Tuesday, December 19, 2017

In US unexpectedly increased number

In the US unexpectedly increased the number of unemployed, the analysts did not expect

US Department of Labor
today published a report, according to
that the number of last week
Americans who first applied for
unemployment benefits rose to 297
thousand. Experts expect decline
up to 275 thousand. In addition, the Ministry of
revised data of the previous week:. instead of 281 thousand 282 were filed
thousand. applications.

On average, the number of applications
in the last month rose to 279.5 thousand.,
first there were about 275 thousand. These weak
data on the labor market seem to indicate,
that there was a pause after a significant
improvements in recent years, believe
experts. But the data can also be
volatile because of the holiday (July 4
the country celebrated Independence Day), and
planned closure of car plants
for repairs.

Unemployment benefit
continue to receive 2.334 million Americans.
A week earlier there were 2.265 million.

Against the background of these reports
EUR / USD pair today
down - to 16:38 MSK, she traded
at 1.1057 (-0.18%).

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