Thursday, September 28, 2017

Market Hacking All chetenko Continued

Market Hacking. All chetenko. Continued. EUR / USD.

Hello. Continue after the appearance of the shift to the euro buck the market.

Last post -

It has been said that the signs of a reversal of the current momentum and there was
ustanvlen priority sales and market task - to achieve the level of B.

dnevki picture with the previous post below.

As has been said sales could make or above the level of C, or below level D.

The movement of market today gave furious, power-up is not enough to go, and
began to fall without preludes the scenario to the level D. In the end, all clear,
really I do not know could anyone react: D

According to the current situation:

The market continues to move to Level B from the image dnevki. Pulse
movement in power and talk about stopping or reversal only
poyavlyaniya after coating. When it will happen and I'll be on the network, I accomplish your goal. A
while the nearest resistance at 1.0953.

Sales priority remains evident in the force, but of course now
too late to sell, it has long been necessary to sit in sales)) and those who do not
sitting, it is necessary to find a place more interesting. Once completed and Motion
Maltz spokonot market, it will be possible to assess the situation and then accomplish your goal by
how to proceed.

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