into weak, medium and important (as is customary in the calendar), it was not enough. As a result, it developed an algorithm by which we always know on what news and what instrument is best to trade for maximum profit (or minimal drawdown in the event of a more conservative trade).

  • Advisor is fully automated. Unfortunately, in the process of developing, we do not teach him to brew strong coffee, but with its direct responsibilities, he copes very well.

  • A modified version of the advisor participated in the Automated Trading Championship 2012, taking 33th place. View statistics and its trading history here:

  • The same version of the advisor and was transferred to MQL4. Her work at 70% of the risk can be viewed on the "Signals" (

News - Trade is one of the tools in the trader's arsenal, we explored it, and packed together with instructions for use. And now you have another opportunity to select the available options: continue to fear the news release, or look forward to the next release in anticipation of profit.

The decision is only for you!

A News Dispatcher

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Indicator displays the graph line ZigZag older time period. The screenshot shows a display example of the indicator. Red thin line - ZigZag fundamental period, a thick yellow line - ZigZag older period. Indicator redrawn as update data similar to redraw the initial indicator.


  • Depth, Dev, Back - ZigZag parameters of the same name;

  • BarsCount - number of processed bars (Homepage reduces the load on the graph, and also reduces the load when using the EA);

  • TimeFrame - time interval indicator (can not be less than the current).


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Monday, April 10, 2017

WebMoney in Belarus tariffs

WebMoney in Belarus - tariffs

Tariffs on operations with electronic money CENTER CERTIFICATION IN BELARUS

Name of serviceRate Note


Participants in the system WebMoney Transfer Center Certifications in Belarus
AT Minsk UL. 3. FLOOR Nemiga 3. pavilion 14


Consideration of the application of physical person on the issuance of personal certificates (during working hours)




Consideration of the application of physical person to issue Initial passports (during working hours)



Tariffs on operations with electronic money of "Technobank"

1.1.Consideration of the application of a natural person for an initial certificate 300000

1.2. Consideration of an application for the issuance of the certificate of a business entity 1500000


1 unit (WMB) = 1 BYR

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Dollar stands still after sudden

Dollar stands still after the sudden growth of the yen

LONDON, May 26 (Reuters) - A sharp rise in the yen during Asian trading on Thursday blocked the further rise of the dollar increase after two weeks and the resumption of speculation about the resistance to any increase in American investors for 110.50 yen mark.

During the first minutes of trading in Tokyo unexpected jump yen to the dollar led to fall 109.42 to 110.235 session peak. To 9.10 MSCs it traded at 109.69, 0.5 percent lower than the previous closing.

Dealers two London banks, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the yen seems to have fixed between 107 and 110.50 yen to the dollar, with the value of the upper stands of considerable interest, and which contributed to the retreat of the dollar last week.

Although the Japanese government and do not conduct foreign exchange intervention at this point, most traders believe that officials may be forced to take them, if the yen against the dollar will strengthen to 100 yen.

US officials, in turn, openly said at a meeting of the G7 advanced economies, that oppose Tokyo swift action to weaken the yen.

By 15.35 GMT, the yen fell by 0.15 percent to 110.03. Chinese yuan fell by 1 percent this month in response to changes in expectations of growth rates in the US. Yuan was 6.56 per dollar after weakening to 6.58 yuan last week. Euro strengthened its position, reaching the level of $ 1.1178, moving away slightly from the highs of two months, reached on Wednesday.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gold finishes in red 4th week

Gold finishes in the red 4th week in a row due to the Fed

LONDON (Reuters) - Gold prices stabilized on Friday after touching an eight-week low, but is preparing to finish in negative territory fourth consecutive week due to growing expectations of US interest rates next month.

Gold in 15.00 MSK traded at $ 1.220,15 per ounce compared to US $ 1.219,72 at the close of trading on Thursday, and in the course of trading touched the level of $ 1.211,30 per ounce. Spot prices fell 2.5 percent this week and finish in the red the fourth consecutive week.

Futures in the US fell $ 0.7 to $ 1.219,70 per ounce.

