Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Asian stock markets fall tired

Asian stock markets fall tired and go up

Tuesday the main stock exchanges
Asia Pacific recovered from yesterday's shock, even
despite the threat of a Greek default.
The session was very volatile, but
It ended predominantly in green

  • Shanghai
    prosest much for shopping
    days lost almost 5%, but by the end of the day
    I jumped up and finished the session in positive territory
    to 5.55%.

    explain this rise in Beijing
    launched new measures to
    strengthening market confidence. For example,
    Yesterday it was reported that
    Government discusses suspension
    Shanghai in the near future to stop
    existing outflow liquidity
    the stock market. This led
    for some investors to ensure that
    buy back the securities and not to leave
    of them to participate in the IPO.
    Besides, the regulator has reduced China
    seven-day repo rate to 2.5%.

    Tuesday's races at the Shanghai Stock Exchange
    show very unstable
    investor sentiment. market experts
    It suggests that volatility will
    constant theme of the next few weeks.

  • Hang Seng
    rose, gaining 1.3%.

  • Nikkei
    he added
    0.6%. The Japanese index has played a part
    losses incurred on Monday.
    The top gainers were airline here
    which benefited from falling prices
    fuel. Japan
    Airlines added
    1.7%; ANA
    Holdings increased
    2.9%. Restoring the majority
    export-oriented companies
    also supported the exchange. automakers
    - Toyota
    Motor, Nissan, Honda -
    added from 0.6% to 1.2%.

    8.3% after announced its intention to
    to issue new shares for $ 3.6 million,
    to invest in one of its
    new directions.

  • Kospi
    he added
    0.7%. South Korean index departs from
    week low. among the leaders
    growth on Tuesday were companies that received
    profit from cheaper oil. Korean
    Air Lines added
    6.9%; Asiana
    Airlines rose

  • S P / ASX
    0.7%. There has been too volatile
    trade, during which, in the
    beginning of the session, the Australian index
    He collapsed to five-month low,
    but then I recovered. red
    pulled his area banks. Commonwealth
    Bank of Australia added
    0.5%; Westpak
    0.4%. In the resource sector, BHP
    Billiton increased
    capitalization 0.4%.

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