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Stips indicator - a bar graph display that defines the direction and strength of the trend and trend change.

Use as a conventional indicator can Oscillator - a trend of change of signals (at the intersection of the neutral line), as well as divergence and output of the specified zones and perekuplennosti pereprodannosti.

The indicator uses extremes of prices for previous periods and calculates the ratio between the current price and extremes.

Therefore, the only parameter is the Period (default = 13), which defines the number of bars to determine the extrema.

The higher Period, the fewer false alarms trend change, but no longer the delay indicator.

Upward trend shown in blue indicator lines and downtrend - red.

Close short positions and go long as possible when the line color changes from red to blue.

Close long positions and go short as possible, when the line color changes from blue to red.

Thus it is necessary to use a small stop loss, because the lines themselves can suddenly change direction.

indicator tab "Inputs" allows you to choose between the indicator.

Tab indicator "Colors" enables you to select the color, thickness and style of the indicator lines.

An indicator Stips

  • period - the number of bars used to calculate the indicator.


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