Gold prices fell more than 4.5 percent since last Wednesday, when they were published the minutes of the April meeting of the Fed, which officials have designated the prospect of an earlier rate increases. However, gold is now still 15 percent higher than at the beginning of the year.

"Expectations have changed in the last few weeks of summer raising the Fed rate, and against this background, and taking into account the growth of the dollar, the stock market and real rates, the dynamics of the gold price looks justified"- said an analyst at UBS Dzhoni Teves.

Fed Governor Jerome Powell, a voting member of the United States at the rates committee, said on Thursday that the economy groped "solid foundation"And inflation is within the Fed's planned indicators.

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on Thursday predicted that the US economy in the second quarter to grow by 2.9 per cent in annual comparison.

The gold market is waiting for comments Fed Chairman Janet Yellen later on Friday.

Silver traded at $ 16.26 per ounce compared to $ 16.30 for the close of trading on Thursday, platinum worth $ 987.24 compared to $ 988.00, and palladium - $ 546.97 versus $ 540.97.

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I am one of those traders who have never lost money on the Forex market has been for many years. In this case, I do not give preference to any one strategy. Here I intend to dispel the myth that the Martingale is just beginning for the health, and ends always for the peace. If you have a chance to seriously and make money on the Forex market, then sell it only if you learn how to manage such a beast as the Martingale, which most traders flee without looking back in horror ...

The robot is easy to optimize, optimize only needs three parameters. it LotExponent, TakeProfit and PipStep. When this parameter LotExponent - Start - 1.1 - Step - 0.1 - Stop - 10; TakeProfit - Start - 30 - Step - 10 - Stop - 500; PipStep - Start - 30 - Step - 10 - Stop - 500 ...

It is also recommended to leave a piece of history to check the results, to exclude fit to history. Suppose today 2015.08.30 - robot optimization we spend with 2014.01.30 by 2015.01.01. Next, check the best results at a time, banishing robot stories with 2015.01.0.1 - this is our final date optimization - at the current time - 2015.08.30...

Testing and optimization should be carried out Open prices, and verify the data on all the ticks.

should not optimize the robot on a large plot of history. Thus, the robot is optimized under the most adverse conditions of previous years and will not be enough to make at this time.

For example, you 1000 USD, robot to optimize 100 USD, as described above. Profit at the same time, as a result of optimization, can reach several thousand percent. But again, no one can guarantee that some adverse circumstance will not prevent us to make. Therefore, the deposit should be divided into 10 parts, to optimize the robot 10 of the most liquid currency pairs (also only one pair can be used - GBPUSD as the most optimal, but with different settings, parameter MagicNumber must be different), And even if only one pair of 10 shots, you will receive benefits according to these calculations.

  • OpenNewCycle = Enable / disable to open a new series of warrants

  • LotExponent = Multiplication of lots in the series

  • TakeProfit = Distance to warrant profitable

  • PipStep = Distance between the orders

  • MaxTrades = Maximum number of simultaneously opened orders

  • MagicNumber = Identifier orders

  • Slippage = slip

  • UseEquityStop = Enable / disable to use the funds limiter (TotalEquityRisk)

  • TotalEquityRisk = Percentage of the deposit, on which the robot can count on. When it is exceeded, all transactions are closed and new ones will not open until you restart advisor. This parameter is required if the terminal running multiple copies of the advisor.

  • UseTrailingStop = Enable / disable the use of trailing orders (not recommended include trailing does not allow to increase profit)

  • ProfitTrailDist = Distance from the point bezubytka paragraphs that activates trailing warrants

  • UseMultiClosing = Enable / disable the closure of all orders in the terminal when a certain percentage of profit

  • ProfitPercAll = Percentage of total profit for all orders opened in the terminal at which all orders are closed if the parameter - UseMultiClosing = true

  • Auto_optimization = enable / disable the automatic search and download the best results in the optimization advisor (you only need to prepare the robot to optimize and run strategy tester in the optimization mode, the robot will automatically choose the best results, and upload parameters to the archive for each character separately, further parameters will selected from the archive in accordance with the character graphics)

  • Update = update archive that stores all the data obtained as a result of optimization (only updated data obtained at the current currency pair in which the robot is started. After the upgrade, this option must always be switched off, otherwise the robot will not start). Advisor keeps on different pairs of memory settings separately ...



