Friday, April 28, 2017

Price Volume Indicator

Price Volume Indicator

Price Volume Indicator It uses in its calculations of volume and price. The indicator shows a significant increase in volume (and therefore, the price movement) relative to the previous bar (day / hour).

Product predicts trend reversals and determine the best point of entry into the market.

Price Volume Index also can act as an early warning signal on the daily / hourly charts, although he performed well on the M1, M5.

When the indicator crosses its mean value from top to bottom (calculated using a variable 3-pole Butterworth filter) Or 3-pole curve Butterworth filter begins to deviate, it is necessary to find additional rotation signals given relative strength index (RSI) Stochastic or at the level of resistance or patterning reversal.

The indicator is normalized between -1 and 1.


  • PVI_IPC - price Type: Close (closing), Open (opening), High (maximum), Low (minimum), Median (mean), Typical (typical), Weighted (weighted), Simple (simple), Quarted Price, TrendFollow_1, TrendFollow_2 and Demark Price

  • PVI_VolumeType - volume (actual or tick)

  • Period - the number of bars to calculate the indicator

  • Shift - the number of bars is displaced vertically

  • Avg_period - averaging period 3-pole Butterworth filter (8 or more bars)

  • Show_arrow - display a pivot point (arrows buy / sell) in the graph for a simple reversal detection zones (true / false)

Editable perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti zone (as for the signal, and for secondary curves) to screen out false or undesired signals:

  • Signal_threshold - away from 1 (perekuplennosti zone) and -1 (pereprodannosti zone)

  • Avg_signal_threshold - away from 1 (perekuplennosti zone) and -1 (pereprodannosti zone)

  • Hold_signal - at true idnikator outputs the signal to each bar

  • Global_variables - set global variables

When Global_variables == true indicator creates and sets the following global variables (you can reach them through other indicators, advisers and scripts):

  1. signal current value - the current value of the signal (normalized in the range [-1..1])

  2. averaged value - average value (normalized in the range [-1..1])

  3. real indicator value - actual value indicator

  4. buy / sell signal - signal for the purchase / sale of (1 - a buy signal, 0 - no signal -1 - sell signal)

Price Volume Indicator

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