Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Candle Shadow Advisor

Candle Shadow Advisor

This advisor strategy is based on the assumption that the potential price movement depends on the time of day and day of the week. Advisor calculates the most likely range of price movements and rebound from the High and Low levels. If one of the price levels achieved adviser opens a pending order (BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP). Pending orders slip the price, to buy or sell at the best price.


Advisor recommended to run only on the daily timeframe or H4. It also makes sense to install Advisor on multiple instruments simultaneously (Recommended Tools EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY maximum order size -. 0.01 lots for every $ 150 at launch advisor 3 x instruments at the same time). It is desirable that the spread has been no more than 1.8 points. On average, orders are opened on one instrument once every 3 days (with default settings). The expert can be placed on any chart and use it in conjunction with other trading robots.

  • yellow line - if the price reaches the level to be opened BUYSTOP

  • Red line - if the price reaches the level to be opened SELLSTOP


  • The excellent results of testing at the terminals of brokers with fixed and floating spread.

  • No accumulation of orders

  • Always set Stop Loss and Take Profit.

  • Advisor in advance shows on which price levels will open an order.

Weak sides:

  • Because of the novelty, short statistics of the advisor in the real world

  • EA does not make a profit from the main movement of the price trend only rollback.


  • MagicNumber - "Magic" numbers

  • reeinvest - trade in% of the deposit. Associated with value PercentOfDepo

  • PercentOfDepo ​​- Lot value is calculated as a percentage of the amount of available funds

  • lot - the initial value of the lot if Reeinvest = false

  • TP - Take Profit. If set to 0, the value is automatically calculated

  • SL - stop-loss. If set to 0, the value is automatically calculated

  • use_trailing - apply trawl

  • TrailingStop - Step trawl in points.

  • DeltaForStop - distance of pending orders from the price in points

  • max_period - What is the number of candles from the historical data should be taken for the calculation of the forecast current High and Low and the likely pullback from these levels (maximum 15)

  • performance_day - the maximum number of times a day to be able to open orders of one instrument

  • UseFloaTDelta - enable intelligent algorithm change parameter DeltaForStop

  • overnight_enable - allowed to leave the previous day orders or have to close them. (Note: if you set "false" - Friday orders may not close on their own due to the nature stop trading on the weekends at different brokers Therefore, it is better to do your own closing advance manually.).

  • Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat - which days of the week to run Advisor

Candle Shadow Advisor


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