Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ZigZag on average

ZigZag on average

Indicator is a well-known ZigZag, but differs in that its construction is based on the centerline indications, which is set by the user.

It is possible and output forks Andrews Fibo levels (standard or Bobokus). It is not redrawn.


  • Period MA - the period of the middle line. Default - 34. The minimum value - maximum 4 - at your discretion.

  • Used to calculate price - an indication of the desired base price calculations midline.

  • The averaging method - specify the desired type of smoothing the midline.

  • Turning pitchfork - switch (true) or disable (false) Andrews forks.

  • PitchColor - the color of Andrews' Pitchfork.

  • Inclusion levels Fibo - switch (true) or disable (false) Fibo levels.

  • Installing Fibo Bobokus levels - inclusion Bobokus Fibo levels (true) or include standard Fibo levels (false).

  • Distance to turn Fib levels Bobokus - distance in points between the points of the last movement to visualize the Fibo levels Bobokus.

  • Color Fibonacci zone - the color of Fibo levels Bobokus.

  • switch (OFF) display support and resistance levels - switch (off) the display support and resistance.

  • switch (OFF) display channels support and resistance - switch (off) the display support and resistance channels.

Here you can change the colors and the thickness of the output lines. I want to note especially the construction of channels and support and resistance lines.

They occur only in places of change of the trend, which makes them a good helper in the search entry and exit points.

Note the "traces" of the previous channels, which are represented by short trend lines on the tops (cavities) of the zigzag. This indicator will give you confidence when making transactions.

ZigZag on average

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