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This scalper EA trades on signals divergence followed by filtration. The EA provides exposure limit orders, the average stop-loss as a percentage of profit and trailing (pulls takeprofit the specified number of pips regardless of the number of open orders, which leads to the production of said profits in pips from the start of the lot). Recommended timeframe - H1. The default settings are designed for couples EURUSD H1.

If desired, easily optimized for any timeframe and currency pair.


  • Trading Period 1, Trading Period 2, Trading Period 3, Trading Period 4 - the On and Off Trade Adviser.

  • Orders in the Series - the number of exhibited Limit-orders at the opening of a warrant by a signal.

  • Starting Lot - starting a lot lot, which is opened by the signal.

  • Step Of Increasing The Lot - step increase in the subsequent lot of pending orders. The increase occurs by adding specified value.

  • TakeProfit Series (pips) - Take Profit is calculated from the starting points of the lot. When triggered a series of orders is calculated and averaged followed by automatic movement of the price (according to the principle of the trailing stop only in the opposite direction).

  • StopLoss (The maximum drawdown in%) - total brake loss is triggered during said drawdown percent regardless of the number of open orders. The value is calculated by means of the current values. Recommended value - 70% (average work on the principle trailing stop).

  • To check the Signal at each Tick - check the signal on each tick is used for more sensitive trade. When the orders are opened when the signal, when switched off, parameter order is opened after closing the candle.

  • Period Of Rapid, Period Of Slow, Period Of The Signal - the parameters of the signal indicator (can be modified during the optimization).


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