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MACD BBands - trading system, developed on the basis of MACD and Bollinger Bands indicator located in the same window. The indicator shows a change in the inclination angle (trend) of moving averages, the ratio between them (convergence / divergence) measures and filters out signals by Bollinger bands. Indicators are calibrated so that the average line Bollinger Bands MACD is the zero level indicator.


  • Period - period Bollinger bands;

  • Deviations - the number of standard deviations;

  • Shift - shift relative prices;

  • Fast Moving Average - a period of rapid average;

  • Slow Moving Average - period of slow medium;

  • MA method - averaging moving average method (simple averaging, exponential, smoothed and linearly weighted);

  • Apply to - type of prices moving average (closing price, opening price, the maximum price for the period, minimum price for the period, median, and the typical average);

  • Signal Line - period of the signal lines;

  • Color Bars (Trend MA) - parameter changes the color of the indicator bar when the angle of inclination fast Fast Moving Average or slow Slow Moving Average Moving selectively or both moving together.

Signals for input / output are colored in accordance with the tendency of edge bars and MACD color histogram by narrowing Bollinger bands. MACD histogram color can be optionally configured in the window display properties - changing the angle of the main window of the current chart Quick Fast Moving Average or slow Slow Moving Average sliding selectively or both moving averages together.


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