Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trend and correction indicator

Trend and correction indicator

This indicator is a strong trend of the currency pair at a specified number of bars, and is a correction to this trend. If the trend is strong enough, and the correction becomes equal to the set in the parameters, the display indicates this. You can set different values ​​for correction, better suited values ​​38, 50 and 62 (Fibonacci). Additionally, you can set the minimum length of the trend, the number of bars to find stories and other parameters.


  • History - the number of bars to determine the trend and correction;

  • MinPriceDistance - trend minimum distance in units of the currency pairs;

  • CorrectionPercent - correction percentage (recommended from 0 to 62);

  • OnlyTouchingLine - enabling or disabling the option at which the signal appears only during a touch and rebound of correction lines;

  • EnableAlert - Enable or disable the notification windows;

  • UpColor - the color of the lower levels;

  • DownColor - the color of the upper levels.

If you want to get automatic trading for this indicator, you can use the Advisor Trend and correction expert:

Trend and correction indicator

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