Thursday, March 22, 2018

European markets rose on Monday

European markets rose on Monday

Beginning of the week
It passed in the stock markets of the Old World
optimistic. indicators of growth was
the fastest over the past three weeks.
Most likely, it was an instinctive
Movement on the expectations of investors
support for the global economy from
major central banks around the world. Stoxx Europe 600 up
1,1%, FTSE 100 increased by 0,53%, CAC
40 firmed 0,98%, DAX jumped

the index was also a composite index
business and consumer confidence in the
euro-zone economy, and rising numbers
outstanding transactions in the US
the real estate market. Both figures
It was higher than consensus forecasts.

just feel credit sector
and the medical sector. Bank
podyndeks Stoxx 600 added
1,5%: Raiffeisen Bank grew by 6.9%
as Banko de Sabadell.

Novartis added
1.7% after it announced a deal with
Aduro Biotech.

loud deal
Swiss operator of duty-free
shops Dufry AG on purchase
World Duty Free has added companies
8.5% capitalization.

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