Thursday, March 22, 2018



Utility SynchroCharts It can be viewed at historical quotes on multiple charts synchronizing schedules on time and timeframe. Utility after running generates all charts panel with tools:

? - It allows you to enable / disable the display of crosshairs on this chart;
? - ON / OFF of the synchronous display of the first visible bar chart with the principal. Also syncs timeframe charts.


  • Speed ​​refresh - Graphics refresh rate: The higher the refresh rate - the faster graphics are redrawn, however, and the higher the load on the terminal;

  • Crosshair color - Color line "cross-hairs" on the charts;

  • Crosshair style - Line style "cross-hair";

  • Crosshair in the background - If you choose true - the line "cross-hair" is drawn in the background.

№1 Tip: Download a free utility Automatic Download Quotes - It automatically monitors the relevance of the historical data in your terminal and, if necessary, their own download server.

Council №2: If you frequently access a story - it is recommended to also install schedule a free utility Smart AutoScroll. It will automatically disable the auto scrolling schedule once you begin to view your history.



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