Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DAX and FTSE 100 fell on Wednesday

DAX and FTSE 100 fell on Wednesday, CAC 40 and ASE rose

yesterday, the European
indexes changed quite weak and

Stoxx Europe 600
During the day, I lost 0,03%, FTSE 100 fell
to 0,49%, CAC 40 added 0.36%
DAX weakened by 0.6%.

on statements
Mario Draghi for additional
liquidity of Greek banks to their shares
rose: Piraeus and Eurobang
sharply immediately added
to 21%. Following them stronger and Greek
National ASE stock index:
+ 2.1%.

high season reporting, and not in here
all doing well. Thus, the third
the value of global brewer, Heineken,
quotes lowered by 3% after
its results for the last quarter.
Sales growth was less than expected

Kering SA, which
owns such fashion brands as
Gucci and Puma, lost
3.9%: its revenues declined more than
analysts predicted.

a "big loser» - Tesco Plc, which
It lost 5.2%. British retailer yesterday
I reported on the largest of its almost
a century on the basis of loss
financial year. 7 billion was debited
pounds since January closed network
43 loss-making point and refused to open
pre-planned supermarkets.

All things went bad. For example, the Swiss
pharmacist Roche Holding AG added
1.8% revenue growth above consensus.

15% of the shares immediately rose Volvo: here
expected change of CEO.

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