Thursday, August 31, 2017

TiModel Tendency

TiModel Tendency

Indicator "TiModel Tendency" - is ready semiautomatic trading system. Demo version.


  • It takes into account changes in the market;

  • Is given by just one input parameter;

  • Pattern recognition algorithm is used;

  • Calculates and displays the levels of "support" and "purpose" of the trend;

  • It estimated the strength of the trend;

  • Are comments on the status of the trend;

  • Implemented a separate information menu;

  • A great selection of colors;

  • It works in all markets and instruments.


  • Pattern recognition "Turn-Impulse-correction";

  • The levels of "support" is calculated and set based on the analysis of the parts of "U-turn" and "correction";

  • "Targets" levels are calculated on the basis of the analysis part of the "pulse".

Principle of operation

The indicator recognizes the pattern of "Turn-Impulse-correction". Strategy This pattern - there is the starting point of the formation of the trend. Next, draw a trend indicator in the form of continuous polygonal lines displays lines of "support" and the line "goals." The indicator always follows the development of the relevant trends, promptly reflecting the dynamics of drawing new lines of inflection and levels. In the information display menu, you can find out what trends are present in the market at the moment, the strength of the respective trends and pulse of its current state.

Input parameters

  • LengthSample, bars - historical data length (sample);

  • Language_ENG_0_RUS_1- language selection (0 - English, 1 - Russian);

  • Scale_LOW_0_HIGH_1 - scale information menu (0 - Small, 1 - Large).


To text in the information menu is displayed correctly, you need to install in the folder C: \ Windows \ Fonts two fonts: "Archangelsk" and "Digifacewide".

TiModel Tendency

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