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US anxious fears grow

US anxious fears grow ..

On Friday, August 19, in contrast to previous and saturated macroeconomic indicators of days, trading in the US stock markets were held in the absence of any way meaningful statistical data on the US and other developed countries. External background information did not contain significant news content.

Therefore, the markets focused on another batch of quarterly reports and strategic news from the camp of US corporations and to continue to assess the prospects of a possible rise in interest rates at the next Fed meeting in September. Corporate reporting on Friday came out balanced, showing both successful and disappointing results, and will not affect significantly the dynamics of trading. As for the chances of further increasing the base interest rate, in the last few days, several senior Fed officials explicitly called for the tightening of monetary policy as soon as possible, if the data on the labor market and other macroeconomic indicators show further improvement. More authoritative assessment of the intentions and the Fed should announce its head Janet Yellen, who will speak on August 26 at a conference of the world's financial elite, an annual gathering at Dzhekson Houl Mountain Resort in Wyoming to discuss the current global economic situation and monetary policies.

In terms of anxiety arose about a possible rate hike in the near future, and after the growth of in recent years to record levels on Friday, showed some caution, and all the major stock indexes finished with small losses. In the whole week triad stock indices remained almost unchanged.

Dow Jones industrial average index decreased by 45.13 points or 0.24% to 18552.57 points, the retreat for the week amounted to 0.1%. Standard Poor's 500 Index was down 3.15 points, or 0.14%, to close at 2183.87 points, losing for the week amounted to less than 0.1%. Nasdaq Composite Index was down 1.77 points or 0.03% to the value of 5238.38 points, adding during the week 0.1%.

In the elite echelon of the US economy in the Top-30 "red" crossed the finish line area, most companies (18). Most of the victims, a global provider McDonald's (-1.8%) and energy industry leader Exxon mobil Following the auction were the world's largest retailer Wal-Mart Stores (-2.0%) (-1.3%). The best result in the same composition "blue chips" has achieved a leading global manufacturer of sportswear and Nike shoes (+ 3.0%), behind which is the flagship of Intel semiconductor industry (+ 0.8%) and industrial giant Caterpillar (+ 0.6%).

International retailer of sportswear and shoes Foot Locker rose by 11.0%, having achieved in the 2nd quarter revenue and profit more than predicted by analytical pool.

The owner of an extensive network of stores of discount goods Ross Stores added 3.5%, received more than expected, revenues in the 2nd quarter and revised for the better forecast results for the year as a whole.

Media-holding of Viacom, owner of cable and satellite television network MTV Networks, the BET and the Nickelodeon channel, add on 1.5% following a report in the Wall Street Journal that the protracted conflict between the major shareholders of the company will soon complete reconciliation of the parties.

Company Madison Square Garden, which owns the eponymous legendary sports complex in New York, retreated by 2.1%, reported a quarterly loss due to weak sales performance of tickets for sporting and entertainment events.

One of the leading companies in the production of cosmetics Estee Lauder, which owns brands Clinique and Bobbi Brown, has lost 3.6%, despite better than expected on Wall Street received quarterly profit as its own target forecast at the end of the year revenue was less than expert judgments.

The price of gold futures for December delivery on the COMEX trading decreased by 11.00 dollars, or 0.8% to a value of 1346.20 dollars per troy ounce.

Gold has lost in value as a result of strengthening of the dollar against all competing reserve currencies and related fears of further increases in interest rates at the next Fed meeting in September. However, in general, the precious metal winning week was 0.2%.

The price of futures on Light crude oil for September delivery on the basis of trading on the NYMEX rose 30 cents, or 0.6%, to 48.52 dollars per barrel.

Oil rises in price on the basis of 7 consecutive trading sessions after the performances of energy ministers of several major oil-producing countries, which have demonstrated a willingness to discuss coordinated action to stabilize the oil market at the September meeting in Algeria. As compared with last Friday's cost "black gold" It increased by 9.1%.

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