Monday, October 2, 2017

Morgan Stanley launched based

Morgan Stanley launched based on Catholic values ​​Strategy

US investment bank Morgan Stanley has launched a strategy based on traditional Catholic values, according to the publication ThinkAdvisor. The Bank believes that the new offering will enable customers to receive the income and when it does not conflict with religious beliefs. The new strategy has become part of the running in the 2012 platform, which consists of more than 130 proposals to invest in projects with environmental and social impact. In a press release from the bank said that it will help those who want to invest, in particular, companies involved in the construction of affordable housing, and adheres to the highest environmental standards. At the same time, the strategy avoids companies "involved in the discrimination, lending under extremely high interest rates, or other activities inconsistent with Catholic values," the investment bank said in a statement. In August, the index provider S P Dow Jones Indices has launched a "Catholic" index S P 500 Catholic Values ​​Index. It includes only those companies whose activities are not contrary to the ethical views of the Catholic Church on entrepreneurship. It is based on an index of S P 500, but does not include companies that produce weapons, as well as companies that use child labor or cooperating with suppliers who apply it. In addition, the index is not included companies that provide abortions or work with abortive materials produce contraceptives, create "adult entertainment" use in their activities stem cells.

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