Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ohnishi Oscillator

Ohnishi Oscillator

Ohnishi Oscillator - indicator such as MACD. indicator values ​​are calculated based on the original algorithm.

Relative to the central signal indicator is used as well as MACD. The following rules are then added:

  • Presumably bullish trend when the histogram of green.

  • Presumably the bearish trend with red histogram.

  • It is necessary to wait for the moment when the histogram turns yellow.

  • Presumably, the market is bought when the histogram is above an upper signal.

  • Presumably, the market resold, when the histogram is below a lower signal.

Increase the value of "insensitivity" to analyze the longer-term situation.

Thank you for your attention and success in trade!

Ohnishi Oscillator

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