Friday, March 16, 2018

F trend

F trend

The indicator is designed for lovers of pipsing, it gives signals to an average of ten points. The indicator is based on a mathematical calculation: average range is determined by the price channel (typically, this range is generated at the time of storage positions), and when the price falls outside its pridely, a signal is generated in the form of arrows. A feature of the indicator is the minimum setup - the period for which you need to calculate, and signal frequency (the frequency of the signal is determined by the channel width: smaller it is, the more signals are available, but this option is recommended to decrease only when to the flat market, while the trend better increase this option for more accurate signals).


  • Period - Period to calculate the indicator

  • Multiplier - frequency signals (the smaller the value the greater the frequency signals)

  • Notification - Choosing Alert notifications (pop-up), sending to Email, Push-notifications.

  • Message header UP - Post subject for up signals EMail.

  • Message content UP - text messages for up signals EMail.

  • Message header Down - Post subject for Down signals EMail.

  • Message content Down - text messages for Down signals EMail.

F trend

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