Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Accurate MA Expert

Accurate MA Expert

Shopping Advisor, which enters the market on the basis of signals 6 indicators. This intersection MA on timeframes M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, and reading MACD indicator. When all indicators show the presence of a trend, the adviser enters the market in the direction of the trend. The advisor is present stop-loss, but fans of more risky trade, you can use the built-in system of Martingale, which will bring the deal to profit. Thus, the robot is trading with the trend, large drawdowns are extremely rare. In the options you can configure advisor indicators on your taste.

The advisor settings, you can choose to trade on the day of the week and hours. It is advisable to adjust the robot that he would not trade during important news and on Fridays. However, the best settings for yourself you can choose the testing Advisor with different settings on different currency pairs. Try not to risk much as the Forex market risk always results in rapid loss of the deposit! All successful trading!

Councilor cost may be increased after every few sales!

robot settings:

Basic settings - basic settings advisor.

  • Lot - Lot initial order.

  • Step - step in if necessary rebuy. If set to 0, Buy-disabled.

  • Auto_lot - automatic calculation of the lot. Calculated according to the formula: balance * Auto_lot / 100

  • Martingale - Martingale. It specifies the value to multiply the number of the next item at loss. If set to 0, the martingale is disabled.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points.

  • StopLoss - Stop Loss.

The settings of the MA indicator - AF setting.

  • MA_M1 - switch with the signal M1 timeframe. If you disconnect, the signal will be ignored.

Next come the setting of fast and slow MA. Similarly timeframes for M5, M15, M30, H1.

The settings of the MACD indicator - MACD indicator settings.

Switching on and setting the indicator.

Time settings - settings advisor working time.

  • Monday - work on Monday? On off.

  • Hour start - hour start.

  • Minute start - starting minutes.

  • Hour stop - hour stop trading.

  • Minute stop - minute stop trading.

Further, similar to the settings for each day of the week.

Additional settings - advanced settings.

  • Magic number - the magic number.

  • Info - display information. For more rapid testing turn off the output of information.

  • Color_Info - color information.

  • Color_buy - color buy orders.

  • Color_sell - the color of sell orders.

Accurate MA Expert

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