Thursday, September 21, 2017

ECB is considering to raise inflation

The ECB is considering to raise inflation by a ransom of new assets

Mario Draghi is now very easy: ECB
I was able to knock down a recession in Europe, a little
He reassured the Greek crisis and very well
restoring the financial system
Old World, which is very ruffled
a crisis. But the situation on the world markets
Europe does not fully move, and
European economies again
swings to last year's level. All are now extremely worried
low inflation, which is by no means
He wants to grow.

ECB thinking lately
on how you can still stimulate
economic growth of the region, and seriously
considering the possibility to start a ransom
the largest municipal bond
cities and regions - for example, bonds
Paris, Madrid or Bayern Munich. according to some
rumors, these changes may have to make
this year. Also there is a possibility
another decline in deposit rates
ECB to reach the target level

Today Mario
Draghi speaks at the European Parliament, where
explains the vision of the problems and ways of their
eurodeputies solutions. Now
noticeable that the words Draghi has fallen off the euro,
especially when the head of the ECB once
again hinted at the new incentives. Of course,
the main issue is further
the fate of the QE program.

the bank, by the way, have already begun preparations for the
the next meeting of the Governing
ECB Governing Council, which is scheduled for 3 December.
Economists estimate the need for
expand the program of quantitative
mitigation and the way in which it can be
expand (if it will turn
municipal bonds, for example). according to
independent analysts, buying
municipal and regional bonds
- the real scenario.
According to IFR (part of Thomson Reuters), now!
bonds in circulation
European Cities and Regions for the amount
more than $ 500 billion.

Another one
option to mitigate the bank's policy - rate cuts. This would help to ease
the euro and, consequently, increase inflation.
Traders lay in the price reduction
rate of 0.1%, but the Reuters analysts believe,
the bank may hold a stronger
decrease. But many tend to think,
the ECB decides to decrease rates and
strengthening aid only after
Fed's first change your bet.

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