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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

ROMAN5 BollingerBands TrailingSto

ROMAN5 BollingerBands TrailingStop

ROMAN5 Bollinger Bands TrailingStop executes a transfer function to breakeven. TrailingStop automatically moves Stop Loss level using Bollinger Bands. ROMAN5 Bollinger Bands TrailingStop can be used on any chart. The utility also has built-in sound notification when a new signal. In addition, the function is available via email notification. Your e-mail address and SMTP server settings must be specified in the settings of MetaTrader 5 (the "Mail") terminal.

Parameters Bollinger Bands:

  • BB Period - averaging period main line indicator.

  • BB Shift - the displacement of the indicator relative to the price chart.

  • BB Deviation - deviation from the main line.

  • BB Type of Price - Prices used.

Version available for MetaTrader 4. If you need a version of MetaTrader 4, please feel free to contact me.

Version 1.1:

  • Sends push-notifications to the mobile terminal.

  • You can turn off / disable input into long / short positions (UseBuySellEntry =
    true / false). This is for testing.

ROMAN5 BollingerBands TrailingStop

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Orders Indicator MT5

Orders Indicator MT5

i-Orders - a simple indicator to monitor proprietary trading or to analyze someone's account.

I use it for so long, I can not imagine what it looks like the schedule without these arrows, lines and numbers with trading results.

Settings allow you to:

  • change the size and location of the control buttons (Control buttons size,Control buttons corner)

  • disable the display of the open or closed positions (Show OPENED,Show CLOSED,Show PENDING)

  • change the color of arrows and lines separately for winning and losing a buy and a sell position (Color for profitable /losingBUYs / SELLs)

  • change the style and thickness of the lines connecting the point of opening and closing of the transaction (Open-Close lines width, Open-Close lines style), Add to these points, the text labels (Open price labels width, Close price labels width)

  • toggle the display of the profit in the deposit currency, or percentage points (Show profit in money / points / percents), Set up the display precision profit (Number of digits to show)

  • change the font and size of text (Font,font size)

  • note SL and TP levels dashes (Show SL and TP dashes), Connect them custom line thickness and style to the opening price (SL and TP vertical lines width, SL and TP vertical lines style)

  • display the expiry of pending orders (if specified) in the form of a line (Expiration lines width / style) With text comment (expiration comment)

  • enable the display of levels bezubytka buy and a sell position (BreakEven type,Line width / style,BreakEven color for BUYs / SELLs)

  • select the display mode of spread in one of four ways (options Spread type, Width, Style, Ask color, Bid color, Rectangle color, Text color)

  • display only the specified transaction MagicNumber,

  • limit the depth of the display to save the history of your computer's resources (Max history deals)

  • watch cent accounts, the transfer of profits to the usual dollars.

It is also possible to download the transaction is not in the history of the account, and from csv-file received from the monitoring service.

Save the file in the folder "\ Data folder \ MQL5 \ Files \" and enter its name when the Trigger i-Orders (parameter Report file name) - and you will see the deal on the chart in its terminal. For correct display you need to specify the correct time offset (Time shift).

In the first line of the log file must be available column names: "Open Date, Close Date, Symbol, Action, Lots, Open Price, Close Price". Examples from the report file can be found here.

Orders Indicator MT5


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Monday, April 3, 2017



The script for the opening of all the graphs of your portfolio.

This script opens all the graphics in your portfolio, and the user can specify the time frame and the template as a professional. This script finds all your current position in the portfolio, including buy, sell, limit buy, buy stop, sell limit and a sell stop. The user can select a template by choosing its name in the input parameter Template.

indicator settings

  • Template - Please enter your template file name. Default value - popular (popular).

  • NPeroid - choice timeframe for installation on all plots at the opening, the default - current (current).


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SevenMohammed5 SevenMohammed5 - a unique indicator , it gathers 7 standard indicators : Bears Power, Bulls Power, Commodity Channel Index,...