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Professional robot in
which implemented the classic trading strategy to channel the indicator PriceChannel. Signal is generated from the breakdown of the channel inwardly of the upper and
Price Channel bottom borders. When
price breaks the lower border Price
Channel and the closing price was fixed above this boundary - it will
signal to buy, if the price breaks above the upper boundary of Price Channel and the closing price was fixed below this limit - it
will sell signal. In other cases, the absence of signal. Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably
On the market. Working capital of $ 100! It is important to choose a line of work, or
the two sides, or only to buy or sell. Also, the signal can be

The expert uses
basic concepts: breakeven, trawl, stoploss and take profit, as well as on the closing
opposite signal. And an important function - correct calculation of risk. No output function unit lot, used
the concept of risk, stop loss is required, since it is measured from the lot
relatively acceptable loss for a given risk.

Any expert who is optimized without risk,
using a fixed lot, will obviously incorrect results. Since when
steal up optimization options that will increase the balance in the initial
interval history. Then everything is simple, with a large supply balance and working
fixed lot, will be able to pass any number of stories! but when
This running expert from another location on the history, it is likely
drain. Therefore, the concept of risk in the optimization and the work required! In this
Risk case works 1 - is 1% of the deposit.

The expert also has built-in advanced features
optimization of sorting, that is, it is desirable to optimize the using mode
"Custom max".

Overview of parameters:

  • Magic - The magic number, an arbitrary integer.

  • Work Period - The period for which the expert works.

  • Risk - risks that are entering the market, is set in percentage of the total loss of the deposit,
    Lot determined relative stoploss and allowable losses when the

  • LotRounding - Rounding of the lot (before decimal point).

  • DeviationP - ekvoty.

  • Sleeps -
    Waiting for the opening, closing or modifying the position.

  • Withdraw -
    Virtual withdrawals in the tester, as a percentage of the starting
    deposit (necessary when optimizing a long period, to protect from the saturation

  • StopLoss -

  • TakeProfit -

  • Trailing Period - The period that runs the trawl.

  • Trailing Breakeven - Level bezubytka, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Start - The level of the beginning of the trawl, 0 - off.

  • Trailing Stop - trawl level 0 - off trawl paragraphs, the active period of the trawl.

  • TrailingStep Period - Trawl the period.

  • Prohibit new series - If you want to finish the current position, and
    open the following, you need to include this switch (support
    position before disconnecting the expert).

  • WorkOpenLong - Permission to open a long position.

  • WorkOpenShort - Permission to open a short position.

  • WorkCloseLong - Resolution on the closing of long positions.

  • WorkCloseShort - Resolution on the closing of short positions.

  • Inversion -
    Inverting input signal.

  • SignalBar -
    Bar, from which begin to look at the (1 - the first fully
    formed bar).

  • Signal Period - the period for which indicators work.

  • AppliedPrice - price channel works with the specified price.

  • ChannelPeriod - Period
    price channel.

Instructions for optimization in standard mode:

it's desirable
optimize using mode - "Custom
"Which has a function of a progressive optimization that
able to slightly increase the potential forecast. establish
time interval equal to the operating period (Work Period), This period must be less than any other in
settings. install only
opening price, to optimize speed. Set the desired
time period, if necessary, and then forward, as desired.

It is important to
optimization pick (Signal Period)
since it determines the result, if the period is too small and the noise level
exceeds the signal strength prediction, the result will be lost if the
too big, it will be inefficient, have a few positions. must
run several times optimization, and to estimate this parameter. The optimization of
Default included permission to work in the specified direction, and closing
alarm. For trawl method is selected not on the items and using the last bar
said time interval (TrailingStep
), (Trailing Stop= 0).

default settings, set to optimize the following fields:

  • StopLoss - 50/10/300

  • TakeProfit - 100/10/300

  • Trailing Breakeven- 10/20/50

  • Trailing Start - 100/10/300

  • ChannelPeriod - 3/1/140


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