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NewLogicIndicatorConservative indicator is based on a robot expert NewLogicRobotEurUsdH1, in which is used as a basis MACD indicator - an indicator of the time of crossing the signal line filters and oscillators like Stochastic, DeMarker, Force Index, Moving Average, the parameters of which the user can adjust itself. Signals to buy or sell arrows are displayed as blue and red, respectively. and signals may be visible in the previous periods except fresh incoming signals. If the current signal changed direction, it is better to close the order on the pair and try to open an order in the opposite direction.

Settings for:

  • MACDOpenLevelBuy = 60 - Buy order opening level

  • MACDOpenLevelSell = 40 - the level of opening a Sell order

  • MACDCloseLevel = 80 - the level of the forced closing order

  • MATrendPeriod = 7 - period moving average

  • MACDPeriod1 = 12 - first line period MACD

  • MACDPeriod2 = 26 - second period lines MACD

  • MACDPeriod3 = 9 - during the MACD signal line


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