Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ruble is growing steadily on Monday

The ruble is growing steadily on Monday afternoon

Russian Ruble demonstrates not weak
good growth dynamics of oil prices.
Furthermore, Ruble maintain high
rates and low demand for foreign currency. To 16:13
MSK pair USD / RUB traded
at 65.99 level (-1,31%), EUR / RUB -
at 70.79 (-1.6%).

ruble growth remained today
the session, because the world is going up after the recent oil quotes
terrorist attacks in France. Brent makes bold
attempts to return to around $ 45
barrel, the ruble should be
for her. Oil is also expensive after-
Friday on the number of reports of working
drilling rigs in the United States - they became even
4 pieces smaller operates only
767 installations. For the year, this figure has
1161 decreased by one - more than

stakes in banks, which are about
0.5% above the key rate of the central bank,
also support the national currency. Weak
the demand for currency is confirmed by the low
the volume of transactions in the foreign exchange auction
Repurchase of 28 days - participants took only
$ 86.1 million of
$ 1.3 billion.
"This may be due to the effect of
"Inertia" of the foreign exchange inflows into the country in
the previous couple of months to buy
BFL and other government securities, based on the fast
reduction in the key rate of the Central Bank"-
said Eugene Koshelev of Rosbank.

According to
analysts, there is still demand
Russian assets by
non-residents, increasing sale of foreign currency
earnings before tax
period, and it also supports
national currency, - says Denis Davydov from
Nordea. Peak payments on taxes
falls on 25 November.

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