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The indicator is based on a moving average to find a trend. Once a trend is detected, the indicator is a suitable entry point and follows him.

Position should be open and hold until the signal of the end of the trend.

exit points is somewhat delayed with respect to the maximum / minimum movement.

Hold open lucrative deal as soon as possible and close unprofitable.

Allowed to open multiple transactions as trend continuation. This allows you to have a sufficient margin for the opening of the next transaction.

Indicator works well for H4 and D1 with most of the main steam (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, GOLD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDJPY). The signal is activated when you open the candles. LED never redrawn!

If you want to make, first of all you need a plan!


  • Risk = 5 - suiting your level of risk; the higher the risk, the more opportunities

  • Signal_Period = 20 - period to search for the underlying trend

  • Alert_Settings = "+++++++++++++++++++++++";

  • SendMailMode = true - send signals via e-mail

  • SendNotificationMode = true - send push-notifications on your phone

  • AlertMode = true - audioalert

  • Show_Virtual_Trades = true - to display the virtual transactions on the chart (allows you to see when and where to trade)

  • Reverse = false ---->to use backward signals Buy -> Sell; Sell ​​-> Buy

  • Single_Order = false - ---->Only open one transaction on the trend


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