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Binary Option Copy Trading

Binary Option Copy Trading

MT4 Binary Option

1. This EA for the MT4 trading binary options, it is a local copier transactions.

Accounts and platforms for delivery of signals and the copy should have access to binary options trading. Accounts can be in a variety of platforms as well as on a single platform.

The account can be a demo and a real (if there are no restrictions in the platform itself).

The accounts and platforms must be enabled auto trade binary options.

Copies only the transaction of binary options, forex transaction are skipped.

Copying transactions performed automatically. While Advisor is running, it will continue to monitor and copy the transaction.

Manually feeding can pause or copying of the signal (if you want to skip any order).

2. Download and install Advisor.

Run it on the chart. Advisor can be run on any schedule, but you can not run the Advisor on multiple charts. Do not use this chart to analyze or conduct any other operations, so as not to interfere with the automatic copying of transactions.

Select advisors:

  • Set one adviser in one of the terminals MetaTrader 4 feed signals.

  • Second adviser terminal in another set the copied signals.

Start the terminal with the counselor, which supplies signals, and specify the account to which you want to copy the transaction.

Start with MT4 advisor, copies of the transaction, and specify the account you want to track, that is, by the signal provider.

3. The transactions Copy settings

A. Turn on automated trading. Tick ​​"Allow live trading".

B. Parameter settings:

The copier is maintained its own lot size (the default), copy and reversal of the transaction.

  • "Self_Amount" - enter the lot size for opening transactions.

  • "Copy_Amount" - if true, the volume will be copied if false - the specified size will be used.

  • "Copy_Ratio" - the percentage of the volume of transactions.

  • "Reverse_Copy" - true to turn deals with the specified lot size.

Note: regardless of whether you are copying the volume or use specified, it must not exceed 1/10 of the available funds, and the amount must correspond to the terms of the platform.

It must be an integer multiple of an integer value; in the automatic trading mode at another value, the system automatically rounded to the nearest integer.

Account and the platform must support the expiry of the binary option. Advisor supports the expiration of 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M, 30M, 60M, etc.

Advisor only supports binary options on the main characters (six-character name forex characters + BO suffix), for example, or EURUSDbo EURUSD_OP).

4. On time delay

Advisor effectively copies the transaction locally, do not miss orders.

As a general rule, copying the transaction is for the signal delivery when the order is opened opened on master account, immediately open warrant for the copier.

Latency is less than 3 seconds. If the transaction is not copied in 10 seconds, the adviser will not copy. Specific conditions depend on the state of the network platform and market activity.

5. Tips on the screen

Copying status in real time on the screen. Tips on the screen can be hidden.

The screen dynamically displays advisor settings and account status. When you open the order will be given a voice prompt, and a pop-up message with information and a countdown.

After closing the transaction result is displayed.

Binary Option Copy Trading

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