Thursday, March 15, 2018

Macan EA

Macan EA

Macan EA - a fully automated advisor based on moving averages breakdowns channel, which uses different from the conventional algorithm for calculating the moving averages. This makes it possible to implement a unique strategy, which is tested for 10 -year period, with good results.

This EA is recommended to use on the M5 chart with a 5-digit quotes. And also on volatile pairs, as it trades at the breakdown.


  • Expert Name - Expert name and comment to the transactions.

  • Magic Number - Advisor magic number to identify the transaction.

  • lot Size - Lot size with Auto Lot Size is false.

  • Activate Auto Lot Size - If true, the automatic calculation of the size of the lot will be activated.

  • Risk (%) - The risk based on available funds account.

  • Take Profit - Take profit.

  • Stop Loss - Stop-loss.

  • Breakeven - Breakeven.

  • Trailing Start - Distance to activate a trailing stop.

  • Slippage - slippage.

  • Max Spread Allowed - The maximum allowable spread for trading.


  • Volatile currency pairs.

  • Schedule M5.

  • Low spread.

  • Low-level stop.

  • Low commission.

  • Leverage account at least 1: 500

  • Five-digit quotes.

  • VPS-hosting 24/7 with low latency execution.

Macan EA

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