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If a certain number of consecutive candle (candles parameter) Each of the candles has a size larger than a distance parameter for the adviser, this means that in the market high volatility and advisor starts.

Used refill. Step in points for refilling is set by the Step. Recommended timeframe H1, the major volatile currency pairs.

Closure orders are for the total amount of profit in points.


  • candles - The number of consecutive candles, each of which must be greater than or equal to the distance parameter;

  • distance - The distance in points, each successive spark candles must be greater than it;

  • MM - Inclusion of money management;

  • MaxRisk - With the MM, lot size is calculated from this value;

  • Lot - It is used for off MM (false);

  • TakeProfit - The size of the profit at the points at which all open orders advisor will be closed;

  • Step - Step between the refill orders;

  • Magic - The value to determine the advisor of "their" orders;

  • Slippage - Maximum price slippage;

  • name - Comment to open advisor orders;

  • MaxOrders - The maximum amount of the refill orders.


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