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RunwiseFX Panel plus Configurable

RunwiseFX Panel plus Configurable Automation DEMO

This product combines the panel for manual trading and the ability to automatically perform actions with flexible configuration options. Activities include: capture the values ​​of indicators, followed by feeding alerts from these values, the opening / closing or partial closing of the transactions, top-up, installation pending orders, adjustment of the stop-loss, take profit and more. Controls on the graph can be configured such as golf checkboxes, buttons, interactive elements. Advisor includes the function of money management, news events, hidden stop loss, take profit, pending orders, trailing stop, transaction log, etc. Also supports the use of multiple accounts.

This demo version works only on CADCHF

Full version: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/18164


  • Automates the trading rules, reading them from a text file - we will gladly help you prepare a file

  • Rules can perform various actions, including alerting opening / closing of the transactions, set pending orders, setting the level of stop-loss and take-profit, sending push-notification, screenshots, and more

  • Rules can be based on the custom indicator readings, on multiple timeframes and to include information from other-in the MetaTrader, such price action

  • Rules can be interactive, thanks to the controls on the chart, for example, a check mark to enable / disable the rules, text / selection window to enter values ​​button to perform actions when pressed,

  • Fully compatible with the strategy tester and Optimizer - Use Advisor to optimize strategies, automatic sorting of different values ​​for key parameters

  • The calculation of the lot size - on the basis of risk as a% of the funds in the account or a fixed value.

  • It can be used in manual mode trafficking in one click, semiautomatic or fully automatic modes

  • News events and actions during news events

  • Hidden levels stop loss take profit and pending orders.

  • Ability to manually place the graph line stop loss, take profit and pending orders.

  • The ability to install the hidden levels of pending orders to be notified or the opening of a market order based on the closing price of the candle can be set expiration time.

  • Automatic stop-loss - using either your own professional-level indicator, or another method to choose.

  • Automatically take profit on the basis of risk-profit.

  • Trailing stop-loss, which is triggered when the target profit.

  • Sets the levels of stop-loss / take profit for the broker, but at a greater distance than the virtual / actual levels.

  • Scaling transactions increasing and decreasing them, the automatic scaling when the price level

  • Setting the trading hours

  • Robust error handling, checking the spread, etc., required for real accounts

  • Writing in Time magazine order execution, slippage, and arrived in a CSV file.

  • Hedge support (for retail accounts with hedging) and FIFO rules.

  • Automatically takes screenshots at the opening of the transaction (can be disabled)

  • Includes indicators on multiple timeframes trend, support and resistance, pivot points, customizable indicator Average True Range, displays the current spread and the price of supply and demand large text with color change when the price changes.

  • It includes rules for I / O on the basis of the trend reversal on the stop-loss, the close button all deals

  • A growing library of rules that can be downloaded directly from the EA, for example, tend to close the transaction before the release of especially significant news.

  • It supports multiple accounts - action on the master account can be duplicated in one or more subordinate accounts


Check out the attached video and screenshots, as well as the instructions on the link which will be posted on the "Discussion" of the product.

Please note, when using the strategy tester, the test should be run at the normal market rate, to buttons and selection fields have worked. Alerts are displayed in the "History" tab. A limitation in the tester is that it is impossible to calculate / display weekly and monthly reversal lines.

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Product version of MetaTrader 4 is called Configurable Strategy Automator - a reference to the review: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/9602

RunwiseFX Panel plus Configurable Automation DEMO


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